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  2. The light is trigerred by the ports you prioritize. This is also how you know that what you instructed the router to do is actually taking effect. The TP definitely works better than ABB for me as the gaming packets/ports are 100% prioritized and your other devices in use cannot affect your gameplay at all.
  3. So with all of this new information that has been shared, especially that different ports are for your connection in game. What New Rules/Ports should be prioritized?
  4. Nice clip bud......the bullet reg and your reactions are on point, 👌
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  6. I think I got mine figured out with wireshark and some help from you guys, my traffic prioritization light only comes on when the match starts which is what I was trying to do. tks for the help.
  7. A few weeks after updating to DumaOS, anytime I am on a page that displays the network monitor, an error pops up that says Missing JSON response and I am unable to see network activity. Restarting router and trying two different browsers (Chrome and IE) did not change anything. In addition, before updating to DumaOs, the wifi would regularly drop several times a week and the only way to fix it would be to restart the router. After updating, the issue persists, but significantly less. Maybe a couple times a month. Things I've tried: different SSID, different channel, restarting, and wifi workaround on the previous version. Any ideas on how to fix either or both of these issues?
  8. it feels as if something internal is broken it just hasnt been working right.
  9. it really is, its very slow after the reset and the interface seems buggy. It will sit there and load the software indefinitely, unless I close it.
  10. Its weird my xr500 reset is super easy and fast and gets up and running in like 5 minutes. The xr700 is nightmare to reset lol
  11. If its happening on your current firmware nothing will fix it. Ive tried everything on my XR500 and the only thing that helped was going back to a firmware till it stopped doing it.
  12. yea mine is the same way. I had to factory reset once and it took forever load. After that factory reset it now takes forever to do anything. I switched it to 5 just have not reset it yet will update
  13. Fair warning if you downgrade your firmware you will have to reset the router. I don't know how many of these routers don't like to be reset but mine is one of them. I returned one thinking it was broken when I updated the firmware and it never came back up. With my router I usually have to do 3 resets in a row and reconfigure it hat way or the interface takes a hour to load with like 10 minute next window load screen. I sometimes have to do 3 resets then configure my router offline for it to load the gui and do it faster.
  14. I have been going back and forth with netgear for a very long time. Today they finally emailed me saying they want me to let netduma run debugs on it. you can get pastfirmware from the xr700 webpage under other firmware tab
  15. Where can i get the software to revert it?
  16. netgear sent me a message asking for me to try 1. Open Google Chrome 2. Make sure it has no extensions and clear cache/cookies 3. Open GUI 4. Go to System Information then R-apps 5. Look for the Hamburger icon and set retry attempts to 5 6. Close the GUI and reboot the router did not work for me.
  17. Its a glitch with the .20 software I been on the beta for it since end of august netgear had a ton of complaints about it on there beta forum before it was released.
  18. Hey so netgear has asked me to get a hold of netduma and let them try to debug the firmware on my router. I complained to netgear maybe 2months ago when they asked me if I wanted to beta test .20 that my R Apps stopped working. Netgear just emailed me and said after two months of back and forth they don't have a clue and asked if they could pass my information on to netduma lol.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Crazy amount of hackers online in CoD MW. Maybe in Black Ops 4 too...
  21. Same I can’t find a good ground for bop4 since the last huge update .
  22. East coast as well on Xbox if anyone wants to play I’m down . My friends stopped playing looking for new friends who are chill yet decent . I hate the person who screams every time they die .
  23. First post long time lurker . First of all tp made a huge difference . Also the abb turned off did as well . Thank you , I’m finding most matches are pretty flawless now compared to before I did the above mentioned steps . All off feeling on this statement ! I feel as though we’re missing one thing to make the game run flawless , wel compared to what it was . No longer am I getting the orange symbols at the very least maybe once in a blue . IMG_0651.MP4
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