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    Merciless jayy

    Interface issues

    Im good to go i have access to my interface and im using my ri for bo4 as we speak. Thanks alot for your help fraser
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    Though it looks like hes missing him but those small white x's are bullets registering hits on him and they stay up the whole time....this game is so off.
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    I have been going back and forth between new duma OS and original r1 firmware. And I’m postivie to say that Netduma team is currently woking on cloud update to make sure everything work perfect as much as possible. But just right now this duma os is just in beta stage and can cause frustration rather than good gaming experience. Here is the comparison between duma os and r1 from my experience geo filter and bo4 matchmaking behavior: netduma r1 original firmware work as expected. You can use geo-filter, put it on strict mode and it will perform just like you expect. All Dedicated servers always show up on map which including Singapore server in my region. Whenever there is problem, I can do as instructed by many of people from netduma team. Which is to turn off console, setting everything up in netduma and boot the game back and it will work just fine. I have never experienced matchmaking issue whatsoever in this original fw. And not a single match I matchmade into p2p lobbies. Netduma’s Duma Os On the other hand in duma os, for some reason there are still issues in geo-filter. First I have to mention that I have been using dumaOS for almost 2 weeks which I find it long enough to share my experience for you guys. Don’t get me wrong I am really impress by its dashboard customization and qos feature. However, main issue reamain when comes to geo-filter and matchmaking. About 90% of the time I connect to arab p2p lobbies despite of proper geo-filter setup as instructed by netduma team. Only sometimes I can actually connect to Singapore server for quitr short period and it always disappear when there is ‘setting change’ from Treayarch So far this is what I have been experiencing I hope it is helpful for you guys and it can cause less frustration for you apologize for my english too
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    Recording ping results from sessions

    Hey Team, not to sure if this has been mentioned before but I’ll mention it... Wondering if there is or maybe in the future having the ability to record the information from the live ping so you could further analyse the info from sessions playing a game so to further weed out any potential servers / peers that may not play as well as others? it kind of hard to play a game and noting what the ping is doing at the same time... 😂😂😂 Apologise if this has been mentioned before...
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    Mai keth

    XR500 internet connection drop

    I do have an xbox one x, I will test out turning it off fully and see if that will mean it will keep connection. While it is not a fix, it is good to know the expect problem. I will let you know how my test goes.
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    Not by my experience. As soon as they started upping the servers my gameplay improved dramatically. I was getting games about half and half of .5 kd and 2-4 kd. When they upped it my games have been 80-90% 2-4 kd and a few bad games. The bad games haven't even entirely been because of connection which makes me happy. I would much rather be outplayed and stomped than beaten by connection
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    The Lobby is not joinable

    I've had this issue as soon as booting up DumaOS. I flushed and expanded my geofilter to 2000km (I live in central NC so the other half of the geofilter is in the ocean). No problems since. I actually had quite a few issues when first installing the new router. No idea why it resolved itself, but after about an hour I had zero issues.
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    Traffic Prioritization

    Okay thank you again!
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    Traffic Prioritization

    I am wondering if this is by design, flaw, or I am doing something wrong because I get 4063 bandwidth with the dumaos classified games enabled but my upload slider is set to a max of 3. When I disable the dumaos classified games then I get the correct bandwidth of 2581. The old firmware I put my console on the hyper traffic and it would still obeyed to my upload speed that I set on the slider. This new feature from what I can see ignores the upload speed I set.
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    Ummm I have it agree I’m amazed how much detail people will go into when adding their “phallic” custom emblems on CoD games... 😳😂
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    Issues with the last update

    I just played a game with the Geo filter on spectating mode QoS on 100/100 anti bufferfloat never . I played a match of domination I went 39-11
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    I have mentioned to developers but you should be able to force games if you just encompass Germany and do the quit game to dashboard and then boot up trick
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    Choopa, LLC GameServers.com, plays allot better then the vultr ones, I been playing the one in Jersey, any know where more of these are from this game server company, I cannot play on the Miami one, its 10-15 ping on the net duma xr500, but in game 60-65 and horrible hit detection.
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    I think that will be better when they update the cloud. There are alot of mislocated servers which usually happens at game release. We've been compiling alot of ID's for Fraser. When he has a large quantity he plans on updating the cloud and I expect that we'll be seeing those servers show up again where they are supposed to.
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR700 Dropped Packets

    I'm not too concerned about that part really. Those logs are fine. I did give this topic to XR700 member so hopefully I'll hear back soon with suggestions but glad its not as bad as previously thought
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    Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
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    Netduma Fraser

    beta ouverte

    There will be a newer version as shown in the milestone post but we don't have a date for that yet. I've let the devs know of trouble getting games but you should still definitely be able to get some games. The closest servers to you are UK, France and Germany. I've definitely forced them on BO4. Remove your device from the Geo-Filter Hard turn off console Flush cloud Add device to Geo-Filter Boot up the console, boot up the game and search
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    We revealed it in our milestone roadmap, we're not giving out deadlines anymore
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    Traffic Prioritization

    Okay that’s cool but how am I able to lower bandwidth for certain games and still have those game packets take priority over other devices in the network? I was able to do that on the old firmware. I sometimes get better results not using my full bandwidth on certain games.
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    only solution to god connection is move right next to a dedicated server other than that having an in game ping of 40-80 is normal for everyone who is not very near a server. ive personally had a decent experience on lobbies with 40-80 ping , sure its not the best for us who want lowest ping as possible but i doubt itll get better, even if there was no server overload and other tick rate problems , if u live far from the dedicated server you will have high ping. i use the r1 and my geofilter is set up to cover 2 dedicated servers near to me within 400miles and my ping assist is set to 40. if i set the ping assist lower i wont connect to nothing as no server is lower than that. for black out just turn geo off as there is a handful of black out servers and geo will only create problems so i recommend turn it off when u play blackout or even zombies. so for u guys i recommend setting ur geo filter to cover your closest server/servers and set your ping assist to 40. ive heard duma os doesn't have ping assist option , maybe the duma is made so it connects automatically to a specific ping that users cant edit and its lower than the cod servers offer and thats why it dosnt work properly .am not sure but i cant help u there as i dont own one. i also have my speeds throttle on the router to what speed test results. so for exaple i pay for 1 giga down and 40 mbs up, the speed test says my speed is 400 down and 40 up so i set that to my negear router qos. after that i throtle even more on the duma in congestion control to 10% down and 40%up . all this to combat bufferbloat and all was tested on dsl reports with results of a+ my set up is modem>netgear r8000 router> r1 netduma >ps4.
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    Netduma Fraser

    PS4 DumaOS und QoS

    Okay I'll check with a dev to see if they can determine if anything can be done
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    PS4 DumaOS und QoS

    Wenn ich Traffic Prioritization deaktiviere bleibt das Ergebnis unverändert. Keine volle Brandbreite! Ich weiß schon, dass der Speedtest auf der Konsole ungenau sein kann, allerdings bekomme ich mit "Disable QoS" die volle Geschwindigkeit. Sobald QoS aktiviert ist bricht die Geschwindigkeit wieder ein. Auch wenn die Slider beide auf 100% stehen. Dieses Verhalten tritt nur auf der PS4 auf. Beispiel: Mac, Speedtest, Slider 100%, Anti-Bufferbloat Always = Volle Bandbreite Slider 70/70, die im Duma Webinterface angebende Bandbreite wird erreicht. Gleicher Test auf der PS4, ob Anti-Bufferbloat 100%, oder 70/70 immer wird nur max. 15down/10up erreicht. Speeetest auch bei Speedtest.net im Browser der PS4 durchgeführt. Immer mit dem selben Ergebnis. Nie die volle Bandbreite! QoS komplett deaktiviert = Volle Bandbreite.
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    Netduma Admin


    Hi Guilders - thanks for letting us know about this. We have seen reports of Deny not always working when blocking servers, so it's something we will look into and fix for the next firmware version. The new Ping Assist for DumaOS will also be amazing at finding you the best connections. For now, make sure you have your Geo-Filter just set to your preferred region.
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    alright Mr.Hero ..first of all you are not admin to reply my comment ,My comment was "directed" to them not you so this is not your business , 2nd ..i have kids in your age kid, well educated doesn't mean having well manners ,3rd if others don't mind you interfering in their own business well that's ain't my problem.. kido