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  2. Hey, thanks for that. Here's the screeshot of the benchmark results. I have some peaks that are hard to contain. Sometimes 60 or more. ALso, today I really tested out the smartphonr + playing and it really get in the way for some reason aI can't understand. Anyway, I kept doing some tests and appearently, 3074 is not one of the ports used at all. No data transfered when I prioritized it. But i felt like some of the ranges made it better. Now, what I'm using is: >> 443 TCP - This one already transfers data when I turn on the ps5. >> 1-99 TCP/UDP - Couldn't find the right one yet. Looks like is not only the 80 that I believe is a "famous" one. But also transfers when the ps5 is on, even if the game is not running. >> 3000-11999 - A lot of data, but works mostly when I'm on the menus or before the match stars. >> 21000-21999 - This one is the one that tranfers data only when the match is happening. Looks like it is a range of ports, so it gets harder to do this way. But also, I noticed it gets different depending which one is proioritized first. Is it true? Like the top ones have more "privilege"? Also, any thoughts about the other stuuf? Don't get worried! As I said, everything is working fine, but I fell I can get near pefect. I just need to get the right config, lol. And maybe help the other football lovers to work theirs too.
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  4. I just got a brand new computer, I downloaded everything and made a new account. when i start call off duty it just sits at connecting to servers for hours. i think its my router is blocking something. I even have the geo filter open all the way and still no connection.
  5. I have the white xb7 gateway from Xfinity cable. So I shouldn’t be putting it in bridge mode? Yes it’s a modem/router combo that’s why I’ve always put it in bridge mode. Figured that was my best option with the xr1000.
  6. Hey i try geofence set up to central America for warzone but when i do that it blocks all the servers except the ones ive drew around like normal but when i go into matchmaking it just never finds a match. The only way i can find a match is by allowing the new york server which i dont want to do im not sure why it does this is there anyway to fix this problem?
  7. FYI, please refer to attached png file, polygon is larger now. When we launched game and could see hk is included, however when we search game, just very hard to have a match. That's why we feel confused, and not sure why some player icons are white, I think they should be all yellow.
  8. Rebooting does make the connection come back, And would you have a topic on how i can find the DHCP pool in the router, had a little look and cant find it, cheers
  9. Ok great. Good to know. How do Clear the ache and rebuild the database?
  10. No need, DMZ makes all ports completely open (but DMZ is also never recommended for most networking as it leaves the device vulnerable). Most would recommend Port Forward over DMZ, but it's your call. Also, I would recommend clearing your PS5 cache and rebuilding the database. Seems to have helped me a bit. It's worth a shot
  11. This has been ongoing for MONTHS now. I have to physically reset the R1 to get the Rapps to load.. what is happening here.
  12. @Boixa im using dsl. Less distance to the dsl hub on the street= more download speed. if i use the fritzbox in my gaming room i have ~350m distance and lower signal strength to the dsl hub. If i put it as close as possible i get 310m and better signal. i have cat 5e lan ports in every room. but i needed a 2nd router to use my gaming only connection(i have 2 dsl connections at home) for the pc and xbox only. I hope the next generation of netduma supports latest wifi. 2.5gig ports or higher and if possible bonding 2 connection (isp1 and 2) for higher download speeds or if the router detects a download it uses isp1 for it and all gaming services over isp2
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  14. Hi netduma Team, is it possible to Limit bandwith for Single Devices? actually i See just the possibility to Limit while connection. if Not maybe this would be a nice Thing for future
  15. just my 2cents i would want to set up everything new instead of adding a config file based of a older firmware, but yes agree it does take long to reset everything up again
  16. It's been one of many bugs since the release of in July 2021 (6 months ago). Where is the next f..... firmware?
  17. did you do a factory reset after the update? also remember to restart your modem to renew the dhcp...
  18. Should I still port forward if my ps5 is in dmz and i have an open nat? Ive been playing warzone and the hitreg/shoot first die first is really annoying so if any little thing can help ill do it lol
  19. Regarding feedback for the R2 is there a way we can get a full configuration backup feature? (unless I missed something and there is one?) Having to re-setup the geofilter and all settings after a firmware upgrade and/or factory reset can be pretty frustrating, especially after getting everything tweaked perfectly.
  20. E-mail has been sent. Thank you for getting this going (and to Fraser as well), the R2 is a great product I am definitely looking forward to getting my replacement and getting it up and running.
  21. Newfie

    AP Setup

    To make things simple I would if it were me or you can try both and see how you feel.
  22. I downgraded, reset router and waited, now im stuck at a red screen with a loading symbol. No internet and cannot acess dumaos using
  23. o sorry m8 forgot to say 4th of feb they said so just under a month must be busy lol
  24. updated and factory rested my netduma r2 and now im getting Nat type moderate how do i fix that again?
  25. hola, puede ser q porque lo tengo conectado asi no pueda usar Port Forwarding? Agrego los puertos pero no los veo desde afuera
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