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    Be respectful to one another, mobel is Just trying to help, he is giving you decent advice, although it isn’t helping your situation.
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    Please could everybody just take a breath, calm down. I can understand the frustrations of having issues but flaming and swearing on the forum will only antagonise people and lead to one result. Please keep things civil we are all just trying to help.
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    It would still be allowed yes. Just to note, that doesn't guarantee you'll always get that server but if it is available then you'll allow it rather than block it.
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    merci netduma

    C'est tout simple tu va sur dslreport, et tu vas dans DSL si t'es en ADSL ou VDSL ou Gigabit/Fibre si t'es en fibre. Tu peux faire un test à 100% de ta connexion et un autre à 70/70 pour voir la différence oublie pas de mettre Anti-bufferbloat sur toujours juste pour faire t'es tests et après tu remet comme c'était avant. Pingplotter > tu peux faire des testes de ping ton FAI,Google,Twitter se que tu veux, pour voir ton ping si ta des pertes de paquets. Pour régler ta connexion aussi > Pingplotter tu lance un test ping Ex: ton FAI et tu lance un maximum de téléchargement film HD, vidéo Youtube en 1080 si possible de façon sa saturé ta connexion sur Pingplotter tu dois avoir des piques de connexion vu que tu sature ta connexion. Sur le XR500 dans > Anti-bufferbloat tu règle t'es barres Download et Upload en les descendant jusqu'à avoir un ping le plus stable possible et c'est comme sa que tu peux arrivé à peut-prêt à trouver t'es réglages pour avoir une connexion le plus stable. Voila j'espère que tu m'as compris dans l'ensemble et que sa t'aura aider 😉
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    Sign up to DumaOS Insiders

    Sign me up please whenever the spaces open :)
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    I had myself also problems with PA on getting thrown in far away lobbies 60ms + or even connecting to USA lobbies with PA, but since I have turned PA off I didn't have these problems at all anymore.
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    Access to modem stats

    Yep...discovered it’s not possible on Netgear routers, just have to disconnect ,be fine as DSL stats won’t be affected due to modem being on,would just make life easier for screenshots
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    Access to modem stats

    When I was using the Vigor 130, I couldn't neither. When I wanted to look, I have to disconnect the Duma and plug ethernet from laptop to Vigor, only then could I access its GUI.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Wi-fi problems

    Disable the WiFi, apply then reboot. Enable the WiFi, apply then reboot again. This can sometimes fixed weird issues with the WiFi.
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    No he hasn't been banned, likely just enjoying the weekend!
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    Ok - I’ll wait till the new modem arrives and then perform some new test. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks a lot for your help so far 👍
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    Thanks for this information. It is useful as gba roms is useful for downloading rom files to play games.
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    Netduma Fraser


    It looks like it has been caught by ping assist for some reason, did you turn off ping assist just before searching for a game? Turn off the PC or close down steam completely, remove the device from the Geo-Filter, flush the cloud, re-add the device and then turn on the PC/game and see if it works properly then.
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    cool, thanks a lot!
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    Well once we've pushed out the cloud update and confirm it's working, assuming there are no reports of issues we'll likely make a picture then.
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    merci netduma

    faite une comparaison de dsl report pc et ps4 pas la meme sur ceux je dois filer
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    Netduma Fraser

    MW matchmaking?

    Did those servers outside your radius have solid white circles around them? If so they're just authentication servers. The peer server you're on is likely a miscategorized dedicated server, easiest way to tell is to look at the domain name. If you give us the ID we can check. We're still undergoing testing/cloud optimisation for CoD so that should be resolved soon.
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    daniel barbette

    merci netduma

    Le problème c'est que je n'y comprend rien a pingplotter dslreport je fais déjà avec sa mais bon sa marche une fois sur deux
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    Jesus you're connection is crisp. They barely had a chance to shoot you, you had them in front you in running animation and you can hear your bullets register so fast. What are your settings? Are you also having stabilization of over 100hz tickrate in dumaOs?
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    merci netduma

    Ok ! j'entend bien, je voulais test avec un ping élevé pour voir si le ping rentrai en compte mais le ping serveur reste le même sur Duma ?! j'ai test avec les serveurs en France, j'ai plus de débit 20 mbit up et down, en game je ne vois pas grande différence à part des lags ! A savoir qu'il y a des fuites DNS avec leur VPN hybride, mais également open VPN limite les débits, avec une connexion fibre pas d'intérêt. Je l'utilise via l'appli PC afin de vous savez quoi !
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