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    After replacemnt, I have no issues now. Everything seems ok and is working as I would expect Thanks for the help all
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    Ok thank you Admin, Like i say everything seems to have been running great until then. I had no doubt its the damn game i can imagine this game is driving you guys nuts. But thanks for the reply and ill give it test this evening and let you know my findings. Thanks again
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    DHCP bug thoughts ..

    hi admins, I had some thoughts of what might be adding to the disconnect/DHCP loop oddities.. I noticed some users complaining of multiple DHCP requests in the logs, etc. and I have myself noticed this once or twice .. once during a switch failure for me - but it never caused an issue after replacing that switch. I've noticed the XR500 is very sensitive to network conditions, and if it's not just near perfect, things tend to go wrong. The tolerances are very low for mis-configurations, or it doesn't really have a strong ability to pull out of a foobar situation. So my thought was that maybe it has started to get worse after the dumaos update that merged wifi/static ip/mac addr into one listing (to mark one device manager entry as the same device) way back when. example, when a device connects to the network/dhcp it may have the same mac address, or different one based on method (via WiFi, via Ethernet is possible) and they get merged into one device in the Device Manager. I've seen it occur if you connect via WiFi, then Ethernet on the same device -- they should be different mac addresses, but some shitty devices use the same mac , I've seen them merged into one when clicked on in device manager - other situations may cause this to trigger also. Static IP and WiFi IP are listed in the details when clicking on such a device in Device Manager. Lots of devices could technically be able to do this (smart tv, xbox, ps4, laptops,etc) both possibly active at the same time on Ethernet or WiFi (sleep, standby) and the pipe not be shut off properly when the other method connects, or not cleared by the router properly. I wonder, what if you connect via WiFi, then plug in Ethernet, then pull Ethernet, shut off WiFi, plug Ethernet, unplug, etc. for a little bit of time the merge may remain, and duma thinks they are still online, because I've tried to delete some devices that it claimed were still online, but they were not (or did not time out yet in dumaos) as the device showed as offline, but duma still thought it's merged WiFi ip was active (even if its not) if a DHCP discover, or a DHCP offer is made by the DHCP client device/server and one accepts and gets the same IP as it was when on WiFi, or vice versa, it could reject as IP in use, then another request is made, or the other radio or Ethernet pipe on the same device requests at the same time and also rejects -- this DHCP loop starts and you see the line of entries in the logs. If it's a really bad DHCP loop it takes down the network. Some may see LAN CABLE DISCONNECTED, LAN CABLE CONNECTED over and over as failed Ethernet and WiFi fight each other on the offending device / on the router's DHCP server. It may not be this, but this is the train of thought I was on as possibly (if the conditions are met) could cause these problems for people.. I know you can't test each and every device on everyone's network and if one is misbehaving, it causes a nightmare situation .. the solution is to make it more robust on the router side and able to handle these situations without failures... but that's for the engineers It still may not be the only thing that's causing the DHCP looping or disconnections, but it could be an instigator. Just something to look into. You really can't blame the device, as other routers can cope with this scenario without a failure.....
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    Gears, forza, halo, sea of thevies now all work as my pc being detected as an Xbox to verify the blocking my friend lives 800 miles from me I set distance to 500 miles and could not connect to his invites, white listed him and it worked even with restrictions (never found a game however lol) but all testing shows that I guess if i play Xbox cross play games on pc this work around does indeed work. (It would be great to have my pc be listed as two devices to make it more seamless from game to game) Look forward to better priority I have a bunch of users on my Wi-Fi they don't pay the bill so it would be great if I could set all my stuff as priority for downloads, gaming, streaming in 4k and let everyone else get the left over scraps. Look forward to updates, I support you guys 100% ❤️
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    Serveurs bo4

    Okay Fraser, I'll try this later ; thank you 👍🏻
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    I can't see this affecting it really, maybe pre cloud update but not post. Thanks for the steps though, I'll pass it onto the team to test.
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    unplugged the duma r1 for black ops 4

    Decided to unplug my Duma 1 for the first time since I purchased it 3 years ago. Black ops 4 plays better without it. Your match making is defined by your in game bandwidth being over 4000kb upload and skill based match making. QOS has a hugely negative effect on this even on a high bandwidth connection, for example with my netduma set up i will find games outside of the UK consistently regardless how geo filter settings. If I disable QOS and all other features on the netduma I will connect to UK and Irish Dedicated servers which have higher tick rates and lower ping. I would like to use my netduma as an ethernet switch with DHCP switched off however my ISP will not provide me my PPPoe username and password. I tried doing this by setting up a static IP wan on the netduma but that just ended in a factory reset 😕 Fingers crossed DumaOS improves when it comes to Black Ops 4 but until then ill keep it unplugged.
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    Great to hear that resolved your issue. I'll close this topic, feel free to open another if needed!
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    Hi - we always appreciate feedback here. But just to say, we were already on top of the fact we needed to get an update out to support Black Ops 4. The recent Treyarch patch added new servers, and because of the way the game's netcode works, one misplaced server in our IP database (the 'Cloud') can cause problems. So we set about creating an automatic tool to fix this permanently. This has already rolled out to PS4 and we're now running to for Xbox and PC too. Should be rolled to all DumaOS users within the next couple of days. We also have plenty of new features coming out on DumaOS, so watch this space
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    But just in case you don't actually have an Open NAT, this guide will help you: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000076587-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-open-nat
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    Yes, you should be able to do this when not in game. If you're in Spectating Mode then you shouldn't get a NAT error at all - unless you actually don't have an open NAT! But I doubt you have that problem
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    VPN Users Required

    Hello! R1 and XR700 user here with multiple VPN accounts from different providers (HMA!, ExpressVPN, PureVPN) up for beta testing!
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    Netgear XR500 Upload speed...

    I'm sure they are working on the new firmware, it's about that time for a release I didn't mean for you to take it as the gospel, just that duma OS does - it bases its whole functionality around these UL/DL #s. Just to give an example if the built in test detects 50/40 erroneously and you have a 200/200 - if you limit it to 70% with the sliders -- duma is going to cut the ul and dl by 30% (of the 50/40) when anti-buffer bloat is triggered (either always, or when high priority traffic is detected) this could severely impact performance, especially if its a user that has no idea what they are doing.. that's why I rather set the values then let the OS do it on a possibly flawed test. The settings are right there in the QoS area for UL/DL speeds to be set to whenever you want. An even better implementation (after defaulting to full 1000/1000 on initial first time setup) would be to give you an on-demand test in QoS so you can get an idea of what you truly pull, with a warning that it may not be accurate, and also when run it will disable all internet activity except for the LAN'd port/currently connected client (wifi) to the router during the test -- just temporarily pause all other internet traffic during the test (with a warning of course). Then you may get better / closer to true results with just router -> speedtest.net vs. a local device -> router -> speedtest.net with all other devices active possibly using your bandwidth at the time of the test. It's best to just set what you get UL/DL in the QoS area no matter what anyway - I would not trust this test to be accurate no matter how well they implement it, hence why I've ignored it from the start. I have a feeling ookla probably charges them something (maybe a few penny) each time the test is run -- so they might not want to give you on-demand testing (cheap?) And if they don't charge them they may be able to know that it's a netgear router test and do some sneaky sneaky to crap the result on you, lol. Just another reason I would not trust it.
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    DHCP bug thoughts ..

    Great. hopefully they can figure out what's triggering this and squash the bug for good. It may have something to do with old modules being used in the modern day.. for example their miniupnpd 1.0 from 2003, my guess is they are probably using dhcpd from ages ago also. one of the reasons why upnp can't report all the open ports unless the requester has been given an IP in the known DHCP pool. Static IPs outside the dhcp pool are invisible to the UPNP activity list. Sure they make the security patches that have come out over the years, but I do not know if they've updated or customized the modules code beyond the original releases other then just the security patches? Even so, reapply all the changes made to the latest version. They did document the changes and enhancements // right //? Should consider different modules or at a minimum update to the latest releases and reapply the patches. The latest versions have added functionality and many bug updates over the years -- I bet the latest dhcpd and miniupnpd can handle these situations much better. Although I think miniupnpd really hasn't had anything major since 2017 or earlier, I think new releases have stopped for quite some time? There are other better upnp servers out there. Take some time to do some research to switch to another module that has better reviews and more support. other routers are using the latest versions and voxels updates to the servers and libraries (for example) seem to provide better performance on the same hardware. Band-aids on ancient versions aren't the way to go. Sure it may introduce new things to fix but clearly the choice to use older modules is starting to come back and cause issues - netgear needs to rethink this concept of just patching what 'used' to work well. The latest versions may even increase performance and give a better user experience as a side effect with only minimal work to patch everything back up to date. Most of the patches are already done anyway.
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    just FYI to anyone who looks at CPU usage, the CPU usage app/window can spike to 90 when you first open the web gui, but not even a second later (after it all loads up) the line flattens out and stays around 5-20% and sometimes jumps to 30-40, then back down to 5-20 for me -- and I have A LOT of devices
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    Netgear XR500 Upload speed...

    you should send a message to the engineers to probably change the way this feature works.. if you think about it, it's a cool concept - but pretty unreliable. There's been times where I've manually used the ookla speedtest and I've gotten 200 down - as soon as I see these types of results I instantly hit refresh and choose a different server and then I'm getting 900+ down. Nothing tops the speed test from your own isp (or it shouldn't in theory) they always test out at their max. But even here something can go wrong. At a minimum it should do 3 tests and do an average (on different servers) but also throw some sort of a note explaining that this may not reflect your actual speeds and could possibly effect your duma experience due to network congestion on your isp or the chosen testing servers side, and give the option to set your known speeds right then and there at that time. ps. maybe it does this, I've never used it Duma does take the results of this initial test as the word of god, so if you happen to have a crappy test, now your anti bufferbloat limiters will limit even more the crappy results, lol. Preferably you should probably just do away with this and default to 1000MB and let the user decide their speed to start the duma experience in when they click the QoS area. I know it's for the newbie users, but most gamers are more techie then not. Seems like more problems then good come from this test, and rather err on the side of max bandwidth instead. Once you get a feel for what you really get, then you can set the speeds and the sliders manually.
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    When you’re aggravated and raging, you beat things to a bloody pulp! lol I factory reset because no matter what I did something was hung up and not allowing dedicated. My apologies for losing my patience.
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    Netduma Admin

    Probleme update milestone

    Salut - non, le seul moyen d'installer notre logiciel est à notre bureau (sinon tout le monde pourrait voler illégalement notre logiciel!)
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    No - we're working on the next Milestone (1.4). We'll announce more on this Milestone when we can
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    Are you blocking a friend when you setup the Geo-Filter i.e. they're outside of your red filter range? To do this, set your Geo-Filter to spectating mode. Invite your friend to chat. They should then appear on your Map. Click on their icon (you need to disable Auto-Ping Host in Geo-Filter Map options to do this). Then in the Ping panel below, give them a name and click Allow. You only need to do this once, for each friend. Then re-enable Filtering Mode and your issue should clear.
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    As PollutionBlues said - we rolled out a Cloud Update last week after making a great tool which will automatically optimise the Cloud from this point forward. We haven''t shouted about it yet because we want to make sure it's very effective for everyone before doing a proper announcement. This turned out to be correct decision because we realized we need to do further optimisation for Xbox and PC, which we hope to have done within the next couple of days (the tool is already running, it just takes a few days to complete). This first update relocates the vast majority of mislocated servers and we will continue to improve the Cloud after this.
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    Hi Rousey - not heard of any reports of this, sounds more like a game issue in all honesty. But to make sure you're all good on the Netduma side, best to click Flush Cloud if you haven't already (in your Geo-Filter Map Options) - it'll take about 45 seconds and you can ignore the popup saying it's taking a while. Then restart everything (router and console). My gut says it'll be better for you today regardless of what you do on the router but I could be wrong of course!
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    I have mentioned it to them yesterday.
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    There was a cloud update on Friday of last week. There are some further optimisations needed for Xbox that will be our this week. See @Netduma Admin post here:
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    Hi everyone. So yesterday I received my replacement unit for the faulty WAN Port issue and the router works amazingly well so far. Gamed last night with the Geo Filter turned on to the open world and kept playing on a dedicated server at 141ms ping, I changed the profile to Call of Duty which only allows consoles and servers within a 6000km radius and played in a lobby that averages 14 - 20ms ping, the gaming experience was great. Obviously only time will tell, but this solves a great issue for us being in South Africa. Only issue I have with Netgears Warranty policy is that its in direct violation to the South African Consumers Rights Regulation 44 which stipulates that a term of consumer contract is presumed to be unfair if it has the purpose or effect of restricting the consumers right to re-sell the goods by limiting the transferability of any commercial guarantee by the supplier. Netgears warranty states that it is only valid if the product is purchased from a Authorised re-seller. You are the original owner. And that the warranty is not transferable from one owner to the next. This is concerning as a warranty should be valid for the duration of the period irrespective of who owns it, like when buying a car, the warranty is transferable, appliances should be no different. Hope this forum helps consumers on a technical and retail front. Thanks for al the assistance.
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    it can handle MUCH more than 40 devices. It is possible that one of your devices is causing issues with the network load. I would try to test this by adding each device one by one and seeing how your router reacts to them. It still may be possible your router is malfunctioning and a replacement is in order.
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    unplugged the duma r1 for black ops 4

    I'm happy that cloud updates are being pushed out to help DumaOS work better with black ops 4. As for the bandwidth/matchmaking conversation I don't think people are actually taking this as serious information. I am the source of this information I have been testing this game for months and tried multiple times to make you guys aware of this. I know it might seem silly as this is the first game i've ever played that does this but there is truth in it and anyone who reads this can test it for themselves. go disable everything on the netduma like anti bufferbloat, QOS, traffic prioritization EVERYTHING! go to in game settings on black ops 4 and make sure your in game bandwidth is over 4000kb then set the geo filter to spectator mode and search 10 games making note of locations, pings and tick rates. Then switch everything back on with DumaOS, put your Anti Bufferbloat, QOS and Traffic Prioritzation settings to what you would normally run, Put your geo filter into filtering mode using the settings you would normally use and do the same test 10 times making note of the results. I guarantee you will get better results for ping and tick rate and closer locations with the Duma OS features switched off and as you will see yourself the QOS and Anti Bufferbloat has a dramatic effect on your in game bandwidth even with high speed internet and your in game bandwidth will overrule your geo filter settings. If you can test this yourself and post the results back to me showing im wrong then you can laugh at me. I'm just telling you what i've found
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    Downgrade failed

    Open it up in another internet option...so if youre on google chrome...open it up in firefox
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    turn off console, disable upnp reboot R1, re-enable upnp then restart console.
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    If the unit is a brand new retail unit you have two years warranty in the UK and 90 days support so something is not adding up here. I would suggest you return the unit to where you bought it from and complain. If it’s been bought online as new and it’s not it sounds like you have been duped. Have you tried a factory reset? Press the small button in the small hole at the back fir about 20 seconds the leave the router to reboot leave it for a few minutes and try logging in. However either way if you’ve bought the unit as new and it has no warranty at all something is very wrong, and I would suggest returning it as soon as possible and buying another one elsewhere.
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    DHCP bug thoughts ..

    just remembered the other situation that triggers the merge and possibly the conflict.. AP's or Extenders that append virtual mac's to devices that connect to it .. so if you were to roam onto an AP or Extender that does this it takes a partial mac of the original device and appends a couple dif hex# at the end if they were merged at that point by duma, and you wander back onto the original zone, it could trigger the loop too (if you happen to walk onto it during the dhcp renewal)
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    I know jack lol that's what I'm stuck on I want the features the r1 has now with ping assist an stuff but I want the hardware for the xr500 lol. but thank you
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    Problems with games in party

    Hi, I am not the party leader. And I have not checked the server when I play in a party. I will next time.
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    The console has its own QoS so you do not lag when downloading a game. Windows 10 also has its own QoS.
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    Netduma Admin

    Nat Type error on ps4

    Think we responded to this elsewhere so I'll close this thread. Please create a new topic in support if I'm wrong!
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