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    DNS blocked by xr500?

    The DoS attacks are normal traffic, and as to the acend kill from on port 53 I have had that from cloudflare and I'm not using cloudflare! Its more likely port scans, and the router on this firmware is a little more paranoid than usual with local DNS lookups. Those packets have been dropped but that is not a real DoS attack. A DoS attack comes from one computer normally and would knock you offline, a DDoS attack is from multiple machines. You would not just see one attack like that as a DoS attack. Lagging may be more to do with your ISP than the logs, believe me. Just google ascend Kill and you will see its common in Netgear logs. You will always see DoS attacks in logs because you are being port scanned every day, its the background noise of the internet. Also using third party DNS servers is okay but it depends on there location and yours, your ISP ones may be a lot closer and better ironically. Also who do you trust more with the DNS logging, Cloudflare or your own ISP? Secondly you may be hiding supposedly your DNS lookups but your browser will be fingerprinted anyway so all that possible extra mileage on DNS lookups (once again depending on the location and how Cloudflare works with with CDNs (Content delivery networks give you access to say YouTube, iTunes Netflix etc from the closet server) Third part DNS servers may resolve lookups faster but cant always guarantee you are getting everything from the nearest server to you. CDNs like Akamai etc look to serve you content from your nearest location all the time. This means you may actually have slightly slower downloads and uploads, so Cloudflare could also be the source of lag and extra latency (not saying it is) just something to think on. Anyway that's going off subject here. Basically the logs are normal, the router may be dropping packets for a variety of reasons and on this firmware others have seen so called DoS attacks from their DNS provider so maybe this needs to be reported by the team to Netgear or whoever is in charge of the firewall. So worry about the logs, I highly doubt they are the source of your lag. I would try your own ISP DNS unless they are truly awful, and look into other ways of striving for privacy on the net, and realise that no matter what you do even the size of your browser window is leaking info on you to third parties.
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    Try turning off upnp and ipv6 on both wan and lan. I have all ports to bo4 open. Thats what works for me pretty consistently. Yes, you have a better looking graph than me, pretty solid!
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    Please read this everyone

    simply use the data from geo filter to find server, then strip out the data, to get sport-dport apply that to hyper lane, and then when no longer detected remove. and repeat.
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    Netduma Jack

    Apex Legends

    I agree the the folks above - he was a bit laggy at the end of the clip, but even without the lag that shotgun blast would've toasted you either way!
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    NetDuma r1 return

    One of the reason you are getting a worse dslreports test is that traffic prioritization is doing it job of prioritising packets if you untick your device under antibufferbloat you will find that bufferbloat tests will improve drastically(leave it ticked while gaming) I also agree with Fraser that pingplotter is as good as it gets in checking for jitter.
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    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    I have never had issues joining game sessions in any previous COD game. Yet about 60-70% of the time I get booted back to the loading screen in BO4 with this error message. The only way I can prevent this from happening is by either turning off the Geo-Filter or by increasing the radius to over 1000 miles. I only want to connect to Dallas dedicated servers as any other server increases my latency by 60+ and that is unacceptable. When are you guys going to fix this?
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    Apex Legends

    That dude had purple armor(gives 100 more health) & a peacemaker(can OSK if you have no armor) while you just had a helmet.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Apex Legends

    Fair enough, I don't see anything wrong with that specific clip if I'm honest, no armor with SMG mid range against the semi auto sniper and then shotgun
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    Netduma Fraser

    Denied Servers and Players

    Okay thanks for the info, I won't suggest checking the IDs again, I know you've already confirmed they're the same. Hopefully we'll get an update from Joseph soon
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    Please read this everyone

    Good idea and it would be nice to have the possibility to untick some ports to not prioritize them anymore
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    An app is definitely on our roadmap yes!
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    Apex legends

    I am on ps4 and it only gives me the option to change data centre after it has failed to connect but still won't connect to the London centre with geofilter on and with geofilter in spectating mode it will connect to US centre and ping is approximately 110ms
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    Cod bo4 lag

    All this clip shows us is your poor aim and positioning. Every single death the other person shoots at you first while you are sprinting around in the open. No router is going to make up for bad gameplay.
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    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    The message occurs when joining any online game type.
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    ERROR - The lobby is not joinable

    I also want to only connect to this exact server. Even when configured before even turning the console on it kicks me back out with the same message.