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    CPU will max out when you use bandwidth speeds >150mbps and QoS is enabled. Here is a guide on how to avoid this: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000076586-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-maxmimum-bandwidth-speeds Best settings for Fortnite are to put the Geo-Filter in Spectating Mode and back out of the lobby when you get a server you don't like. It's easier doing that rather than having filtering mode and waiting for the game to back you out itself (that's obviously how the game is designed, rather than a Netduma feature). Finally, you have received a major firmware upgrade to a four year old router for free. And there will be many more development milestones coming this year with more features for R1 users. I don't know many/any tech companies that keep developing new features for products that are over four years old - but we do and we do it gladly.
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    The current firmware has been bad for my household with disconnects every 5 mins, previous firmware was about one in 20 mins which didn't bother me much which now i have reverted back to. I'm going to try Micbot's hopeful remedy a try over the weekend and see how it goes. Sounds promising until a fix can be found.
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    yep I think it's a good idea
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    Yes, It's been stable for almost a day. I'm glad it stayed stable so I can finally enjoy v1.0.1.8 without disconnections. @Netduma Admin
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    Hybrid VPN Setup Please.

    Netduma Team Can you guys please put up a guide on how to use Hybrid VPN on the routers for non tech savvy members.If we go with other VPN services other than HMA and PureVPN,what should we do in detail,step by step and pin it for members so that the question doesn't get repeated. Thank you guys for your amazing services,keep up the great work.
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    Dude, what kind of shit you smoking. You buy a product after 4 years you want a refund. I think your shit out luck dude. Common you can't be serious.
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    BO4 Port Forwarding

    Hi all, I know theres a post already regarding this, but for the life of me I just cannot find it. Could someone give me the values for the ports required to get an open NAT on ps4 for bo4. Thanks
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    I’ve had this router for four years and about 2 weeks in I started “tweaking” settings and generally getting into it. Fast forward four LOOOONG years and after waiting for DumaOS For 3 of those years (sat on 1.03 that didn’t work) and what do I find ? DUMAOS on the R1 is garbage !! Constant maxing out of the cpu causing throttling of my connection, having to reboot the thing 2-5 times a day just to get it to work with my other devices. Doesn't really work with Fortnite (the game I play the most) Today it simply refused to accept the (correct) WiFi password! When I bought it as an Early Adoptor , I understood that there would be some teathing problems but after four years it does not work as a router without constant attention! This thing is not fit for purpose !! I would ideally like a full refund so I can buy something that works out of the box. Please can someone comment on this rather than just deleting it. Many thanks Gavin
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    It was indeed through a powerline adaptor. I can try and give it a go tomorrow straight from the router.
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    I'm not going to comment on your other points as they're not useful, I'll just focus on the issues at hand. Please can you take a screenshot of the Dashboard, QoS, Geo-Filter, System Information pages with options menus open where applicable and we can start from there
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    BO4 Port Forwarding

    No for both consoles. Upnp does the same thing. Just use that. I tried port forwarding for a bit on ps4. and felt like it was better play. But, it eventually went back to playing inconsistent. Game will always be that way if nothing has changed by now.
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    This is where you and the others are WRONG !! The only reason I bought this “Router” was because of O/S , I could have bought the router with the standard o/s for £50 so what am I paying £120 for it for ??
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    Netduma Admin

    BO4 Port Forwarding

    Here's the values the guys have found to work well:
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    You know why I’ve only got 6 posts ??? Because every time I tried to log in , it said I put in the wrong password, EVEN after resetting it !! I was actually born in 1978 bud so not really a millennial no, and you say you’ve never had a problem with yours ?? I’m gonna guess you wouldn’t know if you had !!
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    Netduma Admin

    Hybrid VPN Setup Please.

    Hi there - full guide here: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn There's a whole bunch of optimal settings guides for all our features for future reference: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646 And thanks for the kind words!
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    Netduma R1 Resetting Router for BO4

    BO4 does seem to get confused with its NAT. I sometimes see this and never had it before. Closing and opening BO4 resolves it for me. No need to reboot console or router.
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    The cpu max’s Out on my measly 36mb connection every single day !!! And I’ve seen other posts saying the same , where you have recommended rebooting, then faffing with various settings , then rebooting again , then if that doesn’t work try a factory reset!! Tried them all multiple times and it still max’s Out the cpu and throttles my connection down to 10-12mb down!! To address the “free” firmware upgrade ?!?!?! This was the only reason I bought the piece of junk in the first place , the firmware !! And it’s only 4yrs old because netduma messed about for 3 years making it for someone else !!
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    For starters you’re not qualified to say what netduma will or won’t do!! Secondly your analogy is nothing like the circumstances surrounding my purchase of the R1. A 4yr old tv wouldn’t have been sold on the basis that you could watch YouTube on it would it ?? I was sold a £50 piece of hardware (the Mikrotik router) for £120 , so the software (or firmware) is clearly the rest of the cost. This firmware has been unstable , unreliable, and at best sub par. And the fact you keep pointing out the hardware is “too old” again isn’t my fault !! I didn’t take 3 1/2 years developing it for another manufacturer to make a quick buck while leaving the core customer base out in the cold. Now pipe down and wait for a member of the netduma “team” to comment.
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    You said it yourself, it was sold as a work in progress, and it was and is, also as I said its really old hardware and yours maybe on its last legs. You cant have a TV for four years then find out you cant use YouTube and want a refund, thats not how things work. Buyers remorse is always painful, but after 4 years! If you were not happy you had time to return it at the start, or you could have just gotten a different router if you were that unimpressed. You decided to keep it for four years, nobody twisted your arm.
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    I’m saying it was sold as a “work in progress” as such this progress should be in a “reasonable” amount of time. The fact that netduma has spent the last 3 1/2 years pissing around with netgear etc is nothing to do with me. The fact is I haven’t had the use of this router for more than a day in it’s miserable life without having to mess around with one setting or another!!
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    Try it, thats the the only way will be for you to see if it works as everyone's networks are not always the same, if not at least you had a go.
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    QoS sliders have zero effect

    You really should have all devices going though the XR500 so it can deal with those devices itself, why are they being used on another router, surely you want them to controlled by the XR500's own QoS? If you are using the other router as a switch it may well be better to get a actual switch and connect it to the XR500. Clear your browsers cache and log back in. If it still has no effect reboot, if still nothing works donwload the firmware from the Netgear site, update again, the log out and use the pinhole in the back to do a factory reset and do not use a back up set the router up, do it manually. Hopefully clearing the cache in your browser and also making sure if you use do use a adblocker the routers URL's are whitelisted will help. If not time to reset, and there is no no harm in re-downloading the firmware, also after it says its updated leave it an extra few minutes after logging out, I tend to find netgears update is a little quick and things may still be happening in the background. Then factory reset and all should be good.
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    Its four years old, it got the update but its CPU is outdated it does not have much ram. The CPU is only 600Mhz I believe and it has 128Mb ram. Modern routers using DumaOS are using much more powerful CPU's with half to one gig of ram and more powerful wifi setups. You have to look and go at 4 years its time to update if you are trying to use the router as a standard home router and a gaming router at the same time. It just has not really got the grunt for it I would imagine, but maybe Fraser can advise you on stuff you don't need that will give you a bit more headroom. Also its possible Milestone 1.3 needs some tweaks but I think you have to say its just old hardware starts thats going wonky, capacitors will start to go, that's the first thing that tends to happen, if you can see a board where capacitors are failing they will be bulging. PCB's have a limited life in routers, and other cheap electronics, because the PCB is made cheaply to keep costs down. Also the power supply to the router can cause damage, brownouts, surges etc so they have a hard life. I tend to use a UPS (sinewave) and that helps. But that R1 is old, and its probably on its last legs possibly. That's not "crap" it lasted 4 years and got a free big update, that's pretty good going as I see it. Oh and as for a refund, you really have to be kidding.
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    Please read this everyone

    Thanks for sharing.. My ISP is also Spectrum.. Which is the new name for the old Charter ISP.. They have dropped Charter and now use Spectrum as there main name.. Charter really has had a bad reputation.. Do you happen to know if your running on DOCSIS 3.1? Id say Spectrum is an average type ISP.. Not horrible but not great.. But I do know they are working hard on converting to full fiber over time.. They are getting there but it is not cheap to run full fiber.. I would say that all there nodes are at least fiber now and even some better fiber at curb. There focus from here moving forward will be more geared to internet then cable programing.. So we should see improvement.. The biggest problem with using coax cable is the ability for something to go wrong.. For example a simple bad connector to a squirrel chewing on a main line.. Once anything happens to the cable it makes it very acceptable for leaks and interference. Which can effect everyone on the same node.. And that is very troubling because this happens almost nonstop.. Specially where im from.. I will add that port arrangement as you did.. Thanks for sharing! So do you mainly only see one udp port used for each game? And do they always seem to be 30000-30004? As far as my XR500 id say it kind of works.. Put it this way hands down I should have bought the R1..I don't think that port prior. is fully working on my router.. Ive had so many weird issues with this thing that I would not recommend it to any of my friends.. And if the next firmware that comes out doesn't improve anything im guessing my next move will be an R1.. And honestly I have an ASUS that does just about everything except geo filtering.. what I like about my ASUS router is that it tells me what port the game is using like the R1 does but it also tells me the amount of data each port is using.. That way one can target that port in prioritization.. Cool stuff there! Thanks again supafastguy!
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    Cant Connect xr500 :(

    do i ring up and ask?? and can they they all of a sudden block ports cause i had a open nat on this isp like a week ago. all g i got it going they did an update that fucked somethin so all g now
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    yeah i was thinking it prob wont work prob need to install hardware like that something you couldnt do on ps4, im starting to wonder if it is connection based or my ps4 pro fps i get stuttering and input lag and smetimes shudders the screen ,,my ps4 got dropped a while back wonder if its just broke , appreciate youre help on this one sorry if im going on
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    So done some digging into this with PingPlotter, definitely something up with the fire tv. Max Down - 80Mbps Max Up - 20Mbps I actually get these speeds to, averaging between 76-79mbps and 17-19Mbps I hope this image makes sense to you guys, tried to make it as simple as possible.
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    Please read this everyone

    IIIRL You just keep posting regardless if someone hit dislike... If it wasn't for you I myself wouldn't have started to dig into this type of stuff.. Ive learned a lot as well from you and others on this thread.. Heck I find this interesting!! And my game play has gotten better! I still feel im missing something yet but then again it likely could be the game itself.. One thing I did notice is once I started to prioritize or fine tune specific ports my ping stabilized.. Thanks again for all your help!!
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    Restart router remotely

    Ah okay look forward to this coming soon hopefully!
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    I think I've found a temporary fix to the WAN disconnection by using the 10G LAN SFP+ port for the Internet connection. It's been stable for 2 hours and everything looks good so far. No interruptions while playing games or browsing the web. I looked everywhere online to see if someone has tried this but I didn't find anything.This could be a solution until NETGEAR comes out with an update to fix it. I will keep everyone updated if it stays stable or not.
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    New XR700 Firmware Version v1.0.1.8

    I agree with waiting for the final AX release. I'm tired of dealing with companies releasing hardware that meet only half of a certain spec like they're starting to do with HDMI 2.1. There are manufacturers that are making tvs with EARC, but not HDMI 2.1 that includes high frame rate, 48gb bandwidth, VRR (variable refresh rate), and 8k. Give me all of HDMI 2.1 or nothing from it. I purchased a 4k hdr projector in 2016 thinking it would meet all of HDMI 2.0b, but it didn't. It wasn't capable of 18gb bandwidth. The fine print was so small that I didn't see that mentioned in the specs besides a little * next to the resolution of [email protected] I just saw [email protected] and thought excellent. Silly me.
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    Definitely possible but as above I would not advise it. Also would probably experience much longer wait times as itd be trying to get you much lower pinged games before deciding to give up and give you an Aus server
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    I wouldn’t advise trying to play on Australian servers, it would be completely unplayable as the ping will be 300-400ms but defiantly worth trying servers in other locations. If you do want to force a server in a different location: Set geofilter to the location you want to force a server. enable filtering mode enable strict mode set ping assist to 0 make sure fast search is disabled boot up the game and search search times can sometimes take longer when forcing servers in different locations. If you make any changes to the geofilter you must reboot the game.
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    Great response, that helps. Perhaps I should state the goal. Ideally having another network would be for IoT devices. Has anyone done this with just the xr500 or if it’s not possible then a different setup might be considered
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    selecting host

    Thanks admin, I will try that! It makes sense... and to think at the beginning I thought y'all was bluffing... but this device does so much wonder for my house, and I have totally and continue to learn more about Duma! Thanks for the advice!
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    Restart router remotely

    Remote access is not currently available on DumaOS but I believe it will be implemented in the future.
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    First of all, can you make sure you are definitely connected to your XR500 - if you are using an Ethernet cable make sure it is going into the XR500. If you are connecting wirelessly, make sure you have not accidentally connected to another router. If you are confident you are connected to it, type into your browser and see if that connects instead. If that does not work, please factory reset the XR500 using the pin at the back, then connect to it again: https://kb.netgear.com/000053098/How-do-I-perform-a-factory-reset-on-my-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-router
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    Netduma Admin

    XR500 Drops Internet Randomly

    Thanks for all the info. Given the router is still accessible, it sounds like there's a problem with the WAN connection. Which probably means one of the following is happening: Modem -> XR500 has a connection issue Modem has an issue Overall Internet is dropping out But it seems unlikely to be 2&3 as you said you can get Internet through your modem when a drop out occurs (no harm in double checking this the next time it happens) So that leaves us with an issue with the XR500 WAN or the modem. Here's a few ideas: Can you try swapping the Ethernet cable between the router and modem? It's possible it's faulty Can you set the modem to Bridge Mode or Modem mode? Not all modem's have this option, but hopefully yours does If you go >Settings >Monitoring >Statistics - what does the WAN uptime show as? Let us know if this improves things. If not, I would recommend contacting NETGEAR's official support to seek a replacement: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx
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    Netduma Admin

    New Community Section

    Hi Duma Army - this is a new section for everyone to talk about anything community & forum related. For example: Forum upgrades & improvements Forum staff changes Community news & events Introductions Feedback about the forum etc So if you have anything to say that's related to the forum or the user community, post it here!
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