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In Topic: Best ADSL/VDSL Cord from internet socket into modem????

57 minutes ago

You can actually have a bit of length to the twisted pair RJ11 with no loss and the same noise protection :)

I can not have my modem right next to the master socket as their is no power in the hall so I pipe twisted pair RJ11 into the living room which is the closest room with power knowing there is little to no noise being sucked up like a cheap flat cable would.

Even if the modem was right next to the master I would still use twisted pair and don't get me started on ferrite cores haha :)

Ah fair enough. I thought it was DSL cables that were more prone to performance issues over anything more than tiny lengths. Well, compared to ethernet anyway :P

As long as it's good quality I guess that's what matters when using a longer cable. Luckily the guy who installed my socket placed it below a double power socket so I can afford to use a 0.5m twisted pair cable and then I run a 15m ethernet cable upstairs to my R1. The other power socket is reserved for a lamp lol.

In Topic: Best ADSL/VDSL Cord from internet socket into modem????

3 hours ago

I got mine off eBay. Rather than a flat ribbon cable - the cheap crappy kind that are made for peanuts - it was a twisted pair solid core VDSL2 cable, which I bought on Zennon's recommendation.

I don't actually know of any websites that do anything similar, and unfortunately I can't find the guy on eBay anymore. Do you know if your socket and modem take only RJ11 or can the socket take RJ45 (a regular ethernet type plug) too? Our VDSL2 wall sockets can take both and RJ45 is recommended on the socket end for a better fit, while of course it's RJ11 on the modem end. Or does your gear use completely differently plugs? If you let me know what your socket takes I'll look around for something of similar quality for you.

Edit: actually I found something similar on eBay. The guy is based in London but he posts to Australia. If you don't order it because of delivery costs or whatever, you can use that product as an example of what to look for https://m.ebay.co.uk...d-/162952885504

Edit 2: here's a cat6 example (which I have). They're generally thicker and sturdier, but they're not hard to manage and hide away since you want a short cable (<1m) from wall to modem anyway :) https://m.ebay.co.uk...g-/323140372200


A day ago

A fairly recent post on this site https://forums.whirl...archive/2690380suggests Broadcom-based modems are best. Apparently the Huawei HG658 is commonly used over there? It may be worth getting a TP Link W9970 after all then. It's 30 or 40 odd pound here... you would be looking at around 70-80 Aussie dollars depending on the site you pick it up from.

I can sing my TP's praises for several reasons, and I think the value is one of them. Granted I haven't shopped around much for different routers in the past but considering the depth of the features available and the performance compared to what people use as the baseline for comparisons here on VDSL2 (the Huawei HG612), as well as the cost of some routers I've seen lately, I think it's great lol

In Topic: best vdsl modem ??????

3 days ago

Oh I apologise. I don't hear of many users of VDSL outside of the UK for some reason. Australia maybe? I'm not sure if it's the same setup over there with regards to cabinets or "nodes" but the TP Link or Draytek should still be good options. I like my TP Link simply because it can be used as an all in one if you need it, but it can be put into bridge mode easily for use behind the R1.

In Topic: best vdsl modem ??????

3 days ago

If you're on an ECI cabinet get something with the Lantiq chipset. If it's a Huawei cab, make that something with a Broadcom chipset. The Draytek Vigor 130, as mentioned above, is good for ECI cabs while the Huawei HG612 Openreach modem is recommended for Huawei cabs of course. Openreach does an ECI version too (the ECI B-Focus V-2) but I don't know much about it.

I've personally got a Huawei HG612, my ISP combo (BT Smart Hub) and a TP Link W9970 which I like because it's small, provides the same level of performance as the HG612, can be used as a combo or in bridge mode (something sorely missed from the BT combos) and it's cheap brand new too. It offers the best of both worlds if you ever need an extra router/access point or if you want a modem only behind your R1.