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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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#179055 Help with problems with my Netduma R1

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

I really didn't want to bump this but I felt I needed to share with everyone that's offered what help they could (Thank you)...  I think I've fixed my Netduma R1 slow interface issue!  :D


If you recall me mentioning that I've factory reset my R1 and that didn't resolve my dilemmas? Well.. When I factory reset my R1 last, apparently there were optimization settings changed that I wasn't aware changed! I re-disabled IPv6 in WAN/LAN settings. Enabled Local-link IPv6.   ...and now,  my geo-filter displays beautifully. Host/servers/peers show immediately and the radius scan is spinning away.  AND my network monitor starts right up and displays activity instantly--every time I visit it. 




That's awesome to hear, thanks for letting us know your solution! Let us know if you have any more issues or questions and we'll be glad to help :D

#179025 Speeds just dropped drastically

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

Everything is back to normal after setting it up as you suggested.  Thank you.


My only other issue is that i seem to get added latency when using the Duma.  For example, when i run the speed test straight from my ISP router, it is about 4-6 ms ping, whereas when i use the Duma i cant get any lower than about 25ms.  Is that fixable?


Other than that no issues so help has been greatly appreciated sir!!!


I'm glad your speeds are back up, great to hear!

It's quite unlikely that the Netduma is adding 19ms ping to your connection, so let's get to the bottom of it by running a more in-depth test. I'd recommend running a PingPlotter test (PingPlotter is free software) on your Modem using a wired PC. Then, conduct the same test under the same conditions using the Netduma R1. If you post those test results here we'll take a look and advise you further :D thanks!

#178901 Dumaos update

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Does anyone know when the next update firmware with new feature for dumaos xr500?


We'll let everyone know here on the forum once it's available :)

#178898 Netduma Router und Call of Duty: WWII

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Ah okay. Und warum werden mir mehrere große Kreise auf der Karte angezeigt? Ich glaube wohl kaum, dass dies alles Server oder andere Hosts sind, oder doch?


Wenn Sie sehen, dass jeder Kreis groß ist, bedeutet das, dass Sie der Gastgeber des Spiels sind. Wenn Sie nicht glauben, dass dies der Fall ist, teilen Sie uns bitte einen Screenshot davon mit und wir werden Sie wissen lassen, was passiert.



If you see that every circle is large, that means you are the host of the game. If you don't believe this is the case, please share a screenshot of it here and we'll let you know what is happening :)

#178782 Cloud - Incorrect Locations

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Thanks for letting us know about this server, we'll let you know when the next cloud version becomes available.

#178553 Getting an A but not an A+ on DSLReports?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Before the release of DUMA OS you convinced us that DSLreports is a good indication to test our internet quality. Now that DUMA OS is not capable of getting an A+ in bufferbloat you try and convince us that this page is not good to test our Bufferbloat internet quality?? Im confused


It's not that DSL reports isn't good any more - we haven't flipped on that. It's DumaOS itself that is making DSL reports give false readings, not the other way around. Due to the way the DumaOS DPI works (in only scanning the first few packets of data) it no longer agrees with the DSL reports tests. We were originally concerned that it was accurate and DumaOS was underperforming, so we conducted a ton of internal tests ourselves and our developers found that it's just a false reading.


So that's why we now recommend PingPlotter for results that don't conflict with our DPI. I hope this makes sense! (DSL reports is still great to use for testing with other routers, and we hope to find a way to get accurate DSL tests using DumaOS in the future!)

#178192 CONECTIVITY STATISTICS (dedi´s and p2p matches)

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Thanks for the feedback, great to know what kind of features you're looking forward to! We'll let everyone know what is to be included in future versions here and on social media.

#178189 Terrible Wifi speeds / Streaming

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

I am really struggling to fine tune my xr500. I am getting 50 or less on download and 5 or less on upload. Do I need to use an either direct into the router to change settings?


Welcome to the forum! We're happy to assist you though could you please make another thread detailing your issue as much as possible? You'll get much more efficient and fast support that way. Thanks!



Do you have an email address or something similar for me that I can upload to?
Post them rather not so online on the topic as there are mac / ip addresses.



If you'd like you could email [email protected] with them and we'll take a look and respond here :)

#178184 DDOS attacks appearing in logs....

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

As funny as that is I'd avoid looking at those logs in too much depth; the events shown there happen on every network and are very common. We added the logs panel for developers / engineers to use rather than customers - it can look as though something major is happening (like a hack from Trump Tower) but in reality it won't affect your experience.

#177983 im confused is their a new firmware update?

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Hi i been away from the forum for a while i just came back to see if there was any new news and im getting confused is their a new update? I have netduma r1 im seeing these new versions so i dont no whats going on can someone fill me in if i should update my router ?


Hi, welcome back! The links and advice above is all accurate - the latest version is 1.03.6j. Any 'letter' version after 1.03.6 is just very minor fixes for very specific issues, so if you're on any 03.6 version you will be fine to stay on it :)

#177855 VPN setup "Failed to communicate with router"

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Thanx for the reply,


We have ADSL internet through a copper phone cable :( so a bridge is a must to be able to use the netduma.


What if I let the Linksys modem router handle the PPPoE (close it's wifi) , put the neduma in its DMZ and let the netduma run the VPN and the devices?


I dont see any other way to do this since the Linksys has to be the first connection from the phone line, then the netduma as the 2nd device, i dont think in any way i should buy another router for the VPN as that would be ridiculous  :D


is that the case for the nighthawk XR500 too? no PPPoE and VPN at the same time ?




I believe that should work - I'm not that savvy with VPN's but it can't hurt to try it out! And I'm fairly sure it's the same for the XR500 and all other routers though I'd have to investigate it further.

#177768 VPN setup "Failed to communicate with router"

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

So after hours chatting with the express VPN team, they informed me that the netduma can not act as a PPPoE and have a VPN set up on it at the same time. which I find strange but need to confirm with you guys. 




He's correct in saying you cannot use PPPoE and a VPN at the same time. This is the case for most routers, since both require full use of the WAN connection to function. You should be able to overcome this by allowing the Netduma to handle PPPoE and using a second router for the VPN. There's a handy article on the subject here: https://www.flashrou...k-flashrouters/


Please let us know if this helps :)

#177737 Nighthawk x4s and Netduma R1 together

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Is there any real difference in this setup and getting a


There would be a few differences - it's worth checking out the guide Pollutionblues just linked above. The R1 doesn't yet have DumaOS, and when it does the settings will be different since Netgear developed the settings for the XR500. The XR500 also has hardware acceleration, allowing the interface to run faster.


Let us know how you get on with that guide :)

#177708 How to open your NAT with the XR500

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago


Thanks a million Fraser!
Just to double-check on the following :
1) I only need to do it for TCP/UDP only or I will need to do it separately for UDP and TCP also?
2) Also to clarify, that these rules be done under Netduma Classified Games > Add Device > Add game under Advanced Tab and not under Port Forwarding or UPNP rules?
3) My UPNP setting is On. Actually most of the settings on the router is default and have not touched it so it should be fairly straight forward. So I trust that UPNP should be left On as well while forwarding the ports as described in 2).
Best Regards,
Omar Currim



There should be options for TCP, UDP, or TCP & UDP. The ports Fraser provided have the required option next to them. You should be making 3 new rules, each with the corresponding option:


UDP 3659
TCP: 3569, 10000 - 29999, 42100-42200
TCP/UDP: 9000-9999
I hope this makes sense! As for your other questions, you should be adding these rules to the Traffic Prioritisation section. If you have an open NAT then there's no reason to port forward (since you already have UPnP enabled which will do this automatically). Let us know how you get on :)

#177454 Cant play multiplayer on xbox one

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

Just got Netduma r1 gaming router. When checking my network it says multiple player not setup.... Help, Im really bored


Hi, welcome to the forum! Please provide all the information asked for above and let us know specifically what the error code is stating / how the problem manifests. We'll help you out from there :D