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Member Since 17 Feb 2015
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In Topic: Battlefield 1 settings

2 hours ago

Don't need no settings for battlefield just play game has true dedis at 60hz

In Topic: Did Charter Upgrade there speeds?.

21 hours ago

i havent seen any upload speeds increased yet but i notice they are using ipv6 in my area. man i been wanting them to increase the upload speed for awhile i would love to have 10 especially for streaming and uploading videos 

In Topic: Dont delete this negative post thanks

22 hours ago

like i told one of the netduma devs its not the router its the cod that is the issue. ive put alot of hrs in on battlefield and titanfall 2 and those games play great with the netduma. you dont really need the geo filter on those games just congestion control.cod will never be a playable game until they sort out their netcode problems and get a new game engine. the compensating factor in cod needs to be tone down people with bad internet always will dominate in cod  

In Topic: WW2 Settings Help

4 days ago

your ping is really high

In Topic: What ISP Should I Go With?.?.

2 weeks ago

I don't have any problems when I play battlefield but when I play cod man it's crazy lol