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    More Powerful Ping Assist

    I like the Geofilter very much but It lacks in my opinion, only a ping assist the even more stable connections or a new feature that eliminates spikes Final at least on its own connection. Would be cool If you can decide for yourself which server you want to connect to, some games will not work
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    you don't need Option 61 it works without it
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    no, just enable filtering mode once the console has booted up, then turn on geo and then start game. That's how I do it on the xbox.
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    We didn't say the milestone was coming out, just an announcement concerning the milestone. It's still coming out we just hit some snags.
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    Reputation is a big concern for us which is why we don't often make promises that we're not 100% certain we can keep. I'm relatively new at the company and I made a mistake in judgement when I decided to tease the upcoming announcement before knowing for sure that it would be coming out the next week.
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    Netduma Fraser

    router login

    When you're in the lobby where you can change your character skins etc and you pick your game mode and then search the game doesn't actually pick a server until it starts loading into the game. That's how Fortnite matchmaking works. Therefore you will either get the game if the server is within your radius or it will get blocked. If you get blocked then it will kick you back to the lobby again to search. So you can keep doing that until you get one within your radius or switch to spectating mode and quit the game if the server is outside your radius and keep searching until you get one you want. There isn't anything we can do about that, it's just how their matchmaking works.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Server id help

    Choopa is one of the CoD servers, it's just misclassified as a peer on our cloud system. If it's one of the closest servers to you and your Geo-Filter covers it then sounds like it's working correctly. If you want another exclude this server from your radius by moving location/adjusting radius.
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    Netduma Alex

    Your favorite hobby?

    Oh yeah I really want to play that! I used to have a PSVR but I sold it to get a Switch. Since next year there will supposedly (according to rumours) be new consoles, maybe PSVR will become massively cheaper at some point soon?
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    No milestone 1.4 announcement?

    Delays seem to be the one thing we can guarantee will happen it seems. I know this stuff happens but surely this was something that really didn't need any delays and should have been gotten in front of ready to be posted, otherwise it's just another case of rinse and repeat.
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    No milestone 1.4 announcement?

    We'll see, it's such a shame there's been absolutely no news other than "it's coming.."
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    Netduma Alex

    Your favorite hobby?

    I love golf video games although I do get a bit frustrated with real golf. After all, if you're not instantly good at something it's not worth doing.
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    Your favorite hobby?

    Other than with my family or on a console/pc you can find me here
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    Your favorite hobby?

    I love fishing too, add some shooting into the mix with some ferreting. I’ve a small boat that allows me to have some great times on the Local part of the Thames and I’m an owner of a fishery which is rented out to a local club so other can enjoy a day out. I also have an interest in linen, I just love linen bedding and have linen from across the globe yet non beat the Irish linen which is just heaven.
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    As Alex said - we will get a blog/announcement this week filling you guys on what we have been working on and the direction of DumaOS over the oncoming months. We've got a LOT of stuff coming soon. Also, for what it's worth, we do read all your comments and really take into account how we can make the best software possible. New features / bug fixes / usability improvements - we're working on them and you will see a major jump forward on these over the coming months.
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    Well since you can’t make Netgear move any faster or Netduma how do you plan to make that happen? Once again we can’t but, I stand but by statement on spreading FUD because riling more discontent over software that hasn’t even been released yet is pointless and we have no control over the process anyway. All this is is doing is causing people to get even more frustrated right after an update has dropped. (I agree 8 months is way to long though) but starting a potential flame war that could go on for months on end will have really no point, its just getting old now. Sometimes our thoughts should be kept to ourselves and this is coming from someone who’s been pretty vocal about how frustrating I found the huge gap between milestone 1.3 and this update and the lack of bug fixes, but I can’t change the outcome I can’t change when the milestone 1.4 will come and I can’t be bothered to get that upset about something that I will never have any control over anyway I can make my feelings known but maybe in a more constructive way with some form of discourse with Devs again considering how bug fixing is going. Now if you can develop new firmware yourself faster and with less bugs feel free to make your own fork. (I wish Voxel could be involved in this) Yes it’s frustrating that there are bugs but at the end of the day there are always going to be issues with firmware after all there is no such thing as a perfect software. Also you’ve decided things aren’t going to be fixed at all, well that's how it comes over to me, so how about just giving the guys some breathing space and waiting for 1.4 to come out before condemning it. Now if it’s a mess then fair enough, but until we get to try it take the new fixes (what few there are) be glad you’ve got some security patches that may stop the router being compromised and see what happens next. This forum is just getting way to toxic and that’s no good for anybody, and getting people fired up about something neither you or I know anything about isn’t the best way forward as I see it. Your mileage may vary though. Also how did the update go for you, how was your XR router? You haven’t said what bugs you have found with the new firmware and sharing them would obviously be really helpful in getting those things fixed...
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