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    it is a guideline or starting reference. The 30% reduction leaves headroom for other devices to avoid bufferbloat. I use 86/86 for mine.
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    An error is displayed on the settings page when a device which had UPnP entries is deleted from DumaOS. Status: Fixed and ready to be released in next version Temporary Fix: Reboot the router Issue ID: #99
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    Geo-Filter not working for PC BO4

    My PC is set for xbox live in geo, when in BO4 dashboard pc or console i will reboot the R1. This has worked for me so far a straight start up is a non runner atm with the geo, so i need a reboot to kick in when geo settings are set.
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    it all depends on your bandwisth and what you are doing. The best bet is to leave share excess ticked and let the router do the work. just reduce the sliders in anti bufferbloat to get the optimal bufferbloat setting when gaming.
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    Perfil ProEvolution Soccer

    Thanks I've tried both of these neither seem to be good. The isp recently had put my connection on a fast path from interleaved. My ping time has reduced down to around 12 ms and speeds are excellent 80 dl 20 up I have now purchased the billion router to change my snr margin which may be the problem as its set at a basic rate 6db
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    Netduma Admin

    Perfil ProEvolution Soccer

    You could try a different DNS like or but changing your DNS will have no affect on your game ping!
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    Netduma Admin

    Changing DNS Still Uses ISP

    DNS is the service that converts IP addresses (e.g. into domain names (e.g. Google.com). It will not have any impact on your game ping. The answers in this thread explain this very well. Have a read if you’re interested: https://superuser.com/questions/1130932/does-using-opendns-or-google-dns-affect-anything-about-security-or-gaming-speed
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    XR 500 OPTION 60 ISP SFR

    YES n°40613095
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    Same thing. with the first big patch it seems they messed up what they left on good in the game from the beta. And either teh way they write the netcode it makes Netduma not work, or there is an issue with Duma OS in itself. The only thing I can use my R1 at the moment is QoS within my home, but nothing of the geofilter and ping assist seems to either work or matter.... Not a happy camper at the moment
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    duma OS

    so far so good you can close this thread
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    this is the worst hit detection and lag i ever saw in a COD.and i been playing since world at war..still a good game. servers are just junk
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    make sure your cables are all securely plugged into the ports on both ends of the cable. tug on them a tad after you insert them to make sure they're in there right. if that doesn't work try plugging your cable in a different port. Lastly, swap out the cable for a new one.
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    Turned out to be my modem; the DM200 isn't compatible with a bonded VDSL line. Swapped out to an alternative modem and everything just worked as intended.
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    Few more!! Some never even showed the location on the geo filter so ive stated unknown and my location for the record is London Host Type Peer ID 2e5fb17cfccdaeb3 Domain Name 95-179-205-124.choopa.net 9ms Italy Host Type Peer ID a952d6a1ef489ea3 Domain Name 9ms London Host Type Dedicated ID 9618dba6b5356469 Domain Name 25ms Location Unknown Host Type Dedicated ID 9718ebb6b5366469 Domain Name 20ms Location Unknown Host Type Dedicated ID 97185a25b5366469 Domain Name 15ms Location Unknown Host Type Peer ID 451f0bd6bce41318 Domain Name 1f18e4d6.setaptr.net 11ms Southampton Host Type Dedicated ID 9718c18cb5366469 Domain Name 18ms Location Unknown Host Type Peer ID 4458fdc8f5e3c5ca Domain Name 58cae300.lon.100tb.com 9ms Location Unknown Host Type Dedicated ID 97184f1ab5366469 Domain Name 16ms Location Unknown Host Type Dedicated ID d72df2bdca763a3f Domain Name 20ms Germany
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    Hi, welcome to the forum. Ping assist is allowing you to connect to servers outside your radius. If you only want servers inside your radius set ping assist to 0. Servers found by ping assist show as dashed circles. DumaOS is now in open beta for the R1, see this thread:
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    WAN IP

    try clearing the browser cache first please then retry accessing the GUI. If that fails We will talk you through accessing your wan ip through the command prompt.
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    Proper Bandwidth detection.

    Netgear Ookla speedtest on some routers are not working right now, they I believe this will be fixed in the next update. Netgear are aware of the issue. Not great but it is what it is. Do a few speetests online using Ookla http://www.speedtest.net/ or DSLReports http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest or Thinkbroadband https://www.thinkbroadband.com/speedtest and use one of those for now. Note that thinkbroadband shows both single threaded streaming tests and multithreaded plus bufferbloat so you can see how good your connection really is, where as Ookla only uses multi threaded, which does not show the complete picture.
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    You're not alone bro. So hard playing when everyone is trying to throttle their net one way or another. You pay for good fibre connection and this is what you get
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    Disgusting lag Black ops 4 tick rate ?

    I'm a core player so was a little hesitant to trying this... but after seeing the same crap this morning we switched to hardcore. You do still see the skips at times but at least they die if you shoot them. I'll be going straight back to core when it's all sorted (want the mini map back), but HC isn't a terrible alternative if it's playing rough.
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    ipv6 on xbox

    That's not entirely correct. The main benefit of IPv6 in gaming is the fact that you won't rely on NAT at all which might be a huge benefit, especially if you are in a situation where multiple clients/consoles are battling for the same connections and ports. But if you only have a single console you should be perfectly fine with just relying on the use of UPNP and Open NAT filtration.
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    For those of you who have not seen this video, you may find it helpful. An additional tip is to turn off aim assist (not the auto rotate). I've one many more gunfights since, and lots of other subs have confirmed this tip has helped them. Sim
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    After upgrading to DumaOS, if DHCP was disabled on the previous (V1) firmware, an error will be displayed on the settings page. Status: Fixed and ready to be released in next version Temporary Fix: Downgrade to an old R1 firmware, re-enable DHCP then upgrade to DumaOS Issue ID: #106
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    Netduma Fraser

    Perfil ProEvolution Soccer

    Disable the Geo-Filter do you get that issue?