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  2. still the same but something else i want to bring up. A few people on the internet are having issues with not being able to connect, then they have to do this weird they where they sign in with mobile hotspot then switch to the internet. My roommate is one of those people, it's like error code 347 blazing gator. Are these two issues related?
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  5. I am also having this same issue. when performing the connection benchmark do you do it while playing the game, lobby or before starting game being played?
  6. For the record, these profiles work successfully on an OpenVPN profile on my synology NAS. I think it’s an issue with something in HybridVPN.
  7. It just says “Connecting” forever. It doesn’t connect, and yet it doesn’t fail either. Lol the darnedest thing.
  8. XBOX back OFF. Sliders at 80% The test profile under load is definitely different between the ON and OFF states of the XBOX, why is certainly unknown to me. I'm going to look at the results of the auto setup next.
  9. XBOX back ON. Sliders at 80% Next up, XBOX back off again.
  10. XBOX back ON. Sliders at 40% Notice when the ping under load test starts, the ping on both graphs drops down to the 20's. The larger spikes on PingPlotter are the speed and ping tests before loading.
  11. Network not loaded. XBOX OFF Slider both at 40%
  12. Network not loaded. XBOX OFF Slider both at 80% Note the spikes on the ping plotter graph, these are when the R2 is running the ping under load tests, first the high upload ramp and then the sawtooth download profile can clearly be seen back to back as the test progresses. It then settles down after the test. Normal? 40% coming up next...
  13. What web browser were you using at the time to do that? Do you have an Adblocker enabled on it? It sounds like the Adblocker or something like that was blocking it.
  14. Have you tried any other percentages at all? You may need to go up and down and redo the test to see what gives you the best results.
  15. Ideally you want the graph to be as flat as possible and the ping to be as close to the Ping Test on Benchmark as possible. No big red bars either on PingPlotter graphs either. Okay keep us posted!
  16. This is when you add a device to Traffic Prioritization with a manual rule. Usually selecting a service e.g. Games Console is the last step but when you click next after that the above will appear.
  17. Don't worry about that, that is what we are hear for! Great, keep us posted
  18. Okay on the ISP modem, take it out of bridge mode please and apply a static/reserved IP address for the R2 (the same one will be fine). Then input that into the ISP router DMZ function. Then disable the ISP router WiFi and UPnP and see if that keeps you online.
  19. Interesting, thank you very much for this information, will get the team to check it out.
  20. ISP Modem(Bridge Mode) -> R2(dhcp wan ip)-> devices(Wifi)
  21. It was 70 up 70 down and it still goes high
  22. I'm using the XR500 with the latest beta build i think (V2.3.2.104). I can see all the icons like usual it simply doesn't let me join matches on my favourite server (Spain, the nearest to my location). I've noticed since my last message that if i disable crossplay it works fine, but if i want to play with friends on Playstation or alone but with crossplay enabled Geo Filter doesn't let me join any kind of game. It was working fine on launch week, since the last update it's broken. Hope you guys find a workaround.
  23. That seems to have worked thank you I’m not very good with this kind of stuff but I’m willing to learn thank you again I’ll keep you informed
  24. What am I ideally trying to achieve, best ping, minimum packet loss or a combination? All of those test by the way, are with the XBOX ON I've yet to do the OFF tests.
  25. where is that screen so i can check it out:)
  26. Disable IPv6 in WAN/LAN, reboot then see if you can load it properly please.
  27. Great thanks for this. It appears to me as though it is really dependent on when you do the test i.e.: Time of day How saturated the network is at the time CC sliders I don't think it's specifically to do with whether the Xbox is on or off. What I'd suggest is basically what you're doing now, do the tests around peak time and heavily saturate the connection and find the best CC sliders that lowers it the most. Looks like it could be between 40-60% or above 80%.
  28. I tried doing a few static ips for each mac address but gave up for now its just not user friendly. it wasnt able to pickup the mac address device name for the chromebook so hopefully i got the right mac address (blank names then gave it a blank name of unknown1) a. after adding 5 devices the router crashed and i had to power cycle b. went back in added 3 devices, it crashed but recovered and i added a few items c. its super slow (takes 1-2 minutes to add then apply) each pc d. suggestion: allow to select 10+ devices at the same time to set static ips then apply instead of having to add 5-10 devices > then apply (since if it crashes its a frustrating experience) under lan setup you often end up with these errors and may need to power cycle
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