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opinions on line status

4 weeks ago

Good morning Duma army.


I would like to please the most expert and the most knowledgeable about this give me their opinion on how they see my line.


I have hired 300 megs of upload and download.


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10 January 2018 - 11:32 AM

hi guys I wanted to ask you about the bandwidth, I usually get 4300 and 4200 about bandwidth my question is can you get more on PS4? or it is the maximum par excellence. Greetings and thank you

consult about dumaOS

07 January 2018 - 12:01 PM

Hello netduma team!


I would like to ask you a question about DumaOS and if it will include certain characteristics.



I would like to know and if you can confirm if DumaOs has the feature to choose between IP Wan Static or IP Wan Dhcp.

I would also like to know if in the VLAN option the IEEE 802.1p protocol option will be implemented.


Greetings and thanks for any information you can give me


P.D: A special thanks to Adam and Jack for their help with my problems to be able to post in the forum. ;)


05 September 2017 - 02:26 PM

Hi netduma team. I have a doubt that I can not find an answer, when I play Bops3 in the interface of the duma I mark a ping of 30ms or even less, but then in the menu of pause of the game when I look at the ping I mark a ping of more than 100ms and especially many peaks that vary from 100ms to 200ms and even more, to what can this be due? Why does one ping the server and play another? Greetings to all !!


05 July 2017 - 10:01 AM


As I said in another post my network is currently composed of ROUTER-ONT-NETDUMA, my intention is to eliminate the router and only leave ONT / NETDUMA and that the ONT of IP publishes the netduma. In another post I commented that I tried to clone the MAC of the ONT to the netduma and the result was null, I went looking for another way to do it and another option is to put it VLAN used by my ISP, but put it Vlan does not work either, my question is: ISP uses VLAN 832 and priority 0, I might not work that configuration because the netduma does not give me the option to choose the priority?


It may be that neither of the 2 options the Mac clone and Vlan does not work because the netduma has no NAT control?

Could it be that in DumaOS the option is added?


Greetings and thanks for attention