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    merci netduma

    Salut tout le monde, c'est bien gentil cette petite guerre au niveau d'une recette secrète pour bullshit, moi perso je passe par mon modem (normal pas en bridge) je désactive les pare-feu, je met le modem en DMZ, après tu cherche tes barre de % et la magie opère.. enfin la magie... la récompense de la persévérance après les prises de tête pour trouver bien sûr. Petit aperçu de mon expérience de jeux avec sa.. * désoler pour la qualité, bête réflexe de filmer l'écran au gsm ahahah IMG_0719.MOV
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    You're never ever going to get a server browser simply because they want you to go by their matchmaking algorithm.
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    Lag Comp favors the average ping of the lobby so if your ping is on one end or the other your pretty much shit out of luck.
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    Netduma Alex

    Petite question sur le VPN

    J'ai vu des informations selon lesquelles certains utilisateurs ont vu de meilleures performances avec un VPN. Cependant, dans la plupart des cas, je suppose que cela n’aiderait pas beaucoup VPN envoie votre connexion à un autre serveur quelque part dans le monde afin que vous puissiez accéder à Internet comme si vous vous trouviez à proximité de ce serveur. Cela semble bien en théorie, mais ce qui ralentirait votre connexion (votre route vers les serveurs CoD) se produirait toujours, même si vous utilisiez un VPN. La connexion doit toujours être routée vers le serveur. Alors, pourquoi certaines personnes obtiennent-elles de meilleures performances avec un VPN? Il se peut que leur route vers le VPN soit plus claire que leur route directement vers les serveurs CoD. Cela peut ressembler à un détour sur la route, se connecter au serveur VPN, puis au serveur CoD; pour certaines personnes, cela peut être plus rapide, mais je pense que cela serait rare. -- I have seen information that some users have seen better performance with a VPN. However, in most cases, I guess it would not help much VPN sends your connection to another server somewhere in the world so that you can access the Internet as if you were near this server. This sounds good in theory, but what would slow down your connection (your route to CoD servers) would still occur, even if you were using a VPN. The connection must always be routed to the server. So, why do some people get better performance with a VPN? It may be that their route to the VPN is clearer than their route directly to the CoD servers. It may look like a detour on the road, connect to the VPN server, and then to the CoD server; for some people it may be faster, but I think it would be rare.
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    It's definitely a problem with the Netgear portion of the firmware but yes it definitely needs fixing.
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    Petite question sur le VPN

    Here is a link to Netduma's knowledge base concerning VPNs. I'm not familiar with ExpressVPN as a client so I can not speak on this. Hope this helps. http://support.netduma.com/support/search?term=vpn&authenticity_token=oE6m4fuZtootkoOAsIkAJ6gvZRPzk%2Fvr%2FIXrZDknwhE%3D
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    XR500 is just rubbish

    Silence is defening 'sigh' Away for work again on Thursday so doubt anything will get sorted now! On another note a mate was able to join my lobby, which in previous versions couldn't happen without me first expanding the geo circle and adding him to the allow list. Has this also changed
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    Netduma Alex

    Support for CoD MW

    I imagine this is a UI bug in Modern Warfare, it always seems to add a zero to the end. Not sure why it's doing this but it's Infinity Ward's problem. If you read the ping as 32ms, then it makes sense. As @Bert says, the game will factor in some processing time that the router won't.
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    netduma injouable modern warfare

    Salut , je suis avec le Xr500. Je suis chez free en vdsl (42 down / 13 UP) freebox UPnP désactiver ipv6 désactiver DHCP désactiver. DMZ vers le xr500. PS4 en DMZ dans le xr500 ( je sais plus si on peu le faire sur le netduma,) je joue en anti buff a 60/99 (24 down/12,9 UP) chez moi on utilise très peu upload du coup je le baisse très peu. IP fixe de ma PS4 dans le xr500 réglage manuel dans ma PS4 j'utilise comme dns cloudfare a mettre dans la PS4 ne pas le mettre dans xr500/R1. Voilà , j'espère que cela t'orientera vers ton réglage optimale.
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    merci netduma

    Sa dépend de ta connexion et de la qualité de ta ligne. Congestion Control 100/72, je ne sais pas si c'est les bon réglages. Déjà fait un test de connexion à 100% de ta connexion genre speedtest ou Nperf et tu rentre les valeurs affiché dans le netduma. En général il est plutôt conseiller de mettre 70/70 pour éviter les monter de ping et stabiliser ta connexion, après selon ton réseau sa peut-être diffèrent à toi de chercher t'es bons réglages car chacun aura un réseau différent et pas tout à fait les mêmes réglages 😉
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    Blocking all network access

    yep, Alex hit it on the head.... any firmware previous to .56 resulted in the time being set incorrectly .. i constantly had this problem , that anytime the router was restarted, it always had the wrong time and the schedules seemed to be not working. They were , but just not at the times you expected....lol .56 firmware seems to have remedied the Time glitch with the addition of the new NTP settings (Under Administration Settings) Personally, i would prefer the NTP settings to be under Content Filtering menu....
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    Daily Internet Disconnections - fix okay so.... I hope i haven't "jumped the gun" on this but I have had no Internet disconnections since Saturday after i unticked this box ......! I know its only two (almost 3 full) days later but given that the XR500 was losing internet connections at least once per day, this is looking quite positive! I would ask anyone who is having daily Internet disconnections to try this just so see what happens, it may or may not work for you but seems to for me, at least for now..... LOL! - to quote myself from an earlier post.... "the more boxes that are ticked on this router, the more it wants to fail"......!! Seems I was right....
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    Which router to buy

    Id have to agree with @stalker4hire- to stay with what you currently have for the time being.. At least id take the safe route for now and not purchase any of the XR series atm. See what the next new firmware does to the XR series type routers and then decide from there. New features are always cool. But nothing is cool when its bugged or not working correctly.. The R1 is likely your better option atm.. Zippy.
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    XR500 is just rubbish

    Faith is completely gone now. Done everything asked of me in this thread, less the refresh of firmware! So decided the best way to test if it is working was to do something that I tried ages back when I got it to see iff it done what it said on the tin!! So I put the geo filter to smallest setting and placed my location into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and then put ping assist to 0, strict mode enabled...this in the past got me zero games. Hell one time I went for a number 2 and came back and still had no game with these settings. As an extra I deleted all the list in the allow/deny so I had a blank canvas. So settings into router, left for at least a couple of minutes, then turned PS4 on, and booted Modern Warfare up. Now I expected to get no games, but not now though!!! Yep got into a game reasonably quick, about 15-20 secs with a ping of 37, Germany going by the map.....and before the question comes, no fast search was not ticked. If someone can explain why, in a common sense way, I managed to get into a game from the middle of the ocean with ping assist set to zero, with strict mode on then my faith may be slightly lifted but as it stands I doubt anyone can now convince me this thing is working. As it stands it looks to me like the software, which worked pretty flawlessly with the R1, is not working with my xr500......though it did, now it seems to be doing diddly squat, and of course netgear are not known for their support, once they have your hard earned cash.....well hmmm.....and this cost some good hard earned cash
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    Support for CoD MW

    We suspected that this might be the best possible ping we could get because of where we live, but we still wanted to make sure we were doing everything we could. Thank you very much for explaining and getting back to us so soon!
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    We may open up registrations for insiders again for a brief time so keep your eyes peeled!
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    Dutch Language Translation

    By the way got the script error one more time in 2 days
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