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    Skilled based matchmaking

    No. No router can disable something thats built into the game.
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    We'll have a cloud update out soon that should improve compatibility with Modern Warfare.
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    OK, I will try it tomorrow. If the problem will come back, I will make a video with my phone to show you what the problem is. Thanks the advice.
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    Thanks for the suggestion - decided to have a reset/restart of the setup - just waiting for the kids to get off the Xboxes then will test and post back again
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    Thank you for the help! Have a good weekend.
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    IP packet Fragmentation PS4

    I’ll try a static,Nat is secure and everything else is just default
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    We are in contact daily with Netgear but that doesn't mean everything they tell us is suitable to share, also even if they tell us when an update would be released it is still subject to change through delays etc and that really doesn't help anyone being told multiple dates only to have them missed - trust us, we've done this in the past and doesn't work. I realise it is frustrating but we can't give you any information on when an update may or may not be released.
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    I think Alex may have been able to do some testing today after I suggested he test the game so I imagine he may want to do a bit more testing but we're on it. That's not great at all, it's unlikely IPv4 will make a huge difference but it might make it more bearable meanwhile.
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    IP packet Fragmentation PS4

    I had this issue I thinks it’s something to do with the router as the R7800 it’s built off does it too. My RAX120 does not give me that message and that’s with a mtu of 1492 and PS4 on auto. Saying that I never had issues playing with that message either.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Skilled based matchmaking

    As N3CRO said, we just allow you to resolve lag and force different servers. We can't interfere with their processes of exactly who you match up against skillwise etc.
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    Base ping

    When I used to use the geo back when I had a 7ms base ping, I used to put ping assist on either 15 or 20ms. 10ms is too low imho.
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    I'm making progress on the Modern Warfare update. I think i've figured out what's causing the problems. Essentially, it's mislocated servers.
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    It's all good thanks for your help.
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    It amazes me year after year on this forum if anyone says anything negative about the duma not working a gang of people attack them. Every paying customer has a right to their opinion positive or negative. Let the man voice his concerns and let the moderators get him some answers. Jumping in and saying "My duma works fine" doesn't do him any good now does it? Attacking him doesn't help the issue either. It just makes the Netduma forums look bad. Also if you jump in offer some advice and he doesn't accept it then move along. You tried leave it at that. You staying here and fighting is what's wrong with this forum. You don't work for Netduma. His issue is with the Netduma Product not you. Let the Netduma employees help him because that's what he was trying to do in the first place.
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    I'm sorry about the delay on this. I've been prioritizing testing on some recent popular games such as Modern Warfare and FIFA 20. I will move Killer Instinct further up the list though. Thanks for your patience!
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    I will give it a shot an let you know cause as of now yea I have my console in traffic prioritization an ill uncheck that an put always on
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    Much appreciated Fraser and really much so for the whole thing, thoroughly enjoy DumaOS and the R1 despite Destiny being a tough nut to crack. I'll continue to mess around and see whats what including IPv4ing at some point.
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    I see you've got IPv6 enabled, could you disable that and try? It may give you a small boost in performance. I think this is just something we'll need to test more aggresively. Destiny has always been a weird one in terms of the Geo-Filter, strict mode was only implemented for Destiny. We may need to do something behind the scenes for better optimisation. I will let the team know.
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    In that case you can just set the static IPv4 in Internet Setup and then just enable IPv6 and it'll work fine.
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    Netduma Fraser


    Perhaps try adding it to your allow list and then setting your location in the ocean with strict on and PA at 0. That might allow you to force the server. It could take awhile though but if you do get it then it shows it is available as a game server, if not then it may be a backup server in times of heavy load for example and so not always available.
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    @xlr8r Great find. I haven't had time to test this yet on mine, but I still have Smart Connect enabled. I have a 4 day weekend so I am hoping to try it then. IF that is the common factor, its pretty sad that nobody (especially Netgear) could have caught or found that by now. Maybe if they weren't so busy focusing on releasing more and more XR routers and actually spent some time fixing the ones that are out 🙄
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    Incorrect device status shown

    I agree with a lot of what has been said here.. I can say this.. Anytime you have two separate firmware's running on any router and developed from two separate developers there is very little chance for success. This is why you don't see this type of combination in other routers. They know better. Your always better off sticking to a router that controls its own firmware completely.. That's why Netgear routers work better on there own and that also goes for the R1 working better on its own. Each are run on there own full firmware. When I found out about how the XR series routers were running one firmware on top of another... I said oh boy!! This is going to be a nightmare.. And it has turned out exactly as I had figured.. One sloppy mess! This isn't at all like running a third party firmware on a router either. Because a lot of your third party firmware developers just fix what is broke in stock firmware. And tweak certain things to make them better. And all of this is done in a much more timely fashion. You cant say that at all with any of the XR series routers.. If there is a bug your SOL. There are bugs in the XR series routers that have been there for almost a year!! That is completely unheard of by any standards to go that length with zero attempts of patches. My prediction on the new 3.0 firmware isn't some shinny bright star either. There will be attempts for some bug repair. But I don't think much bug repair will be done until after the release of 3.0 After that they will try and focus on repairs because god only knows what these new features will bring in for bugs on there own. The more I look into this the more I find it very hard to believe one will ever have a stable type router. Just to many things to go wrong with this type of configuration. And it would be to costly and time consuming to keep such a configuration running stable.. For those that are Netduma fans and supporters Id just wait for the right time for when Netduma ever decides to launch there own new router with there very own full firmware operating system where you can get 100% support at one place.. So much easier that way and it will be much more realistic and less problematic. Make no mistake Netduma is a fantastic developer! But they will be much better served on there own where they can actually have full control.. Zippy.
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    Daily Internet Disconnections - fix okay so.... I hope i haven't "jumped the gun" on this but I have had no Internet disconnections since Saturday after i unticked this box ......! I know its only two (almost 3 full) days later but given that the XR500 was losing internet connections at least once per day, this is looking quite positive! I would ask anyone who is having daily Internet disconnections to try this just so see what happens, it may or may not work for you but seems to for me, at least for now..... LOL! - to quote myself from an earlier post.... "the more boxes that are ticked on this router, the more it wants to fail"......!! Seems I was right....
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