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    Apparently there is a way to completely bypass the AT&T gateway if you have AT&T fiber (not DSL). Involves using a dumb switch. May give this a try once the Pace arrives. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r29903721-AT-T-Residential-Gateway-Bypass-True-bridge-mode
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    Gotcha, thanks for clarifying 😆 well either way at least it didn't last long and it's looking normal. I shouldn't need to contact them now my download is basically up to the max my line can handle and it's cleared the minimum guaranteed figure 👍
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    Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Only in game do I get video interruptions. The interruptions are sporadic. This does not happen on the console gui. The only thing I can come up with is the hdmi cable being faulty. But I have tried it with multiple other cables with the same result. Unless the specifications for those cables will not support 4K. I have ordered a new replacement to check.
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    Exactly what you put so its set as desired
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    Problems logging into forum

    I thought as much matey but wasnt sure wether was a possible issue with the new forum layout!
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    Problems logging into forum

    There is no data to edit in the admin panel for this BD. I would go to chrome's settings / advanced / passwords / and see if you have multiples saved or delete your old saved then sign back in and save it a fresh.
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    Early morning posting, yeah it doesn't make make much sense lol. What I meant to say was DLM is not live on new activations until 48 hours are up, so you did have interleaving set because of the flaky rubbish TT hub then fast path has been applied quickly after changing to a good modem/router because the normal DLM time limits were not in place.
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    Buenas! Creo que en el otro post que escribió Jack le dio respuesta a esto, puede deberse a 2 motivos. El primer motivo puede ser por que este conectando con un servidor demasiado lejano a usted y el ping que haga es demasiado alto y el segundo motivo puede ser por que el ping base de su línea sea demasiado alto, lo que significa que aunque usted haga ping a un servidor cercano a usted el ping seguirá siendo alto. Si mal no recuerdo de su anterior publicación creo que dijo que su ping base era alrededor de 80ms, así que creo que el principal problema es ese y que el problema está en tu línea, debería plantearse cambiar de ISP. Un saludo
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    Initially had some serious doubts but after the beta I'm more excited about BO4 now... Both the regular game modes and the Blackout mode I think are going to be fun. I'm still not a fan of the self-healing in regular game modes and I absolutely hate specialists... (Don't know why we need them!). I'm not in the WW2 bashing camp, I actually thought it was a good game, played to prestige level 220. Was it perfect? No... there are things that to this day I wish they would have changed but overall I feel it was a fun game and worth playing. Also, overall Sledgehammer did a good job making changes along the way to try and accommodate what the community was asking for. I like the pick 10 system the best but for this particular game the division system worked OK. The game became much better after the major division overhaul update. I couldn't get into BO3 and IW so I was just so happy to have a COD game without advanced movement I embraced the game and still enjoy playing it.
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    What's up King... Aio means All In One aka a modem & router combo !!! You only have 2 choices when getting internet...via a straight modem then you hook it to a router or directly in an AIO so it receive internet like a modem then it shares it like a router !!! The smart rg sr505n is a good lil box...depending on price available for you that may or may not be a good thing... i also tested KW6213 which look cool and also perform good and may be an option too !!! Thing is i had to search what these isp here are having as modems/aio and then i searched about these to see what's best and what's available near me....most of the isp are getting this sr505n so that first mean it's really a fail safe component and also that it manage something that other aio may not !!! Like in your case i would look at some other isp in your country to see how many components they use....that would help you surrounding the availables choices around you...maybe they already have sr505n too so that could help you confirming if it handle talktalk !!! Talktalk... look like a phone line over internet...is it this ??? If yes then yes sr505n can handle a phone line just like the majority of these aio nowadays !!! Now if it is a phone line...knows that it affect your line quality even when you're not on the phone !!! Also it's really not good to use filters on your setup...but it's needed for phone lines !!! Internet is digital while phone lines are not so that's why you need filters so it can work (but they don't tell us how bad it affect our lines) and that's why it affect your line !!! Anyways even then...if you really need a phone line don't use lil filters as it is even worst...you would need a wall plate with included filter...!!! Yes it's normal to test from the device you use...don't worry brah... most people don't understand that in a bright way !!! Like if because it work differently from a pc you really need a pc to be more precise... ah ah ah people are amazing !!! Since it work differently you just need to tweak your connection for it when you need it and then tweak it again when you need to do something accurate with your pc instead of gaming !!! If those guys were right we would never be able to fine tune our r1 with our consoles to play at a flawless level... but i am and everybody that get my help also are on a flawless level now !!! Just understand that...because there is variations on our lines...one day your 70 70 may be flawless but the next day you may need to higher it up at 85 85 .... That's why we always say that we/you have to finetune...they just forgot to mention that it's regular finetuning that we need to do !!! Anyways after a point it's just mini tuning settings like the sliders only...like ya can't be good with turbo today but it destruct your line quality the next day...it becomes only lil settings to tweak like the bandwith allocator or cc !!! I am a PRO and i did more than a billion tests to this day.... including others tests that i have to confirm or discredit for them since not a lot of people have my knowledge and are able to find problems and solutions simultaneously... but i am !!! Yes brah ps4 update 6.0 broke the majority of consoles...just that most people can't see the differences because either they don't have my eagle eyes ... Or and that's the real effective reason...they use hdmi versions older than 2.0 which is the minimum acceptable cable everybody should use....plus there is sooo many dumb guys pretending that all cables are the same and bla bla bla too much talk shit bla bla bla....ah ah ah so most people have cheap ass cables that comes from a dollar store...complaining that their tv suck or not since they can't realize how clean their tv can be with a simple better cable !!! That's why i repeat it everywhere... Nobody have ever watch a decent tv until the time they will use an hdmi 2.1 cable (remember as i said you see a big difference on a mini 24 inch screen...try to figure out what it may do on a bigger screen !!!) my premium tv is 4000$ and the new premium 4k is 2700$ and they both suffering from ghosting...clouding...laggyness...wrong pixels...ect...with Black Platinum Monster cable (was really the best cable worldwide till 2.1 cables came out) and it's a normal and simple fact...here again most people can't figure it out...since the 2.0 max bandwith is 17gbs with low frequency... While hdmi 2.1 max bandwith is 56gbs at higher frequency !!! It all result in... Your eyes will be stunned to see how clean and deep everything looks with hdmi 2.1 ....you will also enjoy extreme fluidity (exemple on people face or bodies...we all have micro shakings and ya never was able to see that on a tv....at least till hdmi 2.1 !!!) and my favorite exemple for that is not even normal movies(ya'll never enjoy them more than with belkin hdmi 2.1 or with a optic fiber hdmi) it's adult movies...less post processing so more natural...and if at least you played once with a woman private part...ya seen it micro shaking and how fluid the body react when caressing it...right??... now with any other hdmi cable you may see 1 in a while micro shaking...at best.... but with a belkin hdmi 2.1 ya'll see every micro shaking in people faces and on people bodies !!! All that possible cause of the higher bandwith and higher frequency in these belkin 2.1 cables !!! And since you bright you surely now understand that if ya can see micro shakings in movies and tv shows it will also be the case with gaming...especially if ya tv have game mode.... so everything becomes so fluid and crispy clean that your eyes stop working hard to follow all the details !!! As i said i was playin with my benq but it became too fluid and too small...tried again on my 55"s and no lag at all (better than the benq at 1ms with hdmi 2.0 cables)and everything pop out the screen...don't forget that tv sharpness always was supposed to and now definitly need to...be at 100 !!! If your sharpness is not at 100 you blinding yourself by yourself !!! Backlight if you have is supposed to be at max(20 on samsung tvs) Rgb full on tv & also on ps4 !!! Anyways if someone ask more details about tvs i'll help too !!! For ya Ps4 homie...i'll repeat.... Don't just update it again since it will do nothing at all.... You have to enter ps4 by holding power 8seconds then re install firmware...its one of the options down that list !!! Also put that usb on the back of ps4 pro...in front right usb port for regular ps4 !!! It's rare that i'm wrong but that may happen... Looks like sony tried to implement hdmi 2.1 update so that's what have affected ps4's .... they will talk about it soon...like thay always do but late !!! Anyways right or not on the precise cause dont matter... Just re install 6.0 via advanced menu like i said... there is two called initialyse and initialyse(re-install system software) latest option in advanced menu of regular ps4 and 1 before the last option on ps4 pro !!! Just don't forget to backup to the cloud via control panel of ps4 when he is open before flashing it !!! Your cat7 should at least be between modem/aio and R1/router !!! If a second cat7 then r1 to console and the rest via wifi but no under cat7 cables anywhere at all !!! Best cables are monoprice ones and they cheap + lifetime waranty !!! Shorter cables are better but cat7 s/ftp loose nothing at all before 100m long distance so can safely bring one anywhere without affecting your complete setup !!! You welcomed brah !!! 👽🍻✌
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    Yeah I've been here for a few years now and I've never had any problems with the sliders before. The only weird occurrence I've noticed regarding bandwidth in the past involves keeping 100% sliders but using device prio - you end up with a portion of your total being shaved off, so I've never used it in my normal setup. The sliders have always worked as expected up until I discovered bloat on DSLReports. For what it's worth the PS4 browser tests have always been accurate for me, and I could normally use as high as 97% in order to get bloat down below 3ms average. Now the bloat is the same whether I use 100% or 30% 🤔 it's actually 20Mb upload I'm still getting lol. Usually the only discrepancies arise on the download when using preemptive, as that knocks off more than reactive. I've certainly never seen inaccuracies with the upload slider before. I factory reset the R1 last night and walked through the optimal setup for me again so I'll test again in a little while. My max line rate is 65Mb down 20Mb up so I set that on the R1, didn't auto setup, disabled IPv6, enabled cookies, fixed the geofilter settings for my PS4, set sliders to 70% reactive, added PSN to the hyper lane etc. TalkTalk doesn't use PPPoE so at least that variable doesn't come in to play; however, I never had inaccurate bandwidth on PPPoE with BT through the R1 either.
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    I'm gonna get the laptop out in a bit and have a play lol. I'll let you know if I get anywhere bud
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    Hi. Yes I have the R1. Im using BT fibre. I have gamed alot post update with no noticeable difference. I am playing on servers though rather P2P. I do think the points on Dslreports are a red herring. An upload progress report isn't stopping the upload test.
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    Perfil ProEvolution Soccer

    It would be great if you guys could make a profile for pes 2019
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    Welcome to the forum! Feel free to let us know anything else you'd like to see. It's always tricky to prioritise what to work on next and what is vital for the most amount of people. We're currently working hard on a proper VPN feature for the XR500 since many of our international users need this feature for everyday use. I'm hopeful that Table Modes won't fly under the radar, and I'm personally pushing for our developers to work on it as soon as possible!