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  2. Warzone heatmap is blank, on the bottom right it says failed servers 30 & 0 successful ones. Only for modern warfare and warzone, every other game it operates properly. I re-synced cloud and still no luck. Any ideas?
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  4. I am having the same issue. Used to be just wifi in the beginning would intermittently drop but now it is even wired connections that are dropping. Not just everyday but every few hours. I've done a software reset & hardware reset with little to no success.
  5. so i was able to factor reset the router however still having the graphical issues
  6. So, the recommendation is to get rid of the modem I bought, and put the modem/router combo they gave me back in?
  7. You would've got lowest tier support tech so makes sense. You can turn off the WiFi on that and just use the XR WiFi instead. All we want a router for is to direct traffic to the XR, other than that it's best not to use it so you still get the benefits of the XR.
  8. I’m at work i will when i get home
  9. I had a combo modem/router with them and the signal was absolute garbage. Which is why I opted to get my own separate devices.
  10. @Netduma Fraser talked to my ISP (optimum). They had no clue what extending the lease on the IP meant and thought I was talking about range extenders lol. They won’t give me a fixed ip because I have an individual account and not a business account. I have a dynamic IP.
  11. Ah, that makes sense and would seem to indicate it's the public IP renewing so much. They might be able to give it back or could get a very cheap router that does the job if the ISP charges you monthly for the combo
  12. Can you provide a screenshot of how you have your Geo-Filter setup please?
  13. This only happened when I got rid of my modem/router combo from optimum. Definitely don’t want to shell out the cash for another router lol. I’ll try calling them and seeing what they say.
  14. See if it works better after doing this: Quit the game completely Remove device from the Geo-Filter Resync/flush the cloud from the Geo-Filter Map menu Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter Set up the Geo-Filter how you like Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game
  15. It's quite possible that it's due to your public IP changing frequently, it's 3 times within 3 hours so likely that sometimes it's not re-establishing the connection properly. This is something Netgear are actively trying to resolve. There are 2 things that could help right now, other than that it would need to be fixed via firmware: User another router in front of the XR - this can handle the frequent change and the XR should sustain a connection Call the ISP and get them to either: a) Extend the lease time of the IP b) Issue a fixed/static IP - some ISPs charge extra for this
  16. I only have one pop up and it’s a Texas server
  17. @Bcobz thanks for the great feedback, that's really awesome to hear! Also to address your point on the Rapps not loading, that is something we have been actively working on for months, it's been a super tricky issue to solve, hence why there hasn't been a new version in a little while. We're confident though that it will be fixed for the next version.
  18. Ping Heatmap just pings servers, it doesn't impact you connecting to them so you can still use the Geo-Filter to force servers even if they don't appear on Heatmap.
  19. No worries at all, glad you got it sorted! Definitely not dumb, it's not as user friendly as the rest of the interface so it is something we plan on redoing.
  20. Diablo II resurected Ps5 , now you can't even see the host location
  21. *** I am not the most knowledgeable in how the internet, wifi, ports, etc., all work. I'd say I'm average on the router/modem connection knowledge scale, lol.*** First, I purchased my Netduma R2 almost a year ago now. I'm on Xbox and was playing on wifi..(I KNOW ). I finally called my ISP out to set up a direct plug-in at my new spot, with 500gbs up and down. It was night and day. I still wanted as much performance as possible, so I ordered the dumaR2 after a friend of mine told me about it. Many people I see on the forum have acquired it for the geo-filter, which is insanely impressive. If I even knew what that was when I got mine, I would have probably purchased it if that was the sole function. However, my favorite things are the control you have when you log into DumaOS; it's nuts. You can run tests and mess around with numbers till you get the best connection possible. You can allocate bandwidth in QoS for specific devices, set congestion control to limit other devices taking up bandwidth. Check the Network Monitor to see what devices are active and taking up space. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I still have a lot to learn. The only things I complain about, which are very small and wouldn't justify not getting one, are that sometimes the RAPP doesn't load when I log into DumaOS. I reboot the router from the website and reload OS, and it works perfectly. (I'm sure I can do something to prevent that, like clearing my browser, etc., my way seems to do the trick.) I'll never go back to any router even if the "dark day" comes and I never play video games again. I can switch my setting for work since I'm always on my laptop on skype, zoom, etc. I hope you get/gotten one yourself!
  22. It happened again, and yes it happened before .120. Here is the log; log-1632517343619.txt
  23. So that means I’m just on my server ?
  24. I have to say Mtu isn’t that consistent like you say. Input lag is a serious issue for me. I replaced my hdmi cables and I feel that made my experience a lot better
  25. omg lol, i feel really dumb now, thank you it is now working. To answer your question I am using the desktop and using my brave browser. But it finally works lol x D thank you so much
  26. Hey, welcome to the forum! What device/web browser are you using to add the devices? Also they're not enabled in that screenshot, you need to change them to Do NOT VPN these services for the VPN to apply to the whole device.
  27. We need to update it, we're working on it, just had a few issues. Should be done early next week.
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