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#160335 Bufferbloat

Posted by kevo on A week ago

I think those blufferbloat test are bs I get a A+ across the broad and games still run like crap

#160131 Finally Charter spectrum activated the IPv6 and added new channels

Posted by kevo on 2 weeks ago

Yea you are right they need to offer better speeds especially with the upload

#159689 Finally Charter spectrum activated the IPv6 and added new channels

Posted by kevo on 3 weeks ago

Today the Charter spectrum updated internet services. I just got the update an hour ago and I noticed they also added 3 more channels to Upstream Bonded Channels. I have the TP-LINK modem TC-7610 8/4 and all channels are running. also I noticed there is a big different with online gaming.

is that why i have 4 upstreams channels now instead of 1 

#159623 Bullet reg / Lag compensation

Posted by kevo on 3 weeks ago

its spectrum their internet is trash

#158546 Where are the low ping games???

Posted by kevo on 03 September 2017 - 01:56 AM

you playing IW?


are you sure your geo isn't putting you onto a far away server?


from London I can connect to the east coast in 80ms, so you must be hitting europe or further to see 100ms

it shouldnt with strict mode on and ping assist off

#158028 COD WW2 Day 2 Thoughts and Netduma Settings

Posted by kevo on 26 August 2017 - 05:46 PM

the beta is trash the servers suck the character movement is so sluggish. people lagging always killing me 

#158005 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by kevo on 26 August 2017 - 02:00 PM

i got alot of his clips in my dm on twitter i think ima make a montage tribute to him

#157954 A7Legit Passed Away :(

Posted by kevo on 25 August 2017 - 11:51 PM

are you serious right now. me and a7 have been cool for about 3 yrs man we always talked via twitter alot and i notice he hasnt been active because he would normally send me a few clips of his hit detection and stuff. even tho we never met in person i swear it feels like a true friend. prayers for him and his family 

#156371 BufferBloat test

Posted by kevo on 06 August 2017 - 02:58 AM

Is there another site to test the bluffer bloat other than dsl reports I cant seem to get a A+ rating on the buffer bloat. I have set my r1 up via the website I also have 60 down and 5 up

i think the whole bluffer bloat test thing doesnt work i get A+ on everything and cod still plays bad for me 

#153963 DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

Posted by kevo on 13 July 2017 - 12:54 AM

all we can do is continue waiting lol thats all i can say at this point 

#153534 DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

Posted by kevo on 08 July 2017 - 07:40 PM

there was a review done at pc gamer and they quote ian as saying they expect it in spring 2017, and a open beta will be before that.

all those dates have past it could be fall winter or even next yr. we havent heard anything but soon since last yr 

#144470 Netduma Effect Part 2

Posted by kevo on 28 March 2017 - 12:45 AM



I gave in and took Mods advice lol. These are the results and also thanks chive for the help as well.





#142784 Spectrum 60mbps

Posted by kevo on 11 March 2017 - 03:50 AM

Yeah that's about the same exact speeds I get also on the same package, speeds fine just the quality I'm not impressed with at least in my area.

me too the quality is terrible but i can say you get your speeds you pay for and some 

#142207 Any News on DUMAOS?

Posted by kevo on 06 March 2017 - 01:18 AM

We havent heard nothing yet the most ive heard its coming soon

#141699 Titanfall 2 montage

Posted by kevo on 27 February 2017 - 09:34 PM

Nice vid, kinda cool watching a TF2 vid as I've never played it.

If only i can get cod to play like this. With tf2 all i need is hyperlane and congestion control