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  2. Great idea, other routers have it. I have the D-Link DIR-890L at work and it has it and I use it.
  3. Bonsoir la communauté j ai différent problème utilisateur netduma depuis long je n ai jamais optimisez a fond mes réglages mais sa fonctionne a peu près J ai découvert enfin on ma fait la remarque plusieurs personne se sont plaint de lagguer quand il jouez avec moi Mon jeu a moi laggue de temp a autre et les ennemies se téléporte est ce normal?
  4. Apex will be in the next release (v3.0), but for now that workaround will work!
  5. That’s really strange. Could you factory reset the router please. Should behave as normal after that. https://kb.netgear.com/000053098/How-do-I-perform-a-factory-reset-on-my-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-router
  6. Hi Danny - this is a Netgear feature so I’m not as sure about this area. Did it work in .20? Did you upgrade to .24 to fix another issue or just in general? Because if just general you could downgrade back to the previous firmware for now as .24 contained a hotfix for Nintendo devices that were breaking the Device Manager plus some updates from Netgear. If these were not bothering you then a downgrade should be fine.
  7. Okay....I’m not actually asking about farming kills in any way. I think these responses are somewhat unhelpful, to say the least. No problem, but a little less arrogance would be fine, WalkedDave. thank you. p.
  8. Hi there - everything you’ve tried is very logical. The fact it’s breaking still post downgrade and factory reset unfortunately suggests this is a hardware issue. You should still be under warranty if you’re within 1 year. I recommend you contact Netgear for a replacement and apologies we can’t be more help - you’ve already tried everything I can think of suggesting.
  9. Today
  10. Just to clarify - this contains some hotfixes needed for the XR700 so install this if you would like to. The big 3.0 update will be coming for the XR700 soon
  11. This is on the Netgear side of things so hard for us to know what to do here, but will try a few suggestions: 1. Factory reset 2. Try downgrading back to an older firmware, perhaps the one that ends in .32 3. Enable the guest WiFi and connect to the 5GHz on there instead 4. Toggle smart connect back on and see if that works? Let us know how you get on
  12. It’s coming very soon - keep your 👀 out for a beta announcement.
  13. How much bandwidth have you allocated to each of them? If you like, you could set each to something like 45% of your total bandwidth then disable the share excess option whilst the downloads happen. This will force an even amount. Put share excess back on afterwards though because failing to do so will slow your connection down
  14. About an hour after your post, it happened again, started randomly rebooting and losing connections. This time I did a hard factory reset, then reconfigured again using the backup settings. So far, it has been working stellar for the last 10 days.
  15. Apologies but as this is not the intended use for the router we will not be able to provide official support on this
  16. hi there, I am using an XR500 and have setup filtering mode for my 2 xboxes, my location, a small distance circle, QoS. I am trying to load 2 teams (one fireteam leader per each of my xboxes) into the same match so we can play against one another, but have not had much luck. Do I need to set the distance circle to include the server that shows up on the Geofilter map if it lies outside my circle? At some point someone mentioned setting the location as somewhere remote like Antarctica, but is that useful at all or nonsense? thanks for any information! P.
  17. Converted back to original firmware and i get normal speeds.
  18. Will do I was also looking at Linksys WRT32X and trying out DD-WRT but after doing abit of research, DD-WRT is no longer recommended over OpenWRT so won't bother going down that route.
  19. I think theirs alot more playing it on PS4. With Crossplay turned off, it takes a while to find a match on Xbox but on PS4 with crossplay off, I find one very quickly. I also find that with crossplay on and playing on Xbox, I play against way more PS4 players.
  20. I don’t think it will be updated. Perhaps a R7800 might be a good second router for you using firmware from Voxel which is very nice if you want more control than Netgear’s standard stuff.
  21. Unfortunatly it's out of return warranty. Purchased for over a year ago, but I disconnected it when I had issues with streams and used a cheaper alternative. Problem is the cheaper alternative wasnt very good and caused other issues. The router is good, but unfortunatly doesn't work well with my TV. This should be a priority fix since a lot of people have these TVs.
  22. My Sony AF8 never had issues with the XR500 but since QoS is a bit a mess and doesn't seem to deal with streaming that well from my experience I would suggest you either return the router in all honesty if you can and buy something else as there is no ETA on a fix for this yet. There have been no updates since August last year from what I remember and that wast really a Netduma update, but a important security patch from Netgear and a few game issues fixed for good measure. No bug patches to Milestone 1.3 since it was released in around December 2018.
  23. I use that router and merlin if you do go that route check out the freshjr. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/release-freshjr-adaptive-qos-improvements-custom-rules-and-inner-workings.36836/
  24. Yeah but I live in Asia where PC seems to be more prominent over PS4, especially since WZ is F2P If I que up with crossplay on, then 90% of the lobby will be PC players.
  25. Can always find a PS4 Only lobby without fail. Quite quick too.
  26. Hi, i have two ps4's connected to my router. When downloading update one ps4 downloads faster than the other. Both have the same amount of bandwidth set in qos . One ps4 gets only 5 mb the other gets the remaining bandwidth. Any ideas on how to solve this?
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