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    XR700 and sx10 switch

    Yes I got it thank you
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    Awesome thank you! You are the best!
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    AX routers will be much more efficient with airtime than AC routers and with crowded airways even 2.4Ghz gets a boost, but its to early, these devices are based on draft 3 the final draft is November. AC took 7 drafts! It will become the norm, but right now the R7800 and XR500 both can utilise HT160 which AX does, but we dont need to upgrade to have that feature. Also for most you cant use that in crowded areas anyway. Heres a good read up of what to expect and why not to buy now. https://www.smallnetbuilder.com/wireless/wireless-features/33209-5-things-to-know-before-you-buy-a-draft-11ax-router
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    You will need to obtain the OpenVPN configuration files from IP Vanish and then use them in the advanced section of the VPN setup
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    Netduma Fraser

    Expand wifi coverage home

    Okay well sounds like you found the cause which isn't the router. You want to connect the powerlines together? I've never tried it so I don't know if it would work exactly. In theory if could work so give it a go
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    I cant see host ping speed

    Thanks, I’ll figure something out.
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    Netduma Fraser

    I cant see host ping speed

    You could not put the Asus in AP mode and still get the print server. Otherwise it's really just what is easier for you, if you don't think there will be much WiFi interference you could do the latter, just keep in mind the R1 WiFi won't be as strong as the Asus.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Expand wifi coverage home

    Can you provide screenshots of your Device Manager, Congestion Control, WAN, LAN and Miscellaneous settings pages please
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    Forcing a server?

    Yep, slide the bar to 0 then its off and keep strict on always!
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    please fix allow deny

    Hey Jack by no means am I blaming yall for the connections. This router has been phenomenal for me in the past. Basically, just bitching and whining. Cod games are usually bad connections at first and then after like a month they stabilize. I was just wondering what they (treyarch/activision) changed in this game to make said connections so terrible which you explained. My line is stable as can be. Just ran a test a few weeks ago. Ping was at roughly mid 30's with minor spikes occasionally up to mid 40's. I appreciate your guys hard as always. At the time I wrote the post. I was a little on the crabby side. I know its the game, grrrrr!
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    Hola Tito, he comprado un xr500 por Amazon y estoy pegando un vistazo para configurarlo mientras llega y esto flipando de lo complejo que es esto. Tengo fibra de Ono(Vodafone) por cable, este router se puede conectar con toda sus funciones al router de Ono? Muchas gracias, perdona mi torpeza ;)
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    Netduma Jack

    Expand wifi coverage home

    Hmm, that's weird. With a powerline adapter (just so you're clear on this) it's basically the same thing as connecting with an Ethernet cable. The adapter might as well not exist, it's just passing all the traffic directly to connected devices. If you aren't getting your full speeds through it, try connecting the wire from your router to the adapter into a PC instead, then run a speed test. Are you getting your full speeds through that PC? If you are, and you're using the same wire through the same router port, then you're getting your full speeds through the router itself. It'll be the adapter, secondary wire or connected device to blame at that stage
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    Netduma Jack

    I cant see host ping speed

    Hi, welcome to the forum! So how are you accessing the interface on the Asus subnet? i.e what are you typing into the URL? It looks like you've found the cause though I'm unsure about why it'd be the case. Are you happy just accessing DumaOS using the standard IP address or was there a reason you wanted to access it in a different way?
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    That sounds epic, nice one. I hope you have a great time gaming now that you can get the best server possible happy new year from the Netduma team!
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    Netduma Jack

    XR700 Owners

    Just to chime in on this, we'd absolutely love to let folks upload their own themes. We can't guarantee anything, but DumaOS was designed with customisability like this in mind. I agree, it'd be awesome to upload a wallpaper from your favourite game etc, or even get official themes like you'd see on a console. No word on this just yet but thanks for letting us know it's something you'd like to see
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    it is pure gimmickry (if there is such a word ). I can't see the need for it in most peoples households anyway.
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    Its way to early for AX routers really, but AX is being pushed harder with WPA3 than AC was, BIG__DOG its the next big step in Wi-Fi standards and wallet openers after all Although I would stay well clear of early units until the AX is ratified in November this year. Then some features may/may not work with current silicon, much like the wave 2 stuff with 802ac. Also until you get any AX clients there really is no point as it does not benefit older Wi-Fi clients enough for the outlay
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    Asus have just launched an AX model! https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-RT-AX88U-Wireless-AX6000-Gigabit-AiProtection/dp/B07JHFWZKN/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1546505922&sr=8-8&keywords=asus+router
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    What am i looking at here?

    In all honesty it could be the lan port on the pc/laptop itself? I had the same issue your having and it turned out to be exactly that. Tested with a different laptop and every thing was fine
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    Cod bo4 lag

    The router does everything it states it does, eliminate network congestion and puts you on a low ping server near you
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    Cant get into NetDuma GUI

    I sent an email just waiting on a response
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    Netduma Fraser

    geo filter is not working

    Please do the following: Quit game to dashboard Hard turn off console Delete console from Geo-Filter Flush cloud (if you get a message saying its taking too long then wait 1 minute and refresh) Add device back to console Setup Geo-Filter how you want Boot up console Boot up game
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    Bonjour j'ai le meme probleme que toi depuis le passage a dumaOS l'upnp me mets en modéré, et je commence black ops 4 je suis a 4100 de bande passante au bout de 5 min elle se divise en deux, quelqu'un a trouvé la solution, je suis bien en nat ouvert avec l'ouverture des ports ,
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    PPPoE and VPN

    Awesome, if I end up getting it which will probably be the next time it's on sale, I'll try this out and let you know how it ends up working. Appreciate the quick feedback.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Expand wifi coverage home

    They operate the same software but the Netgear hardware is a lot better. The WiFi itself is what most people would upgrade for as it has AC. The CPU/RAM is higher as well.
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    So true. In strict mode you will be disconnected out of games etc. I play Destiny2 on Xbox and have tried just about everything this router has to offer to make Destiny2 PVP experience better. Remember the P2P experience that Destiny netcode gives us is frustrating at best and the DumaOS does a good job of helping us. I have been back and fourth with using ping assist and geo-filtering I really like to have both options. I am doing a bunch of competitive PVP right now and the geo-filter has been rock solid for me to help weed out the sweaty players and 4 stacks
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    Netduma Admin

    Expand wifi coverage home

    Hi - unfortunately you're probably at the limit of the hardware there on three floors. You could try changing the wireless channel in case the one you are currently using is especially congested. But realistically, you have a couple of sensible options: Cheap option - invest in a wireless extender: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=wireless+extender&sprefix=wireless+ex%2Caps%2C204&crid=2OB6KPA3L5CSH Expensive option - upgrade to a more powerful router: https://www.netgear.com/npg/
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    There are many servers in that region. The circle around it means it has been allowed, either in your allow list but probably in our Cloud database because blocking that server will cause many problems (e.g. people would never be able to do a speedtest on their PS4). When using PC make sure you select Filtering Mode as it will probably default to Spectating Mode. Love the names you have given for denied connections by the way, 'noooo' and 'nnaaaahhh' haha 😂
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    What am i looking at here?

    Hmm that's not good. Assuming there's nothing wrong with the testing device (the port could be fucked tbh) the modem might be the problem. My old laptop typically showed higher latency on the first hop when testing on PingPlotter for some reason. At least we've ruled out the R1 because modems are typically easier and cheaper to replace. It could be a line issue too though. Do you have any other modems lying around that you could test with? Going backwards one step at a time like this is good - we can rule out variables and get to the source of the problem. If a different modem doesn't help you can send the test results to your ISP and tell them to sort themselves out lol
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    Netduma Admin

    Cant get into NetDuma GUI

    Ok, that's helpful to know. Could you email us at [email protected] if you haven't already and we'll take it from there (could you include a link to this thread too please).
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    Buenas compañeros! Lo que vosotros quereis actualmente en dumasOS no se puede realizar y os explico el por que. La ISP españolas trabajan todas bajo Vlan ya que todo va incluido en la misma linea( telefono, internet y Tv) y cada ISP utiliza una Vlan diferente para cada cosa. Actualmente DumaOS no trae esa opcion Vlan implementada, aun que es algo que segun comento el equipo de netduma se implementara en un futuro, hasta que eso ocurra solo se puede utilazar el R1 atraves del DMZ. Respecto a cada operador, no todos permiten poner sus router en modo ONT, Jazztel no permitia hacerlo con el combo router+Ont, solo se podria si tienes una Ont(f601) separa del router como antiguamente se montaba. Movistar si permite poder hacerlo y el ultimo en implementarlo a sido orange el cual ahora tambien deja poner el modo ONT. Proveedor Datos (Internet) Voz (VoIP) Televisión (IPTV) VLAN Prioridad VLAN Prioridad VLAN Prioridad Adamo 603/604 1 630 7 -- -- DIGI -- -- -- -- -- -- Jazztel 1074 0 -- -- 838 4 MÁSMÓVIL 20 0 -- -- -- -- Movistar 6 1 3 4 2 4 Orange 832 0 -- -- 838 4 Vodafone 100[ 0 -- -- 105 4 Aqui os dejo cuales son las Vlan que utiliza las principales ISP de España para que cuando el equipo de netduma implemente esta opcion ya sepais cual es la vuestra y no tengais que andar buscandolas. Un saludo y espero haber resuelto vuestras dudas.
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    The QoS won't be putting stress on the router, it can handle gigabit QoS with no sweat. If PingPlotter is showing you that much it'll either be the program time is too fast, dodgy ethernet, upload not set correctly. Do you have PPPoE or IPv6? Have you done the tests lilstone showed?
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