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    Device Prioritisation

    yeah anti-bufferbloat. i will try it the next time i play.
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    Destiny 2 Asian servers help PS4

    Who knows maybe its just Destiny on the PSN and the new glory points matchmaking in competitive gameplay. I play competitive and use geofiltering and have no issues on Xbox but it does take longer to matchmaking due to me having 5000 plus glory points. Time of day seems to matter for me and I try to only play comp in evening when more people are online playing. I only play competitive in a team of 4 now since the glory points change January 13 its impossible for me to win solo with high glory points. Forgot to mention I was always the party leader and host. I would only allow my party to just have us 4 in it and made the part invite only. Reason being is that I felt that if we had others in our party the game would lag a bit in competitive.I know this sounds a little crazy but it worked for us. WE also had issues getting kicked because it was taking too long for matchmaking I say that is normal in competitive.
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    Great, thank you. 💪🏼😎
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    Sometimes packet loss can be outside of your control (i.e. ISP or Fortnite’s server’s). I would check my line quality with pingplotter to determine this.
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    Thank you very much❤️
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    Just retweeted your Pistol clip out off our main account, hope it gets you a few more views (you deserve them!) 😊
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    That was ridiculous. Nice plays 👍
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    Netduma Admin


    PharmDawgg's answer is great. In case you don't know, the next time you're on DumaOS you can click on the little '?' icons in the corner of every panel and options menu. They will give more context about what you can see. It's not mandatory, but it's a good idea because DumaOS preserves a bunch of your old R1 settings (deliberately). For example, WiFi name and password, plus many other things. If you're not precious about starting fresh and setting everything up again, then it's a good idea to reset.
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    I still like licking Windows 😆 But I do like to chase pesky cats now and again 🐱 And sometimes when my human is not about I drink out the toilet bowl 🐶
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    Goodput should only be disabled in very specific circumstances and honestly only the developers know what those are. Goodput accounts for packet headers so that speedtest gives a more accurate results. When the Goodput option is checked, the bandwidth values for both upload and download will more closely align to a speedtest. Netduma recommends you keep this option checked unless told to do otherwise.
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    I watched random interesting YouTube videos and play on my phone or PS4.
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    Destiny 2 Asian servers help PS4

    Thank you very much. I looked at that before posting. I was just a little confused cuz under port forwarding it has a tcp/udp option on duma and on the link it list the port ranges separately as tcp and udp.. Nonetheless, if you don’t have to mess with port triggering with do you ?
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    You won't necessarily see anything change in game when using QoS correctly. All QoS does is make sure your game is not affected by local congestion/jitter/spikes. Keeping the ping low and stable if devices on the network would otherwise cause it to lag.
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    Netduma Jack

    This server in the wrong place?

    No problem Zippy look out for our next cloud update, and enjoy your gaming!
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    That’s what we all gamers need 😉
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