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  2. The previous tests were with QoS enabled and no Orbi. These are with it disabled and no Orbi:
  3. Errrr no…S4 hasn’t even been released yet 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Season 4 isn't out yet... Oh, I assume you meant CW? Was thinking you meant WZ.
  5. It's been six months now, was curious if one is in the works?
  6. It happened again, if you see there is not any other server on the map. IMG_1992.MOV
  7. Are you saying to do this instead of the method you posted on June 5th?
  8. Today
  9. Ah comparé au xr500 c'est le jour et la nuit
  10. Anyone else noted that season 4 hit detection and lag comp is waaaaaaaaay better?
  11. Everything seems fine there. When you first noticed the issue had you made any changes on/with the router or the devices themselves?
  12. That will be a case of player population in your location as to when you can more easily get games vs when you can't. I will let the team know the update today isn't as accurate as it should be.
  13. That's odd, the Ping Heatmap ping does show the same ping as the Geo-Filter. How many icons were on the map at the time? May be that it was pinging a different server by mistake. Yes that would be a great addition, I think we're focusing on tools to actually make it more automatic and accurate so no one has to do it.
  14. Sí, por favor, pero uno tiene que ser el servidor de chat en esa ubicación y el otro un servidor de juegos en esa ubicación
  15. Very odd WiFi is fine and ethernet isn't. Have you tried all the ethernet ports to see if it is the same? Can you go to the Device Manager, click the icon and select table view, then take a screenshot and post it here please
  16. On ping heat map middle east server is located in United states wrong location on ping heat map and i have never been connected to this server in game , actual location of this server is KSA (Saudi Arabia) In game i connect to this server which is not showing up in ping heat map which is actually located in bahrain middleEast on peak hours which is 7 pm to 1am i am able to find matches but wait time for searching one match is minimum 5min and maximum 20 min after 2am this server is dead
  17. Hi forum, I am from Costa Rica and my best ping to Warzone servers is 55-65ms, I was using only the "ping assist" feature, setting it to 65ms and sometimes it takes me so long time to find a server/lobby because the ping on Netduma bounces from 44ms to 70ms (the same server) although my connection is very stable (Optic fiber), please take a look the image attached to Google DNS server: Today I noticed that you updated the "ping heatmap" database, so for this reason, I tried to use the polygon and I enclose the state of Florida and Washington (because this is where is the Matchmaking server with 44ms - 55ms) take a look the ping heatmap image: And please take a look at the video attached, Netduma says that the ping to that server is 81ms but the ping on the game is 55ms - 65ms, could you explain why? This kind of behavior kills the "ping assist" feature in my case it would be perfect because regardless of where it is located the server, my priority is the "latency". It would be nice that we have the option to "move" "relocate" geographically speaking the best servers of our favorite game (in my case Warzone) and don't depend on updates because I know it's hard to ubicate all the servers correctly for example if you see there are a lot of servers in Washington and for sure the is located in FL. As always, thank you for your help. IMG_1986.MOV
  18. Ok le daré esa información en la noche cuando me conecte, seria solo un servidor de chat y uno de juego? En Brasil hay varios servidores de juego que se conecta al Geo-Filtro.
  19. Wireless devices are getting full speeds, yes. I switched to WiFi on my desktop and all my connection issues disappeared. Yes I've tried several Ethernet cables, all Cat7. As for QoS, I disabled it from the Anti-Bufferbloat menu on the QoS menu page. **As a side note, when re-applying QoS it stays on the "Applying settings..." screen infinitely. I have to refresh the page to continue changing settings.
  20. Debe haber más servidores que deba permitir, solo será cuestión de tiempo. Si nos puede dar una identificación de un servidor de chat y una identificación de un servidor de juegos allí, es posible que podamos hacer algo.
  21. Ok, en la noche voy a revisar y te estaré avisando se lo ajustaron el servidor en su lugar. Me alegro que estén mejorando en las configuraciones del R2, hay configuraciones que ya no se si funcionan como por ejemplo la Priorizacion de Trafico, encuentro que activado o desactivado es igual, a parte los valores de Carga es superior que la descarga parece que eso no esta bien. La otra razón que estoy desmotivado es que no logro hacer que mis amigos se conecten en mi lobby si no lo tengo marcado el polígono a los servidores que están en Brasil, si lo tengo marcado mis amigos se pueden unir pero jugamos algunas partidas con el ping alto que esta en los servidores de Brasil, pero se no tengo el polígono marcado a esa región mis amigos no se pueden unir a mi sala. También probé en (Permitir) el servidor de Chat y le agregue un nombre y después desmarque esa región dejando solamente marcado la región del ping bajo, pero no funciona y no se pueden conectar.
  22. Netduma Liam

    Netduma Liam

  23. I've sent you a trial firmware, if you upgrade then switch NAT to Open in WAN Settings it should get everything open no problems. Factory reset after install and do keep in mind it is a trial firmware so may have some bugs.
  24. Okay great you can use the DMZ method as mentioned then and that will work. I have the same hub so it will work fine.
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