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  2. As you have changed NAT Filtering to Open then any devices should be able to use the ports they need without issue. Where are you testing NAT, console settings or the in game settings? Have you added your friends to your allow list as you will need to do that to hear them.
  3. We will put out a separate file for that so that will come soon.
  4. Are you aware of any errors in the software with port forwarding? I can't edit a rule I get this message Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined Trying to add a new rule I get this RPC error 'ERROR_UNKNOWN': bad argument #1 to 'gmatch' (string expected, got nil) -> stack traceback: ?: in function <?:73> [C]: in function 'gmatch' ?: in function 'split' ?: in function '?' ?: in function '?' ?: in function <?:387> ?: in function <?:382> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:346> [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:404> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:263> (tail call): ? ?: in function <?:30> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in main chunk [C]: ? @Netduma Fraser Also what's the latest firmware for the R2, I'm on 138, is there any thing newer?
  5. If the PS4 was still online even in standby mode when you removed it from the VPN then you probably just needed to restart the console to correct it.
  6. Have you looked around for the best servers in your area and tried any slightly further away to see if you get a better experience?
  7. As far as I am aware the only issues you're having yourself is Connection Benchmark not reporting the speeds you're actually getting and WiFi is that right? They will both be resolved. As long as you're getting good speeds as confirmed by speedtest.net then that's the main thing - you don't want to be unnecessarily restricted. The ping results will be far more important than the speed aspect. What do you mean what you should use it for?
  8. I think this is probably due to your location/routing. Where abouts are you located? Where is the closest server as seen on the Geo-Filter?
  9. Great! Ideally you would disable UPnP as it could cause conflicts but as you've used port forwarding to one device then other devices could suffer if they require ports to be opened. Try both on and off and see what plays better/if there are issues with any other devices. Good advice above, no you don't need the interface open. You can set it once and then forget it entirely if you wish.
  10. now would you guy's do a live call over the phone to walk me through cause that's what I would do with all the other routers I had to get the best settings
  11. You will need to use a provider that supports OpenVPN, as long as you do that then you can use any provider/server you wish to.
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! In the past that won't have worked as it would have just allowed the rest of the party to go into the game while you were prevented. Perhaps they have changed it now so that you can only go into a game as a whole party, if so that is great!
  13. I'm just trying to get the best settings for gaming call of duty cause it's horrible feels like it takes 30 bullets to kill someone and 2 bullets to kill me but when I watch the kill cam it shows that I was hit by a few bullets my reaction times are slower I feel like I'm behind my opponents by milliseconds I cant run and gun and get into fights around corners I lost most of them but there's days or times of the day when my connection is running good and I can feel the difference instantly my UP/DL numbers are ok when I benchmark test them through router but when I test through anything else there's a big discrepancy and no matter what settings I change I always get the same grades ( speed ) D, ( ping) A+, ( forgot what last one is but it's ) A sometimes B, I can never get the first one speed better than D but mostly what I want to figure out is the QOS, and the GEO FILTER sorry for the long message but I like to try to explain everything
  14. I said they should help, they weren't released publicly as they weren't fully done. New firmware is coming next week, it's being tested right now. What was wrong with the booklet you received in the box? That explains the features? There is also an initial tour when you go onto the interface, an individual Geo-Filter tour and an individual tour for QoS as well as ? icons on every panel that give you more information on the feature. In this next firmware releasing next week we're introducing more tours/information for each page when accessed. Our return terms can be found here: https://netduma.com/terms/ I understand you're frustrated and I thank you for your feedback.
  15. Can you see any more devices on the Device Manager? They may not be named correctly but they should have the same IP as shown on the device itself.
  16. Sorry @JNOR still trying to get someone to take a look. They are really busy at the moment.
  17. Im going to copy paste some bits from email exchange to provide context At this point i was going to return it but i was informed that a firmware update was coing soon that woud drastically fix many issues as well as the worst wifi coverage i have ever seen. Literally. A china brand wall plug wifi repeater from twice the distance away, round the corner of a brick chimney was coming up with an available wifi connection more then the r2 After greatly anticipating the arrival of this router with hopes that it improve the wifi throughout the home was greatly disappointing. I am in Australia, using optus as the ISP. The provided modem/router provided by them I is not the greatest wifi signal. The netduma r2 is severely worse. The room that contains my xbox, PlayStation, nvidia shield, and computer manage to get a choppy 28mbps to 54mbps connection.This room is directly down a hallway, merely 5 meters away. I cannot believe it. If there is some sort of setting to change please do let me know, I have tried using different channels already. I provided screenshots of speed analysis and wifi coverage strength test conducted, so no need to post them on here you guys have them already. So after a brief email exchange I said for the time being then ill just go get a cheap wifi mesh system to use to have the r2 sdo its thing and let the mesh do the wifi. So I got a cheap mesh system by mercusys halo s12. After racking my brain why my xbox would keep showing strict nat, double nat detected it took me a while to realise that the mesh system was providing a dhcp aswell. This cheap ass system does not have a wireless ap mode. I had tried to turn the dhcp off in it, but then it just stopped working and was showing no internet wifi connection. I had assigned static ips, tried a dmz nothing would work. So my bandaid solution was ' use an old tp link 2.4ghz router as a wireless ap and connect my consoles by lan cable from it. as it is copying the mac address from the r2 i dont end up with a double nat. for wifi, where the nat isnt stopping me from just surfing the net the mesh is being used. Today i sent another email asking for remote assistance and was instructed to post here...even though all relevant information was in the email thread. Excerpt from latest emails for context Can I please get some remote support. If possible asap, I think it may still be work day where you guys are? I have been getting absolutely terrible experience from this product. The net keeps dropping out, my ping has increased tremendously. My games have become completely choppy and players glitching out everywhere. I need this asap today as tomorrow I have a qtr final e sports competition for the Logitech McLaren g challenge and how it is now, it's terrible. I had purchased a wifi mesh but this posed its own problems as this cheap one can't just act as a wireless Ap and wants to assign dhcp. If I disable dhcp on the netduma, I loose internet connectivity aswell as lan and had to totally reboot. It has been an extremely frustrating experience so far, which has cost me upwards of $350 at this point and frustration, late nights and headaches Following on I'll do that, but I was hoping for some immediate remote assist as this esports race is in less than 24 hours... Any novice and and somewhat advance level of compentcy trouble shooting I have tried. The reason I thought to turn off dhcp is that the mesh system I have works in a router + 2 satellite configuration. Turning dhcp on that (with the lan cable from the r2 plugged into the mesh router acts as the wan connection but it's either double Nat and somewhat works, or turn dhcp off on the mesh and that stops working. Which I had to purchase because the r2 wifi range and speed is so extremely poor, that an old china wifi wall plug repeater shows a strong connection from twice the distance away.. I have produced a high end graphical representation of the home network in a picture for you guys. It is done in the one and only, paint.
  18. That MTU is ridiculous, I'm not surprised it is taking you so long, you've probably got fragmentation. MTU is a placebo affect when it comes to online gaming.
  19. will this duma os beta 3.0 firmware work on the xr450 as well
  20. That should be pretty soon, within the next few weeks I suspect. The Rapp store will be included but as it's not our hardware it is up to Netgear what they want on it - I can't imagine they won't want the features. The change log has been included in the post
  21. It will take some time but we will try to get it done as soon as we can - it requires more investigation and actual changes to the Geo-Filter.
  22. Today
  23. That doesn't make much sense. Open Command Prompt and ping the IP of the Fritzbox interface IP while connected to the XR500, what ping do you get back?
  24. I still can't get mine open. Doing my head in on call of duty as can't hear PS4 party chat. Wish there was a simple fix for this.
  25. What VPN servers is the Netduma R2 most compatible with? I'm in the NE USA. or any?
  26. My 2cents, if you're constantly chasing the perfect settings 1) They don't exist & 2) You don't give the settings you have changed a chance. There are so many variables when it comes to playing online, with the router you can optimize this as much as possible but there will be external factors from time to time. My suggestion is just find some low ping/close servers, optimize your QoS and then just completely forget about it and I bet after awhile you will have more good games than you thought you would. DumaOS 3.0 is in open beta on XR500 if you want to try that: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/bd-p/en-home-beta-npg-duma
  27. By the way, if you're going to change MTU then you need to test it to make sure you select a value that doesn't result in fragmentation. Also if you're changing it to try and improve game performance then that won't work.
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