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In Topic: Cloud - Incorrect Locations

A week ago

ID: 06598c57f6a51b20, 11ms, Spain.

In Topic: IP fragmentation?

A week ago

the problem of moderate NAT could be for its main router, if the xr500 proves that port 3074 is open it should not be a problem unless your main router has not configured the DMZ or port forwarding.


Regarding the fragmentation of packages as far as I know, it is usually due to problems with the MTU.


To know the size of your MTU go to your PC and run CMD then type this command: netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces

next you will be shown the list of network positives connected to the PC and their corresponding MTU on the left, if the size of the MTU is 1500, you must subtract 28 bits used in the headers (IP [20 bytes] and ICMP [8 bytes]) so it would have a value of 1472.


Having that value already go back to the console of the command prompt and type the command: ping google.com -f -l 1500


Putting the value 1500 will surely indicate that you have fragmentation of packages rewrite the same command but changing the value to 1472 then you the results you have to receive is that it sends correctly and there is no fragmentation. In case its value is not 1500 and it is different, remember to always subtract the 28 bits from the headers and then test with the ping to google command.


greetings and I hope that your problem is solved

In Topic: Router Software Issue

A week ago

Good Morning


Have you done a factory reset?


Press with a pin into the small hole next to where the light adapter connects, Wait for you with the pulsed around 25 to 30 seconds until I heard a beep.


I hope it will help you and your problem will be solved.

In Topic: New Netduma R1 not working

A week ago



I received my Netduma R1 yesterday here in Hong Kong.  I attempted to set it up this morning and could not get it working.  Is there someone to speak with?

Hello and welcome to the forum.


try to follow this start guide: http://support.netdu...g-the-interface


Then and when you have connectivity follow this guide to optimize your connection: Guía de configuración óptima.


a greeting


2 weeks ago

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