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#187649 I'm in US but all of a sudden Xbox Live is connecting me to a UK server???

Posted by lllRL on 5 days ago

Yeah I think the "main" Demonware server is based in Dublin. As far as I know it shouldn't be showing up at all though, and on the "admin mode" (early adopter version) it's usually a white dot I believe.

#187522 Double Nat

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I'll have to ask Iain about it again - I can't remember the ins and outs of it. All I remember is thinking 'huh, IPv6 really is a sham' after he'd stopped talking!

Don't take my word for it though - if anyone is happier using it then go right ahead.

Yeah right now I think it's just a gimmick they're milking for sales. I have an XB1 now rather than just a PS4 so I could actually run some tests on the diagnostics page and in game to see if there's any difference. After all of the settings tweaking I did last year to no avail, I can safely say I have a good resistance to the placebo effect LOL

#187422 Double Nat

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

Then Xbox went and marketed IPv6 like it's a great gaming feature, simply because PS4 didn't have it. Talk about clutching at straws!

Savage burn! LOL

I think the idea is that when it's fully up and running, routing should be improved because packets won't need to go through so many hops, and processing will be improved with its simplified packet headers. But of course if next to nobody is using it and services are slow to transfer over there would likely be a degradation in performance if there's any difference at all. I remember using a site that runs IPv4 and IPv6 ping tests simultaneously and while IPv4 was fast and stable, IPv6 gave me up to four times more latency and it was all over the place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#187060 Need some advice folks (ISP switch UK)

Posted by lllRL on A week ago

I am with Talk Talk no authentication woes, no PPPoE just plug and play. Yes its plug and play with a HG612 to the Netduma.

Plusnet uses BT backbone as it is BT so it uses PPPoE too.

My gaming with TT is bang on, loving gaming's always :)

I switched to talkralk last october n highly rate them. Remember plusnet is a bt company.

Cheers fellas. As far as I know, ISPs such as TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky all use BT's infrastructure - is that right? I've noticed a section on all of their websites that describes how to switch to them, and all of them have different steps for Virgin and then all the others. My logic behind the move is that, while of course I'd be keeping the same line, I've found forum posts and stats that imply being on a different ISP (on the same "backbone") means your traffic is routed differently somehow. There's that and the fact that obviously each ISP is different in ways so I'm just hoping that whatever this issue (UDP packet problems/lag/loss) will be cleared up one way or another. I've heard glowing reviews from people on ISPs like TT, Plusnet, Zen etc. If that doesn't clear up then, well... at least I'll be paying far less for more ;) Sky is the only other FTTC provider that seems to be as expensive as BT.

I also had an issue about a month ago where my modem got stuck in a reboot loop attempting to upgrade its own firmware, and when it came back online 40-60% of my bandwidth disappeared and I was suddenly on interleaving for the first time. The engineer who popped round was great, but I couldn't really understand what happened. As far as I recall, he said I was essentially left on "one wire" rather than two which saw more than half of my bandwidth disappear lol. He fixed it up quickly and I was put back on to fast path within an hour, but random issues like that have put me right off BT, along with their regular unwelcome price hikes every year. I can't believe I was paying £36 a month even a year ago for this service when I can pay 35% less for the same service elsewhere TODAY -_-

I should have done this but because I use bt sport it would cost a fortune on sky and love my UFC and champions league,plus needed to keep the bt emails which they now charge £7.50 month if you want to keep them, I wanted to move to sky but not using there garbage equipment , I never considered Talk Talk due to the really bad reviews ,actually the most complained about ,however looks Zennon and Big Dog do ok.

I was considering taking up BT Sport myself as I miss getting my regular fix of Prem/CL football, but I'm such a skinflint being off work through recurrent illness that I decided to suck it up and put up with highlights on BT Sport's YouTube channel LOL

#186754 Black Ops 4 High MS Ping?

Posted by lllRL on 2 weeks ago

Not surprised at all. It's almost as if, every year when a new game comes out, they forget how to implement sufficiently good matchmaking. How much experience do these devs have now...

#186471 Hyper Traffic

Posted by lllRL on 2 weeks ago

I have a 7ms ping to Twitter and little effort required to get A+.

The short answer may well be something as simple as my connection doesn't need hyperlane so ticking it is adding a layer of processing not required.

BO3 has an in game ping but no idea what protocol that would be unless anyone knows

Same, 7ms in game but very rarely does the connection in game indicate it's anywhere near that lol. Game traffic is UDP so PingPlotter/geofilter/whatever pings are irrelevant if you have some weirdness going on with UDP somewhere between you and your ISP. In fact it's probably irrelevant anyway.

I wouldn't pay attention to the ping meter in BO3 as it includes processing delays and it's usually very inaccurate as it seems to be rounded to the nearest frame, ie 17ms, 34ms, 50ms etc.

#185451 Moderate NAT is better for me then Open NAT - Blops3

Posted by lllRL on 12 July 2018 - 04:13 PM

With open NAT, assuming you aren't connecting to servers, you could be getting host and then playing in lobbies with many high latency players. If the average latency of a lobby is past a certain threshold, something like 51% of the average latency will be added to yours so you aren't effectively at "0ms" (host meaning you act as the server). That's the only thing I can think of.

At times I've gone from UPnP to port forwarding or vice versa without remembering to finish setting up for my console's IP, loaded into the game with moderate NAT on not seen a difference. In contrast to your experience, I've generally had better games either pulling host or playing on another player's host (even if it's a higher latency one) than playing on a server with very low (<10ms) latency. In fact the last time I forced myself to avoid servers on IW I had a whale of a time, regardless of whether I was host or connecting to a 60ms one in Denmark or Serbia or something lol

Last time I played on a host I got this https://youtu.be/A2XWkatKZUMnotice how the connection got worse when it migrated from a 52ms~ Danish host to a 27ms~ French host LOL. I didn't pull host myself that day, but I did the day before and it was one of the best connections I'd had in 18 months. Strange considering it's just half a frame difference away from playing on my local server (7ms) and there are worse update rates when playing on a player host (more than 10ms of difference), yet my local server gives me laggy games 9 times out of 10. Go figure :)

#185301 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by lllRL on 10 July 2018 - 02:29 PM

It's been 12 weeks now guys. Could we PLEASE have an update on what is/is not happening with DumaOS?

#184979 Throttling in COD

Posted by lllRL on 05 July 2018 - 01:20 PM

I'm on 50/10 too. Regardless of whether I use max sliders, whatever suppresses bloat (I can get away with 97%) or a matter of kilobits (I'm talking 150Kb), I see zero difference. 7.5 and 1.5Mb down and up respectively is still way more than the game needs to run. CoD uses an average of 150Kb or so.
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#184626 Is there a guide on how LEDE with Cable internet (Charter)

Posted by lllRL on 28 June 2018 - 02:49 PM

Sorry for the bump. I don't have anything on LEDE but if was an interesting watch either way. Quick question - why do you use turbo mode with 80/20 VDSL (or should I say why DID you use turbo if you're not running that setup anymore)?

#183870 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by lllRL on 18 June 2018 - 09:05 AM

Do people really want a broken ass rushed update that could potentially have bugs that brick your device completely?
Is that the road people want to go down?

I'd rather get a product I know is going to work and perform 100%

It should take, at absolute most, a few more weeks. Nothing more as we have everything else working.


#183859 Surprise

Posted by lllRL on 18 June 2018 - 05:20 AM

Hello guys 😂😂😂😂 thanks for rase my k/d 😂😂

You can find games there? All of the Saudis are on west EU servers 😂😂😂😂

#183528 Is bufferbloat still a problem for people with let's say 400 Mbps internet ?

Posted by lllRL on 12 June 2018 - 03:41 PM

What MoDBoX said. I actually had far bigger problems with bufferbloat on a higher bandwidth line. Granted it was only 100Mb, but I couldn't get an A+ grade even if I chopped off 80% of it. On 50Mb I can chop off just 3% and average under 2ms bloat for an easy A+ (<5ms bloat for an A+, and I think it's <30ms for an A).

I daresay the popularity of the ISP in your neighbourhood or street has an impact regardless of how much bandwidth you have on tap. The Internet generally tries to do everything with its pedal to the metal so any other device on your network will be affected by this. If you have a 10Mb line and try to download a game, it'll use as close to 10Mb/1.25MB per second as possible. If you're on a 1Gb line it'll try to use as close to 1Gb/125MB per second as possible. The only exception I can think of is streaming; whether you're streaming gameplay to Twitch or trying to watch an online TV service, it doesn't seem to max out your line. I noticed Twitch was using 35Mb tops last night when I watched a friend stream, and when I tested PS4 streaming at 720p60 it seemed to max out at around 5Mb upload. I don't think that would cause bufferbloat because you have so much more disposable bandwidth free, but it's still advisable to cap your bandwidth slightly to guarantee no additional lag.

If Spectrum or AT&T are providing you with cable you'll most likely still see BB issues. My higher bandwidth line was on cable and BB was an issue before I even considered the idle line jitter lol. With 400Mb down (and I'm assuming at least 20Mb up) you should be able to get away with higher than 70% CC though, since 1% of that is considerably more than 1% of 50Mb or whatever. Hope that helps.

#183491 Ping's to server

Posted by lllRL on 12 June 2018 - 01:30 AM

Nah, I had a better time on CoD when I was with crappy jittery Virgin Media. Now on BT I get a flat 7ms to the UK and it was so bad on WW2 I uninstalled at level 20 odd. Zero hitreg, getting pumped by dudes who are just ahead because of their higher latency, while I'm a deer in headlights supposedly facing in a different direction 😂

And after getting into an IW lobby tonight that included a Brazilian, someone in midwest USA and someone in MALAYSIA along with the usual central Asians and Saudis I can confirm ping is definitely not king LMAO. Might as well just pick my gun up and smack them over the head with it because bubble bullets do sweet fuck all.

BTW you can test CoD servers on PingPlotter if you grab a server IP, but you'd have to figure out how to bridge your PS4 connection through a computer to run Wireshark to find it, then spend an age googling the IPs you find to locate the one that belongs to Choopa/Vultr/whatever. I did that for IW but obviously that isn't relevant anymore.

If you're getting 25ms to the UK from somewhere in the UK you must be somewhere between the midlands and Scotland (or maybe the northwest of Wales)? Most of the biggest melts in the UK are in Scotland on 30ms+. I say move further north and enjoy nobody shooting back at you LOL

#183331 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by lllRL on 09 June 2018 - 11:29 PM

I can't believe that everyone is still pissing and moaning over the R1 not getting updated. I come on here every few days just to have a laugh at all the people still complaining. Let's face it folks, they should possibly update it eventually, and if they don't, just get the DumaOS. That's what I'm doing eventually!

Why on earth would anyone "just get the *XR500" if we were told we're getting DumaOS on the R1 in April? That's exactly why we're here waiting for an update 🤦🏻‍♂️