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    Netduma Alex

    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    I can never decide between PlayStation and Xbox. I think that PlayStation has better hardware this gen, but Xbox's online services are better... I hope that next gen, Microsoft will keep up the good work from the Xbox One X and go really high spec. More exclusives would be good too although I love Forza. Still i'll probably end up getting both anyway, especially considering I now have a job... (you'll never guess where)
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    Sounds good all I needed to know.. and no I dont use it for gaming just general..Thank you💯
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    Help on XR500 recent purchase

    talktalk are the best out of the major ISP's. I use idnet as although their prices are a little higher you get what you pay for. They are british, with british tech support and their fault and repair service is second to none. I lost internet connection last wednesday afternoon, I had an engineer at my house at 8am the following day repairing my issue!!!.........it was a faulty port in the street cabinet that was to blame.
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    yea, gonna screenshot it late tonight when i get back.
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    PS5 first glimpse Rumours

    Just seen this. The first glimpse into the release of the PS5, the rumour mill is starting to spin..................I don't think I will be upgrading my ps4, mill stick to XBOX. https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/gaming/consoles/ps5-release-date-news-and-features-1213409?fbclid=IwAR30R8RZttxIVhWYY38KGzjkbioU5Q9yY1WZSdg3MEaFIZNvQgl8BGeAUiA
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    I use the Draytek Vigor 130, and it gets me 2-3ms lower latency compared to the OpenReach bg612 (standard, not unlocked). I can see all the line stats but only when directly connected to the modem, which is a drawback, when one has line issues (faults), as you have to unplug router. They (draytek) have a feature that will publish info to other draytek routers, haven't checked to see if other public plugins available for other routers to get that info. When my line has been stable (no rain) its stayed in fastpath with 7ms latency for 4wks. The firmware gets regularly updated too. Minor fixes generally.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Help on XR500 recent purchase

    If when you can’t connect to the servers from the lobby there is something blocked on the map then add it to your allow list and that should resolve that, hopefully then allowing you to force the server you want. Sounds like VM is definitely the cause in peak times, I have VM and experience the same in peak times.
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    Thanks. I'm aware they have some partnership with Netgear with the routers like the xr300 that have been realised. I have the R1 myself and have for a number of years. I was wondering if it was an exclusive deal or will we see it on the likes of Tp-link and such. Like N3CR0 I would much rather they do there own R2 though.
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    Hope so. Had my R1 a couple of years now, hope it'll last a couple more and since I wasn't impressed by the XR500, I look forward to there being an R2 one day in the near future.
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    Netduma have a partnership deal with netgear. They have just released the XR300 and the dumaOS is also available on their own R1 router. Hopefully Netduma will release a newer router of their own 1 day!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Weird issues

    Could you provide a paste of the exact config that you're using please so I can take a look? Okay so here is a weird workaround for the server issue, not ideal I know but I do not know what could be causing the issue, it requires a dev input in my opinion. Find the server IP that you want to consistently connect to from the Geo-Filter then follow the video here: does that work at all? Whats the exact port forwarding rule you're using? It may be set the wrong way round, i.e. src port you have should actually be dst for example If that's it then I'm not sure why that would be happening, have you tried triggering as well?
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Power loss I can kind of understand but a reboot shouldn't cause this. Are you unplugging the router by any chance to do a reboot? If so if you do it via the interface does it reboot correctly without having to go through the setup again?
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    Netduma R1 Router No Power

    Thank you for the link! I will update if it works or not once i get it.
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    For now I'm using the Netduma R1 with the DumaOS milestone 1.3 firmware and it's performing wonderfully. But I really want to get back to using the XR500 because it's more powerful
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    Well as it’s almost five months since the last update I think I can wait a while longer for a update without to much trouble, especially if it's a stable one
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