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  2. Hi Fraser. Thanks for the response - I signed up for the beta on 3rd June but still no update. Unfortunately this is causing me a lot of inconvenience work wise as my wifi connection is so poor from the BT Hub I am losing connection/dropping out of calls regularly. Is there anything that can be done to look into this so I can connect via my netduma router? Cheers
  3. I have tested the cables... I use the same in both routers, and both are new, so its highly imporbable that its a problem with them. In the statistics of the XR all the LAN ports are shown as 1000M. I tried the connection in all of them but nothing. I cant test the old router on bridge mode today. You mean to set the internet setting in the XR as DHCP intead of PPPoE, and disable the vlan?. If someone can post a screenshoot of how has to set it, I'll be very greatful.
  4. Hello I Just Bought Myself a New Nighthawk Xr500, Was wondering if this was the newest firmware! And let me tell you, From running the DumaOS on the R1 coming to this, OMFG Im actually lost with how many features this this has!! Im was looking at the VPN thing, Does this mean it actually has a VPN Built into the router? And when it says about assigning a static IP address, Does this mean i can actually change my IP address whenever i want? There's so much stuff in here its going to take me forever to learn how to use it all to its advantage! But damn this thing is quick! No Wait time at all for ANYTHING! Had a little trouble getting my Wired PC to get internet going, But i just switched to use PCs Mac address it and it fixed it! I Feel like a complete NOOB looking at all this stuff! It took me a little while when i first got my R1 a few years ago, But man this thing is BAD ASS!! And i got a great deal on it, Got This Package Deal for less then 250 Brand New Straight From Netgears Site! If anyone has any tips for me, Xbox Gamer please help a noob out on the settings! Thanks again everyone! I love this community everyone responds so fast and is so down to help everyone! For Sure Have to give a major shot out to "Netduma Fraser" You freaking rock man! Thanks again everyone! Firmware version XR500 V2.3.2.56
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  6. Hello, In my case I confirm that my cables are cat7 and Wan link I have 1000M. I tried all options of configuration in XR300 and finally the speeds are 100-120/100-120. I'm vert frustrated with the XR300 and my only option is to wait the new firmware. Thank you
  7. made sure ports are all open in the firewall, and still cant get open NAT unless i apply that setting under wan setup.
  8. Hi, forwarded those ports to the pcs 1 for each both udp and tcp. rebooted router to be sure they are working. loaded up COD 3 times to be sure and moderate nat again. xbox networking is open and connected. re applied the open nat under wan settings and loaded up COD, open nat status again. so the port forwarding didnt work. Just going to make sure the firewall has all the ports on the pc working as well, can i use UPNP as well as manual port forwarding as sometimes my youngest uses his PS4 as well?
  9. If that was an old switch you were testing with it was probably a 100M switch. Or the cable got detected at 100M.
  10. Is your WAN link also showing 1000M in the menu? I know you checked the cables but whenever I see 100/100 coming out of a speedtest I get highly suspicious of the cables. You have cat5E cable, but if there is a bit of damage to one of the strands it will often downgrade to Cat5 or lower. Reason is 5E needs all the pairs while cat5 only uses 2 pairs. This can also vary between routers. I had an issue in my home with a damaged connector, when I used the ISP router I would get 10Mbit and when I used the XR500 I would get 100 mbit with the same cable lol. Also for the setup you are trying to test, you need to set the XR300 to DHCP mode, so disable VLAN's and logins, and use DHCP to obtain a IP automatically. Normally you would enter the XR300 in the DMZ of your ISP router, and disable wifi on your ISP router but for purpose of testing speeds this doesn't matter.
  11. Hi, please add me to the beta for the XR500. I signed up when the beta was first announced.
  12. After some further research, it also seems to be 2 of the modems i've used have this near defective and problematic puma chipset that's likely the culprit as well: Hitron E31N2V1(that I replaced like 3 times) Netgear CM700 (personally bought) Someone in this thread said that switching to a non-puma chipset modem resolved the issue specifically for the internet crashing when playing MW, but may apply to this issue overall. If any of you guys with this issue have a modem on this list, that may likely be the problem. I've yet to test it out. I spoke with spectrum to see what other modem options (rental) they have that doesn't have that puma chip and they recommended the UBEE E31U2V1 Going to try and go to the spectrum store tomorrow to get one of those and see how I fare.
  13. Please put me on the XR500 queue been waiting for an email since sign ups went up 😕
  14. Hello, The same problem. I add the link of my discussion:
  15. Whoa...So Interesting update i found out in my particular situation. So It seems that apparently, this is some issue between Modern Warfare and spectrum (My ISP) it seems: I never put the 2 together but this thread describes the exact issue i'm having and it always seemed to happen when me or my roommates who are playing Modern Warfare(Platform doesn't seem to matter but majority are xbox one x it seems which is the platform I play primarily play on but have noticed when playing on PS4Pro as well). Everyone is explaining the exact same issue I've been having for a while now. After I back out to the menu, it the internet seems to crash after roughly 2-3hrs at certain periods after I come back to the lobby. I'm in SoCal as well. Seems like it may have something to do with Spectrum interpreting Modern Warfare as a DDOS attack or something possibly. Maybe worth mentioning to some folks regarding this issue. Not quite sure if that's the case for the router as it seemed to have happened regardless(maybe someone else was playing without me knowing possibly), but I'll test this out with my current setup and let you guys know.
  16. Ive been watching the last ship recently and ive got a super boner for like ships and naval combat and what not. Does anyone know of any good naval combat games? I'd prefer more modern but a little older is fine. I'd like to be able to take controls of ships and give commands and stuff. Thanks!
  17. Issue happened again last night with dhcp and server turned off on both XR500's. I went ahead and switched back to my linksys wrt1900AC as the primary router and gonna take this second one back since I doubt i'll get the beta in time before the return period closes. I was holding out to see if that would ultimately resolve. Turning off DHCP seemed to exchange one problem for another as the not being able to connect to the internet for some devices while still having the internet disconnect issue happening. Really hope 3.0 fixes this. Thanks for the help.
  18. Hi Thanks for your reply. I know the games max out at 4mb even when you have higher speeds but they shouldn't get to 4mb when the available speeds have been nerfed to well below those levels. The R1 original firmware would impact the speed but the DumaOS doesn't seem to.
  19. @Netduma Fraser also could you tell me what the difference is between adding a games console to the traffic prioritization rules and setting a device type as a console in the device manager?
  20. I had an Internet dropping out last night, too.(It happened sometimes before) I tried to turn off the WiFi connection and then turn it back on a few times sometimes the internet connection would be restored. Still waiting my DumaOS 3.0 beta access...
  21. That in game 'test' is rubbish. Just ignore it. Mine always says 4mb despite me having 67d 20d. Every CoD game has been like that.
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  23. Anyway to set up my xr300 to simulate this environment ? My speeds are 300-500 . Upload is significantly higher but my PS4 never goes up 5mbs EVER.
  24. @Netduma Fraser so the values you enter above the goodput option serve no purpose other than to be the basis for the % calculation for the bufferbloat? If thats true then why not just have one option and enter the value yourself? Rather than two options? is it just easier for people to adjust a slider rather than work out on a calculator what 70% of their speeds are?
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