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    Can someone please let us know if the dumaOS is still going to happen before black ops 4 release? Thanks
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    If you want to promote another router you can do so elsewhere, this is a support forum for the Netduma/DumaOS, removed your link.
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    delay? there is no delay because no particular release date has been given. As a tester I can only tell you that it is very advanced and that every update we try works better. date? I could not tell you that only the developers and Iain have the answer, but what if I can assure you that there is not much left and that soon, very soon they will be able to enjoy the great work that the netduma team is doing and enjoy as never before playing and controlling your network at all times. Greetings and be patient, everything arrives!
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    Just so you know I've contacted Netgear regarding this.
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    there's quite a few posts that have not migrated over, I wwas looking for 1 on thursday regarding pia vpn i knew was on old forum but cannot find it on here. Sorry you missed the post, I do know it is really almost ready as a FW update was posted a couple of days ago and it looks like it is doing very well.
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    Noticed this is now up in Netgears download section, of more interest is it says it supports the Hybrid VPN feature, which the XR500 does not! Hope the XR500 does not end up trailing behind the XR700 but I'm wondering if Netgear will push certain features to its higher end device after seeing this. XR700 V New Features and Enhancements: Supports the HybridVPN client Bug Fixes: Fixes the device manager issue where the wrong device type and status displays. Fixes the issue where the network monitor snapshot’s data is inaccurate.
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    Duma Anti Bufferbloat not working!

    No, I don't. I did a factory reset and so far its resolved the problem - not sure how it manage to by pass the Traffic Pro - sneaky device haha
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    Netduma Admin

    The Chatbox is Back!

    Check the home page - right hand side. Keep it civil!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dumaos Firmware

    Not sure exactly when it will be out and it will depend on what version of DumaOS they use (May be older than what we have as current due to SQA constraints).
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dumaos Firmware

    We can do things like that via the cloud - at least update them, not sure about new additions. Enabling/disabling is a good shout as well! Not sure about the latter, that may be something to consider as it may save us a lot of time and provide the user with greater customisation
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    So I ping to the Dallas server that's on black ops 3, i'm 317.1 mi from Dallas so my ping is usually fluctuating between 19ms-23ms so I decided to use this on the pingplotter an here's my findings. So it seems im having abit of packet lost smh. So I changed my abit from before an it's modem(Tplink TC-7610) -> Router(XR500) <- Router(R6300 AP mode),PS4 an Computer is connected into the XR500 but it seems like the wireless connection on the 6300 in ap mode is being a hit or miss. I know I need to call the internet provider Suddenlink. But even with the wifi turned off on the XR500 it's still feels very unplayable on black ops 3 but atleast now I can see where most the problem is coming from its my connection.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dumaos Firmware

    No not currently. There may be in future. Sometimes we do it on a firmware basis e.g. the disconnect issue we provided beta firmware to those with the issue.
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    Good idea.. I don't use Hybrid VPN and may not ever use it, but would like the option. That's a really d move by Netgear. I hope they realize consumers can pick up on this because it won't sell because of it. Product profit using the dangling carrot over product quality will not work, and most likely will anger existing xr500 customers. Plus the fact that 60ghz is dead, and the 10g SPF+ port it uses still needs an additional adapter/transceiver to even be able to link to their own SX10 switch. Plex server may be the only thing it has as a pro, if you use that. I think that's what the additional two processors are really needed for (transcoding) and not sure if those 2 processors are only dedicated to Plex to be honest, so it could just be a dual like the xr500 as far as routing goes. Maybe you guys should re-negotiate your contract to get more control over the Duma side. It seems most of the theories people suggested are no longer theories - all time to address xr500 issues and new features have been somewhat delayed intentionally for xr700 pre-market, and possibly even features being withheld to help it sell. My wallet is closed for now. Curious to see how this debutes. xr500user
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    Interesting, they must use the same protocol when you download the game as the game itself uses (not always the case). Thanks for letting us know. That's very helpful for us to know, we will think of a way we can make this more obvious!
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    Netduma Jack

    Dumaos Firmware

    Hi! It's an interesting suggestion but it's not really possible. Think of it this way: Since Netgear is supplying the hardware, (and their products are so heavily affected by our software, DumaOS), Netgear want to retain the ability to thoroughly test what we produce before installing it on their routers. I know their testing and the wait for a new update is longer with Netgear, but it's worth the wait since you can be sure that Netgear have done the best job they can do and assured the quality of the update. I hope this helps!
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    We'll follow this up with NETGEAR immediately. Certainly was no intention for one NETGEAR model to trail another in terms of features. A key component of DumaOS is that our features can be rolled out across multiple hardware at the same time because of how well it's designed.
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    The forth hop is a server that does not respond to ICMP pings and is nothing to worry about if it was true packet loss it would pass through the following hops and to the destination. His plot as a hole is fine, the ping is steady yet high at 50ms average, myself I would ping another server to see if it is the distance from twitters server that is causing that.
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    VPN only HideMA available?

    Awesome thanks guys.
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    was on the old forum before the change-over!
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    My R1 is in perfect condition. I have not used it for over 6 months. It has been waiting for the new DumaOS
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    Missing black ops 3 server

    Hi Racer, It's been 2 years or so since i've been on the Xbox but if i remember correctly they did switch to different servers than the PS. The playstation runs on Activision's servers while on the Xbox they had started running on Microsofts Azure servers, which are not in the same locations . I believe they made that switch during Advanced Warfare.
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    Xr500 and powerline adapters

    How old is the wiring in your flat? The XR500 will not increase your speeds through your powerline if the speeds are less anyway but that depends on what you are using to test your speeds with such as speedtesting through a console is a bad choice. It could be your powerline adaptors. You could buy another set from amazon and if they do not improve the speeds it is your wiring and you can return to amazon for a full refund!
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    Warframe (PC)

    I got an error Msg (Attached) every time I tried. Made multiple attends with different ports. I did that, my radius was at 3000 Kms and I did not enable strict. This helped allot. Added 3 servers on canada and that fixed the matchmaking issues, problem was they only showed 5 secs on the map and only when I started the game. I take it there isn't a workaround for Steam and Origin traffic to stop being considered priority traffic while the device is set to Xbox?
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