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    Netduma R1 Question

    Perfect!! 💪🏼
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    Constant Peer to Peer

    Best way to check if you're getting dedicated servers is in-game... Before the game starts, there's a number at the top, if the number has an 'E' at the end then it's a dedicated server. When you're actually in a match, press start, go to the options network section, the server number appears there too. If it has the 'E' then it's a dedicated server. While the Netduma cloud has misplaced dedis, the 'E' is the best way to check.
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    What he said!! I walked right in to mine, expecting it to be a problem with my line and they said well lets try this new modem first and sure enough that fixed it.
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    There's something seriously wrong with BO4, on Xbox at least. It doesn't seem to have any smoothing or prediction (or interpolation?) so, rather than smooth out a players' movement, it seems to emphasise any lag even more. BO4 is so bad that I see people lag in ways that I've never seen before. There's the usual teleporting and rubberbanding, there's the 'pause' lag where they just freeze on the spot and then you're dead. And there's this weird stuttering lag were players seem to be missing half (if not 90%) of their frames of animation - this one is virtually every single game, and around half the players will have this. Then there's some strange pausing-fast-forward lag where people move at least twice as fast as they should with some freezing thrown in for good measure. It's horrible, a nasty disappointing mess ever since they switched to 60hz. It was shaping up to be a brilliant CoD but if they don't sort this then it will just be remembered as the CoD with the worst connection, the worst frame rate, the most annoying 150 health sponging, the stupid dog and the shotgun with the anti-aim-assist torch. How much worse can it get... While I was testing between different DumaOS firmwares (and 1.03.6 OG firmware), I also tried playing straight from my modem - I don't know what servers I ended up on but it was a long long way from home and it was horrible.
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    I cannot find a lobby today

    I cannot find a lobby to a dedi server today, I have my ping assist set to 45 (My normal ping is 25-30), and the radius over the north east cost, I keep getting peer connections with 60 ping. I've restarted my game countless time along with the router and modem. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    I downgraded back to .j and have had no problems. Back on servers without all the headache.
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    Netduma OS On R1

    Last 2 days have been great for me on OS!
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    Foedus Gratiae

    Constant Peer to Peer

    Thanks. I saw it as soon as I was done asking... Old man eyes.
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    Yeah when I was on the old firmware I typically didn't use anything special. I'd enable cookies but then untick everything else or set to auto, and then just adjust the bandwidth, hyper lane or geofilter. I'll try unticking preserve settings; I considered doing that before with the past 1.03.6 upgrades but was never really sure what effects it could have.
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    Netduma R1 setup

    Ok I will try this when I get home and let u knw.
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    If you have an R1 I'd recommend downgrading.
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    I am on PS4 and experiencing the exact same thing. I have to reboot the router a couple times a day whenever it starts only connecting to peers. I can tell they are peers, because the lag in absolutely horrible with ping spikes well over 200-300ms. Flushing cloud does not work at all because it just says the geo-filter cannot be loaded after that.. which prompts another reload.
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    I downgraded to previous R1 firmware (R1-v-1-03-6j), added xbox geo-filters and BO4 immediately joins a server hosted game. So looks like DumoOS is preventing the server connections for xbox even with geo-filtering disabled. Let me know if there is any more info I can capture to help diagnose the problem.
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    PingPlotter check??

    Awesome, thanks so much!
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    ive been on BO4 all night and ive been into matches but the servers are that laggy and playing P2P so asked everyone in the game if they are experincing lag and they all can confirm. So its the Game what is causing the problems and not the DumaOS software.
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    Hope this Helps

    Hm ok! Thx Fraser
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    Will do. I'll pop back in a bit and let you know how it goes.
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    BO4 on Xbox takes forever to connect to a Peer host and has a bunch of graphical errors on-screen. I can't connect to a Dedi at all. Geo-filter is disabled. BO3 on PS4 works perfectly fine. So I say it's a BO4 issue. Not DumaOS.
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    Only finding peer connections for BO4 MP

    The version number in the top right changes with an 'E' appended when on a dedicated server host, no 'E' means peer host. Also I can capture network traffic and lookup IP location and ownership. It worked OK with original R1 firmware so I should maybe downgrade to determine if its something in DumaOS or another problem related to my network setup or ISP. What's the safest way to downgrade? I have seen some iptables errors in the log and figured there may be some config errors or something stuck in iptables so I tried a factory reset in case that would clear everything but still have the same problem. After a factory reset I left everything in default - so no geo-filter config - and still get the same issue only connecting to peer hosts - I reset my internet router to router mode and connect the xbox directly and immediately get into a server hosted game.
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    There seems to be a lot of confusion around who/what is causing the issue, theres nothing consistent which makes it harder to diagnose. If there are people experiencing it without using the router then that does indicate an underlying problem with the game
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    Seems like the servers are down on bo4 Can't even get to main menu IW and bo3 load and connect to servers fine for me about 10mins ago
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    PingPlotter check??

    your line looks fine, obviousely theres a little jitter but is marginal as to be expected but there is nothing out of the ordinary. If you look to the the left of the graph theres numbers displaying your ms count. If you look along to the spike it should vary little. If you do a pingplotter test and watch those numbers where I highlighted if theres a sudden spike you will see a larger number difference, but that will deminish over time the longer the graph is running.
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    PingPlotter check??

    I have indicated it by drawing a line for you.
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    Netduma Admin

    Feature Request

    Thanks for the idea - added it to the list.
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    Feature Request

    On the Geo-Filter page I would love to have the allow and deny as separate tabs.
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    Constant Peer to Peer

    But if one of my friends without the duma is the party leader i can play fine. The Geo filter and all work perfect
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    IPv6 - Current and future support level?

    With all of the recent issues with BO4, and Moderate NAT (and of course previous and future games as well), IPv6 is an easy answer and seeing as how it's the future of the Internet, I think it's better to get on that train ASAP rather than waiting any longer. We're far too behind on general implementation as it is. A lot of ISP's and now most third-party routers support it as well by default. As for QoS and Bufferbloat.. I'm hoping Netduma engineers figure this out eventually. For now, I've got a 300 Mbit up and down fiber setup, so I don't have congestion issues regardless. My only issues are NAT related, and IPv6 solves those. Hence the wanting of those features sooner rather than later .
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    Netduma R1 panne

    Salut Admin, Oui mais j'ai cru voir sur le forum que DumaOS sur le netduma, est pas stable il y à des bugs encore il est en version bêta à moins que des personnes me confirme que sa fonctionne s'en souci ?
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    Yeah, it's almost impossible to get a feel for the head-to-head connection in Blackout - as you'll only meet each person once in the game and there can be minutes in between gunfights anyway. You can definitely get on the lucky side of it and end up being the sponge yourself but you should be able to tell pretty quickly when you're on a higher ping server. In a head-to-head most people will seem to take an extra bullet or two often leading to you dying, that's down to the extra delay, you're already dead but your Xbox doesn't know it yet, it's just geography. How can you tell anyway? You're always saying you can't play because of your interleaving, which would almost certainly ensure you don't ever get 7ms to the UK. I'm not saying the local server is always good (far from it) and there will be plenty of people on your local server with a horrendous connection but 100ms is quite a long time in a game, you can almost count 10ths of a second out loud.
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    Urgent * Turn Off IPV6 *

    good video scott, however I would not use BO4 as a basis for a benchmark on how good a quality it plays. BO4 has major issues which are highly published online regarding connection problems as well as their new netcode. I have switched over to BF1 and a 64 player game plays like silk with superb hit detection, no sponging and beautifully illustrated maps. But you are correct about IPV6 and not ot use it.
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    Urgent * Turn Off IPV6 *

    Sorry, you are wrong........dumaOS has been designed to work across all 3 routers and any new features can be rolled out across these routers easily.
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    Forum login

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, as @Netduma Fraser explained the new look forum has been revamped in the last few weeks and this is the 1st we know about it. This will be passed on to the web administrator. Edit: I have passed this complaint on! I will now close this thread.
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    Well said mate! I'm not british I just wanted to say that! Really though you are spot on with everything you said. I'm in construction and needless to say when I build something I'm my biggest critic. All I really want is my customers to be like its beautiful and we love it. Where in the world has this gone from everything. I know I'm getting to deep probably. But the point I'm trying to get across is why don't these ppl want to make a game that everyone enjoys and try to make it fun for everyone? Wouldn't you listen to criticism to a certain degree and try to make a kick ass game? Aren't the devs of cod gamers themselves? WTF I'm I missing something here? If I was on the dev team I would test the game and be like, dude this needs a lot of work. We need to fix this this and this and then we will retest. Where is the pride in your work? I just don't get it. I think when they (activision) puts out a game (and usually treyarch nails it!) their just like change a couple things here and there and boom done! My god ya'll have been making this fing game for 10-15 years you would think you have the drill down by now. Cod was the only game that got me play vids (MW2 days) for 12-16 hrs straight. Thats frickin ridiculous. Honestly, I don't think they care anymore. It's an easy million billion dollars to their company EVERY year. The only way I which will be hard to do is not buy the game anymore until they buck up and actually try to make a good game again.
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    Rebooting R1 for Modules to work

    Will do Many thanks
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    I don't think there's anything they can do with the matchmaking to improve a game that's so flawed deep down. I mean, they bump the update rates to 60Hz on the downstream and suddenly every player in a lobby is teleporting? Lol I played two and a game games a month ago and haven't been back since. What an absolute mess.
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    Top right there should be an “i” icon, click that and reboot should pop up.
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    Netduma Jack

    Constant Peer to Peer

    It shouldn't be like this every time; we're working on new systems to streamline a bunch of things. Speeding up with Netgear is one of our main focuses moving forwards. I'm really glad you're enjoying DumaOS
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    Constant Peer to Peer

    Until we have a cloud update all this is just a big guessing game. Also seems every time Treyarch releases a little update it upsets the apple cart. Either way I'm enjoying the DumaOS. it's really a major upgrade for the R1. The problem here is BO4.
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    Hey guys I took the time to put together a video showing what ping assist v2 introduces for server stat nerds like myself.
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    Netduma Jack

    Cant connect my Neato

    Awesome, that's good to hear let us know if it happens again, but that sounds promising.
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    Netduma Admin


    We’re working on the cloud update now - like our milestones we wont say exactly when it will be out until we know for sure. But is a major priority
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    pingplotter help needed

    That dsl reports test shows that his modem had failed. Basically what that test does is send small tcp requests and what the test looks for is consistency in latency in those requests. Everything look good until boom! The very end of the test shows a 750ms variation. When I see that from others that have posted there results they look very much like this one.. Looks like a puma6 chipset footprint to me..
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