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In Topic: BufferBloat test

2 weeks ago

Is there another site to test the bluffer bloat other than dsl reports I cant seem to get a A+ rating on the buffer bloat. I have set my r1 up via the website I also have 60 down and 5 up

i think the whole bluffer bloat test thing doesnt work i get A+ on everything and cod still plays bad for me 

In Topic: DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

4 weeks ago

Hey guys, I posted in another post (one that I made), as a response to the new update since I'm back to having the same problems I've had since forever. I gave up on CoD for a bit and came back, and of course, dealing with same issue as everyone. This is what I wrote in the other post, I hope you will like my idea. I hope I don't come off as a jerk, but I was hoping to come off as professional as possible to deal with the problem with the upcoming DumaOS


Look, I hope to God I'm not coming off as an a******, but this update's waiting time is taking way too long with no exact reason except for "oh, we're trying to perfect it, that's why it's not out yet". Look, I love you guys and the router to an extent, but to perfect this should NOT be taking up to 2 years of production. This update has been in effect, or as an idea to your company way before we knew about it and as far as I know, it was being made in production a little after the latest update came out, which was almost 2 years ago. To perfect something like this, has I think already been made by a couple of companies (dont remember exactly who, but apparently they're doing better than you guys with this kind of idea, but I still love you and am not leaving  :) ). The point I'm making, is that too many people are having the exact problem I'm having because we can't have what everyone else like A7 and others are getting. Everyone who owns a Duma of course isn't going to get the same results due to having different modems, connections, internet packages and cable and so on, but apparently, according to you guys, this update is supposed to fix THAT exact problem, which is why I've been so excited for two years for this release, but have been disappointed every time I get told that the release date is being extended. In my opinion, there should options to fix this problem of making everyone with my problem wait, and I think someone else has mentioned this before, but I will try to give my idea and use my words to explain it. 


1. Fix a couple of the problems you guys are claiming to have at a quicker rate unless already doing so. Release a beta to everyone who owns the Duma so that we can all help test out to make this process go quicker. If a beta is released now, we can all keep the firmware, and every time you guys have a fix, update it until its perfected and make it one huge update.


2. You also said that with the release of the new DumaOS, it should be a lot easier to update firmware and software and to keep us posted a lot easier, correct? Well, if that's what DumaOS does, but is still not perfected, why can't we just say "screw the minor bugs" and just release it? You guys said yourselves that Duma OS decreases the amount of time for bugs to be fixed dramatically compared to what we have now. So why aren't we doing this? Why are we forced to wait another year (which I can only imagine that we will because you've done this before) just so that new customers can't come in and lose a few in the process?


I've seen people get rid of their Duma because of the amount of time it's taking to release this update, plus other companies are coming out with better ideas a lot faster, and surprisingly are near perfect compared to what we are getting here. I know people are going to tell me that they aren't leaving or aren't going to leave, but there are some that have, and that's not good. And the people who left are those who are suffering with the same problems as I am. I also feel that there are answers to these problems, but we aren't being given the right answer at all. I know that seems easier said than done, but there has to be a way to help us out in better ways if we're going to procrastinate with this update. I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I feel as if others might agree with me on this in a professional matter. I love you guys, but this whole thing could be resolved if you take my advice.


Either do a beta like iPhone's do where before the release of a new iOS, they update the beta frequently until it's perfected.


Release DumaOS NOW and just update frequently until perfected. it seems as if you guys are already near perfection, so what's the hold up? Does it really matter if there's a few minor bugs here and there that isn't going to heavily affect us? we're adults, I think we can handle a couple of issues here and there, but discuss it appropriately in the forums so that all Admins are informed and can resolve it.

i agree i feel like we in the u.s should be beta testing. i feel like the people in uk arent gonna have that many problems they are finding super low pings l less then 20 ms. its a consistent struggle trying to play now when you know your being punish for having solid internet ive checked everything ping is good packet loss is good. ive spent so much money on modems and routers and stuff to fix my problems im giving up man its not fun getting melted and its taking me 15 bullets to get a kill or dying by 5 bullets with reactive armor on. right now im a walking target i cant kill nobody and its annoying as hell when i kno its not me my monitor or my connection

In Topic: DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

13 July 2017 - 12:54 AM

all we can do is continue waiting lol thats all i can say at this point 

In Topic: DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

08 July 2017 - 07:40 PM

there was a review done at pc gamer and they quote ian as saying they expect it in spring 2017, and a open beta will be before that.

all those dates have past it could be fall winter or even next yr. we havent heard anything but soon since last yr 

In Topic: Titanfall 2 - Performance

17 April 2017 - 02:35 AM

every since i got titanfall 2 i really havent touched cod forreal with a optimize network titanfall 2 plays amazing