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  2. If you're in need of another XR300 tester I'm willing to help out and possibly invest into another model since 3.0 is around the corner hopefully
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  4. Quickscope . No matter if they are rank 5 or 155. No matter if their ping is 5 or 155. If you learn how to quickscope you are having fun in EACH AND EVERY GAME. Take my word for it. I quickscope ever since WWII and I'm having a blast. I wouldn't change quickscoping for the world.
  5. As long as I've helped one person at some point that's all that matters Zippy. Glad to hear Ive pointed you in the right direction when needed, that makes all the research and bug testing worth it. 😊
  6. Well Netgear have patched the R8900 and R9000 nothing about the XR700 or the RAX120 yet, but they will be patched at some point. It turns out they left TLS certificates in plain text in the firmware so anyone could read them... https://kb.netgear.com/000061582/Security-Advisory-for-Signed-TLS-Certificate-Private-Key-Disclosure-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2020-0105
  7. If I remember rightly you are using wisp? That will be likely be the cause of the ping fluctuations
  8. Look, as a software developer myself with 15+ years of experience in the field I completely get that. However its not about the underlying architectural complexity nor the potential delays due to cross-team approvals. As Alex pointed out most resources are focused on DumaOS 3.0 and not on a bug fixing. Cant be more clear than that... The Netduma team has prioritised the next version of DumaOS over patching holes in the problematic firmware of the XR series of routers: I great news for the XR500, however as an XR300 owner not sure if this is going to be of any help
  9. The idea of an update is to resolve problems...and add stuff that makes the game play better.But No activision is only about money... They said that they hear community...bull*** so many people said about SBMM....etc N3CRO is from Germany...i am from Greece....both of us they connect us etc to German server....N3CRO plays with 15ms ping and i play with 60+ ping in this server. How can play together these 2 guys?With such little TTK i have no chance to kill him in 1v1 gunfight....i shoot but N3CRO kill me....when i watch kill cam...i have never shoot at all...because he see me first and i didn't see him. The idea of dedicated servers of course is good IF YOU HAVE SERVERS IN EVERY COUNTRY you sell your game. If you don't have it is better to match games based on simillar ping to play fair all players. I pay for the game as N3CRO and so many other guys and i don't have fun with it..i "fight" with players...and with the game it self.!!!!! Of course the community is also responsible for this mess....they want new COD every year....DEVS what can do?Fix thinks in this COD or prepare for the next?Thats why so many problems. And we trying to find solutions with Netduma...routers..programs to fix this mess.
  10. Hi. on the XR series of routers there is also netgears firmware that runs under dumaOS. So it is a bit more complicated implementing fixes as both Netduma and then Netgear do testing and then Netgear decide when updates are made available. I did mention above that there is work being done on a new firmware that Netduma are working on for the Xr500 range which @Killhippie and @Zippy is unaware of and not the firmware he thinks I meant in his above comment. I hope this is soon for everyone but we are aware of everyone's concern as we too including myself have the XR routers too. Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy gaming!
  11. I had the exact same experience with my PS4, however I am using the XR300. It seems to be a bug affecting both routers and to be frank its really annoying as it deems the monitor capabilities of the router completely useless... I already raised the issue along with some other defects that are plaguing the XR300 firmware, however as the devs are spread thin with the DumaOS 3.0 development I don't foresee we ll have a hot fix anytime soon.
  12. Sweet that sounds great! When booting up IW and the game does its usual ping all dedi servers i can no longer see the Australian Sydney server, there are also many other servers globally that have also been discontinued such as the west coast American servers and some in the EU. Id imagine its due to cost savings, the player base has been dwindling since early 2018. Ive tried to force my Netduma into only connecting to american/eu servers to no avail, only thing that works is having someone host the game from that location or using a VPN.
  13. Same. I tried the traffic prioritization with blops 4 and had no better results. Blops 4 has been the worst for me out of all the cod series as far as hit reg, 1 bullet deaths etc. The newest title however is the most consistent cod ever for me. It's so weird.
  14. I can't have my bufferbloat setting higher then 20% either while i play bf5 or I get latency variation warnings. (This is running a speed test on another device while i game to test) Thats about 100 megabit on a 475 megabit connection. My family mostly streams video so i don't even really bother with it as i never really hits 100 megabits. CM1000 Modem XR500 Router edit: even with it set to 10% on uploading i get a packet loss warning while speed testing
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  16. In playing today, it seems that the server locations are now corrected. Please confirm.
  17. Ha Ha I give you the badge of honor when it comes to the staying on top of Netgears stuff! And if you don't know it you seem to have always pointed me in the correct direction! So I have promoted you to that title. Zippy.
  18. Bonjour , il y a encore peu de temps je pouvais accĂ©der Ă  DumaOs mais aujourd'hui en tentant de me connecter, je n'Ă©tais pas sur le mĂȘme Ă©cran affichant il y avait que "settings", je me suis donc dĂ©connectĂ© et reconnecter la mĂȘme a choisi je ne sais pas quoi faire. Merci de bien vouloir m'aider.
  19. I have to concur with demonchine on this 1. With nothing in Geofilter its way faster finding lobbies when im hosting a party or im in a party.
  20. I'm having lots of problems with this router. I get all A+ with DSL reports no bufferbloat connection is great. connection-481.0Mbps DL 21.3 Mbps Up Ping-20 I'm always that guy that shoots first and dies first scenario.I would like someones opinion or help.
  21. Hi iam playing on call of duty modern warfare on the xbox. I have the netduma geo page loaded on my laptop while playing the game. It is saying my ping is 16ms but can fluctuate high like 100ms but not often. In the game settings its saying about 50ms and that can fluctuate high too. Is there some wrong with my connection or is it the game thanks
  22. Happy to hear that, feel free to send me that link at your convenience.Thank you
  23. Just fill out the application on the first page. When we need more insiders we'll be accepting members on a first come - first served basis.
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