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Any idea what's going on here? Weird BQM results

2 weeks ago

Just had a look at the thinkbroadband site as I was actually about to delete the plot, and I saw something strange - a minimum latency hike, but also much more jitter/far less stable average latency. As you can see by a lack of red at the top of the graph when it occurs there was no resyncing, so my modem hadn't rebooted itself (nor did I reboot anything myself).

I have never seen this even once in my 17 months with BT Infinity. My green base latency is always there around the 7ms mark, usually with barely any yellow (unless I was using 100% sliders like today), and the blue line is always basically invisible. I did a ping diagnostics test on the R1 this morning and it was between 7.4 and 8.1ms, as you'll see in the second screenshot. Now it's as you'll see in the third screenshot.

Surely my internet isn't just taking a dump right? It's starting to look more like Virgin Media cable :/

Posting screenshots on the forum from a mobile device (tutorial)

3 weeks ago

I browse through many support threads to see if there's anything I can ever lend a hand with, and it occurred to me that many don't know how to do this even though it's extremely useful when you're busy (perhaps at work) or just don't have access to a PC or laptop. The fact that you can access your R1 GUI and take screenshots with ease on a phone arguably makes this method more useful, so I thought I'd go through it for those who may need it in future :)

Anyway, it's rather simple, but something I used to do for this method no longer seems to work so now I've sussed how to keep the steps as simple as before, I'll post them here and include screenshots as I go. I should add that using the 'Fast Reply' box doesn't work here; use the 'Reply' or 'Quote' button if replying in an already existing thread, otherwise create your own topic and proceed with the below steps.

First of all, before you get through typing whatever message you want to include with the screenshot, you'll want to load into desktop mode. The reason for this is hitting that button often (but not always) seems to wipe your text from the box, or even your title if you're creating a new thread. If you start typing a message in the text box while your page is still in mobile mode, just copy and paste whatever you want to write, then hit the 'Full Version' button below 'Add Reply' or 'Post New Topic'. My first screenshot below shows the button you need to find while in mobile mode.

My second screenshot shows what to expect when you've done this, although it may look different depending on your browser of choice. If you're creating a new thread you should have left the previous text boxes clear so you wouldn't need to reenter your thread title and the main body of your message. I often forget to do this, hence the warning to save you a few precious seconds and unnecessary tutting to yourself ;) you may need to click on the image and zoom to see the options a little more clearly. Take note of the 'Change Theme' button located at the bottom of the page next to 'Use Mobile Version' - the former is, unusually, what you'll need to get out of this desktop style format, because simply clicking 'Use Desktop Version' and then 'Use Mobile Version' no longer works for loading back into the usual view when you're done.

Now just hit the 'Choose file' button and you should see a box pop up asking you to choose an action: use camera, use video camera or select files. Hit the files icon and then go through your folders to find your screenshots. If you've transferred PC screenshots via USB to your phone so you could upload them through your phone later, you may want to create a folder in your phone's memory called PC Screenshots or something obvious so you can easily dig them out later. Now select the image and you'll come back to the main message screen. Click the 'Attach This File' button beneath 'Choose File' and wait until the forum acknowledges that your image is ready to include in your message. You will see 'Add to Post' and 'Delete' buttons along with the screenshot name and size when this is done.

If you want to include several images, simply repeat the above steps. Choose file > find file in screenshot folder > select desired image > attach this file. My third screenshot shows what you should see if your images went through correctly.

Now you've uploaded the images you want, simply finish off the accompanying message as required, and don't forget to add a title if you're creating a support thread. Simply hit the 'Post New Topic' button and you've done the main part.

When your post has been sent you'll notice you're still in the same weird desktop view so scroll down the page until you find 'Change Theme' as I mentioned before. Curiously choosing 'load in desktop view' or similarly named options do not work for the method as it did before, and neither does simply unticking that option to revert back to mobile view. If I load the full PC version and then try to load back into mobile view it gets stuck on the desktop view and this is obviously not very convenient for fast, regular browsing on a phone as you'd end up spending most of your time zooming in to read stuff. Fortunately I found (by accident) the workaround with this 'Change Theme' button...

Simply change from V2 to Slate (fourth screenshot) and you'll be back in mobile view, and now you'll be able to check the message and images you posted in desktop view came out right in mobile view as shown in my fifth screenshot.

Mods you may want to pin this guide for anyone who may need this in future. Thanks for reading :)

Did I just see myself on the geofilter? ID check please

4 weeks ago

Every now and then when I load up IW, it just infinitely (lol sorry) tries to sign in without actually managing to, and tonight I sussed it's fixed by just turning the geofilter off. It's definitely not a NAT thing, more to do with using really strict radius and ping assist values as I was desperately trying to avoid depressing cancerous bipolar sponging rat lobbies. Anyway I unticked enable geofilter, signed in instantly, turned it back on, and since I don't have cookies enabled show dormant hosts was still ticked, so I saw every server worldwide pop up as a red dot. Curiously when I zoomed in and squinted, I noticed there was another dot just off to the side of the UK server, almost hiding behind it. Bear in mind I wasn't in a party and hadn't previously been playing as I was getting online for the first time today, so it wasn't any previous connection retained by the anti-cheat thing. I clicked it, saw an Update button, pinged it and it started out at 0.1ms before moving up towards the 8ms mark. I have NEVER seen a geofilter ping start off at nothing before lol. It also occasionally dropped to 4ms, which I personally see if I use PingPlotter to ping Twitter. Side note: does anyone know why my BT Infinity connection does that (what I can only described as downwards spikes) on PingPlotter? Never saw anything like that on VM cable. Random ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, I thought I'd lose the dot as the usual dormant host disappears after a couple of minutes of course, so I rated it 100% to keep an eye on it. This way I could click on it and ping it again if I had any reason to while trying to work out what it was. I didn't need to. I took a break, came back 10 minutes later and while all of the IW servers disappeared from the map, that dot (which was now an "allowed" symbol) was still there!

This may seem trivial to others here but I've literally never seen anything like this before. I've also never loaded up a game with the geofilter off before turning it straight back on, so either that's a coincidence or it's related. I was just wondering if I was seeing myself on the geofilter for some reason. I've suspected I've shown up on the map as a prelobby host before, but then I thought back and remembered most dots would start pulsing if that was the case.

The ID is 9a519964ee39868b, and it seems to be just next to the London server (I'm in Hampshire, so it's a little off). Would someone ie Fraser be able to check this ID, and maybe confirm if it's tied to a BT IP address, perhaps over private message if necessary? I've actually rebooted my R1 to lock in what seems like some sweet new settings so my IP will have changed, but it would be cool to know if that was me on the map because I've never seen anything like that before lol. Maybe my being hidden on the map before affected my ability to pull host or something, because the game would 100% rather crash a lobby or migrate host to a 40ms jittery WiFi player than ever give me host lol. I think I'll try turning the filter off every time I get on and connect to online services now.

First screenshot is from me connecting to online services when I got online, as you'll see by the dots. With dormant hosts showing this dot is actually a faded square.

Second screenshot shows me pinging the square.

Third screenshot shows that it's different from the UK server dot (Temp Ban, 9ms, slightly to the right of the square)

Fourth screenshot shows its appearance after I rated it 100% and named it Me? lol. Note how the servers have disappeared as dormant hosts usually expire after a few minutes, but this one is still there.

Fifth screenshot shows me pinging it as it's still there 15 minutes later. Note the drop to 4ms~, something I frequently see on PingPlotter to any random IP or site, but never to CoD servers. Still can't wrap my head around that.

Again sorry if this is trivial, but it's new to me :D

Help with accurately measuring bandwidth

4 weeks ago

Hi Duma bros,

This isn't actually for me, but a friend who just picked up the R1 today. I walked him through the setup process but we seem to be having some trouble choosing the right CC settings.

He was struggling to find out what internet package he has - other than the fact it's Comcast Xfinity Blast - but knew he got at least 100/10 down and up respectively. At first we left the set bandwidth values on 100/10 as he's never really seen more than that other than the occasional increase in upload. He was previously using a DD-WRT flashed TP Link router and since his download bandwidth fluctuated heavily he just set it to 80Mb down and worked with that. After he checked it was on 100/10 I suggested loading up PingPlotter on a PC and running speed tests while at 100% reactive, 90% reactive etc. so he could visually understand what reducing the sliders does for bufferbloat when the line is maxed out, but as we weren't sure about his download bandwidth I suggested unticking IPv6 and deep packet processing, and then ticking turbo mode. On his first test he got over 200Mb down... something he NEVER saw even just using his ISP modem router with no bandwidth control in place LOL. A few more tests showed up to 250Mb down, so we thought it was safe to assume he's on the Blast 250-300Mb package (upload is still a mystery, but it hovers consistently around 12Mb - seems like an odd number). Here's the weird part though. He checked his cable and it was labelled cat5. I'm almost certain max throughput on a cat5 cable is 100Mb :s

Anyway he repeated the test with 100% reactive and turbo mode on his PS4 - which uses a cat6 cable - and he rarely passed 100Mb; I believe the max was 117Mb. If he reduced sliders to 70% there didn't actually seem to be any congestion control in effect, and the bloat was still considerable. So I've got a few questions for those either on a Comcast Xfinity, or anyone on a 100Mb+ cable package:

Do you see any weirdness when applying congestion control to say 70%? For example, sliders not seeming to have any effect even though you're not getting full speeds anyway.

Does turbo mode seem to make a difference either for your full speeds or the effectiveness of using sliders and suppressing bufferbloat?

Have you noticed any discrepancies when using different grade cables? This cat5 vs cat6 backwards thing is bending my brain haha -_-

We're gonna test some more tomorrow when his family isn't around and using the internet at home, but as I've not encountered anything like this before I was just wondering if any of you had similar experiences and/or any suggestions. His upload doesn't fluctuate at all, but the fact he gets 200+ on cat5 and seems to be limited to 100~ down on cat6 to the PS4 is a weird one. I'm fairly sure the PS4 Pro has gigabit ports too, especially as I know for a fact it can handle up to 867Mb over WiFi, so he shouldn't be capped to 100ish testing on the PS4 browser. I suggested just choosing 70% preemptive for now as he's anxious to play with his new piece of kit, but I want to ensure we get it set up right for his network. Thanks in advance 👍

Something strange (geofilter ping)

16 January 2018 - 08:14 PM

Someone I know is interested in basic networking and wanted to know why I suggested never gaming over WiFi if he was trying to take FPS seriously. I went on to talk about the instability, interference, packet loss etc, but I thought it would be even better to show him side by side comparisons of ping results when wired and then over a congested WiFi channel.

I switched to WiFi, ran a brief command prompt ping while uploading a 1080p video and was getting around 110ms jitter. Thought that was actually pretty low considering speed tests normally give me 300ms~ bloat on upstream without using the R1's congestion control but whatever. The idea was to then go into a game with 100% sliders while uploading said video, pinging the server on the geofilter and showing them what kind of impact it would have while gaming compared to playing on idle latency...

It didn't really go to plan. Here I am on a UK IW server, while uploading my video. The geofilter ping says I'm on a steady 8ms - admittedly the base latency is around a millisecond higher, but it didn't spike past 10ms once. What. That seems impossibly steady for WiFi, never mind while using the line so heavily. I have no congestion control applied, and nothing in hyper lane at all. In fact you can probably tell by my missing Temp Ban button that I don't have the hyper lane feature because I'm on old firmware (UPnP isn't forwarding 3074 again and I'm not dealing with geofilter + port forwarding GUI lag tbh). What's going on? Lol

Edit: even better. Top screenshot shows my BQM since swapping firmware then switching to WiFi and uploading. Admittedly I left IPv6 on by mistake so I corrected the monitor name to remind me, but it's still a mess... not a flat 8ms haha