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In Topic: new router

3 days ago

Yeah to use bridge mode on a modem in a setup that requires PPPoE (BT, Sky etc.), you need to enter the username and password on the WAN tab of the R1. If you had a modem/router combo from the ISP before, it would have done this for you.

The username and password are usually something generic. On BT we use [email protected] for the username and anything we want as a password for some reason, so I just put in BT. You should be able to find these login details with a Google search since they're the same for everyone on that ISP. If you're on BT just use the one I wrote here, but I don't know what they are for any other ISPs in the UK so you'd have to do a bit of Googling. Shouldn't take more than a minute to get online when you have that.

And just remember - if you ever go back to your ISP combo for any reason, you'll need to disable the PPPoE login on the WAN tab of the R1 so the modem can handle it. This is how the page looks when I'm using a standalone Openreach modem or my TP Link modem that has bridge mode. With the BT Hub I disable it to get a connection.

I went through the same confusion when I moved from the ISP combo to one with bridge mode before. It's quick and easy once you know how ;)

In Topic: Surprise

4 days ago

Quite surprised you can find games with it there.
I have my geo here for WW2 and struggle to find matches of Domination at times.


No UK server? Wow, you're missing out on the absolute best games there mate <_< lmao

In Topic: Virgin acting up fed up think may cancell till I get option for diffrent prov...

6 days ago

Plymouth they said its router so I'm sneaky got a 2 off ebay quick start it and then if the issues carry on must be from wire or somewhere else?

It just sounds like the network in general. Virgin is trash lol

In Topic: Virgin acting up fed up think may cancell till I get option for diffrent prov...

6 days ago

Yeah no router will do that tbh. All a router can ever do is reduce or get rid of any increases above the minimum latency. You must be up north or even in Scotland or Ireland right? Distance is the main cause of that 25ms+, but of course if you ping a server closer to you (like you may find on the speedtest app) it'll be lower.

In Topic: Virgin acting up fed up think may cancell till I get option for diffrent prov...

6 days ago

VM was pretty crap for me even with a SH2. Base ping was like 13ms but it would spike to 30-50ms every two seconds without fail, and that's at best without factoring in more distant servers. Also got random packet loss and 100ms+ spikes when just pinging the router ( I believe) on PingPlotter. But if you want to try it, yes it does need the attenuator on the end of the coaxial cable.

I switched to BT as my Superhub got destroyed by lightning. It was good timing as I'd just had a letter informing me there was due to be a price hike and I was allowed to leave lol. On 100/6 VM I would more often get below 50Mb down - which was funny considering that I got a constant 53Mb down on the 50Mb line - along with the jitter, but on BT I've never had below my bandwidth guarantee, the latency was halved (7 or even sometimes 6ms, depends on whether I'm using the BT Hub or standalone Openreach modem as a reboot of the latter causes an IP and latency change) and the jitter rarely exceeds 0.2ms. However if you're able to change ISP now, I'd go for Talktalk as they're offering an 18 month plan with more bandwidth than you'd get on BT Infinity 1 for six quid a month less. I was considering switching over recently myself but I'm stumped on the vague wording around their minimum contract period. I was with them for a year and signed up again for another 18 months (it's been 10 months since that second sign up), so I don't really know if the minimum period refers to the first year overall or the first year of each contract lol. Maybe someone here can put me right on that.