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#166526 WW2 strict mode

Posted by lllRL on 14 hours ago

Hey Fraser, not sure if you've noticed/heard of this before, but at times when I load up WW2 and connect to online services (where you briefly ping all servers) I see padlocks slightly off to the side of most EU servers. When I click on one it'll show the update button and a totally random latency value like 105ms for the one next to the UK server. Then at times several servers won't show up at all (even after checking dormant hosts), but they'll appear if I search for a game. Conversely I can find all servers when signing in but never find a game on one and it'll give me a player host at times lol. This was in the first few weeks though - I uninstalled WW2 about a week ago because connections in game even on local servers were miserable - so I don't know if that's still the case.

Any ideas what's going on there? I made sure to reflush the cloud, and even rebooted both the PS4 and Duma, but this would show up randomly.

#166378 WW2 strict mode

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Oh I’m also running through my isp zyxel to my duma now as I just wanted to see if it made a difference cause it couldn’t hurt when I tried it, I’ll likley take it out of the equation again soon too if things seem to have stabilized. I just get faster speeds with the zyxel in line than with the duma connected right into my fiber line itself for whatever reason.

Apologies, had you mixed up with someone in England lol

I've noticed the same with WiFi too; pings and even jitter are usually around the same, though I'd imagine there'd be some level of packet loss. I haven't played on WiFi though. Tbh I just want good games on the best possible setup because everything else is illogical and tilts me -_-

#166358 WW2 strict mode

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

I was talking to you and colonic at one time and thought he’d said he uninstalled, meant you in the above post. Anyway I just bumped my radius up to about 200 miles today cause it was taking a bit to find games and actually it’s still been playing surprisingly well again. I was terrified when I turned on my PS4 to another little ww2 update overnight, told my wife they likley broke it again. To my surprise it’s pretty good, not perfect their heading in the right direction though. I’m back to making these a hole quickscopers flinch and tearing them apart simply jumping, I can shoot a guy turn and hit cover to get multi kills before insta death and overall I’m having fun again. I can understand waiting totally and it may be the safe bet, but I’ve had about 15 consistent games across most of the game modes now where if I’ve not done great it was cause I was playing stupid going in for revenge or not paying enough attention to my flanks. Hope others are seeing similar games cause for the first time in weeks I’m actually having fun and haven’t touched dsl or duma os all day. Haven’t gone much below 2.0 kd since changing things.

Yeah I worry when I see a patch after taking six months of experimenting and tweaking just to find two consecutive days of not rage inducing, mind bending inconsistency and clear lag lmao. You must be within a couple hundred miles of the UK server if you're getting 12ms to it right? I didn't bother server hopping because I wanted 7ms to work but I've only had two tolerable games since launch which is why I uninstalled. I'm not going negative to connections and idiots drooling on their controllers drawing Zs across me when in any smooth game I'd go 50-0 against the same people.

Are there any other settings that are helping or making a clear measurable difference? One thing I noticed is that some days I could get online and never find a server, even with the same geofilter settings, or with it turned off completely. Granted playing on a flat 7ms to my local server didn't result in good feeling gameplay anyway, but I'm sick and tired of seeing ignorant plug and play WiFi chimps get host when they're fluctuating from 20-100ms every few seconds.

I've also just ordered a modem because despite using my R1 in my BT Smart Hub's DMZ, I still appear to have double NAT. I see two private IPs when running ping or tracert commands, and the other day I read that double NAT causes packet loss on the upstream router thanks to a small NAT table or something. I want to see if ruling that out helps improve things, because I'm sick of one bar looking games with zero hit detection and time to react. Knowing my luck it won't help though...

#166350 WW2 strict mode

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Ok so I haven’t tested extensively yet and I’m not saying this is guaranteed by any means, but seems to me after a handful of really good games strict mode around dedis was seeming to get me into worse lobbies. Maybe not by ping standard as I’ve not checked, but gameplay wise I suddenly have decent hd and things feel smoother using my actual location with 0 pa than it was on any other settings looking for Dedis in strict. I’m also near the recommended 70/70 now or just under it to get A+ ratings not throttling down anymore. Could just be luck so I’ll post back tomorrow, but I’ve had better games tonight since the update basically running how the duma is meant to than I’ve seen in weeks. My pings about 12ms and it’s playing like it for a change not penalizing me for it. Just thought since I’d been leaving strict on thinking it would help maybe others are too and it seems at least right now normal optimal duma settings are working, I still am using pre over react, but I’m just nervous to change things so it may work as well.

Hope this helps somebody, if it stays consistent I’ll post screen shots or the entire setup if anybody needs it tomorrow. Know this post could be premature, but if others were in the boat I’ve been in for a week or better I figured if it were me I’d appreciate any info that might help me out even a bit at this point cause I almost threw in the towel. Nobody come running back just yet (colonic)lol it could just be a fluke albeit a pretty long one so far for this game. Anxious to try out the new smg the other two ar3 pretty meh, but at least we’re getting some content.

What did your radius look like mate? I might give this a try, but I might wait until late December to reinstall WW2. IW was unplayable until that point last year, with maybe 30% good games up until mid-February, because patch 1.09 broke whatever I was using and I ended up getting a good smooth game in maybe 1 or 2% of games lol

I just can't tolerate what I've been seeing.

#166207 WWII Fix Yet?

Posted by lllRL on 4 days ago

with a decent connection and hit detection we could at least make the best out of it

This was Ghosts for me. It was a snoozefest thanks to the way people played but with the amazing specialist package (RIP </3 best CoD addition ever) and fantastic, consistent connections I could make my own fun messing around with weird classes, giving myself challenges or just getting KEMs. The hitreg in that game was unreal - I genuinely couldn't tell the difference between playing online and offline. The sad irony of that is Ghosts was the last game to have MW3 era TTK (most people think it was faster when in fact it was slightly slower... instead they fixed a hit detection bug where guns would fire "blanks", which was most prevalent in BO1 as you could probably tell if you look at your accuracy stats there), so connection issues would have been more obvious playing nothing but three shot kill no recoil M27 with L2 glued down weirdos laying in bushes. Accuracy stats would probably be lower across the board from BO2 too because that MW3 level TTK would make it easier to overshoot when an enemy had died. In fact I haven't matched my Ghosts accuracy stats in any game to follow it, and that's insane considering that A. Ghosts was my first CoD and B. Ghosts was the game where I went from 4/5 sens to near max in the space of a couple of months. Good connections meant mastering high sens gave you an advantage, and it showed. It just goes to show what good connections do for your hit detection and how well aim assist works.

I've improved tenfold since Ghosts and you wouldn't know it by watching how I die. I've even moved from cable internet over power line adapters as the typical ignorant plug and play player to FTTC with a Netduma, PC monitor with <one frame input lag, no local congestion, an average of under a fifth of a millisecond of jitter and zero packet loss, and most games feel like I'm on a one bar these days. Zero time to react, force fields preventing me from aiming at people (which can't be pushed through on MAX SENS, as if that's too slow...) and audibly/visibly delayed hitmarkers. All while they stutter around instakilling while drawing circles because they're thumbless even on 4 sens.

I watch people play WW2 and it looks like a different game. They can be mediocre, slow, oblivious, on crap setups and it still looks easy because it's smooth and bad players taking too long to shoot back actually look like, well... bad players. I've had more TDM double De-Atomizers in IW than tolerable games in WW2, and IW was 90% AIDS/10% smooth and responsive on 7ms pings thanks to the abundance of hexagon unkillables so that says a lot.

My head hurts. I had to uninstall WW2 today and I've barely passed level 20.

#166145 Starting spawn times in WW2 slow for me

Posted by lllRL on 4 days ago

I’ve debated this since before I bought the pro and I see some folks loving it and some saying the improvements very marginal. What do you think is it worthwhile or just shaves a couple seconds at best?

I watched a few performance comparisons once. I think I saw one comparing a PS4 Pro and PC with the same HDD and SSD used in both, but I can't find it. In another with a regular PS4 and a PS4 Pro using an HDD and SSD in both, there was some improvement in game loading times using the SSD on the PS4, it was nowhere near the increase in speed seen on the PC when comparing the HDD to the SSD. The PS4 Pro offered a small speed increase over the PS4 when comparing both drive types. They said something about the PS4 using a capped bandwidth for game loading speeds so other processes run at a decent speed.

Comsidering the cost of an SSD the general consensus is it really isn't worth it for consoles. An SSHD does offer a boost in performance without the mammoth cost considering what you're getting, because you also have to factor in the amount of space available and I don't think SSDs come in anything bigger than 500GB. Even a 250GB SSD takes you into triple digit costs. Here's an example (the hybrid is on the top right):

Attached Files

#166106 Starting spawn times in WW2 slow for me

Posted by lllRL on 4 days ago

I don't know why but just about every game it takes anywhere from 15-30 seconds into the match for me to actually spawn in. Often the textures take forever loading. I don't know if it is directly a duma issue, a hard drive issue (xbox) or something else. I've never had this happen before.

Here's a video of it in action: https://1drv.ms/v/s!...1Ipa6N1ddfJnETX

Anyone else see problems like this with this game in particular?


I highly doubt it's a hard drive issue as I've just replaced mine with a brand new SSHD. It's taken me up to two minutes to spawn in before, just being in prelobby with the rest of the lobby, and at times the game has even refused to load. It'll just sit at the map screenshot loading screen for as much as seven minutes before swapping to another random loading screen and a bunch of black screens lol

I've saved about 7GB of BS that I need to wade through to find those clips 😂

#165850 CoD WW2 Opinions

Posted by lllRL on 6 days ago

Never like this tho and sweaty would be fine, I’m good playing other good players on an even field. I actually prefer it to mowing down bot like noobs, this ish is just broken still so far. Yea last year needed a couple tweaks, but I never even needed speed tests to make it playable.

I'd rather play sweats every game with hit detection than circle drawing Wi-Fi hexagons who melt and don't take damage... (I call every skipper a hexagon now after IW exposed just how many people play on crap connections and F you with nonsense LOL)

#165775 Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I don't see where anyone checked engine lag yet. I'm curious if this is one of those years that it is high.

https://youtu.be/R9iRFkGhze8 go to around 7:30

In short the baseline delays are better than say BO2 or Ghosts, but still higher than in games like Quake 3 or CSGO. Interestingly Ghosts had around 100ms of lag if memory serves, yet it ran better than any other CoD I've played. Then again, in his netcode analysis video, I distinctly recall OvenBakedMuffin making it clear that Ghosts stood out as a "regular FPS" where lower latency to the host/server resulted in a better experience. I don't think we can say the same for any CoD since then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#165480 WWII Fix Yet?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Someone at Sledgehammer misread 60Hz as "60 hurts" and incorporated it into the netcode; expect 60 bad games to one good one.

Considering how they miscoded the IMR Feedback range in AW (max damage 200u aka 5 metres, min damage 87u aka 2m LOL) it wouldn't surprise me if it was another typo and they made it 06Hz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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#165472 Any body know tmemoryy settings

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I was using them settings on IW mate. I don't play WW2 :)

Oh that applies to IW too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

#165360 Need some routing tips!

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Yeah absolutely, everything should go through the R1. If there are devices using the ISP router you're not gonna get any benefit from congestion control. It'd probably be worse than playing on a congested network purely through the ISP router lol :)

#165328 Any body know tmemoryy settings

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

In IW, at least when I asked him, he was using geofilter around the UK with 20ms ping assist, 30/8Mb with 70/100 sliders and 39% device prio for his PS4 and streaming PC, on firmware 1.03.4 (no hyper lane or separate upload/down flower). Apparently the Netduma didn't help in WW2 so he ditched it.

But he's on BT. I'd assume Infinity since I doubt ADSL gives those bandwidth numbers, but he must be pretty far from his cabinet if so. Either way his game runs a lot better than mine; pretty sad to think about considering how many spongy games he gets compared to IW.

#165198 Anyone seen this TP Link model before?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Yes these coupled with the netduma or any other decent router are far better than the ISP provided shit lol.

I believe it haha! Thank you guys for your time and advice :)

#165196 WW2 comment, tips and question

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I think that's probably just a graphical glitch, if a player is lagging that badly they'd probably get kicked by the game.

Yeah CoD has "cl_maxPing "800"" or an 800ms upper limit - you can't possibly play a game on more than that. I saw the 950-999ms bug a few times and it clearly wasn't giving me that in game, although I can't say what caused (or eliminated) it.

Now if only they'd reduce that max latency limit to 50ms for servers and my bullets might work... (unfortunately that's only possible on PC with a config file tweak; it's only thanks to PC players digging around that we even know about this joke of a matchmaking parameter)