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In Topic: WW2 strict mode

14 hours ago

Hey Fraser, not sure if you've noticed/heard of this before, but at times when I load up WW2 and connect to online services (where you briefly ping all servers) I see padlocks slightly off to the side of most EU servers. When I click on one it'll show the update button and a totally random latency value like 105ms for the one next to the UK server. Then at times several servers won't show up at all (even after checking dormant hosts), but they'll appear if I search for a game. Conversely I can find all servers when signing in but never find a game on one and it'll give me a player host at times lol. This was in the first few weeks though - I uninstalled WW2 about a week ago because connections in game even on local servers were miserable - so I don't know if that's still the case.

Any ideas what's going on there? I made sure to reflush the cloud, and even rebooted both the PS4 and Duma, but this would show up randomly.

In Topic: Making the Duma Work without waiting 30 min for it to load up?

A day ago

Getting kind of old. Is there a way to get this UI to load up in a reasonable amount of time without disabling my geo-filter or removing all my port forwards? It is becoming painfully slow just to load, switch from tab to tab. The UI is like is stuck in an infinite loop, very annoying.

Thinking of just discarding it since I don't want to wait 30 minutes to start a game.

I downgraded to firmware 1.03.4 as it doesn't have GUI slowdown issues with the geofilter enabled with port forwarding rather than UPnP. But then the Krack WiFi thing happened and now I feel like I'm stuck with 1.03.6i.

I read once that setting up the geofilter for port 3074 rather than the PSN preset stops the slowdown. They were right, it does... but then the geofilter doesn't work, I don't see dots on the map and I can't find games LOL

I want to use port forwarding because it seems like there are more ports needed than just 3074 and 9308 which UPnP handles, but if I do that there's no point using the R1 because I wouldn't be able to use the geofilter.

If you could just set and forget with a tight filter and 70% sliders for a great experience in game it wouldn't be a problem, but I don't remember the last time I didn't need to spend more time tweaking and experimenting than simply playing. If you enable the geofilter and leave it but need to check stuff or change settings next time, you're screwed.

Sigh. Very disappointing that this has been going on for well over a year but no workaround has been patched in. It's arguably the most common problem for R1 users too.

In Topic: Getting sick and tired of the Netduma

A day ago

WiFi just lasted a good 15 minutes this time until it dropped again. I seriously must be doing something wrong to keep having this issue.

I've only ever had issues with connecting my laptop to the Duma WiFi. Everything else connects and stays connected, whereas my laptop would see it at full signal and refuse to get online, or just say "secured" rather than connected. Sometimes it would connect first time and then drop out a few minutes later and refuse to connect again, or it would stay connected until I rebooted, and then it would refuse to connect again lol. I'm not sure exactly what fixed it because I changed my Duma WiFi channel to 4, enabled WiFi workaround (although it's stayed connected since then with it disabled), tweaked a McAfee firewall setting that I'm not entirely sure was even relevant, changed my password type to WPA and back to WPA2 again, and also followed a YouTube tutorial to prevent my power saving plan from allowing the laptop to tell the wireless adapter to go to sleep. I also made sure my ISP router WiFi was disabled.

Some of those are specific to the laptop only. Maybe try changing your password security type on the Netduma as well as the channel? Load up with GUI with your PC over a wired connection, disable WiFi fully first and click apply, then re-enable, choose password type WPA-PSK2, and type in your details again (Netduma R1 for the SSID and whatever password you were using before), before changing the channel to 4. Click apply, go to miscenallous, then check WiFi workaround and see if your devices will connect and remain connected.

In Topic: WW2 strict mode

2 days ago

Oh I’m also running through my isp zyxel to my duma now as I just wanted to see if it made a difference cause it couldn’t hurt when I tried it, I’ll likley take it out of the equation again soon too if things seem to have stabilized. I just get faster speeds with the zyxel in line than with the duma connected right into my fiber line itself for whatever reason.

Apologies, had you mixed up with someone in England lol

I've noticed the same with WiFi too; pings and even jitter are usually around the same, though I'd imagine there'd be some level of packet loss. I haven't played on WiFi though. Tbh I just want good games on the best possible setup because everything else is illogical and tilts me -_-

In Topic: WW2 strict mode

2 days ago

I was talking to you and colonic at one time and thought he’d said he uninstalled, meant you in the above post. Anyway I just bumped my radius up to about 200 miles today cause it was taking a bit to find games and actually it’s still been playing surprisingly well again. I was terrified when I turned on my PS4 to another little ww2 update overnight, told my wife they likley broke it again. To my surprise it’s pretty good, not perfect their heading in the right direction though. I’m back to making these a hole quickscopers flinch and tearing them apart simply jumping, I can shoot a guy turn and hit cover to get multi kills before insta death and overall I’m having fun again. I can understand waiting totally and it may be the safe bet, but I’ve had about 15 consistent games across most of the game modes now where if I’ve not done great it was cause I was playing stupid going in for revenge or not paying enough attention to my flanks. Hope others are seeing similar games cause for the first time in weeks I’m actually having fun and haven’t touched dsl or duma os all day. Haven’t gone much below 2.0 kd since changing things.

Yeah I worry when I see a patch after taking six months of experimenting and tweaking just to find two consecutive days of not rage inducing, mind bending inconsistency and clear lag lmao. You must be within a couple hundred miles of the UK server if you're getting 12ms to it right? I didn't bother server hopping because I wanted 7ms to work but I've only had two tolerable games since launch which is why I uninstalled. I'm not going negative to connections and idiots drooling on their controllers drawing Zs across me when in any smooth game I'd go 50-0 against the same people.

Are there any other settings that are helping or making a clear measurable difference? One thing I noticed is that some days I could get online and never find a server, even with the same geofilter settings, or with it turned off completely. Granted playing on a flat 7ms to my local server didn't result in good feeling gameplay anyway, but I'm sick and tired of seeing ignorant plug and play WiFi chimps get host when they're fluctuating from 20-100ms every few seconds.

I've also just ordered a modem because despite using my R1 in my BT Smart Hub's DMZ, I still appear to have double NAT. I see two private IPs when running ping or tracert commands, and the other day I read that double NAT causes packet loss on the upstream router thanks to a small NAT table or something. I want to see if ruling that out helps improve things, because I'm sick of one bar looking games with zero hit detection and time to react. Knowing my luck it won't help though...