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    Built in pingplotter

    Instead of downloading software and have less people complain about bufferbloat problems have something like pingplotter built into dumaOS and have a troubleshooting section for it.
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    Bullshit, skill is long ago gone in COD. COD is very connection depending. If someones server sync is better than yours, no matter what you'll lose the gunfights all day long.
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    connection line question

    I think i turns out there was downloads going on while my ps4 was in rest mode I believe. Might of been the reason of all the spikes. And i have my speeds in from a test with the modem only connected and its set to always.
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    Looks similar to my network map. I had to disable QOS.
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    I’d also recommend a factory reset to clear that network map, so it becomes more manageable. Guide here: https://kb.netgear.com/000053098/How-do-I-perform-a-factory-reset-on-my-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-router
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    XR500 speed drop and Network map reset

    Op there is one thing you can try if you want to give it a go.. Downgrade back to firmware .32 that seems to help for some. But again that's not a guarantee.. Ive done that and on certain occasions I do get the same issues to pop up again.. But its not as bad.. Or as frequent.. Still my best advice would be to wait for the next firmware which hopefully will be somewhat soon.. Zippy.
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    I decided to revert to the r1 had 2 games and hit detection seemed sweet il let ye know better after I play over 20 games
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    Would just like to say thank you. Downgraded my router (price wise) to be able to use this operating system. Although its not perfect, its better than anything else out there.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Thank you xr500user for posting this.. This has brought things to a much higher level of light! Things you have stated above I have been trying to point out for a very long time.. Mainly how QoS becomes non functional.. Along with everything else you covered above now all comes together.. I was wondering when you were going to post here.. Good to see you again! Regardless if the new milestone fixes all of these issues will be the number one factor moving forward.. If this does not get resolved and turned a blind eye then this will become the undoing for Netduma.. Even if they are totally unaware of these issues means very little to costumers at this point.. Ive been on this forum long enough to notice a pattern of people with issues that all have that deep similarity in them.. I cant believe that Netduma doesn't notice this.. They have too! I posted on a topic that you had posted on awhile back and asked Netduma if they have made any headway or got to the bottom of some of these issues you mentioned in that post.. I never got a reply.. And the reply I did get didn't even touch on the subject.. Am I upset.. You bet! But I do still have a bit of faith left in Netduma.. But if the next new milestone doesn't even touch on these things or even make an attempt Im more then out! I will wash my hands clean of this thing faster then one can say go! I currently don't even have this hooked up anymore.. Could no longer take the headaches.. If Netduma decides to come out with there own new router then im all in!! Id be more then happy to support them.. This Netgear/Netduma thing we have now is problematic.. Im sure most of these issues are on Netgear.. But Netduma's name is on it as well.. And if you have forwarded your findings to Netduma then they should be aware of these issues.. But ive asked about this before with them and haven't heard a thing! And that bothers me very much so.. Thanks again for posting here again! I do hope you post here when the next new milestone is out.. And fill us in on some of your findings if these issues or some of these issues have been resolved.. Zippy..
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    hey! just wanted to check in. I'm still here and I do pop in from time to time, but the time between times has gone long in the tooth ..everything said was spot on. Still have all the issues I discussed in the past, and I even sent them a huge list of things I noticed to look at -- but instead of working on it they moved on to the next milestone rather then fixing 1.3 issues. I have a feeling the new milestone will come out introducing a ton more bugs and we will always be in a bugged state. NetDuma has a small team and only a handful of that team who have the skill to develop and Netgear keeps pushing new models to flavorize with DumaOS -- you can bet on it AX is taking all the time right now and everything else is just back burning... plus the fact that Netgears Taiwan developers really can't work with NetDuma OS and introduce fixes (xr700) that create more problems (they even said they didn't know netgear released an update that hosed new things in netduma for xr700 in a prior post). So Netduma has moved on to new features, Netgear is fixing things they don't know how to and at the same time overloading Netduma team to flavorize their existing hardware routers and re-brand them instead of introducing something new. So now we have an R7000 duma os?? uhh, who's even buying that. Yes, devices still hang in online and offline state in Device Manager, port numbering debacle, lack of updated modules and security fixes, buggy QoS, DNS sync problems, I can go on and on.. I know how to fix these without rebooting or flashing firmware (I haven't re-flashed it once since I owned it) but you have to correct these errors in terminal mode. I chuckle every time I see a new post from someone asking about devices or not being able to connect or internet dropping, or why doesn't my XXX device connect, and response posts are always what firmware are you on, reboot, reflash, do this do that, when it ain't gonna do a darn thing, because it needs to be fixed OS side. I do have a 100+ day uptime right now, but QoS is disabled - so I'm not really getting any benefit from this OS. And like others, soon going to be moving on to other solutions since I can't take any real advantage of what this offers in this bugged state, and not going backwards to XR700 or AXwhatever it is.. because Netgears new AX is coming out soon (the 12 streams). And I'm starting to evaluate competitor routers. Actually, the 12 stream has been ready even before the AX6 was released. It's going to Orbi also. So anyone who has that AX6 is already outdated, oh well. They have the hardware ready and do targeted releases to bring in the most money (yeah any company would do this) but instead of releasing the best and making it the one and only..... every flavor needs to be milked first. well it's been long enough now (over 4+ months) so I guess I can release one more issue now.. The Data Analytics process has been enabled by default since day 1 sending data back to Netgear. Check your web console Settings, Administration, Firmware update -- You see the option to not automatically update firmware (a plus) -- but where's the data analytics option? oh. hmm. ok. I disabled the process manually. I did not find a way to disable it from the original firmware release until I looked again today, but the latest firmware may have been updated to do this on install, I did not check. So I can't be sure. But I found this in there, and you can check if yours is on.. Go to to check -- or at least make sure it isn't on by forcing it off. Just to let you know I was right that Netgear has one base core they use for all their routers and tweak for each, here's an example TOS htttp:// (but it's for orbi, lol) There is tons of things still in there from other routers (streamboost things, etc that are conflicting with Duma) cron jobs that are running, etc to update streamboost when the router doesn't use streamboost. Probably much more that I didn't see with the old modules, etc. These things are contributing to the problems people are having, and Netgear is focusing on the next router rather then fixing things in the firewall that are blocking peoples connections via QoS. The firewall is really complex this why it prevents most of the attacks even with the older modules, but it's got its quirks that piss off Device Manager and block some local network devices from making certain types of connections, only causing customer complaints. Maybe this time it's been so long because they are going to actually fix everything, but new milestone issues will just probably give us all a do over , if that happens, sorry to say - I'm out.
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