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  2. If you're on a windows PC, open command prompt and type ipconfig
  3. iv just got back to D2 I loaded the destiny profile, i have my PC in the geo-filter as a PSN device, and geo filter seems to be keeping things in check in regards to hosts so far set at around 600 miles. Feel a bit left out on this old firmware though wish i had dumaOS
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  5. many thanks, I will let it run for a while and see if unscheduled reboots return....
  6. R1 with DumaOS doesn't do VLAN tagging as far as I know, unless it was added recently (I have to go to old FW to use it) PPPoE on R1 doesn't work well either though, it's hugely restrictive in terms of bandwidth. I have never really encountered QoS issues with it but I had it hooked up to a 200 mbit line where it maxed out at 50-55 Mbit on PPPoE on old FW, and even less on DumaOS. You're better off putting it in another router's DMZ if you want to use it with that setup. Doesn't need to be a fancy thing, even a $60 Edgerouter X or something will do, or your ISP's own equipment as long as it handles the PPPoE details etc.
  7. I imagine (although i'm not sure) that the listed version number is reflective of a certain file in the system, and perhaps that file is mistakenly not being updated. In fact, I reckon the reason for that is because it's a hotfix firmware. Perhaps this file was not correctly matched with the internal software version. Either way, as I said, it appears to just be a cosmetic issue.
  8. so far the only stable version has been .40 hotfix. And since this only seems to be a cosmetic issue, i dont want to "rock the boat" too much with firmware updating... for now ill just leave it for now.... maybe milestone 3 will sort it all out lol
  9. Hello I am getting packet loss on Black Ops 4 PS4, but when I run ping plotter to google I don't get any packet loss. Both connections are by the same ethernet cable. Please can anyone help me?
  10. I'm pretty sure that the listed firmware version is just a cosmetic element, perhaps it's not being updated correctly... If you were to downgrade to the earliest available version, and then back up to .40, I wonder if that would force the name to change?
  11. I have the exact same problem, I reboot the router and it goes away. It is odd how it only affects download. Rebooted three times now. I use Sky and it's pppoa I believe.
  12. The Eth led is turn off too
  13. it's done but I never see my home phone connected in netduma Admin
  14. Could you go to Settings > Setup > WAN Setup and tick Disable SIP ALG? Sometimes SIP ALG causes problems with voice chat.
  15. Do you get connected to the east coast servers even if you put them outside of your radius?
  16. no idea what ip number i have been given thats the msg i get when i try to open the r1 screen , like i said this has only started after i had to unplug my isp router , i havnt changed anything i just unplugged both routers and plugged them back in.
  17. Is that in the same location as the others? (northwest USA)
  18. Just the phone isn't working. But I see the phone isn't connected when I check in Netduma settings
  19. I think Fraser thought that the "too long" message was coming from within DumaOS. What IP address has your computer been given?
  20. Interestingly, one of those IDs has already been whitelisted. It surprises me that it wouldn't come up as whitelisted on your Geo-Filter. Anyway i'll verify and add the other two. Thanks!
  21. on behalf of the mate i sold this router too, I foolishly upgraded his firmware from the working hotfix version of .40 to .56 only to have the router start rebooting 2 x times a day ?? then reverted back to .40 but in the information, it still shows as .56 but I know it hasnt because the NTP settings page has gone back to .40 hotfix version. So im getting a false reading on the current firmware, how is this rectified ?
  22. Hi DMC , i understand your technical point of view but there are 2 reason for 120 hz : 1) System Bug or 2) They are testing 120 hz in some servers. This because ALL COD SERVERS without any question run at 64 hz. I tested with DUMA OS and Wireshark. No doubt for 64 hz my friend specially in BO3 and WW2! This evening i ll try to unplugged Pc from Xr500 , and connect DumaOS in wifi Mode , all my device are plugged with cat 8 , but i m sure , all COD server run at 64 hz , without any doubt , probably your setting stabilized tickrate but i think 120 hz that are you showing its a DumaOS bug.
  23. erm how can i go into it and change something when i cant load the page ?. and i dont remember seeing anything called R-app , strict mode was off , the rooter has been unplugged for an hour this problem only started after my isp router went wonkey and i had to unplug that for a bit. the address i use to connect is , just tried again and it says :- This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Search Google for geopanel ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  24. Thanks for the reply, I'm using a BrightBox 2 from EE. I am using PPPOE, though I don't seem to have other options. I'll check to see if I use VLAN.
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