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    merci netduma

    Vous parliez de ce youtuber qui a un Duma... J'ai jamais fait une game sur ce jeu sans qu'un adversaire ne se retourne ou m'attende viseur fixe sans utiliser silence de mort. Il a des reflex et une co mais c'est pété qu'il a un aimbot ...(clef USB +++) mon assistance à la visée n'est pas aussi réactive surtout sur des joueurs hors champ ! Franchement, j'ai vraiment l'impression que le mec à aucun mérite !
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    Its all about finding slider settings that the game likes... not what makes your line better imho. I just start at 99% and work my way down until I stop getting BS deaths and leave it on that. Worked for me on BOps3, IW and BOps4. WW2 was seriously inconsistent for me but the other games worked perfectly once I found that sweet spot. 99% of the time I'm the only one using my line when I play yet without QoS, the game plays like utter crap... unlike Battlefield V which I played over wifi on an interleaved line with no QoS and got 0 BS deaths or bullet sponges. Anyways, I've tried throttling til your bandwidth is next to nothing many a time... never worked out well, not once. I even tried (bar the 'stabilising trick') the 'tricks' DMC has been banging on about and again, no workie.
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    I had that error after getting back from holiday and leaving the router on for 2 weeks. After turning the router off for a minute and then back on it went away, haven't seen it since.
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    I have seen some MTU issues before concerning "packet fragmentation" or something, but that's usually more to do with using really old ethernet cables. The automatic/default settings should be fine. I certainly don't think making it any smaller would help.
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    I'm with N3CR0 on this one. The short answer is that there is no optimal or best MTU value for gaming, as there is no real evidence that changing MTU improves either bandwidth or latency. Custom MTU settings do not appear to improve internet speeds or ping so I would recommend just leaving your MTU settings as default or automatic.
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    J'ai vu des informations selon lesquelles certains utilisateurs ont vu de meilleures performances avec un VPN. Cependant, dans la plupart des cas, je suppose que cela n’aiderait pas beaucoup VPN envoie votre connexion à un autre serveur quelque part dans le monde afin que vous puissiez accéder à Internet comme si vous vous trouviez à proximité de ce serveur. Cela semble bien en théorie, mais ce qui ralentirait votre connexion (votre route vers les serveurs CoD) se produirait toujours, même si vous utilisiez un VPN. La connexion doit toujours être routée vers le serveur. Alors, pourquoi certaines personnes obtiennent-elles de meilleures performances avec un VPN? Il se peut que leur route vers le VPN soit plus claire que leur route directement vers les serveurs CoD. Cela peut ressembler à un détour sur la route, se connecter au serveur VPN, puis au serveur CoD; pour certaines personnes, cela peut être plus rapide, mais je pense que cela serait rare. -- I have seen information that some users have seen better performance with a VPN. However, in most cases, I guess it would not help much VPN sends your connection to another server somewhere in the world so that you can access the Internet as if you were near this server. This sounds good in theory, but what would slow down your connection (your route to CoD servers) would still occur, even if you were using a VPN. The connection must always be routed to the server. So, why do some people get better performance with a VPN? It may be that their route to the VPN is clearer than their route directly to the CoD servers. It may look like a detour on the road, connect to the VPN server, and then to the CoD server; for some people it may be faster, but I think it would be rare.
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    Seems to be working good now.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Support for CoD MW

    Not yet Kostas but it is coming soon!
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    I've got 30mb at home which is usually enough. Some of the people at Netduma have like 200mb, i'm well jell. Prior to 2014 I was stuck with 0.5mb ADSL so I always count my blessings.
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    Used to have 20mb for upload but BT decided to take it away I'm about 150m from the cab so on my FTTC line I get the full 55/10... until interleaving kicks in of course *rolls eyes*
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    Unfortunately, the advanced fields are wiped when you refresh the page and there's currently no way to change that. This is something we'll improve in the future.
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    I'm glad it doesn't work tbh. I only have 10mb upload so if I had to throttle that hard, I wouldn't be able to stream ever again.
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    To those who played the beta ?

    Omg i never relised it showed your latency on scoreboard Thats brilliant to know I knew in the past it used to show how many bars your latency was Cheers again that has helped me out knowing that info out
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    So last night instead of fighting with the issue right now. I downgraded back to firmware ver. and all is well again. I do not want to fight with issues due to time this week. Next week I will have the time to waste. I do not mind flashing back to and then flash to if that will fix it and it is a stable firmware. If someone is aware of a stable firmware build without having security risk please let me know. I really appreciate all the help. I haven't had any issues with this router until I updated the firmware. If is good I can just rock it for a while.
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    Yeah there's some people who swear by turning the anti-bufferbloat sliders reeeeal low when they play CoD. I think what they're experiencing at that point is just an unintentional side effect of the lag compensation. I'd say it's close to cheating.
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    Some people suggest lowering your bandwidth to stupid low levels but I tested this a while back over ten games and it really made no difference. You may see youtube videos showing that people who do this get really good games but I have yet to see a video showing more than 1 game in a row, even challenged people to do it but had no takers. I think the best you can do is get optimal buffer bloat settings and geo filter, make sure your cables and line are good, sort out any local congestion and you should be good to go.
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    Petite question sur le VPN

    Je pense que Alex a tout résumé personnellement je n'utilise pas de vpn mais il y a peut-être des choses à apprendre la dessus à suivre ^^
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    To those who played the beta ?

    If check my original post i mentioned that at 4m40s you'll see the ingame ping figure
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    17 Killstreak on Modern Warfare

    Good stuff bud!
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    I have found that it helps in the past. I'm pretty sure that updates are in fact incremental. I would like there to be a recovery option which would wipe everything and then install firmware. I would recommend downgrading to this version: https://kb.netgear.com/000060213/XR700-Firmware-Version-1-0-0-20
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    What to do with lag compensation MW

    Groundwar servers run 30Hz as opposed to 60Hz. But I don't like groundwar in general, you spend too much time walking in the middle of nowhere, get killed by some BS or a roof camper and do it all over again.
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    thats alottt of devices, honestly if you just use the 70/70 it should be just fine. you could take a day when literally nothing else is in use and just test things from 70/70 and move it up till it falters. Its most likely just not kicking in for you as it should. I was actually having a lag issue with my internet and had to reboot the cable modem AND router. I was perfectly fine after that though. I have 100/10 and just leave the 70/70 on. But honestly, if ur testing it after resetting or rebooting it might be that nothing had been using your internet and gave you a different result. As frasier said, youre probably just not using the optimal setting, you'd be surprised what even 1-5% difference will do.
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    MODERN WARFARE. Some thoughts.

    I just would be able to enjoy this game ! Really and that after the greatest piece of shit called infinite warfare but it is impossible I don’t know what to do anymore ! I have tried everything ! But it is like being always 1 or 2 seconds behind the enemy ! Some of the killcams it is like seeing a noob without lifting a gun having shot nearly half of a clip into them before ... then you watch YouTube videos and it is playing for all so damn good as they would be playing a complete other game ... they get shot and they have all the time to get to cover or to kill the opponent ... I don’t have the time to shoot back or to run to cover
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    Blocking all network access

    yep, Alex hit it on the head.... any firmware previous to .56 resulted in the time being set incorrectly .. i constantly had this problem , that anytime the router was restarted, it always had the wrong time and the schedules seemed to be not working. They were , but just not at the times you expected....lol .56 firmware seems to have remedied the Time glitch with the addition of the new NTP settings (Under Administration Settings) Personally, i would prefer the NTP settings to be under Content Filtering menu....
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    Access to modem stats

    It’s not possible to access the Vigor 130 stats unless you use a Draytek router.
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    Modern Warfare Kill Confirmed 35-5

    My settings are nothing special really. 300/300 connection Singapore server, 33-42ms ping depening on which uplink MTU 1492 (set because of PPPoE connection, in any other case 1500 would be fine) PS4 and PC connected via LAN, wifi disabled. 50/50 share excess enabled. 80% on sliders Manual QoS on PS4, UDP source port 3074 - destination 1024-65535 Crossplay turned off (I had it on but I am getting tired of mouse players with that wank shotgun)
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    Netduma Fraser


    Do you get that server every single time? If you change to spectating mode do you still get that server or does it allow you onto other servers as well?
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    Although true about being biased... everything he says in this vid is true. This is a game that nobody asked for or wanted. Again they have made, like Black Ops 4 a game that caters for bad players.
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    Two more for M4A1. Long range, my M16A4 pattern: M16 stock Corvus barrel Rubber grip tape Ranger foregrip VLK 3x optic. Absolutely melts at long ranges, but a little slow handling. M4 Rushing: Forge TAC QCS stock FFS 11.5" Barrel Muzzle compensator Commando foregrip Stippled grip tape. You can switch the stock with the 5mw laser for a bit faster SOT, but I find that the stock actually makes ADS a good bit faster so I keep that on. And I don't like the laser visibility.
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    merci netduma

    si tu es en ADSL alors jette un oeil à ton MTU , ce conseil en or est gratuit MDR mais ultra efficace ( pour l'adsl ) ne retire absolumement pas le routeur , regle bien tes barres anti buf à l'aide de dsl report et pingplotter
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    merci netduma

    garder la qos active c'est le top sinon cela ne sert à rien d'avoir un routeur et donc mieux vaut rester avec votre box FAI.... La seule chose que je peux vous dire c'est qu'il faut en réalité se pencher sur la réelle performance de votre réseau ainsi que les performances de votre FAI, le routeur n'a rien à voir dans tout ça ...
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    MP5 -Monolith supressor (this type because of range increase) -10mm mags (3 shot up close instead of 4) -Light barrel (better ADS) -Forge Tac ultrealight stock (better strafing) -Commando foregrip (recoil) Stopping power EOD Ghost Tune up I haven't fully levelled it up yet. I am having a hard time deciding between attachments especially the recoil ones. +Recoil stabilisation +Recoil control +Aiming Stability Like what the f&^k is what LOL.
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    Netduma Alex

    Packet loose

    Une des choses que je suggérerais est de désactiver Smart Connect, puis de vous connecter spécifiquement au réseau sans fil 2,4 GHz. Alors que 5GHz est plus rapide, il ne s'étend pas sur une longue distance, vous pouvez donc avoir une connexion wifi intermittente.
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    When i get the error it shows up immediately after logging in and after dismissing I am given a waiting animation and nothing else loads.
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    Support for CoD MW

    Hi Fraser, thanks for the response. I am only connecting to peers, never a dedicated server. Going into a lobby it says looking for game 25 m.s then it says looking for game 42 m.s . More often than not it wont even display a ping on the Duma os, but the fluctuation was being displayed on Duma os. I go into a game and get annihilated, yesterday a player got hot by my claymore did not die i shot him and hit him with an assault rifle, he turned a shot me I died immediately. I have been using the Geo Filter, making my home location middle England having the radius just over 500 Km. I am going to try the ping assist method later today, I am about to give up, I have turned off Crossplay as I noticed all the PC players were winning matches in the lobby's I was in. I have tested my ping, my base ping using cmd on my pc is actually zero, but I used another online service and got 8 m.s my connection is graded A+ no packet loss.
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