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    Please don't make multiple posts Nuschler, it makes it really hard to help you out! There are issues ongoing with Black Ops 4 at the minute, both on our side and on Treyarch's side. We're soon to be releasing a revised Ping Assist feature and a new cloud update to see if it'll solve the issues. The in-game ping adds input delay, which nothing in the world will ever be able to solve. In-game pings are notoriously inaccurate as well, so I wouldn't give them too much thought. On the other hand, your ping directly from your router to the server is massively accurate, and also the most accurate way to interpret the delay you're experiencing in-game. Please check out my responses on your other threads
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    Hi Jack, Oke that's good to hear that every point being addressed! Looking forward to all the updates/ planned pionts for DumaOS on the R1. Have a nice day, Scorpio
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    Hi all, I am in the process of going through all the Black Ops 4 servers available to determine if they are classified correctly i.e. Peer/Dedicated and to ensure they're in the correct location. I believe most are correct. However, I need a lot of ID's/IP addresses in order to do a thorough job of making sure once a cloud update goes out that I've got everything accurate the first time around. So please if you get a chance to help provide the following information by following these instructions (Written for PS4 but works on Xbox & PC). Even if you only have time for one it will be very helpful. Wait on the console dashboard Have the Geo-Filter set with Filtering Mode on, home location in the ocean, strict mode enabled. Auto Ping disabled. Boot up Black Ops 4, when it gets to the point where you have to click 'x', click x and then look at the Geo-Filter. You should see all the servers on the world map. Click on any one of these servers then collect (please only post in this format or it will be hard to follow): Server location on the map Host Type ID Domain Ping Your location Once you've collected this, quit the game application completely so you're back on the console dashboard and repeat. The more information we get from users the more accurate we can be when we do a cloud update. Post the collected information here. Thanks for your help!
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    Torrents and traffic prioritization

    Changing port number on TCP helped. Sometimes the router detects high priority only for a second but this does trigger the anti bufferbloat briefly as well and i think the blizzard battle.net app is the culprit . Anyways, problem solved thanks guys !
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    Netduma Jack

    Downgrade from DumaOS

    As Pollutionblues said, these instructions will be in that email You can also find a guide on how to do it online. Here's the link: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos I hope this helps!
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    I refuse to play BO4 atm until I've figured this out in IW, the game that's been closest (not very close but better than AW/BO3/WW2) to Ghosts in terms of connections for me. Ghosts was 99% buttery smooth, IW prior to its February 2017 patch was 30% good, and after that it's genuinely closer to good 1% of the time. That's no exaggeration. For the last few days on DumaOS I've been trying different settings, forcing one server only (my local, <50 miles away): Prior to trying new QoS and traffic prior settings two days ago, 99% of games on this server would give me one bar performance. This was backed up by Wireshark tests I did showing up to 2650ms UDP delays between packets while the geofilter showed 7ms at the same time to the UK server. The day before last I tried playing IW and saw the most solid games I've seen in a row since last summer, which honestly isn't saying much because I played 4 games. Yesterday I got back on again and it was great for 5 games. The sixth game had me dying to a fraud who'd supposedly turn faster than me after I jumped over his head and 180'd with max sensitivity, yet his killcams would show no more than 5 sens and me turning really slowly. There was another guy in the lobby who averaged 0.7 kills per life but he was red screening me the frame I saw him, even if I rushed corners where he was standing. On 7ms ping for me, with a monitor that has just 1.6ms input lag at 60Hz (almost a tenth of the lag most monitors geared towards consoles have), that seems highly unlikely unless he was just lagging ahead of where I saw him. I persevered, stayed in the lobby, and next game on that same server I had the best connection I've seen in over a year. Super fast hit reg and tiny delays between consecutive rounds hitting, super smooth enemy movement, nobody suddenly appearing on my screen in a frame as if they'd apparated from a Harry Potter movie. It was just really unusually responsive and in sync. Next game same server gave me the WORST connection I've had for weeks, and that's saying something considering just how insultingly bad it was up until two days ago. No snapping and movement or accuracy could do anything for me, because I'd hit the chest of someone and just not get any hitmarkers. Swapped to a 20% faster firing weapon, still it was like a one bar. Every death involved me rounding a corner but apparently never getting around it lol. Up until that last game I was excited to try BO4 hoping it would actually be on good connections after all this time, but I guess not. Tl;dr - connection is highly variable on a low latency line even with <0.25ms average jitter. Actually I'm thinking about what you said here regarding Netduma ping vs the BO4 in game latency meter. I recently read that rather than basing theirs off ICMP, game devs use another method of determining latency based off UDP: "video game programmers often build their own latency detection into existing game packets (usually based on the UDP protocol) instead" This is likely why there's such a discrepancy. I used to believe that it was due to "processing delays" but the more likely explanation is that it's based off UDP, which is a far more accurate representation of your true latency since game packets aren't ICMP. Pings are largely irrelevant if your ISP is buffering gaming traffic because of priority placed on TCP/IP, because a low ping can mask lagging over UDP traffic, like this (check the delay between timestamps on the left from an IW game on 7ms ping): That's TWO AND A HALF SECONDS OF LAG BETWEEN TWO DOWNSTREAM PACKETS... on 7ms ICMP ping. It's probably safe to assume the in game meter is going to be far more useful for determining the true quality of a connection because unprioritised UDP will definitely fluctuate like that. Pings don't show gaming latency.
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    My filter was already set up. I even went through this with a friend who was struggling to get local games on PC; he gets 80ms pretty much every game, apparently connecting to NJ from New Mexico in every mode. I copied the guide from here in BO4 support, had him close the game, check the server locations, set up his radius, enable filtering mode and then boot up the game. He cannot find a game in any mode with the geofilter on. That's after changing his gaming PC to a PS4 in the device manager too. With the geofilter off, he gets "server disconnected" after every game too.
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    You don't necessarily need higher speeds for a more stable line - that's a myth. You should definitely be running your own tests using Pingplotter. If you need help understanding the results feel free to share them here. Improving your line quality is a matter of replacing Ethernet cables, finding the best modem, and sometimes getting your ISP to take action.
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    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Didn't the XR500 come first? Well lets hope its included for all concerned.
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    The experience in Black Ops 4 should improve a great deal soon. I'm hoping a cloud update and Ping Assist will alleviate the situation quite a bit. Keep an eye out for them further down the road
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    Qos not working properly

    run about 5 tests and input the average readings.
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    This is a known issue that is fixed in the next version. A reboot usually fixes it. I would try rebooting again or failing that factory reset as @BIG__DOG suggested.
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    What version firmware are you running? Have you tried a factory reset?
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    Qos not working properly

    Glad it is sorted. Let us know if you need further help.
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    Qos not working properly

    nevermind I set it to always and it solved the problem!
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    Alternatively, set your port to something outside the typical ranges used by games. Do you have your Pc set as a game console in QoS as a workaround for the manual traffic rule error on xxx.32? Try disabling that as it covers a lot of ports. If it fixes it try setting utor to Port 15xxx as that's a range I don't see used by games often.
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    Xr500 sadness

    XR500 Firmware V2.3.2.32 released

    I bought my xr500 in February and Netgear promised an update in March that would include the hybrid vpn and open up other vpn options. The max speed test I could get to work on hidemyass is 10mbps and trying to game on it is hopeless. So for almost a year now it has been sitting on my shelf waiting to become useful...... As of today it is off the shelf and back in it’s box and I’m selling it. I am more than disappointed with both Netgear and netduma and will no longer be a customer of either, good day.
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    Yep, I had the same issues before. You could also try to delete your console flush the cloud and then re-add your console in the geo and then boot your game up.
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    Wow Tons of reply's so fast!! I will also check disabling GF and see if this works, But im pretty sure i usually leave the GF off until i open COD or about to play COD Then turn it on, Im going to try a few steps and see if it works! But thank you everyone for all the quick reply's
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    It should show the ping for a dedi or a peer host. It could be that you are actually the host and that’s why you aren’t seeing the ping on the geofilter. I’m assuming you are playing BO4? If so, the best way to check is, if you go onto the network tab while in a game, if you don’t see any information on the connection meter then you are host.
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    Ok I will take a look thanks.
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    Black Ops 4 Support

    No you cant but you can keep track of servers with good ping you get connected to, and try switching your settings to try just to connect to these servers.
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    It was linked to the closed beta forum so you won’t be able to view it. Could you try resetting your R1. Then fully disable QoS in anti-Bufferbloat options. Now go to system information so you can see the CPU graph. Run your speedtest and see the speeds it can reach. The CPU should hit 100% at some point, which is why the R1 is limited to 700mbps - it’s older hardware so limited
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    Is this too much to ask for?

    So I'm a huge fan of Duma OS and I feel like there could be a win win situation here between the developers and the customers. Why not make a marketplace for R Apps and allow the community to develop them. I would imagine something along the lines of: User creates R App User submits to market place Dev team approves App price is split with dev and creator This would allow a lot of things to be developed really fast and splitting the profit of the purchases would be mutually beneficial. Obviously there would have to be an agreement and approval of developers they can be trusted with source code etc... And an NDA.
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    Netduma Admin

    Is this too much to ask for?

    We're working to speed this whole area up with NETGEAR! Obviously a big part of DumaOS is the speed and size of the upgrades, so with milestone 1.3 soon to come out we'll work together to get 1.4 out efficiently too.
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    Netduma Admin

    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Honestly, a function of circumstance i.e. when firmwares for each router were merged and built!
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    1. Blocked peer (likely misclassified) 2. Blocked dedicated server 3. It's a whitelisted server required for online authentication 4. Just a local IP, don't worry about that one
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