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    Openreach NTE5C master socket

    it won't put a fault on your line unless you wire it incorrectly! You can ask an engineer to come out and do it but they may charge you. There are many videos on how to change a faceplate on youtube.
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    No worries, we will continue to test and optimise the games as much as possible, we'll let people know when a cloud has been done.
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    Everything seems to be working fine. Thank you both for the help.
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    Okay thanks, I've given the team the information on this topic so they can take a look when they're able and decide the next steps.
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    Themes on XR500

    If you use the nighthawk app you can turn on and off internet as you like per device but obviously it’s manual and not scheduled, but may help
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    Log Check (binding)

    Thanks, one less thing to worry about
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    OVPN Update?

    Sweet as, thanks for that
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    It is just briefly to see if that is a potential cause, wouldn't ask to have it disabled permanently. For example if it happens when the device is locked and then that prompts a connection it could be similar to the console issue.
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    Netduma Fraser

    OVPN Update?

    Thank you for the reminder about this and sorry it is causing you issues. I have asked the team to see if we can update the OPVN version.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Log Check (binding)

    I really wouldn't worry about what you see in the logs, it is very verbose as it is primarily aimed for the developers to diagnose any issues should they arise. Rarely will you see something that is indicative of an issue unless you're having an issue (it would be a very big issue that presents itself) so yes it is normal, you can safely ignore it.
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    I agree. I've always bought netgear products. R7000, R7500, XR500, all my switches are netgear. The XR500 will be the last netgear product I ever buy. I think a lot of us feel the same sour taste. Like being ripped off $300. Voxels firmware is updated all the time and thats just one guy doing it all alone for free. Netgear should be ashamed and will lose lots of customers over this fiasco. I posted about filing a complaint with the BBB and the administrator deleted it. Lmfao!
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