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    This server in the wrong place?

    Thanks Jack!
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    [HOWTO] Sky Fibre And You

    Hello Community. This topic is mainly for Sky Fibre users who want to eliminate two routers, and double NAT. Sky is a UK ISP who provide fibre but also supply a crappy self OEM router which lacks anything good and their stupid DHCP Option 61 (MER) authentication system which pretty much means you can't use your own equipment on their network, so you have to use the XR500 behind DMZ blah blah and causing a double NAT issue when playing games and makes the XR500 less effective. I've made a quick PDF guide to setup the XR500 on it's own and best to my knowledge is just a rough guide on what I did to get it working without a Sky router modem combo. I ran the PDF through Virus Total for the benefit of the community, results are here: VirusTotal Results Admins, If this isn't allowed please delete. Sky And XR500 and YOU!.pdf
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    Thank you for the response. When I get home I will try identifying if my wireless and wired connection have different Mac addresses. What you say seems very promising so I'm hoping I'm tracking my WiFi PS4 address instead of my wired Mac address. Would make a lot of sense because I never use wifi on my PS4 so it would show as offline. I also have an unidentified PS4 online so it's possible that's mine in wired-form. Will update with results!
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    Netduma Admin

    [HOWTO] Sky Fibre And You

    Awesome, thanks for taking the time to make this Muffin.
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    Hi there - first of all, have you alternated how the PS4 connects? PS4 wireless and PS4 wired will show as two different devices on the Device Manager (they have different MAC addresses). So it's possible that's the reason you believe your PS4 is offline because obviously one will be offline all the time. Easiest way to check is to look at the online devices, could any of them be your PS4? If you're not sure, turn off your PS4 and then delete the PS4 from the Device Manager. Then switch your PS4 back on, and see if it appears as a new Device on your Network Map. Onto QoS - when you added the PS4 to Traffic Prio, did you assign all ports? If so, please undo this. Traffic Prio is just for low latency traffic (it puts it to the front of any queue) so if you have ALL PS4 traffic going through this, game downloads, media etc, it will overwhelm QoS. So please undo this configuration. Instead, allocate bandwidth to your PS4 on Bandwidth Allocation. Does that then resolve your issue? If not, might be wise to factory reset the router to restore defaults, should be OK after that.
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    Strange cause whenever I've upgraded or reset it starts out at 0ms, but yeah I'll give it a try tomorrow.
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    I tried it per your instructions and it does work in my case in the way that you describe. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Sorry, let me elaborate I mean download the latest firmware for the XR500 while you currently have internet access. When the router arrives disconnect all your old router and switch it off apart from your Openreach modem, so you're still synced to the internet and doesn't cause a DLM reset on your line, switching it of and on the Openreach modem. I had to do this prior downloading the XR500 latest firmware as when it's shipped it doesn't have the latest version, so you just power on your XR500, connect it to one laptop or PC, put your new password credentials for it, security question and you skip the part when it says "connect to the internet" you want to be looking for something that says "manually" set it up, this will gain you access to the GUI then you can upload the updated firmware to the XR500 and all that good stuff. Once it's updated just setup the DHCP options up and stuff, WiFi etc then you have done all that power the XR500 down > connect the Ethernet to the WAN port and switch on the router and all lights should be white, it takes awhile to iniate the connections but it will work if you've done it properly. Latest FW is here:
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    Put it back to filtering mode, then when it's coming up with the disconnect message look on the Geo-Filter for anything being blocked then please provide us with the ID of the server/peer being blocked as it may need to be whitelisted
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    Netduma Jack

    This server in the wrong place?

    Lets see if the new cloud update coming soon will solve it for you guys, hopefully it will
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    A mon avis c'est un bon Bufferbloat !
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    I never really use the Geo filter feature I always use congestion controlBut I managed to fix the problem by looking in noticing that my Geo filter was on filtering mode this whole time, Thanks for the help
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