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    DHCP OPTION 60 61

    hey guy, xr500 has option 61 in settings, internet options --- but not 60 I'm sure they can implement 60 too, web interface only allowing 61 though, can probably do 60 manually
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    selecting host

    I am finding that when I do not pick a server I have better results on lag. If i pick a server then I have bad results for lag. is there an update or is anyone having these same issues?
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    DHCP OPTION 60 61

    retail. i think it showed up 1 firmware release ago in .32 (i don't use this option)
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    Je reviendrai prochainement pour un nouveau tutoriel basé sur le DUMA OS.
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    Netduma Admin

    Still random reboots since launch

    Hi both - you can ignore these DoS attack logs. That’s just internet white noise most of the time (Google it and you’ll see a bunch of threads on this for many Netgear routers). Lets see if we can narrow down what’s happening: 1. Are these drops both on wireless and wired? 2. Do you have an Xbox One connected to the router? 3. Is the router in a ventilated place(i.e. no obvious risk of overheating?) 4. Do you have to reboot the router to restore internet, or does it just come back a while later?  5. Have you set any manual DHCP rules? @Zero - I’ve asked these questions in your thread so best if you reply there to keep the two threads independent. Thanks.
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    Some bugs ..

    definitely interesting!... I am by no means any expert on this area here, just an observer Maybe it's a duma porting of milestone 1.3 oversight <- This is what I see when poking around - my comments = // So FYI: I have 1-2-3-4 WAN on the back of mine --- //netgear misprint I have 2 switches wired to XR500, one plugged into LAN 1, one into LAN2 (LAN1 being leftmost, furthest from the WAN as per my rear numbering) this is from the OS side XR500: #detcable show //show me what cables are plugged in LAN3 : Plug off LAN2 : Plug off LAN1 : Plug in, 1000M, Full duplex LAN0 : Plug in, 1000M, Full duplex WAN : Plug in, 1000M, Full duplex //matches my misprinted rear numbering - and same as R1? #swconfig dev switch0 show //i removed all the tx rx info Global attributes: enable_vlan: 1 //1=true using 2 vlans, local network is vlan 1, wan is vlan 2 max_frame_size: 1518 dump_arl: MAC: PORTMAP: VID: 0x2 STATUS: 0x0 Port 0: pvid: 2 //wan? on vlan 2 link: port:0 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex txflow rxflow Port 1: pvid: 1 //LAN1 port, on vlan 1 link: port:1 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex Port 2: pvid: 1 //LAN2 port, on vlan 1 link: port:2 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex Port 3: pvid: 1 //LAN3, on vlan 1 link: port:3 link:down Port 4: pvid: 1 //LAN4, on vlan 1 link: port:4 link:down //matches my misprinted rear -- maybe the swconfig needs to be updated to match Netgears portnumbering (oversight?) //XR700 will use next 2 more ports for vlan 1 I assume //and for LEDs -- can they can be mapped? //I found this on OpenWrt //swconfig dev xxxxx port x set led x //dev switch0? //swconfig dev xxxxx set apply //i think they can be reversed, but I do not want to try and brick the router //led controlled by CPU, via gpio<- //not sure if it will stick on this switch though if setting the led Port 5: pvid: 2 //ethwan on vlan 2 to be able to talk to wan from eth switch link: port:5 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex txflow rxflow Port 6: pvid: 1 //on vlan 1 not sure what this , guess brwan->br0? the bridge interfaces? link: port:6 link:up speed:1000baseT full-duplex txflow rxflow VLAN 1: vid: 1 ports: 1 2 3 4 6 VLAN 2: vid: 2 ports: 0 //wan 5 //ethwan so either its a mistake from the very beginning by netgear on handling portnumbering from their first Nighthawks and they just always printed the reverse on the back of all their routers: 4-3-2-1-WAN to fix it, rather then really fix it... or duma oversight to update swconfig after porting of milestone 1.3 to xr500 software correction leaves so many places if you forget to fix it in one place it will pop up again, best to have it match the hardware otherwise something just need to keep in mind all the time in your case that's why duma is showing port 4 in table view, its showing what the OS is reporting what port 4 is regardless of whats printed on the back of the case, if you were to do these checks on your router you would see port 3 and 4 are the ones that are link:up not sure if netgear will let duma modify swconfig settings anyone who knows more about switch configurations feel free to jump in
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    i 100% agree my man
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    Imagine if a router company could legally develop a way to minimise the effects of lag comp and bad netcode, now that shit would sell like hot cakes. 😉
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    So I live in the U.S and I want to connect to the server around Saudi Arabia, here are my settings: However, it doesn't find any game for me, not even finding a player while searching. It is taking so long in searching and it is even not finding anyone. What should I do?
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