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    I didn't play 2v2 but only "one" match as the mode is not for me. BUT THIS! 50 seconds mayhem 10000000_682659805533366_478445466850164736_n.mp4
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    This problem has since been solved, see this article for information: https://kb.netgear.com/000061261/Google-Chrome-77-is-blocking-access-to-NETGEAR-login-pages-what-do-I-do --- On the latest version of Chrome (77.0.3865.75) we have identified an issue where users may have trouble logging into their Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming router. This affects the XR300, XR450, XR500 and XR700, it does not affect users of the Netduma R1. Instead of asking for a username and password as normal, the router will instead direct you straight to the Password Recovery page. We are aware of this issue and all relevant parties have been notified, there will be a fix as soon as possible. -- For the time being, we recommend that you manage your router using a different browser. We have confirmed that the issue does not affect Firefox or Edge. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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    Your favorite hobby?

    Aside from playing on my PS4. I sometimes watch volleyball.
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    MW4 open nat PS4

    Hi all, I played the Alpha and had moderate nat type, Just played a few games on the beta with moderate nat and did a few changes to get open nat. Playstation static Ip adress Turn off upnp TCP and UDP external and internal port range 3074 =NAT TYPE OPEN
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    Yeah I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.
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    And I have and as I mentioned it just all goes around in circles, you know what Netgear is like. Also you get no real support after 90 days, just vitriol from some very rancid users quite a lot of the time. Its not a good environment to deal with bugs, some people don't even realise its a Netgear router! On this forum people can talk without anger and that's a good thing and the forum does feel friendly, also the staff are great. Id rather voice my concerns to Fraser or Alex or Jack than deal with the bowels of hell, sorry I meant the Netgear forum.
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    VPN recommendations?

    Be aware of 'Virtual servers', example a VPN provider would say they have a server in example Vienna. But the actual server would be located in New York and you would only get the IP address for Vienna. these would naturally result in miserable pings
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    Safari is fine too on my MacBook. Will be interested to see on the 30th when the new OS for the iPad is released if I get the errors on the settings.
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    Im talking just a locked upto date pinned post where people are able to look up current bugs and or find information about current known workarounds nothing more
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    How to fix double NAT issue?

    Fraser, I play mostly CoD and that is my primary focus, so as far as it goes that is where I have seen this issue. Now that I am back I can talk about some of the items above. I have a BGW210 gateway made by ARRIS. I tried changing the NAT from "Secured" to "Open" as you suggested, it did not change the double NAT when I ran tracert, the exact same private IP address showed up. I did a bit more researching and it looks like I'll have to talk to tech support with AT&T. I found out that NVG and ARRIS gateways can actually be used in bridge mode, but I have not tried it yet and will likely get with AT&T to have this handled. Link to AT&T forum with instructions on IP Passthrough and DMZ setup on AT&T gateways (They say it's IP Passthrough, but the links in the "Solved" post for NVG/ARRIS take you to bridge mode setup for an NVG gateway): https://forums.att.com/t5/AT-T-Internet-Features/How-To-Setup-DMZ-and-IP-Passthrough/m-p/4320234#M3837 The link for NVG/ARRIS redirects to this page: https://forums.att.com/t5/AT-T-Internet-Features/How-to-put-the-Motorola-NVG589-in-bridge-mode-or-as-close-as-you/td-p/3552057/page/2 The second link I have posted shares a lot of info on my BGW210's setup that I didn't know about, not sure if this will work but I'll give it a shot and reach out if its better. Thanks for all of the help up to this point.
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    Its posted in the netgear beta page under current beta number and Its own topic.
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    Had this exact issue and it works with other browsers. internet explorer works as well
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    It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that a lot of frustration between all parties involved is exaggerated because of the lack of clarity and common sense At least start by creating an up to date pinned post detailing the current known bugs for Netgear, Netduma and customers to refer to so we are all on the same page then add any information for customers about current known workarounds for each bug until a patch is available Why you guys aint done this already is beyond me
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    I like the format here and the way the Community works together. It’s a lot better than Netgear support and I’ve the Arlo system and to be honest their forum although now a separate company to Netgear is not a patch to this forum. i don’t know another company that helps as much as Netduma, it’s almost 24/7 and here I feel you get a more personal one to one. It’s also friendly and everyone tries to help where they can. Long may it last.
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    Hey. I just sent the fix to your router so you can now upgrade manually. Thank you for your patience.
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    first blood dk


    I have static ip, and have moderate nat type in this beta. I have tried opening the ports, but it does not help.
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