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In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

20 minutes ago

for all those who protest so much here you have a link to access the Beta de DumaOs
And those who said that DumaOs never arrived for R1 should apologize and now they have to swallow their own words

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

7 hours ago

It is incredible, a week or more without anyone complaining, but it is enough that one complains so that everyone starts to throw themselves to the jugular like rabid dogs.
Honestly if you are not going to give a new date nor the netduma team will say anything about it until it comes out, I do not understand what makes this issue open. Of the only thing that serves is to be listening to the same as always to protest and complain and the truth that it is always tiring to read the same nonsense.
Personally I think that the topic should be closed and when there is new news open a new topic.

In Topic: Powerline adapter

A week ago

hola y bienvenido compañero!


Ya vi que te contestaron al otro mensaje en inglés, pero te respondere yo aquí en español para ver si te queda algo más claro el tema.


Tu por lo que entiendo, lo que tienes es un PLC para poder conectar por cable tu ps4, siempre debes conectar los 2 adaptadores a un enchufe de pared para que le saques el maximo rendimiento, ya que la regleta al tener varias enchufes lo que hace es interferir en la señal aparte que  las regletas suelen estar echas de materiales no muy buenos, al tenerlo enchufado directamente en la pared y si el circuito eléctrico de tu hogar esta bien no tiene interferencia y la señal es más rapido y mejor.


Veo que tu problema es que cerca de donde tienes la ps4 si tienes un enchufe en la pared libre, pero que en el caso de donde tienes la Duma no es asi. Una solución es que busque el siguiente enchufe libre en la habitacion donde se encuentra la Duma, el problema vendrá en que el cable de Lan no le llegara desde la Duma al siguiente enchufe. Lo que tiene que hacer es medir desde donde está la Duma y el siguiente enchufe libre y comprar un cable de Lan mas largo, no es demasiado caro, el cable de la Lan tipo Cat 6 de 5M me costó 15 € y para ti no creo que te haga falta más de 2 metros que vendrá a costarte unos 6 €.


Espero que sirva de ayuda, ya que has invertido el dinero en los PLC y que puedas usar y extraer el máximo partido.


Un saludo !!

In Topic: R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

A week ago

Technically I was referencing this dealy post as opposed to the original delay.  Can't we both have lollies?

Mind blown, they are both the same delay....

Yes man! we can have both! it is better to see everyone if they are a bit happier and there is not so much frustration. :lol:


your comment is complaining about people complaining. Now think about that while you give yourself a pat on the back.

Forgives? Where do you see me complaining? on the contrary, I am glad that there is nobody who did it, even though sadly it did not last long. It seems to me that your reading comprehension is a bit bad ... Even so, if you want, you can come and give me the pat on the back, I will wait for you with pleasure. :P

In Topic: Reset R1

3 weeks ago

The problem itself is not from the router button, the promebla arises when it is updated to version 1.03.6 J.

The restart button worked perfectly for me, but once I updated that version I stopped doing it.


If there was a way to go back to one of the previous versions of 1.03.6, it would have a solution, the problem is that today you can only download version J.
Could you put a link with a different version to download jack? I'm sure it would be solved.