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    Netduma Jack

    CPU overclocking?

    Eesh, that's one way to fry the router! It'd be like sticking a V8 in a Nissan Micra. Maybe some day we'll build some optimisation tools like this though - there's a whole bunch of folks who'd appreciate being able to overclock it and control how it utilises the CPU, so I can't imagine it'll go under the radar. Thanks for the feedback
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    That sounds like a standard response. If it is the cause it could resolve itself soon. I'm concerned by the AQM, I'm thinking that could be a cause. Do you have a spare router you could use to put in between the modem and R1? Then just the speed direct to the spare router then through the R1.
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    That's probably because you're using a tablet/phone, could you use a PC to do so please? If you could grab there IDs we can put them in the whitelist cloud so you don't have to do that anymore. The R7800 itself won't be getting any bandwidth as the devices connected to it will appear as individual devices on the router. Are you updating the distribution and looking at the correct flower? E.g. changed on upload come back to the page but it's showing download now. Your last point is expected behaviour because you've basically told the router you want the devices that are already connected to have a certain bandwidth limit.
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    Exactly what I have done, and I would like to say that I thought of it before you mentioned it, but the credit has to go to you. Thank you.
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    Absolutely a need for duma OS

    Duma needs a temp ban feature that actually works. How you work it is you'll have the option to ban for say like 1 hour or multiple hours or 24 hrs. I don;t know about anyone else but in bo4 I pretty much play on ping assist and connect to all of the servers around 30ms. But that doesn't mean its a good server cause low ping, obviously. So sometimes for say like chicago server is playing like crap but yesterday it played great. Well, 24 hr ban or whatever. Cod ww2 chicago for me played like absolute garbage. Unplayable always. So permanent ban then. This feature is so important that it should've been done yesterday!
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