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Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

3 days ago

No need to elaborate really. I'd just like to know if anyone's got some settings that would allow someone on ultra low latency (under half a frame to the server) with negligible (<0.2ms) jitter and zero packet loss to not feel behind the action in 95% of games against oblivious lagging no quickdraw 2 sensitivity circle drawing 10% accuracy morons who supposedly get half an hour to respond to my player model while I'm being instantly red screened by what always initially looks like god accuracy, only to find out via the killcam that they can afford to miss three quarters of their shots because I'm apparently just staring into space in front of them when in fact I'm engaging before they even have their weapon up.

Meanwhile just watch some random's gameplay and they don't take damage or even face being engaged by anyone while casually and slowly dragging to people on near minimum sensitivity, flailing around with poor accuracy and dropping packets with hexagons on their screen, yet every bullet connects? LOL

Audibly delayed hitmarkers (it can be as much as 300ms before my shot connects, which is easily calculated if you know how to check a weapon's fire rate and compare it against how many rounds can be fired on target before a hitmarker appears), force fields that have my aim assist stuck behind a player, and no time to react while using a PC monitor with instant mode enabled, all while snapping straight to people on max sens as if it's not fast enough. Yeah I'm done with that. If anyone can save my sanity for even two weeks before WW2 comes out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I refuse to die to lag on a flat 7ms ping anymore. Cheers.

Anyone on BT received this email?

A week ago

When I moved to BT from Virgin Media I was looking for quality gaming and stability rather than bandwidth, so I went for the basic 50/10 Infinity package. I just opened this today and it seems like I'm eligible for a free upgrade to their 76Mb package. I've got a couple of questions for anyone more clued up than me.


1. My Smart Hub's current max data rates are 65/29Mb while I pay for a guaranteed 50/10 (I receive 52/10). How is this speed boost enabled? Do I need new firmware? Or will I never be able to receive 76Mb because 65Mb is the absolute maximum? I'm fairly sure my entering my postcode into their availability checker showed I could get Infinity 2 though.


2. Assuming I can get this boost, does that include the higher upload bandwidth of up to 18Mb too? I'm not too bothered about download - although I'd be grateful for any freebie of course - but the upload boost could really come in handy.


Any knowledge you could share with me would be greatly appreciated, cheers :)


Edit: I just checked their checker and I am indeed eligible for up to 76Mb. Does this mean the 65/29Mb caps apply only to my 52/10Mb package, or can this be increased to accommodate Infinity 2 as I'm currently on Infinity 1?


I actually just received my first firmware update for a long time, but my max data rates haven't changed. I'm a bit stumped lol

Duma OS idea (if it's not too late to implement) - thoughts?

2 weeks ago

Obviously the major selling point of the R1 is the unique geofilter. It's a brilliant feature that allows you to find the lowest latency games possible, which in FPS games in particular should be the most important tool in helping overcome one of the biggest problems with multiplayer gaming - matchmaking. Ping assist takes the control you have with the radius feature even further. However I've noticed that getting the absolute lowest latency games possible isn't always the best approach, unless you live far enough away from a server that the lowest latency game you can find has you in the sweet spot.

Many people I watch playing recent titles - IW in particular - have perfectly smooth gameplay on something like 40ms latency, even if they're on some jittery line or dropping packets. Every bullet registers instantly regardless. You've probably seen a lot of my complaining on the forum this year about connecting to my local IW server (UK) on 7ms latency and seeing awful connections thanks to audibly delayed hitmarkers or none at all, jerky aim assist, being visibly behind the action and so on. In IW I've noticed the UK server acts like a matchmaking black hole and if I turn off my geofilter, or just set it up to find the lowest latency games possible, 90% of the time it'll be on 7ms, while everyone from here to Dubai also connects to it. I've wanted to test higher latency games but the only servers I can connect to with reliably are in the UK, Netherlands, France and New Jersey in the US; the former three all offer under 14ms connections - not ideal for my testing - while the latter gives me a perfectly respectable but obviously not ideal 75ms. The Danish, Polish and Russian servers offer 30-50ms which is the ideal range for testing not overly excessive latency, but because of their proximity to the German/Dutch servers it's hard to use the radius feature to connect to them without avoiding those low latency games.

In short, my idea is that Duma OS allows us to not only request games under a certain latency threshold, as the ping assist feature allows us to do so well, but to set a range with a lower and upper limit. This would allow us a greater degree of control over matchmaking, further increasing the appeal of the R1 for serious gamers while also improving our experience in games.

I know many of you probably feel like it'd be too niche a feature, especially if you have no issues finding smooth games with how the geofilter works currently, but if you know how miserably IW and even WW2 have played on under half a frame of latency you have likely given up on playing or have tried server hopping yourself.

Let me know your thoughts. I hope this isn't an unreasonable request as I have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the work that goes into making these kinds of features possible :)

Anyone ever done this before?

3 weeks ago

I randomly decided to run a network diagnostics test on the Duma, but I had forgot that I had a couple of devices connected to my BT modem/router rather than the Duma because my PS4 had its settings auto-saved, and a couple of hours ago I was testing out my new Sony phone's Remote Play feature on the same WiFi band for convenience rather than turning the Netduma's WiFi back on. I failed to disconnect and make sure all of my devices were connected purely to the Duma afterwards...

When I finished the test I had the usual exceptional grade for ping and spikes with no packet loss, but my jitter showed a good grade which I'd never seen before. When I was with Virgin Media last year I saw good grades all the time because it was a jittery mess and my base latency was so much higher that I rarely saw exceptional for ping too. It took me a while to realise my PS4 was still on WiFi, as I wanted to test the Remote Play app while downloading something. It was still downloading when I ran the network diagnostic test.

I wanted to create this thread not just because I thought it was funny that I couldn't initially work out why my stellar Infinity connection suddenly seemed to be taking a dump and I clearly had an epic fail moment, but also because the results of the test surprised me. While a good grade for jitter is obviously not ideal, the spikes actually weren't that large...

My base latency still hovered around the 9ms mark, but I only had one or two spikes of around 18-22ms at most. I ran the test a few more times when I was still under the impression I was doing nothing wrong and my connection was playing up, and only two or three of the results exceeded 9ms on each test. The highest spike was 22ms.

It just got me thinking about how each ISP and type of connection performs. It's not FTTH because Infinity uses a length of copper between the cabinet on the end of my street and my socket, yet these results seemed to be excellent despite the congestion. My game was downloading at full bandwidth on the PS4 - a consistent 8MB/48Mb~ per second (I pay for 50Mb download).

When I was with Virgin I could never get an exceptional grade for jitter as it spiked to 30-50ms every two seconds WITHOUT FAIL, regardless of whether or not I used Congestion Control, and i could never get decent grades on DSLReports' connection quality test. Is it just me or are a mere couple of 20ms spikes while (accidentally) fully flooding my line absolutely incredible? When I finally realised why it was happening, my frustration turned to laughter because I'd have expected even an FTTC connection to turn to sh!te after that!

Just thought I'd share because I have such a poor experience in CoD thanks to connections these days, and this really rubs salt in the wounds! 😂👍

Quick question regarding ping graph in older CoDs

23 June 2017 - 04:08 PM

Does anyone know what the ping graph shows, if anything at all, if you are host? If I put Ghosts or any last gen CoDs on I normally see hosts with awfully unstable connections and I'm wondering what it takes to get host with a stable line and plenty of spare bandwidth.

I'd like to clarify I'm not trying to force host; I'd just like to know if/when I'm actually host, because I don't think I've ever actually had host aside from two games last year in BO3, and I never had a Netduma then (instead I never had a ping bar show up on the pause menu in-game). Thanks all.