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  2. On the XR500, on the System Information page, what is shown as the WAN IP?
  3. Now all work fine. You can try my old password for some time.....
  4. Unpin the window that’s not working as intended then add it again. Just search for the panel that’s not working, a pinned window shows the symbol in the top right as a solid white pin which indicates it’s added to the dashboard. I’ve had this just once and when I found the panel a simple unpin then add it again sorted it out.
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  6. That's strange, your old password looks fine. I've used passwords that are much more complicated than that and it's worked.
  7. Hi Alex Thanks for the quick reply, as mentioned they have both already been reset so to factor setting and they should both have there own subnets again. After the rest on the xr500 could connect to it again on the IP. The issue now is that after resetting the R1 I'm still not able to connect to it on and its only picking up my ISP's IP range in the range. Kind Regards
  8. Yes, if there's something that worked on the older version that doesn't work on the new one. You can use the update function of the router to both upgrade and downgrade.
  9. I've been meaning to give it a go, especially now it's on consoles. But I'm not sure I have the time for a grindy MMO...
  10. Okay this is quite confusing, but I can see straight away one problem: You must have the R1 and XR500 on different subnets. What that means is, the R1 should stay on and the XR500 should probably stay on You can change the subnet they're on but they must not be on the same one. The XR500 has an Access Point mode which you can activate without changing its IP address. Regarding getting two of the same SSID's... Did you disable WiFi on one of the routers? This could also be caused by the 2.4/5GHz networks on the XR500 maybe having the same SSID. I don't know if that's possible in the settings but it might be. I imagine the problem was caused by putting them both into 192.168.88.x so try putting them both into their own subnet and see if that fixes it.
  11. My Netduma keeps dropping it's connection every ten minutes or so I then have to reboot it to restore the connection which works for another 10 mins or so. My physical setup is BT Router/Modem > Ethernet cable to port 1 on the Netduma then I am using the wired LAN and WIFI of the Netduma for my office kit. I can't link my Netduma directly to the WAN connection as it's via copper now RJ45 however the BT Router has internet when the Netduma fails. Attached is the log file of the Netduma. One other thing I noticed is the time on the Netduma is 1 hour behind my PC time but I can't see a way to change this and not sure if it's part of the issue or not. log-1561023079025.txt
  12. Que Essayez-vous de faire avec le routeur? Lire les guides suivants vous aidera: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646 Malheureusement, ils ne sont pas encore en français, mais vous pouvez utiliser Google Translate.
  13. Wait am i supposed to downgrade version V2.3.2.40 to older versions?.
  14. Yesterday I bought a brand new nighthawk xr500 and was super excited. I have had a R1 right from the beginning. The idea was to upgrade my R1 to a new xr500. I started by completely removing my R1 from the network so I could use it as a spare later down the line if needed. I began to setup the xr500 on its own, but there was some issues with the setup. I reset the xr500 and on the second go it completed the setup, but there seemed to still be some connections issues. Unhappy with the results of the xr500, I decided to try use it as a AP instead, so I connected it up like this: The setup now looked like this: ISP modem + R1(Router) + xr500(AP) The R1 was on the original and I put the xr500 on same network, tested both and they worked. I could ping both routers but was getting 2 of the same wifi SSID's in my wireless list which i didn't want. So I when onto the xr500 and put it into AP mode. What this ended up doing is turning both my R1 and the xr500 into APs for my ISP modem. This seemed odd so I disconnected both routers. I then reconnected the xr500 and reset it back to factory settings to start again which seemed to work. I was able to get back into DumaOS without any issues. I then disconnect the xr500 and reconnect the R1 to do the same. I hit the rest button on the back of the R1 and waited for the full reboot but it still just obtained the IPS's IP range. So now I cant get back onto my R1 its seems to have got stuck in this state. I have checked the forums and found this post and followed the directions from the admins https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28580-bricked-router/#comments I disconnected both R1 and xr500 from my network for about 12 hours now. Please can someone help me? My R1 is far more important to me than the new xr500 and I would really appropriate the help.
  15. When you did these steps did you disable upnp on the Calix and enable upnp on the XR also?
  16. My password before : Nardi2016 Changed now in only 5 lowercase letters. Past 8 hour itseems to work. Now from Chrome Android the login box appears!!!
  17. Hi Fraser Thanks for still trying to help me out! No, unfortunately, my provider can't or won't put the Calix into bridge mode. I turned the firewall off on the calix anyway, entered DMZ of the XR into the Calix, entered my PS4 into DMZ of the XR. But still no luck. But, as soon as I plug my PS4 into the Calix I get NAT2. My head is too small to figure this out.
  18. Hi Faulko When you say a service provider problem, can you elaborate? Maybe I can try the same. I've spoken with my service provider but they said they can't assign a fixed IP... if that was the solution for your issue. Thanks!
  19. Bonjour, est ce que quelqu'un pourrait prendre la main à distance afin de me régler le routeur, je saturé là, et ne prend plus du tout de plaisir à jouer, pourtant j'ai une excellente co, une âme charitable pour un team viewer
  20. On standard layout is the first top left app windows. I moved it down on second row because it as not working. No, nothing strange in other panels. (so far) I would had reported it As per request this is Chrome. PS: I don't care about Netgear Policy. I bought this router because of DUMA OS: I Want DumaOS software and not Netgear legacy way of thinking (I've already had enough of)
  21. That works! Thanks for your help - very much appreciated.
  22. very grindy asian mmo haha, i like it tbh. Theres something about it thats kept me hooked to it. Its very similar to ESO though, all open world.
  23. You will get booted from servers a lot if you have the Geo filter on Filtering Mode because of all the mislocated servers outside of Aus atm. It's almost unusable in Australia atm for Apex Legends unfortunately :/ In the menu screens it'll always connect you to either a US or EU dedicated server, never a Sydney dedicated server. Just set your radius over Aus and NZ, Spectating Mode on, Ping Assist set to about 5ms higher than what you'd normally get connecting to a Sydney server., Strict Mode On. That way it'll connect to all the necessary servers outside of Aus, it's less than ideal but has worked for me so far. Edit: You'll also NEVER see yourself connecting to a Sydney dedicated server in game, ALWAYS a Peer in the either Eastern Australia, Westcoast US or the center of China. But in actual fact though it is the Sydney dedicated server just terribly mislocated somewhere and misclassified as a Peer. Not sure if it's fixable on the Duma dev side or not? :/ @Netduma Fraser
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