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    Beaver error on Destiny 2

    I'll do some testing on that today
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    Thank you for this information and your quick response. I am relieved that it's not faulty ports.
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    1. Same way you upgrade normally, you'll just need to download the previous firmware from the Netgear website and then 'upgrade' from Settings > Administration. 2. When we say it's related to instant on/rest modes we know it affects all ethernet devices but that's what seems to trigger it. We and Netgear are aware of it and multiple teams are looking into it. It's not faulty ports.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netgear XR450 Support

    Hey, welcome to the forum! There will be support for the foreseeable future both from us and Netgear. We have no plans to cease support for any platforms that utilise DumaOS currently.
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    Yeah mine was fast search disbaled
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    After research back and forth questioning friends, looks like its different IP address issue like you stated above. I added all IP of this particular friend I had issues with seems to work well thanks
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