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Anyone seen this TP Link model before?

2 weeks ago

I can't even remember how I came across this, but I remember clicking on a link for a review because I read "modem" in the title and I thought TP Link only did routers. This thing is a two in one?


I was wondering if any of you have one or have used it before. I won't need the QoS on it, but I was attracted to the price tag and the fact it can be used as a modem only! I'm on BT and can't do that with my Smart Hub, which is probably the only thing I miss about my Virgin Media Not So Superhub haha

This thing is cheap as chips for what you get at £33 too, and it supports all line types. It only works as a modem only for xDSL (including VDSL2, if that matters) as far as I know, but that works for me.

Anyone think it would give me better performance than running my R1 alongside an ISP default two in one modem and router? Or would it be a waste of money getting it for modem only mode alone, assuming others out there do it better if at all?

Cannot find Irish server - a problem?

3 weeks ago

I was always under the impression that there were no CoD servers in Ireland for PSN - only for XBL - but I was advised today that I should be seeing servers appear in Dublin regardless of platform. He said there's an issue if I don't see a whitelisted server location in Dublin. I'm not really sure what causes this or how to resolve it.

Any ideas? As far as I know Dublin is the home of Demonware right? Does that handle which servers appear when you first connect to online services or something? I've NEVER seen a server appear in Ireland.

Sudden WiFi issues

4 weeks ago

I was just on YouTube on my phone and noticed that videos would randomly buffer, so I checked my Netduma GUI to ensure the sliders were set to 100% (50 down 10 up); they were, so I went back to the video I was trying to watch and it wouldn't load up at all. I then tried to run a speed test and couldn't even connect to any servers.

I swapped back to my ISP modem/router's WiFi (BT Smart Hub), ran a test and managed to run it with no issues. Swapping back to my Netduma WiFi I could only start a test once in four attempts. I ran another test with the ISP router and then swapped immediately back to the Netduma, screenshotting my results in order to show the two tests were just 24 seconds apart...

I've never had any issues with my R1's WiFi before. It was last rebooted around 36 hours ago. Any idea what could be causing this?

Edit: I should add that, two hours later after a reboot, I'm running more tests putting my phone ON the R1 and seeing the same lol

Monitoring your connection while in game causes connection issues?

05 November 2017 - 02:58 PM

Probably sounds a bit weird because I'm going to start this off by saying I can watch the geofilter while in a game, have a fantastic low latency and stability and all seems fine on the ping graph...

However I've noticed that when running a ping test and having the geofilter running at the same time, even with congestion control applied (at any percentage), my line goes to *beep* and I end up with higher base latency and up to 250ms of jitter. I ran several tests to rule out any potential anomaly. If I close my Netduma GUI on my web browser it returns to normal. I can even load another GUI page (congestion control for example) and it's normal. If I start a test with the geofilter up on my browser while a test is running, and close it midway through, my latency and jitter will rapidly crash down towards normal values. Even if I'm not pinging a host/server with the geofilter, and I simply have the page open, it causes problems.

I thought maybe it was pinging a host at the same time, or even just leaving Auto Ping Host enabled, that caused this, but I unticked my preferences one by one (Auto Ping Host, Strict Mode and Low Resolution Map) while leaving the geofilter page open and it remained the same. I then disabled the geofilter entirely while leaving the page open and still no change.

So I switched to a tablet to try running a ping test on one device's browser while leaving the geofilter up on my laptop. It returned to normal and I had more like 0.1-0.2ms of jitter.

I did all this while using 70/70 preemptive sliders. Can anyone think of any reason that the geofilter graph would display "normal" results, while a ping test is running on the same browser as the geofilter page and displays horrible results? Surely the geofilter isn't that demanding? And wouldn't those stability issues be reflected on the geofilter ping graph? Simply running a ping test at the same time doesn't seem to cause issues because I've done that while, say, downloading something, and if congestion control is applied there's no additional jitter at all. Running the geofilter at the same time as a ping test shouldn't stress the line anymore than simply using the internet normally. That's what the sliders are for :D

All this time I've been keeping my geofilter page up so I could monitor my connection and scratch my head when a game seemed spongy and I'd get quarter second audible hitmarker delays. Could be a coincidence but the last time I had a flawless session on IW was while not using the geofilter page, as I simply set it over my local server and forgot about it. 99% of my time playing CoD has me leaving the geofilter page open because I'm very particular about controlling different settings and connecting to certain servers, as much of the last two years has been frustrating. I didn't even have issues on Ghosts with Virgin Media and their cable is terribly unstable. I didn't even have a Netduma at the time. I hadn't even met the guy who encouraged me to buy one by that point ;)


Is wifi workaround designed for this?

23 October 2017 - 06:21 PM

I've personally never had problems with WiFi on the R1; my phone has never lost connection, and neither has my Amazon Fire TV even though it's on the other side of the house. However I've recently been using my laptop and noticed some issues that don't appear if I use my ISP modem/router's (BT Smart Hub) WiFi. When I attempt to connect my laptop to the R1, I will either connect instantly and the connection will drop out, or it just won't connect. I can literally take the laptop to my R1, sit it on its head and it won't connect, even though it FINDS it with 100% signal.

Whether or not it'll connect first time seems to be random. The only thing I've noticed that works is changing channels, but it WILL eventually drop out again, be it 5 minutes or 5 hours later. None of my other devices deal with this problem so I assume it's a problem with computers or Windows 10 or something. Anyway, I'm sick of having to turn my Smart Hub WiFi on just to temporarily solve this because it means Congestion Control can't do its job, and it's annoying have to switch over when I can't connect to my preferred router.

Is this what WiFi workaround in the miscellaneous settings is for? I've never had a need for it so I'm not entirely sure what it's a workaround for ;) cheers.