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    DHCP Server alternative

    Just a follow up for anyone interested. I set up another router on my network behind the XR500. The second router is connected to the network via it's LAN port. Connecting through the WAN caused issues. So my setup now is modem > XR500(WAN), XR500(LAN) > ASUS(LAN). Disabled the DHCP on the XR500 and set it up on the 2nd router. Everything SEEMS to be working well at the moment. Geofilter still detects any console and appears to be working fine. QoS is harder to figure out but it looks like its working fine. The only issue I have found is that the XR500 can no longer resolve NEW device names. If the device was discovered by the XR500 then it retains its details. However all new devices are added as 'Unnamed Device'. Looks pretty good so far, so now if I have to reset my XR500 my IP reservations will not be lost
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    fifa 20 servers

    hi guys after dowmloading the fifa 20 demo i have notcied thier is more servers located in my region, which is europe as im from the uk, servers pop up in france, london, ireland and also germany, where as fifa 19 i was only getting one loacted in germany. i dont no if the devs want to do some testing for cloud updates etc :)
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    Wireless AP functionality

    Hi. The physical LAN ports still work and so does the wireless capabilities such as guest and your main wifi.
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    What browsers are you using? Does it happen on Chrome? Are you accessing via HTTPS or HTTP?
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    it works for me after the update
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    I got it. I had to go in and manually adjust my maximum down/up speeds from the hamburger menu. Then once I moved the sliders the changes took affect.
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    XR300 Geo-Filter HELP!

    Thank you for the reply, Ah I see. It seems the XR300 doesnt get the same amount of love as the other XR-routers. Hopefully this will change and UI features are equal across the devices assuming hardware can support on the XR300. Since i made an account, i suppose ill stick around the forums and help people with issues. Nice little community you guys got going on here.
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    Black Desert Online

    Yes it finally released for ps4 players too! Though im sure were not likely to see a merging of servers of any kind sadly. Yea im sure it is buggy, it took a minute for them to work out kinks on xbox one, but now its fairly bug free for the most part. Yeah you can choose your server, so it doesnt really show you the ability to ping any of them. no matter if you boot the game, or if you click a server, no indictation of a server pops up on the map, unless i missed something. Im not sure if all these servers are located in the same place? Even if they are, it would be cool to know what your ping is while playing, since the game doesnt offer an in game ping like im sure pc has. That way when im playing i can know if when i start to lag if its the connection or frame rates, at this point its only guessing. im sure you could get really nifty and find a way to capture that connection info with a sniffing tool, but I didnt want to go through all that effort :))
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    I've seen that it might be beneficial to use IP Passthrough with DHCPS-dynamic and use cascaded router mode. Try that, if it doesn't work then try contacting their tech support and keep us posted. The kicking thing, are you blocking a server when they all get kicked out?
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    Hi, I've been loading games on my Xbox console and trying to analyze the behavior of the GeoFilter. I set the map at 2.5x to see a full view of the world. I set a wide radius of about 1545 miles. I also set it to enforce my radius. I loaded up popular (based on amount of players) games like CoD, Fortnite, Apex, Battlefield 5, PUB G, Overwatch, Rainbow Six and Forza. I loaded non popular games such as Ghost Recon, Fallout 76, and Halo 5. I notice that games like CoD and Battlefield almost immediately populate the map with servers and peers all over the world but games that are open world maps like Ghost Recon and Fallout 76 would take a minute or two to populate with only servers within my radius. Some games showed me as connected to a Microsoft server. Games like Rainbow, Overwatch, Ghost Recon andApex would almost never show Peers as opposed to CoD. I even tried using the Rainbow Profile for the GeoFilter but it only seems to alter the size of my radius. Is it because of the way their servers is set up? Has anyone else had similar or better experience?
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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Oh i see thanks for letting me know that.
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    Netduma Alex

    fifa 20 servers

    We'll be doing testing on FIFA 20! Thanks for letting us know there's a demo available.
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    Yesterday after starting up my PC and playing a few games I noticed that literally every game that I play was stuttering and I was getting fps drops. I opened up task manager and noticed that a Chrome process was utilizing about 50-70% of the CPU. I opened file location of the process and it led to the Chrome directory folder. I ended the process and my CPU usage went back to normal but whenever I start up my pc this process is always there utilizing CPU at start up unless ended and after that it never starts up again until next start up. I have noticed about 6-7 Chrome processes at start up but only one of them is utilizing the CPU and other processes hardly use any system resources. I suspected it to be some sort of virus and to rule that out I uninstalled Chrome and after that this issue seems to be fixed. No more high CPU usage at start up. I even scanned my pc with Malwarebytes and Windows defender but no viruses were detected. Not sure what is going on but if someone has ever faced this issue then what did you do to fix it? Thank you. Edit: Finally found a fix. turns out it was the Google update service causing the issue. Disabling that at startup seems to have fixed the issue.
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