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In Topic: just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

A day ago

Someone should just force Michael "I bet $1000 ping is king" CONdrey to tattoo this on his forehead before he's dumped into a retirement home and forgotten about...

In Topic: Host Filtering Screen Won't Load

2 days ago

Thanks Fraser. Thought I was losing my mind... said to myself "yes, I KNOW I have port forwarding and the geofilter enabled simultaneously..." but the line of text at the bottom of the GUI showing the version number wasn't taking seven years to load as it normally would with the infamous port forwarding GUI lag, so I was scratching my head for some time lmao

In Topic: Hi All

3 days ago

In the last few days i have upgraded to sky fibre max so i now have a bandwidth of up to 80 but im getting average of 60/20 as the line settles.

I have used DSLRreports and adjusted my slides down in %5 increments and settled on Reactive, down 73 up 92 and the games where 10 times better.

I must admit i did the spead test through the ps4 as my mac has old sofware and the browser is not capable of even loadind DSRLreports so the cosole is all i have at the moment that can be wired.

Yeah as far as I know, you just need to leave your modem on constantly while it figures itself out. I can't even remember if I adhered to their instructions after installation - because, well... my memory sucks - but I get what I pay for either way haha

I use my PS4 browser as the DSLR test runs better on that than on my laptop. Just make sure you don't have the geofilter page up on your PS4 browser in the background while playing - it seems to cause insane lag in game, which is quite annoying if you're wanting to monitor what's going on in game because you're noticing something off in the first place. If you have the geofilter open in one tab and run a DSLR test on another tab with the PS4 browser, you'll see what I mean. You'll end up with triple digit ms latency and bufferbloat through the roof, even while using sliders that normally suppress it. If you swap to the QoS page or something else on the R1 GUI that lag doesn't occur, so I'd guess that maybe it has something to do with the map and the way the radius scans it constantly. Curiously this lag isn't shown by the geofilter ping tool, which is disconcerting considering that's what causes the lag in the first place lol

If you want to keep an eye on your geofilter page while playing I'd suggest leaving it open on a laptop or phone browser, and keeping your PS4 browser closed 👍

In Topic: Internet speeds and line quality questions

4 days ago

That first hop latency doesn't seem great. Do you have any new cables you can try between wall and modem, and modem and router? That should really be <1ms. Otherwise it looks pretty stable, especially if you're on cable or DSL.

In Topic: Hi All

4 days ago

Are you on BT by any chance Dan? I know someone near Newport who gets around 30/8Mb but he's on BT Infinity, which is weird to me as a fellow Infinity user since the smallest package they do is 55/10. Are you just far away from your local exchange or cabinet?

As for fine tuning, I'd suggest using the DSLReports test and PingPlotter simultaneously, or you can use the command prompt ping tool in place of PingPlotter. Simply ping something like twitter.com, and run a speed test at the same time while your sliders are at max to get an idea of what bufferbloat does for your pings. This can be considered your base bloat. Then keep the ping test running (having two windows on your PC side by side is a good idea for convenience), reduce your sliders by 5 or 10% and run another speed test. Keep doing this until you notice the speed test doesn't cause an increase in latency anymore.

If you're using the command prompt ping tool instead of PingPlotter, make sure you use the command "ping twitter.com - t" rather than just "ping twitter.com"; this will keep the ping running so you don't need to keep re-entering the command constantly. When you're doing testing you can stop the ping by pressing CTRL + C :)