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    bandwith allocation

    Gaming requires very little bandwidth, typically less than 0.5Mbps so you don’t need to allocate much to your console (if any if you have share excess ticked) I’ve always left bandwidth allocation as it is, I find share excess works great. You could allocate around 20% to your console if you wanted but I would recommend letting share excess handle it.
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    bandwith allocation

    thanks guys for the info much appreciated an got a better idea on just to leave it alone for gaming
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    It's likely that our software roll out will be quicker on our own hardware because we're a startup so we don't need to be as risk averse as NETGEAR. Obviously we won't be dumb - we're not going to rollout firmware we haven't tested. That doesn't mean NETGEAR users will be forgotten, just a matter of timing.
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    bandwith allocation

    Yes share excess works a treat giving devices what they need within your congestion control percentage and the head room is left to keep local jitter very low.
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    netgear xr500

    bonjour apres redemarage tout fonctionne merci de votre rapidité desoler pour le derangement
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    Netduma Admin

    bandwith allocation

    Hi Matthew - please follow the great responses above. If you want to learn more about setting QoS optimally, here's a starting guide here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000077073-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-qos-step-3- It sounds like you're clued up on it already though so this may not be necessary for you.
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    No, we have not developed it for DumaOS yet but it's a big priority. Right at the top of our roadmap. This can sometimes happen if you accessed an Xbox Live / Microsoft through your PC. Good job on manually resolving it. Do you know which website it might have been? We've been trying to hunt down this bug for a long time! Ok, that's a NETGEAR issue. Have you reported it to them? We'll send on if not. The plan is to release VPN asap, once testing has completed. XR700 release date is irrelevant
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    The Forum Has Been Upgraded!

    Thanks alot guys...When I signed onto my PC I could see everything how it is. For some reason when I signed on through my galaxy it wasnt showing anything at the top. I'm good now.
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    Sadly IP Fragmentation is back with the PS4 Pro. Its back to taking ages to figure out the NAT. Think this may be a Netgear issue, but worth mentioning. Other than that so far working well for myself anyway.
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    It has some other small fixes, so I would recommend upgrading No, it does not. But this is in late testing now so Netgear will send this out once it’s ready.
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    would it be possible for every page that has lots of rows/columns, be shown with visible grid-lines/table view ? As its sometimes difficult to see exactly what im selecting when 'ticking' the left circle .. Even if i shrink the whole web browser in width-ways, its still difficult to see exactly what im selecting ? thanks Something along these lines...
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    Great idea and this is something we actually have on our roadmap so it’s very useful to hear you would like this feature. I’ll move this thread to the feedback section so we’ve got it clearly documented.
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    Geo Filtering per Device possible ?

    forgive me if this is a daft question, or its been asked already , but .... Could it be developed that the Geo Filtering worked on a "per Device" basis, rather than all devices under the one Geo Filter "umbrella" ? I ask because, at home the Geo filter comes into play for several devices (see below note: 1 x ps4 is not in the devices list but should be for this example) Say i have 3 devices, PC, XB1 and PS4. Some, devices will perform better when assigned to a specific region. IE COD on PC is set to Amsterdam (has best server ping from my location) and say, Fifa on XB1 may perform better on a completely different region. And Fortnite on PS4 may on another.... So it becomes a hassle each time having to set the radius for each device.... If there was a "Geo profile" for individual devices would solve it. Can this be developed ? (... i imagine it would throw a spanner in the works with the new Hybrid VPN function....whenever that might arrive...? 😉) Thanks
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    I have no clue what happened but I booted up my PC today and then when I turned the Printer on to have another crack at this, the Drivers automatically installed and now it works perfectly. While I am perplexed to how this happened, I guess the problem fixed itself. That said, may want to leave this thread open for a couple days before closing it just in case this pops up again.
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    En este caso el repetidor de WiFi no esta funcionando como se espera, lo que recomiendo es extender la red Wifi por medio de otro enrutador nuevo o usado, conectado directamente al Netduma R1 por medio de cable Ethernet, no por coneccion Wifi. 1. Descargamos el manual del enrutador nuevo o usado para su configuración. 2. Configuramos el enrutador 2 como repetidor Wifi y luego lo conectamos al Netduma R1 3. Listo ya tenemos ampliada la red Wifi
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    As soon as the ability to change your theme is a feature (which I'm sure it will be before long) I'll make sure there's an R1 legacy theme - Cheetah and all.
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    Slow twitch streaming on PS4

    Not easy to do, but not impossible... will report back once done.
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    No, we have not known what has been going on for years, only a few weeks. We signed NDA's so we were unable to let you guys know what was going on. Please do not be rude to mods or other members on this forum. Instead be glad that this long awaited firmware is just around the corner for release.
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