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#173549 just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

Posted by lllRL on A day ago

Someone should just force Michael "I bet $1000 ping is king" CONdrey to tattoo this on his forehead before he's dumped into a retirement home and forgotten about...

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#173504 Host Filtering Screen Won't Load

Posted by lllRL on 2 days ago

Thanks Fraser. Thought I was losing my mind... said to myself "yes, I KNOW I have port forwarding and the geofilter enabled simultaneously..." but the line of text at the bottom of the GUI showing the version number wasn't taking seven years to load as it normally would with the infamous port forwarding GUI lag, so I was scratching my head for some time lmao

#173426 Hi All

Posted by lllRL on 3 days ago

In the last few days i have upgraded to sky fibre max so i now have a bandwidth of up to 80 but im getting average of 60/20 as the line settles.

I have used DSLRreports and adjusted my slides down in %5 increments and settled on Reactive, down 73 up 92 and the games where 10 times better.

I must admit i did the spead test through the ps4 as my mac has old sofware and the browser is not capable of even loadind DSRLreports so the cosole is all i have at the moment that can be wired.

Yeah as far as I know, you just need to leave your modem on constantly while it figures itself out. I can't even remember if I adhered to their instructions after installation - because, well... my memory sucks - but I get what I pay for either way haha

I use my PS4 browser as the DSLR test runs better on that than on my laptop. Just make sure you don't have the geofilter page up on your PS4 browser in the background while playing - it seems to cause insane lag in game, which is quite annoying if you're wanting to monitor what's going on in game because you're noticing something off in the first place. If you have the geofilter open in one tab and run a DSLR test on another tab with the PS4 browser, you'll see what I mean. You'll end up with triple digit ms latency and bufferbloat through the roof, even while using sliders that normally suppress it. If you swap to the QoS page or something else on the R1 GUI that lag doesn't occur, so I'd guess that maybe it has something to do with the map and the way the radius scans it constantly. Curiously this lag isn't shown by the geofilter ping tool, which is disconcerting considering that's what causes the lag in the first place lol

If you want to keep an eye on your geofilter page while playing I'd suggest leaving it open on a laptop or phone browser, and keeping your PS4 browser closed 👍

#173113 Have a few questions in general

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

The Temp Ban button indicates that the dot you've selected is a dedicated server. I'm not 100% certain on whether this applies to XBL, but on PS4 the CoD servers are located in:

South Africa
North America - California, Washington, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey and Quebec

I've occasionally noticed the same problem you've mentioned when choosing the CoD Ultimate profile. Just load it again and it should move your home into the ocean, or you can just manually simulate using CoD Ultimate by placing your home marker wherever there's no land and setting ping assist to 50ms and ticking strict mode. You could also fine tune it by moving the ping assist bar lower if you like. The only problem with this is CoD chooses hosts to populate lobbies while at the prelobby - before transferring to a server - and since CoD tends to pick the crappiest, most unstable and distant hosts possible you may not find one below 35ms, even if you get say 10ms to your nearest server. You could try between 35-50ms with strict mode enabled, or as low as 25ms with strict mode disabled. Since the host likely won't connect to a server too far outside of what you could consider a reasonable distance from their location, you'll likely prefer the latter method. I've noticed that I get kicked from many prelobby games instantly if the game connects me to a host within my ping assist parameters, but then blocks me because the host is forming a lobby on a server outside of those parameters. Strict mode DISabled means you can use a lower ping assist value for the host and then connect to whatever server the game places them on, hopefully resulting in quicker game search times and less booting.

Also assuming you're talking about playing CoDs on current gen, there's no such thing as modded lobbies. If you're talking about older games on 360 and PS3, they probably won't have servers up anyway :)

#172173 geo filter

Posted by lllRL on 2 weeks ago

i was hard wired before and i had the wrong Ip in the geo filter thanks guys for all your help,its all fixed now

Make sure you swap your device priority, hyper lane or port forwarding settings for that WiFi IP too!

#172056 pppoe

Posted by lllRL on 2 weeks ago

Maybe i should put this in the support section . I read the other day about the software jitter on the r1 and i just wondered using pppoe just makes the r1 more jittery . When i said cpu i mean the dual core cpu on the r1 itself.

I was using the BT Smart Hub with the R1 in DMZ (still had double NAT apparently) and now I've got a new modem in bridge mode I'm using PPPoE on the R1. Funny enough there's semingly less jitter on the line according to thinkbroadband BQM plots. First screenshot shows no PPPoE with two routers, and the second shows PPPoE through the modem.

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#172000 Pingplotter result.

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

Yip defo not too good, think i will just leave it as is and make the move come end of contract, no too long to go 😀

I know a few Scottish players who have been on VM and moved to BT because of the connection headaches lol

#171983 Pingplotter result.

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

update picture,done this morning with different/shorter cable.

Damn, more of the same :( in fact the first hop jitter looks worse! I saw that a lot on VM which I why I decided to start pinging the Superhub only on PingPlotter and that's when I noticed all the packet loss and 100ms+ spikes. Not sure why VM seems to have a lot of issues with first hop latency/stability unless it's a router problem or something to do with loose/overtightened coax cables... I know I could never work out if mine was optimally tight or not lol

Maybe run a PingPlotter test to to work out if that's the sole cause of the problems, and show it to VM to see if they can take any action. Otherwise get yourself on fibre asap mate, save yourself from the cable depression :D

#171940 Posting screenshots on the forum from a mobile device (tutorial)

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

Great guide m8, I’ve never posted a screenshot before because I couldn’t figure out how to do it! Now if I could just figure out how to embed a YT video..........

Cheers mate. I found myself explaining it to people so often I thought I might as well just create a guide on it.

Yes, please... more videos ;)

#171919 Geo filter port 3076

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

what did it play like 8ms? 13ms i ping to my closest server and it plays terrible most of the time

Terrible. Usually get a flat 7ms to the London server and I uninstalled after 20 odd levels on WW2 because I've never played anything so laggy and out of sync. 7ms on IW is bad enough, but this was next level LIES. I only found two games that were actually smooth in those 20+ levels, despite being on the same flat 7ms, and I've not played since mid-November as a result.

#171918 Pingplotter result.

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

Ive seen quite a few on the forum saying the same thing about moving over to infinity, max speeds are’nt everything and for all the downloading i do anyway i would rather have a stable line. Though i realise its partly where u live and distance from a junction etc. Contract up in april so might be the choice for me.

I was in the same boat. I think before I got my "free upgrade" it was more stable not still not great. I went from 50/3, getting more like 55 without ever dropping below 50, to 100/6 where I would constantly drop to 20 down and only saw 80 down ONCE. It hovered around the 50 mark most of the time lol

Now on 55/10 BT Infinity, and never get below 50 down 9 up. That's more than enough bandwidth for me, the extra upload is great for uploading videos and of course the stability is amazing. I live 45 miles from central London and get 7ms (sometimes towards 6ms) to London servers, whereas my base latency on VM was 13ms and it's no exaggeration to say the 30-50ms spikes happened every two seconds without fail. I was supposed to get a free boost to 80/20 on BT after last September but it never happened... -_-

#171900 Pingplotter result.

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

Meant to write in that, take it yours is more stable now that youve moved?

Yeah absolutely. I received a letter telling me bills were going up, just after I got a "free upgrade", and I'd been having this stability problem for months; the price hike meant I was entitled to leave so I kept it in mind, umming and erring for a while. After a Superhub swap didn't help I just said fuck it and moved to BT Infinity. My base ping is 50% lower, and unlike with VM, I don't get constant packet loss or spikes from 13 up to 30-50ms every two seconds without fail as I used to. PingPlotter plots are flat as a pancake lol

#171881 Pingplotter result.

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

I did move the hub upstairs so i could be wired but its still a few meter ethernet im using. I will use a shorter one tomorrow into the laptop to see if theres changes. Thanks for the info.

Yeah the length itself isn't usually an issue as ethernet doesn't easily lose signal but of course the longer it is, the more cable there is to get damaged somewhere along the line lol. I keep my BT modem's VDSL cable short and then run a 15m cable from modem to my R1 though, with a shorter one from that to my PS4, and I still get <1ms on PingPlotter to the router, so it's more likely a cable damage problem. Check the plug fits snugly into the port and inspect the cable for any damage, but in case the latter isn't obvious it would be a good idea to try a brand new cable if you have one spare.

#171867 Posting screenshots on the forum from a mobile device (tutorial)

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

I browse through many support threads to see if there's anything I can ever lend a hand with, and it occurred to me that many don't know how to do this even though it's extremely useful when you're busy (perhaps at work) or just don't have access to a PC or laptop. The fact that you can access your R1 GUI and take screenshots with ease on a phone arguably makes this method more useful, so I thought I'd go through it for those who may need it in future :)

Anyway, it's rather simple, but something I used to do for this method no longer seems to work so now I've sussed how to keep the steps as simple as before, I'll post them here and include screenshots as I go. I should add that using the 'Fast Reply' box doesn't work here; use the 'Reply' or 'Quote' button if replying in an already existing thread, otherwise create your own topic and proceed with the below steps.

First of all, before you get through typing whatever message you want to include with the screenshot, you'll want to load into desktop mode. The reason for this is hitting that button often (but not always) seems to wipe your text from the box, or even your title if you're creating a new thread. If you start typing a message in the text box while your page is still in mobile mode, just copy and paste whatever you want to write, then hit the 'Full Version' button below 'Add Reply' or 'Post New Topic'. My first screenshot below shows the button you need to find while in mobile mode.

My second screenshot shows what to expect when you've done this, although it may look different depending on your browser of choice. If you're creating a new thread you should have left the previous text boxes clear so you wouldn't need to reenter your thread title and the main body of your message. I often forget to do this, hence the warning to save you a few precious seconds and unnecessary tutting to yourself ;) you may need to click on the image and zoom to see the options a little more clearly. Take note of the 'Change Theme' button located at the bottom of the page next to 'Use Mobile Version' - the former is, unusually, what you'll need to get out of this desktop style format, because simply clicking 'Use Desktop Version' and then 'Use Mobile Version' no longer works for loading back into the usual view when you're done.

Now just hit the 'Choose file' button and you should see a box pop up asking you to choose an action: use camera, use video camera or select files. Hit the files icon and then go through your folders to find your screenshots. If you've transferred PC screenshots via USB to your phone so you could upload them through your phone later, you may want to create a folder in your phone's memory called PC Screenshots or something obvious so you can easily dig them out later. Now select the image and you'll come back to the main message screen. Click the 'Attach This File' button beneath 'Choose File' and wait until the forum acknowledges that your image is ready to include in your message. You will see 'Add to Post' and 'Delete' buttons along with the screenshot name and size when this is done.

If you want to include several images, simply repeat the above steps. Choose file > find file in screenshot folder > select desired image > attach this file. My third screenshot shows what you should see if your images went through correctly.

Now you've uploaded the images you want, simply finish off the accompanying message as required, and don't forget to add a title if you're creating a support thread. Simply hit the 'Post New Topic' button and you've done the main part.

When your post has been sent you'll notice you're still in the same weird desktop view so scroll down the page until you find 'Change Theme' as I mentioned before. Curiously choosing 'load in desktop view' or similarly named options do not work for the method as it did before, and neither does simply unticking that option to revert back to mobile view. If I load the full PC version and then try to load back into mobile view it gets stuck on the desktop view and this is obviously not very convenient for fast, regular browsing on a phone as you'd end up spending most of your time zooming in to read stuff. Fortunately I found (by accident) the workaround with this 'Change Theme' button...

Simply change from V2 to Slate (fourth screenshot) and you'll be back in mobile view, and now you'll be able to check the message and images you posted in desktop view came out right in mobile view as shown in my fifth screenshot.

Mods you may want to pin this guide for anyone who may need this in future. Thanks for reading :)

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#171854 Geo filter port 3076

Posted by lllRL on 3 weeks ago

What would happen if I use port 3076 for cod on the geo filter Instead if the default Xbox live filter, ? Reason I ask my netduma upnp was only using port 3076 last night and was open nat ???

Choosing one specific port means the geofilter doesn't work properly, or at least it doesn't for me. I tried this (with port 3074 on PS4) as a workaround suggestion for the GUI lag that occurs when using the geofilter and port forwarding simultaneously, and it would either not show me any dots on the map whatsoever or it would show all servers as padlocks and prevent me from connecting to them even if they were included in my geofilter radius. Then I'd only see the occasional ping assist symbol for other players, rather than several dots every lobby.

I'd also see weird stuff like UK players showing up east of Madagascar in the ocean lol