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    Three Different Speed tests

    If you have windows 10, try using the speedtest.net desktop app. For me, their website always reads low but for some odd reason the desktop app is bang on. DSL reports usually doesn't give me accurate results due to the distance to their server.
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    DumaOS Garbage?

    New router. DumaOS is awful to use. Device manager never loads. Takes forever to load the home page. I have tried different browsers. Resetting the router. I see many people have had this issue for a long time. Is there a fix coming for this or should I return this router and get one the works??? Honestly these products using DumaOS should be taken off until this problem can be resolved.
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    Three Different Speed tests

    Also run 3-5 different tests on speedtest and average them out
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    Three Different Speed tests

    What Bert said dsl reports is trash. Use speedtest its way more acuurate. Btw blufferbloat is way overrated. That website is so inaccurate and even if you have A+++ on everything its not going to help you. Just use pingplotter if you want to find the right settings for your sliders and jitter.
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    MW unplayable (PC)

    I think geo filter and ping assist should be used seperate to each other, not at same time. Try geo filter on and ping assist off first and see if it improves. Have a read through the section at other peoples attempts to clean up their online experience.
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    DumaOS Garbage?

    It does not matter what browser or how I log in. Most of the time the live information will not load, Device manager does not work. I have decided to take it back.
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    About dumar1 router

    Cheers n3cro
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    I had the same issue as you did @xlr8r. I can tell you right now that it comes down to two issues: 1) The router is having issues with DHCP when it comes to assigning local IPs to devices in your network, thus causing it to disconnect everything. 2) The router is having issues with DHCP when it comes to leasing a new IP when your ISP decides to change the IP address to your network from the modem. A lot of ISPs work on dynamic IP addresses, which means that every so often, your IP lease will end and your IP address will either be renewed, or get changed entirely from their end to your modem. Once I said, "Screw it!" and got an EdgeRouter from Ubiquiti, I used the Nighthawk as a simple access point, and the internet has been working perfectly fine. This leads me to believe that one of the two things I listed above are the issue with the Netgear Nighthawk router disconnecting all the time. I believe its most likely my second point, simply because when it does disconnect, I reboot the router and then it has problems getting an IP from the modem period. It tells me that the cable is disconnected and to check the modem to see if its working... I have to reboot the router a few times, plug the WAN cable out and back in for the router to get an IP from the modem again.
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    Cloud Update

    As it stands at the moment I can't see it making a huge difference as the performance of the game for me is quite poor. I'm having a horrible time since launch. I've yet to find a server that plays well for me.
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    MW unplayable (PC)

    turn off geo filter, turn off ping assist.
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    PS4 7.0 Party Chat Problem Solved

    I forgot this topic was about the PS4 chat party problem 🤦‍♂️
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