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#172130 I have question?

Posted by titofuenla on 2 weeks ago

What would happen if i change my DHCP lease from 12 hours to a week? I came here to ask before i did anything because it said to ask staff if you don't know anything about it.

This is for the router to renew the IP addresses assigned to the devices.

#171204 RE-boot

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

Port forwarding

some time ago report a failure on the resending of ports specifically to use hyper traffic geofilter and port forwarding the Duma collapses and gives a very high ping and saturates the interface.


try using UPNP instead of port forwarding and tell how it is doing and if it has happened again, but I'm pretty sure that if you stop using port forwarding, you will not have that problem.


Greetings and I hope it helps.

#170763 opinions on line status

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

me too :)

Then he sees it well ?.Is the pingplotter graph good?

#170760 opinions on line status

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

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I had to put it in 3 post because I did not leave everything in one thanks to all those who give me their opinion a greeting.

#170759 opinions on line status

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

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#170758 opinions on line status

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

Good morning Duma army.


I would like to please the most expert and the most knowledgeable about this give me their opinion on how they see my line.


I have hired 300 megs of upload and download.


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#170692 DNS Servers

Posted by titofuenla on 4 weeks ago

Guys why when i change the Wan DNS servers do all devices still show ?

Have you also approved to change the DNS values in the LAN section?

Try changing the values in both the Wan and the Lan section and then restarting the netduma from miscellaneous and also restart the devices.

#170256 Netduma question.

Posted by titofuenla on 17 January 2018 - 09:56 AM

Bonjour à tous,


Je viens vers vous pour éventuellement savoir si le netduma peut m'aider dans ma situation.


Il m'est impossible de jouer le soir n'étant pas seul à la maison, il arrive qu'un autre pc soit connecté et regarde des vidéos (netflix ect...)


Est-ce que le netduma peut atténué les lags présent dans mon gameplay (dans la totalité) sans pour autant que l'autre pc connecté ne puisse plus rien faire (toujours avoir la possibilité de regarder netflix par exemple) ? 


Ps : J'ai une connexion de 5 méga seulement.


Très bonne journée à vous



Pour cela, vous devez passer au contrôle de la congestion et placer les barres coulissantes à 70%.

Avec cela, vous devrez atténuer les effets de l'autre PC.



#169136 Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

Posted by titofuenla on 09 January 2018 - 06:22 AM

Hello Duma Army!!


It's great news to read this but I have some doubts.


1: because the users of R1 have to wait until April? 

    I think they should give an explanation on this, since it is very unfair for the users of R1 that we have been with you so long and        so long waiting for the new update.


2: Seriously $ 300 for a new router ?.

     I have been observing the prices of the new Netgear router and the truth is that I think the price is quite excessive.

     And at $ 200 it was a pretty high price for the R1 but it was completely worth it, but paying $ 300 for a new router is worth it?

     How much better is the new router so there is $ 100 difference with the R1 ?.


3: Is there any difference between the operating system Duma os what will be in the Netgear with the one that comes out for the            R1?


As I said I am very happy to read this post but at the same time frustrated and disillusioned by having to wait until April to enjoy the new system for the R1.


first of all and how not to thank Ian and the rest of the Duma team for the great work and the great work they do both to get new updates and to attend all the consultations of the forum and social networks


a big greeting and just wait ... now yeah hehehe.


P.D:I hope you understand my post well since my English is not native and I have to use a translator. Thank you!

#160872 No me funciona el router

Posted by titofuenla on 09 October 2017 - 10:38 PM



En que version tienes el router? 


Configuraste la duma con tus velocidades de descarga y subida?


tienes puesto en preventivo? o en reactivo?


y por ultimo con que compañia y que velocidades tienes contratadas?


mañana cuando salga de trabajar si me as respondido a las preguntas te intento ayudar a configurar todo correctamente.


Un saludo!

#159879 Geo filtro

Posted by titofuenla on 26 September 2017 - 12:53 PM


¡Hola, bienvenido al foro! No estoy seguro si entiendo su pregunta, ya que podría haber sido perdido en la traducción, pero usted debe ser capaz de forzar a los hosts en otro país, activando el modo estricto, la configuración Ping Assist a 0ms y colocar su casa en ese país con un relativamente pequeño.
Lo siento si esto no es lo que querías decir. Por favor, háganos saber si tiene más preguntas sobre esto :)
Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm unsure if I understand your question since it might have been lost in translation, but you should be able to force hosts in a another country by turning on Strict mode, setting Ping Assist to 0ms and placing your home in that country with a relatively small radius.
Sorry if this is not what you meant. Please let us know if you have any more questions about this :)



Efectivamente es como dijo netduma jack, simplemente coloque la ubicacion suya cerca del servidor que quiera, ponga ping assist en 0ms y amplie un poco el circulo de su geo filtro(como 500 km) y modo estricto activado, de esa forma usted se conectara solo al servidor que este dentro de su circulo y a ninguno mas.


Un saludo

#159758 Att Uverse - What are the best settings?

Posted by titofuenla on 24 September 2017 - 06:16 AM

No bridge mode. it only has a DMZ mode. (no firewall/ public ip)

Then just put the IP of the duma in the DMZ, go to device manager and where you put WAN IP copy that address then put that IP in the DMZ and disable the wifi of your ISP router so nothing can be connected to he and all work through the duma. That is the only thing you have to do in your ISP router, the rest of configuration already serious in the duma and depending on your connection will be one or the other.
a greeting!

#158225 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by titofuenla on 29 August 2017 - 01:31 PM

Terrible news, great player and best person, rest in peace A7

#151894 This is only way, I can get a full internet speed through wired connection.

Posted by titofuenla on 23 June 2017 - 10:10 AM

I follow all the steps you say and give me the same connection speed as before. I think this does not work ...

#150335 Serious Problem

Posted by titofuenla on 05 June 2017 - 09:33 AM

Guys, tell you that since I do the steps that I said no I once again spend more that bug.


Thank you for your support and your help and to go forward.