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#161685 WWII Optimal settings

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Hi guys,

As someone who has pretty low speeds, averaging about 15-20 download and 2-2.5 upload, is there any ‘must do’ settings I should consider for my netduma, heading in to WWII?

Should I still have 80 buffer on my congestion control, even though I don’t have that much in regards to speeds to go around anyway?

Any early thoughts on optimal settings for this game?



Just bring your bandwidth down enough so you get 10% packet loss at the very least. Set your filter so your home is somewhere on the continent furthest away from you and you connect to the highest latency server possible. If you have a monitor, ditch it for a TV or, even better, a projector. Make sure you use the lowest quality cables possible and turn on a ton of devices placed around them for top quality interference, or just play over WiFi and congest the same band with other devices playing streams. You should now be a beast on WW2.

Just kidding. Those bandwidth numbers are perfectly sufficient mate. Most CoD games use under 500Kb to run properly so you can afford to use 70-80% sliders to reduce congestion. Preemptive should be best for you. It just takes a little tweaking to find the sweet spot so you have sufficient bandwidth for your whole network without bloat rearing its ugly head.

I would suggest using PingPlotter to do this. Run a test to a local server (Twitter isn't a bad idea) and then use another device to play a 1080p 60fps video on YouTube or a high quality stream. Start out with full sliders and reduce them bit by bit until you notice the initial ping spikes are brought down as close to nothing as possible :)

#161658 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

For the past two months bo3 has played horrible for me. Honestly though it was my connection but it wasn't. I decided to go back to Infinite warfare and honestly. Its been playing great for me for weeks. Haven't changed any settings on my duma or anything. I never use the geo filter since it tends to just put me in hosted lobbies. But daily i be dropping 3 or 4 nukes on iw.

BO3 was the same for me. Every lobby was just full of Saudis.

Pre-February patch IW ran smooth maybe 30-50% of the time for me. I could play in 5 different lobbies and nuke them all back to back to back while sweats ran away. Now I either can't kill these slow weirdo feeders who supposedly aimbot, or I get Saudi'd/get stuck on a force field on a 22 lmao

I choked 5 or 6 TDM doubles last week and it was all to sponge. The game might play well for 4 or 5 minutes and then it's back to awful for another 20-30 games. It's just so out of sync. I miss the games where I could play anyone and rely on smooth hit detection, and now I can't even trust my shot against people who average a kill every two deaths because I never know when the instabeammelt nonsense will pop up again.

Meanwhile I'm watching other people whose games look totally different, on inferior connections 😴

#161610 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Maybe I'll get myself a 0.3KD account for IW and it'll give me a.) decent supply drops and b.) proper hit detection lol

I remember lower SPM and overall stats in AW meant you got more supply drops. The fact that this weirdo matchmaking patent has surfaced doesn't surprise me, shady c*nts.

#161603 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

I feel your pain.ive been dealing wit that issue too. I have spent more time playing bf1 and tf2

I wish I had something else to play. Don't remember the last time I saw a game that really grabbed my interest. The Last Of Us maybe? 😂

#161598 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Haha. I would have just given up already if it wasn't for the fact that I see network-ignorant plug and play scrubs melt. There must be something that can make the game as consistent for me as it is for them right? Nothing makes sense.

#161588 Anyone figured out how to make IW play well on a good connection yet?

Posted by lllRL on 3 days ago

No need to elaborate really. I'd just like to know if anyone's got some settings that would allow someone on ultra low latency (under half a frame to the server) with negligible (<0.2ms) jitter and zero packet loss to not feel behind the action in 95% of games against oblivious lagging no quickdraw 2 sensitivity circle drawing 10% accuracy morons who supposedly get half an hour to respond to my player model while I'm being instantly red screened by what always initially looks like god accuracy, only to find out via the killcam that they can afford to miss three quarters of their shots because I'm apparently just staring into space in front of them when in fact I'm engaging before they even have their weapon up.

Meanwhile just watch some random's gameplay and they don't take damage or even face being engaged by anyone while casually and slowly dragging to people on near minimum sensitivity, flailing around with poor accuracy and dropping packets with hexagons on their screen, yet every bullet connects? LOL

Audibly delayed hitmarkers (it can be as much as 300ms before my shot connects, which is easily calculated if you know how to check a weapon's fire rate and compare it against how many rounds can be fired on target before a hitmarker appears), force fields that have my aim assist stuck behind a player, and no time to react while using a PC monitor with instant mode enabled, all while snapping straight to people on max sens as if it's not fast enough. Yeah I'm done with that. If anyone can save my sanity for even two weeks before WW2 comes out, I'd greatly appreciate it. I refuse to die to lag on a flat 7ms ping anymore. Cheers.

#161296 Hyperoptic?

Posted by lllRL on 6 days ago

I was on BT Infinity at my old home but for some weird reason, they don’t offer Infinity here. For a block of flats that’s only 2 years old, I thought they’d have Infinity here. The next best thing available was Hyperoptic as they were offering 1gig down and up for £20p/m for the first year.

£20?! What's your address? I'M MOVING IN NEXT DOOR LOL

#161257 Hyperoptic?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I've never heard of hyperoptic im guesing this is fibre to the premises?

Yeah. I've been stalking their website as they don't supply my town yet :(

Prices seem ridiculously good. 100 up and down is £29 a month on a 12 month contract; price goes up to £38 if you choose to renew. I'm paying £37 a month for 50/10 FTTC from BT for comparison lol. Gigabit up and down is £49 a month.

You can also get Giffgaff-style rolling contracts for flexibility, and broadband only deals (monthly bill is less than above, but as with other ISPs you pay a £40 connection fee). Looks good.


#161093 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Just been watching your YT vids. Whats ya k/d? Mines 2.2 and I'm barely half the player you are. I wish I could play like that! I just don't have the reactions and aim.

0.8 according to 95% of the connections I get :D

#161083 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Got my speed boost last night. 76 down / 18 up :D

You lucky bugger, the very day after I mention it LOL

I wonder how this will affect Infinity 2 customers. I hope they get lower bills to match assuming Infinity 2 doesn't become something different altogether :/

#161062 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Ah okay, thanks for letting me know about it! That's a big old boost from <80Mb :)

#161035 Anyone on BT received this email?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Good stuff BD, thanks. I'll give that a browse :)

#160870 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Ayy that's more like it. <8ms club FTW :P

#160840 Duma OS idea (if it's not too late to implement) - thoughts?

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

The feature is already there, turn off your console, move your home to overseas Europe, reboot the Netduma, restart your console :)

Haha maybe I wasn't specific enough (my bad). I mean being able to use a range of values for latency in order to cover servers that may be hard to get inside your radius if you're trying to avoid others. For example if I wanted games between 25-50ms, I could choose Denmark, Spain, Italy, Poland and Russia servers. The problem is that covering that entire space means the French, Dutch and German servers will be included by the radius, and because most games seem to end up playing out on those lower latency servers it's an issue.

I could easily cover just Denmark alone without touching Germany, or have just Poland and Russia together in my radius, but I'll never find a game. I could have my radius around Spain and Italy only, but that allows the game to connect me to north African lobby hosts. Being able to cover a range of latency values means I could include tolerable servers and keep potential lobby host latency down while also being able to play on the servers I prefer, without the obstacle of very low latency servers getting in the way at any point. Can't believe I just said that last part but welcome to CoD in 2017 lol

Hope that was more clear :)

#160767 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by lllRL on 2 weeks ago

I would never have believed you if you hadn't posted that :lol:

Lol yeah I get it. It's a double edged sword though. Either I get smooth games and suddenly I'm a "keyboarder, OMG you're swiping, nobody can aim on higher than 5 sens nor can they make tiny sharp snaps with the stick", or it's a typical game where snapping straight to someone with max sens isn't fast enough to deal with 0.8KD 3 sens windmill accuracy RAW hip firing oblivious weirdos who don't need to be fast or accurate because they have some jerky anti-aim assist force field over them, somehow telling me that 20 sens is too slow to move a few pixels over to centre mass, or because the killcam - which is actually accurate being so close to server perspective at 7ms that it doesn't provide those wonky "he shot thin air" moments - shows they're dropping packets, waving their stick around and getting half an hour to react to me while I supposedly just look elsewhere.

I can't win haha :D