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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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#159766 Netduma Destiny 2 optimal settings

Posted by Netduma Jack on A day ago

Yes when i play alone with geo filter is ok but when i play trials im kick from the game often even having set geo filter to 2000km.Dont use stric mode and ping set to 0.

Only way im play is when i dont use geo filter but that make me bad conection from USA ppl sometimes.So that settings are ok?

I have UPnp enabled,no ports forwording rules.

Cloud settings:

Enable auto cloud: on

Bleeding edge cloud: on

Whitelist: 39

Game Servers :36


Some one post auto cloud and bleeding edges should be off

Im realy bad with all that stuff so im be happy if any one try give me best setting i can get on this moment to play Destiny and not be conected to host so far away from me


Your settings are correct; it's unfortunate that you're being kicked, though next week we hope to release a new cloud version with many more Destiny 2 servers. This should hopefully allow you to properly utilise the Geo-filter and not get connected so far away.


I would recommend playing with it disabled if you're getting kicked a lot. I know that it's not ideal, but until we release a new cloud update there's no way to prevent you bring kicked.

#159712 change location

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

when i set the ping assist to 0ms the game will not allow me to join any match and if i increase the ping assist i will be forced to join a match in my real location


i think the Geo filter doesn't work , only the ping assist works


please i need your help


Have the console completely turned off, unplug the power also. Setup the Geo-filter like in your first picture (excluding your country, strict on, ping assist 0). Make sure the map has completely cleared. Then turn on the console, go onto the game and search. Search times will likely be longer but please let us know if this works.

#159705 Netduma ha dejado de funcionar correctamente

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

Oks me parece perfecto. La semana que viene en principio estoy bastante libre.

No sé dónde quiere que publique los días y horas, si me pasa el enlace mejor. Yo dejaré en ese foro el enlace de este post y que me digan mejor a qué hora me pueden atender.



Intenta acceder al Administrador de dispositivos con Google Chrome en modo anónimo. Si puede acceder a esta, una extensión está bloqueando su acceso a ella usando el modo normal.
Si no funciona, haga clic con el botón secundario en la página Administrador de dispositivos, haga clic en "Inspect Element" y luego haga clic en "Console". Por favor, captura de pantalla de la página.
Vamos a probar esto antes de hacer un 1 en 1. :)
Try to get on to the Device Manager using Google Chrome in anonymous mode. If you can access this, an extension is blocking your access to it using the normal mode.
If it does not work, right-click the Device Manager page, click "Inspect Element" and then click "Console." Please, screenshot of the page.
We will try this before doing a 1 on 1. :)

#159636 Router log file access?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Ok, PIA is now claiming (after I pointed out the error in the log file) that


Which is shown in this error in the R1

Fri Sep 15 02:35:01 2017 ERROR: could not read Auth username from stdin

So, if Fraser could take a look and let me know how to specify the path (if possible) I would appreciate it.


For now I'm running the PIA client on the relevant PCs rather than use the R1 capability.




Hi Mike,


I'm glad they've pointed you in the right direction. Fraser's currently off sick but I'll see if I can get him to take a look from home. I'll also try and have a look myself, though I've not tested VPN's half as much as Fraser. I'm hoping he'll be in next week and we'll get this properly sorted, but I'll let you know if I find anything you can try :)

#159567 Host Filtering Hurting Your Game Play?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Wow thanks for the reply. You are spot on dude! I noticed that when I have a moderate Nat with geo filter enabled the games are so inconsistent. When I DMZ my Duma to get an open Nat for Bo3, it doesn't matter whether I have geo filter enabled or disabled. It's like I'm still connecting to the same server. I live in Houston Texas and I think there is a server in Dallas? I put the radius just big enough to cover it. But I notice that when I do that every other game I'm getting disconnected!! Maybe u can tell me exactly why lol. Thank You so much for your time. It means a lot to me! Keep up the good work and dedication my peeps!


What distance do you have your radius set to? I would recommend putting Ping Assist to 50ms (or slightly less) if you're getting disconnected a lot - the game probably wants to put you in another specific server which the Geo-filter is blocking. Likewise you could increase your distance slider until it's not disconnecting so much. So long as your ping to the game is less than 60ms you should be getting good gameplay and filtering out the worst of them :)


Can't say it did jack for me. No difference at all.


What's the issue Necro? Is your NAT closed / moderate? If you'd like, you could open a new thread with your issue and we'll work on resolving it :)

#159529 Is It Reasonable to Lose 90% of your Bandwidth on R1?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Just switched from my ISP modem's 5ghz signal to my Netduma's signal and my d/l went from 297mbps to 30mpbs .... is this reasonable, or are my settings flawed?


Even my hardwired PS4 went from ~200ish to ~30-40ish, which seems very wrong considering it's a wired connection.


I mothballed the R1 about 6 months ago because it was a bigger pain in the ass than it was worth, and I'm already regretting my decision to plug it back in.


Praying your new OS is truly a 'revolution' ....


Hi, welcome back! It's not reasonable to lose that much no, so first off I'd recommend trying these settings:


- Reactive Algorithm
- 100% anti-flood
- Share excess enabled
- Reset device prioritisation & apply
- Disable IPv6 in WAN, LAN & misc
- Disable deep packet in misc
- Enable turbo mode
- Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
- Do a wired speed test from a PC
Also make sure all your devices are connected to the Netduma. Are you on the latest version (1.03.6g / h?)

#159301 LAN cable disconnected

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

I also recently started to have this happen after 12 months of perfect operation....

Assuming its my PS4 LAN port due to the fact if I kick my desk it happens lol


Haha, yes that sounds about right. Stick some electrical tape on it :)


I'd also recommend trying the same Ethernet cable in another console from the same Netduma port. Should rule out the cable and the Netduma as the culprit.

#159300 FAO Zennon Ping Plotter Result During Destiny 2 Strike

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

is that doing nothing or playing an online game at the same time?


These issues could potentially be caused by your line, so it's always worth running a pingplotter test through your Modem wired to a PC to find out. I can't imagine it's nice playing with those spikes!


If you find that your connection to the Modem is good, then try switching the Ethernet between your Netduma and the Modem.

#159244 Que puedo hacer?

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

¡Hola, bienvenido al foro! Ese mensaje de error aparece cuando intenta cargar un perfil. El perfil tendrá la misma configuración de Ping Assist que ya ha establecido, lo que provoca un choque.
Para cargar un perfil sin que aparezca este mensaje de error, configure Ping Assist en un valor diferente.
Hi, welcome to the forum! That error message appears when you are trying to load a profile. The profile will have the same Ping Assist setting that you already have set, which causes a clash.
To load a profile without this error message appearing, set Ping Assist to a different value.

#159184 VPN and Netduma resources

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Hi again,


If I have the VPN enabled/connected to my provider but no LAN devices ticked to use it, is the connection still consuming computational resources from the Netduma? I would think not since most of the work is the encryption.


BTW, your router software has been a life saver in our household. Before implementation my spouse could barely play ESO if anyone else is online, and we now can use Netflix without buffering due to competing house members' usage.  :)


Hi Mike,


I doubt it will be using much if anything when nothing is enabled on the VPN page; the hard work only begins once a device is running through it.


That's great to hear, I'm glad you're enjoying your Netduma :D

#159179 Packet loss

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Como puedo saber cuál IPv uso?


Si su ISP no proporciona una conexión IPv6, asegúrese de que está deshabilitada. En la mayoría de los casos, está bien desactivarlo, pero si no está seguro ejecute una prueba de velocidad antes y después de desactivarla.

#159126 Not Happy with my Netduma

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

I forgot to say Thank you guys for all of your help!

hopefully, I can get this issue resolved.


Is there any way to clear the net-duma firmware then reinstall? 


Thanks ttu_red :) you shouldn't need to reinstall the firmware, and I wouldn't risk something like that anyway. Try these settings out (some would already have been covered above):


- 1000km Distance
- 0 Ping Assist
- Strict Mode On (Off if playing Destiny)
- 70% anti-flood
- Put your device in Hyper Traffic (in Congestion Control)
- Share excess enabled
- Reset device prioritisation & apply
- Disable deep packet in misc
- Ensure the ethernet cables you're using connecting the R1 to hub & R1 to PC are Cat5e+/can handle your speeds.
Your Internet Diagnostics results are promising, and your ping isn't too bad. If you're getting 50-60ms, that's pretty good since we recommend <60ms for a relatively lag free experience. If you're getting 15-20ms ping to the game, that's pretty incredible and you'll struggle to improve those figures. What is your base ping stated by the Internet Diagnostics?

#159122 Packet loss

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Saludos y gracias de antemano por intentar brindar ayuda.

Cuál es la función de IPv6 y deep packet processing

También me gustaría saber por qué a mis compañeros le reconoce la consola como PlayStation y a mí me la reconoce como nameless device. De quién es el problema de mi consola o del Duma que no la reconoce bien


¡Hola, bienvenido al foro!


IPv6 es una función específica para los ISP que usan IPv6. La mayoría de las personas utilizan IPv4, por lo que recomendamos que permanezca desactivado. El uso de IPv6 cuando usted no lo necesita realmente puede resultar en una pérdida de velocidades.
Deep Packet Inspection permite al Netduma reconocer los juegos que se están reproduciendo en él, y se utiliza en gran medida para juegos de PC y las características de análisis de host. Recomendamos mantener esta opción deshabilitada, ya que utiliza mucha potencia de procesamiento del enrutador.
En cuanto a su PS4 no recibe un nombre de dispositivo, siempre puede hacer clic en el botón "editar" y cambiar el nombre si no se han reconocido. Después de hacerlo, asegúrese de reiniciar el enrutador mediante Configuración> Miscelánea.
Hi, welcome to the forum!
IPv6 is a specific function for ISP's that use IPv6. Most people use IPv4, which is why we recommend it remains disabled. Using IPv6 when you don't actually need it can result in a loss of speeds.
Deep Packet Inspection allows the Netduma to recognise which games are being played on it, and is largely used for PC games and the Host Analysis features. We recommend keeping this disabled since it uses lots of router processing power.
As for your PS4 not receiving a device name, you can always click the 'edit' button and rename it should it not have been recognised. After doing so make sure to reboot the router via Settings > Miscellaneous.

#159042 Profiles, Misc, Geo pages not loading.

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

im glad to here that. cant wait to see the dumaos :). i know its a lotta work for you guys but keep up the good work ;)


Thanks Joe, we really appreciate the patience of everyone watching out for DumaOS. We're giving it all we've got, really hope you all enjoy it.

#159031 Erscheinungsdatum für dumaOS?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

Hallo ihr lieben,
Und zwar, wann kommt die neue firmware dumaOS eigentlich für den netduma raus?
Könnten wir da eine genauere info kriegen kriegen? Warte nämlich sehenssüchtig danach


DumaOS tritt in eine neue Testphase ein, und wir arbeiten so hart wie wir können, um es fertig zu machen. Wir hoffen, Sie alle genießen es!
Wir halten alle in der Schleife durch unsere Social-Media-Kanäle, wenn mehr Nachrichten verfügbar ist. Ich hoffe, wir haben ein Update für Sie bald, aber wenn es große Pausen zwischen offiziellen Updates gibt, ist es in der Regel, weil wir 'langweilig' Dinge tun - Fehlerbehebung, Testen, Programmieren usw. Alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten werden immer offenbart :D
DumaOS is entering a new testing phase, and we're working as hard as we can to get it finished. We hope you all enjoy it!
We'll keep everyone in the loop through our social media channels when more news is available. I hope we have an update for you soon, though if there are big breaks between official updates, it's usually because we're doing 'boring' things - bug fixing, testing, programming etc. Any major news will always be revealed :D