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    Thanks. Actually, the R1 was set up on my ATT router for port forwarding of the BO4 TCP and UDP ports, even though it was behind by R1 which was DMZed. That was a remnant setting from before I had my R1 to allow open NAT. When I changed my ATT router settings to remove port forwarding to PS4 and just apply regular firewall that allowed it to connect. Not sure why opening all the Bo4 ports would matter or affect ability to connect, but apparently it did. All is good now.
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    Traffic prioritization question

    Does someone know what are the exact ports that are used in game console service?
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    If your playing blackops4 and in uk Try forcing the New York server Due to lag comp I find it plays better most of the time! Set geo to around 400miles PA 0 Place geo over newyork server then boot the game
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    PS4 is attached to R1, but not in an R1 DMZ. Just a regular uPnP device.
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    I decided to just try it plugged it into the ISP BTHH5 to skip the PPPoE function. So I factory reset and let it connect to the BT HH5 ISP router (I also put it on DMZ for belts and braces, although it was working fine without this. It seems to be working just fine, but needed a reboot to apply the downstream QOS %. I get my original full speeds with QOS enabled. 68/18 - 68.5/18.5 (the same as if straight from the ISP router) and with <70ms lag spike with no Buffer Bloat When I set to 70% the Download Buffeblost didnt work but the upload one did. I tried updating distribution, adjusting but I just couldn't get the download to work. And kept getting messages in the system: kern.warn kernel: [ 1425.380000] HTB: quantum of class 10002 is big. Consider r2q change. Then I rebooted and it worked: Then I tried adjusting the % sliders and got the quantum of class 10002 is big. Consider r2q change message accompanied by an iffy download result: Then I waited, changed nothing and tried again and got perfect result: And it all seems to be working Perfectly, here are the dslreports, (which before when it went through PPPoE I always had some random 150-180ms spikes early on in the download***edit - I still get the spikes, BUT only when logged into DSLreports and using finer sample rates setting, i think this is bug with dsl reports****) So, I think, the problems, as mentioned by support, are all to do with the PPPoE. So, I'll use it through the ISP router and put my shiny new £85 modem on the shelf ready for another day or maybe an XR300 or XR500. I hope it continues to works once the network has more devices and comes under heavy load tonight.
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    OK did all, and actually i set ping assist to 0 (so i will be canceled anyway). i put my "home" at Florida (same place my friend live) and i rather play on the East Coast (better ping to Israel) gonna go home in couple of hours to try it out! hope it will work! thanks!
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    Geo Filtering and range extender.

    Hi Alex, I get that, still fail to understand why changing from one mac address to another and updating the entry in the Device Manager prevents the Geo Filtering... Anyway... Just disconnected the console from the range extender and connecting straight via WiFi... Everything works. Regards, FX
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    Thank you very much! Will give it a go as soon as I have time. When I play the only thing connected to the duma is the PS4 no other traffic! Splendid service here with you guys 🙌
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    Netduma R1 Router No Power

    It’s possible that it’s just your power supply that’s faulty. Someone from Netduma will be able to advise you on where to get a replacement.
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    Traffic prioritization question

    Exactly!! Honestly the only ports I want to prioritize are ports for gaming.. Nothing else.. I feel the performance is much better when one can target specific ports for a particular game then a wide range.. Just for the simple reason you stated above. Plus the in game performance is much better that way.. Good post btw.. Ive been meaning to ask this very same thing! Zippy.
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    Traffic prioritization question

    Yes that's what i'm asking. I wanted to know because on my Xbox when i'm not gaming the circle will still light red and it led me to wonder what the games console service ports were to make background traffic on the Xbox to count as high priority.
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    Traffic prioritization question

    I actually would like to know what the exact ports are also! I know they say it covers about everything.. But I actually like to know the actual port numbers.. Not sure that is what your asking but I know I would like to know.. Zippy.
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    that's fine, nothing to worry about there it is normal. The rest of the hops are fine and the last hop which is the final destination has no packet loss.
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    Bonsoir, pourquoi as tu ouvert les ports manuellement si t'as consoles est deja en dmz? Tous tes ports sur celle ci sont exposés.
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    Bricked Router?

    I will try in 24 hours and report back to you thank you so much for your help.
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    Thanks for time my Internet is whisp with unlimited Internet with 15mbps download and 1mbps upload for 25 pounds a month which brilliant price for gaming
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Alex, a pleasure! I'm glad to see that new people enter Netduma, that means that everything goes as it has to go, GOOD !. Greetings and we are reading!
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    Don't care what 'stability' fixes they reckon they made, nothing has changed.
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    Thank you for the kind words! Really glad to hear you're enjoying it Totally understand!
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    You can resend the request to get the download link of the dumaos. Same thing happened with me and I just resend a request to get a download link and guess what it worked. You can download songs from soundcloud.com using something like this soundcloud to mp3 Just paste in the URL of the soundcloud song. And you get a mp3 download.
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    I love it, thank you for what you do. Most people that own this router want more control, you give that to them. With more control, there are bound to be hiccups. By far the best router I have owned, and that has to do with the software that is on there. I downgraded from the R9000 (in terms of hardware), best decision ever for my networking needs.
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    Ok good to know brother thanks again for the 411
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    Netduma Fraser

    Real Access Control

    I think it will come, it's something that has been requested a few times in one form or another so we know the demand is there and a lot of our customers have children so we know it'd be a very useful feature to implement. That's a good idea, thanks!
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    Real Access Control

    Ok, I understand, it is free and in beta, so no worries. Hopefully, its a feature that makes it in the future as the DumaOs is perfect for parents who want to create a good gaming environment for their children (and themselves) as well as very good network congestion control so they themselves have a good connection while the children eat up all the bandwidth. And with teenage children, the ability to block internet access automatically at set times at night is very nice if you want to go to bed yourself and not argue with them. If it makes it into the OS, then it would be nice to allow unrestricted access to the Geo Ping stuff so they can set that up themselves, while password locking out other areas such as the device restrictions and other important settings. Not sure if that is possible, but just an idea.
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    So it's been almost a week now and I've yet to have a single drop out issue since updating, will continue to monitor but so far so good. Thanks!
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