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  2. It would be nice if there was any communication about the estimate date or any other info about how long will it take or if it has already been processed. I ordered mine on the 16th of February and still no info
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  4. That makes sense then, I believe the PS4 just can't keep up anymore. I had these issues for months on warzone, constant packet burst symbol and lag. It was one of the reasons I got an xr300. I tried everything but nothing really got rid of it. As soon as I got my ps5 the issues pretty much disappeared. I still use the PS4 as well and that struggles especially when playing in a fast lobby with m/k players. The fact the ps5 runs fine and the PS4 struggles on the same network shows the PS4 pro just can't keep up. I even fit an SSD to my ps4 but it made no difference.
  5. Interesting to see where this goes.
  6. Hello, I have both PC (gtx 1060 ) and xbox series x. Sniping on PC is more fluid, faster ADS, better hit detection and overall more snappy. It sucks on the xbox in comparison. tried the same controller, monitor and connection. Anyone else noticed this ?
  7. Hola. Recién recibí mi Netdumar2. Mi inconveniente es que seguí todos los pasos de instalación pero luego cuando busco conectar los dispositivos como tv y teléfonos, no los podía encontrar en el scan de wifi de los dispositivos, fui a dumaos y cambie el nombre del wifi, al final los pude conectar, pero lo que pasa es que estaba jugando y de repente el tv y los teléfonos se les desconecta el wifi y luego se vuelven a conectar, mientras yo sigo jugando en mi pc sin problemas ya que la tengo conectada directo al netdumar2. Que puedo hacer con este problemas? Comenzaré por un reset de fabrica. El otro problema que tengo es que intente jugar en otros servidores que no son el mio pero jamas logro entrar en esos servidores. No se si habrá un paso después de yo cambiar el lugar de donde quiero que encuentre el servidor. Siempre lo hice con el juego abierto, tengo que cerrar el juego para esto? Que pasos me estoy saltando? Yo solo juego warzone. Gracias por su ayuda lo agradecería. PD no quiero tener problemas con mi esposa y sus series de tv mientras yo juego gracias. Hello. I just received my Netdumar2. My drawback is that I followed all the installation steps but then when I tried to connect the devices such as tv and phones, I couldn't find them in the devices' wifi scan, I went to dumaos and changed the name of the wifi, in the end I was able to connect them , but what happens is that I was playing and suddenly the tv and the phones disconnect the wifi and then reconnect, while I continue playing on my pc without problems since I have it connected directly to the netdumar2. What can I do with this problem? I'll start with a factory reset. The other problem I have is that I try to play on other servers that are not mine but I never manage to enter those servers. I don't know if there will be a step after I change the place of where I want the server to find. I always did it with the game open, do I have to close the game for this? What steps am I skipping? I only play warzone. Thanks for your help I would appreciate it. PS I don't want to have problems with my wife and her tv series while I play thanks.
  8. This is getting a bit frustrating for me, ive tried with/without Qos, different cables, different ports, several different firmwares. Should not be having this problem with a 2 month old 285€ piece of hardware. Edit: Anyway, thanks for your time.
  9. Been Trying to get this working for 2 days now I’ve tried multiple factory resets. Turning off IPv6 and power cycling nothing seems to help. I’ve disabled all R2 features that didn’t help did upstream from old router didn't work. Im currently using a pure modem from Spectrum Model ET2251. Tried downgrading to .0179 that didn’t fix the issue updated back to .205 same issue still. Im sure its not my ISP because I get access to the internet if I plug my PC directly to the modem or my old router. Tried flushing the cloud in dumaos multiple times. Made sure I had the right Mac Address from the router on the settings. I don’t know what else to do.
  10. yes. they'll implement the gambit & comp matchmaking and introduce a force card method I guess. 1) no win/ no rewards if you do zero kills 2) you cant switch to a character with a different card and join the "current" game.
  11. It's a California server. For black ops 4 blackout. The ping jumps like crazy and it's really laggy.
  12. I tried the traffic control but it still hasnt fix the problem. Also ping spikes seemed to return somewhat and im still unsure why.
  13. Don’t expect much else. I’ve had the loss of internet since I bought. I’ve updated the firmware and still have issues.
  14. Could I potentially try to change my DNS servers? I am using right now but maybe I should try Google DNS?
  15. Unfortunately I am in the same boat but that's within the first 3 days of having the R2 router. It has proven to be insanely buggy and ive had to reboot every time after using Geo-filter and then ive factory reset 3 times.
  16. Hey guys, I just got my Netduma and I've been playing around with it. One question that I have. When I set a get filter to a certain location let's say a 500km radius. - Am I selecting a location for the server or also the players? - Am I getting only players who live within that radius on that's just to set the server? Thank you in advance, see you in Verdansk.
  17. I've always been curious on what share play falls under on Ps4 for QoS on the applications side of things for when someone share plays you and when you do it for someone else because every time I have it on apps instead of devices in QoS it never allows share play to happen so I have to switch to devices to do it 4rm there instead
  18. thanks! and no it recently started happening like three days ago i had no problems at all with the update
  19. I need help as well. I used the VPN that is offered which is "Pure VPN" I connect to where ever, lets use Afghanistan for example. Well what am I talking about...I cant even connect to a game in general. If I have to listen to " big turkey wheet" voice on YouTube for another second I am going to shoot myself. I want reaaaaaaal simple instructions 1- Set your Vpn to the country of Angola 2- Go to your geo filter select.... etc etc etc This is getting absolutely insane, do you leave it on auto ping? off auto ping? why on some peoples YouTube videos I see ' spectator mode" in their geo filter, I dont have that. I cant pick any server I want, honestly ...since I received the R2. It took 40 hours to set up properly to my modem, and have not spent the rest trying to get into a game...the reason we all got this,. to somehow play against randoms in Africa who just started playing. I dont care anymore, judge away. Why dont you guys have a phone number? so so so confusing.
  20. I'm trying to use the geo filtering to que into servers for warzone in different areas and no matter how far I try to go its still queuing me into my local servers...I have my gaming pc set up correctly I believe with the router. what can i be doing wrong? I'm in New York on north America east servers and ill try to set my geo filter to Italy for example and its still putting me into my north America east servers
  21. Ive had this router for a few months. So far it constantly loses internet connection (and I’m hard wired). There will be days I have to reset the router 3 times. the polygraph ping drawing doesn’t work. Never has. it does get me good ping lobbies. That’s about it. I don’t understand why this router is constantly losing internet connection. I’ve also noticed I can’t seem to download anything unless I restart the router as well.
  22. Resurgence continues to work great doing the method above. Battle Royale, on the other hand, is harder to find a match. Im on right now at 10:27pm and was only able to find one match so far in BR for about the last 45 minutes. In other words after that match, which I was able to play quickly, I couldnt find another game. Itll try to connect me to Illinois or into a server by myself in Miami, FL then try again only for it to be somewhere outside the filter.
  23. Managed to upgrage to the new OS but it have an issue. It says "The Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a munute" in all options. Did a reboot and nothing. Not even the Dashboard loads.
  24. Yes I did factory reset each time, then I did the factory reset twice and it cleared it. So I don't know why it happened but its ok for now, now I just got to try and get the other problem sorted. I will hit u up if I have any progress but I am quite busy and don't have a lot of time atm so yeah. Thanks for your input Liam.
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