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In Topic: DSL Report F on Quality

4 hours ago

Firmware is now @ 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd.

This is with preemtive

This is with reactive

No settings changed between tests.

I think that speaks volumes lol. Exactly the same bandwidth but you go from A+ to D for quality?! Did the preemptive test give you exactly 0% packet loss?

Weird how upgrading seems to have helped though. Now that you're back on the current firmware, I'd suggest totally avoiding reactive or unticking share excess because they always give me problems on 1.03.6.

In Topic: DSL Report F on Quality

6 hours ago

I just got this with preemptive, 30 down and 85 up.


Can you get A+ with something like 70/70 preemptive?

What firmware did you downgrade to? I find that reactive doesn't cause packet loss on 1.03.4 lol

In Topic: DSL Report F on Quality

7 hours ago

Are you using reactive or unticking share excess by any chance? I'm only on 52/10 with BT Infinity but get A+ bufferbloat with 99% sliders. I recently discovered that you should neither drop your speed too low, nor use reactive or untick share excess, or you will drop packets even if it guarantees you an A+ for bufferbloat. In fact quality is more important because packet loss is always going to be there until you fix it; bufferbloat is only there if you're hammering your connection with other devices while playing.

You should have an A+ for quality right down until around 1Mb upload - after that it starts to go downhill. If you don't use reactive and share excess is ticked (try hitting the reset device prioritisation button too), can you try running a test with new cables to rule out damage?

In Topic: Thinking

A day ago

I bought another netduma because i am having trouble with speeds that have not been resolved yet on the first one, the new netduma doesn't have speed problems but is having problems switching screens it just takes forever to switch to one screen to the other, this is getting pretty old

Try using UPnP only if you want to use the hyper lane and geofilter. Forwarding ports manually and using either the hyper lane or geofilter causes GUI lag for me.

Curiously that never happened on my first Netduma. Another fix would be to downgrade to firmware 1.03.4. There's no hyper lane feature but you can use port forwarding and the geofilter simultaneously with no lag. That runs flawlessly for me, but I'm back on 1.03.6 because UPnP is working fine and I want to experiment with the hyper lane again.

Hopefully that isn't going to be an issue on DumaOS. It's pretty frustrating when you need to tweak a ton of settings just to get a CoD to play properly, only for pages to take five minutes to load.

In Topic: WWII Optimal settings

2 days ago

lol during the bo3 beta i played on wifi and dominated went back to wired and got wrecked lmao

I remember the first month of IW was the worst for connections I've had in any game, including BO3 and AW. I got sick of having zero time to react and nothing registering on 7ms, so I connected wirelessly instead, set sliders to 100%, connected my phone to the same 2.4Ghz WiFi band, played some random Twitch stream on 1080p60 and it was totally different. My bullets were clearly delayed but it was like I was invisible LMAO