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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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#170787 ppoe

Posted by Netduma Jack on A day ago

hi i am trying to set up R1 with ppoe  the password and username  on r1 . I dont know which to put in my hub VM2ac  password   in modem mode currently, or my actual sine in details to virgn media        my hub access or account details 



Yeh I'd agree with the above, I've not seen anyone here using Virgin who needs PPPoE. If you already have Internet access through the Netduma, you don't require PPPoE :)

#170786 Not consistently connecting to dedicated servers on COD WW2

Posted by Netduma Jack on A day ago

why are your circles  green,dude  mine all red ,,  i like green .


The colour of circles on the map is dictated by where you add the device at the top. The first slot is red, the second green, the third... Yellow? I think? And the last one blue. (I think). Have fun!

#170782 comment combattre les pertes de paquet du netduma

Posted by Netduma Jack on A day ago

a big thank you to you because your examples allowed me to find my problem which was the mtu of my local network ....
without you I will not have found and today the results are excellent !!

live netduma

how to post screenshots?


That's great to hear, I'm glad you found the problem! I'd recommend uploading an image to an image sharing site like Imgur, or taking a screenshot using Gyazo. You can then share the link by clicking 'Image' when typing a reply, and copy and pasting the link into the 'URL' box.


Good luck! :)

#170636 Hello fellow gamers (PS4, here)

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

Thanks guys.  This is proving to be more challenging that I though.  I had time to spend a few hours on it last night after work.  Took forever to find a match at first,  (GF at 300Miles, PA 0), then when I did get into a match It black screened on me and kicked me out with Unplugged LAN connection Error.  Did that like 6 times or so in just over an hour.  I un checked the Strict mode because I read somewhere on here that might be part of the issue so I un-ticked it for now.  That seemed to help some.  Still even with settings the same had a few completely horrible matches. Not sure what happened. (never touched the settings, just played, WW2 did some update though).  Noticed that sometimes at the beginning of the match it takes a really long time to get in the game with everyone else.  Some times around 7 seconds left on the pre match timer, other times I've clicked my class and waiting to go in and I'm a spectator for a few seconds because it won't connect me.  Not sure what the issue with that is. 


     Tonight I'm going to try to add roughly a 100 miles to the GF (400 or so, PA 0)  and tick strict mode (turning back on).  I will go from there.  I have "Share Excess" ticked and believe I read that something about that being the only way CC worked.  PS4 Pro is at 70U and 71D on CC or vise versa.  All other devices at around 5. 


     I have done DLSReports speed test on my PS4 (GF off)  but couldn't get the results.  It just spins.  I left it for like 5 minutes.  No results showed up.  I didn't see any spikes, but I have no idea what the actual rating was.  I basically gave up on the whole DSLReports thing after it.      


     I do have it on Reactive (thanks) Speed test on PS4 showing around 70 Mpbs with GF on.  Not sure what is going on with it.  If that doesn't work I might move the sliders to  65 and try that.



     Anyone have any ideas, or am I possibly missing something?  PSN set up and 3074 port opened on Hyper-traffic.  I've literally read and tried everything I can think of. 


     Thank you.  Have a good day.


So one thing to check whenever you add any secondary router is your NAT type. If your NAT isn't open your search times will increase, and you'll end up connecting to bad games. Try enabling UPnP on the Netduma and disabling it (as well as Port Forwarding) on the Modem.


One thing you will need to find out to understand your connection better is your Base Ping. Your base ping cannot be changed by secondary routers - it is a measure of your line / equipment ping. If this figure is high, you may want to increase your Ping Assist slider to factor that in. Reducing spikes / jitter / base ping is achieved through better modems / new Ethernet cables / new ISP services or lines.


When you get this connection error, do you see any servers on the map being blocked? If you do, please click on those and provide their ID here. A couple of people have reported this problem very recently and I have a feeling it's due to the latest WWII update.


I'd also click 'Reset Distribution' and click apply. The reason for this is that games use very little bandwidth (<0.5mbps). Your console will not need 70% of the bandwidth as a result - you can instead prioritise other devices which download / stream often.

#170634 Netduma r1 and xbox one in australia.

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

My bro lives 20 mins away lol. Its to do with the cloud servers netduma team should be able to update them.
One of the server ids is 5431b47fcef3b0b5
I dont use strict and as mentioned above my radius covers the whole state which we all live in yet the xbox servers randomly appear in the middle of the country which is desert


Hi, welcome to the forum! We'll check out that server for you - we're hopeful to complete a cloud update next week or the week after so keep an eye out for that.


I'd definitely still recommend adding your friend to the Allow list even if they're close by; you should only ever have to do it once and it's a good precaution. What is your NAT type? Try only ever enabling the Geo-Filter once you're on the game menu (this is a good rule of thumb anyway to prevent any console servers from being blocked).

#170575 WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Ok so I have an R1 that blocks my PSN auth connection unless I do the work around that you guys have said I shouldn't have to do yet I do. 

I purchased an xr500 and have had it operational since the day after announcement.  Today however I am having the same issue as with the R1. 



If my geo filter is enabled I cannot sign into PSN.  Can you guys seriously not fix this!?!  I feel like it's been done or being ignored intentionally at this point.  I've been told over and over and over.... that it was a misplace authentication server, you were aware and a cloud update should fix it please post the ID.  It has not been fixed in quite some time.


Hi - could you please provide us with any blocked server ID's when this disconnect happens? We're hopeful to get a cloud update out very soon which will likely fix your issue. I believe I was talking to you on Twitter, and from what you told me this seems like a localisation issue. (We would be seeing a vast number of people with this issue if the blocked server wasn't localised or  very specific).

#170515 Netduma question.

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Je ne m'attends pas à une connexion parfaite, mais je veux juste pouvoir jouer sans lag, tout en ne priorisant pas toute la connexion ... la fibre est prévu seulement en 2020 chez moi, c'est un peu long lol


Salut Vinke, bienvenue sur le forum! Vous devriez être bien pour jouer et diffuser avec ces vitesses - les vitesses inférieures ne sont pas idéales, mais ne devraient pas réellement avoir un impact sur vos jeux.
Hyper Traffic et Anti-Flood sont conçus spécifiquement pour réduire les retards lors du téléchargement / streaming et des jeux en même temps. Vous devriez être en mesure de trouver un équilibre qui fonctionne pour vous et vous permet de faire les deux. Tout en utilisant l'algorithme préemptif conçu spécifiquement pour les jeux à basse vitesse, vous devriez avoir une grande expérience en utilisant le Netduma.
Même si votre streaming a causé une certaine latence supplémentaire, le Geo-Filter devrait vous aider massivement à trouver un jeu de ping inférieur, donc les effets seront minimes. J'espère que cela aide :) laissez-nous savoir si vous avez des questions.

Hi Vinke, welcome to the forum! You should be fine to game and stream with those speeds - lower speeds are not ideal, but shouldn't actually impact your gaming that much.
Hyper Traffic and Anti-Flood are designed specifically to reduce lag when downloading / streaming and gaming at the same time. You should be able to find a balance that works for you and allows you to do both. While using the pre-emptive algorithm designed specifically for low-speed gaming, you should have a great experience using the Netduma.
Even if your streaming caused some extra latency, the Geo-Filter should help you massively in finding a lower ping game, so the effects will be minimal. I hope this helps :) let us know if you have any questions.

#170500 Hello fellow gamers (PS4, here)

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 days ago

Thanks guys.  I got home and re did my settings on my router and rebooted.  Just got done shoveling the driveway.  Hope this works.  I had GF PA on 26 MS before, that might have been an issue.  I will let you know.


    I have a few Jeeps.  bought my GF an old beater XJ that is up to her Dads as a trail rig for when we go up there Prestty fun.  I have a '05 TJ that I've had since 2005 that I love.  Fun toy, but not a good daily vehicle.


     Thanks for the advice guys.  I will let you know.


     Oh, I"m on Reactive, I'm pretty sure that is what I'm supposed to be on.   


Welcome to the forum - it looks like you've got some great advice above. Ping Assist shouldn't be causing issues - it will allow you to connect to hosts outside your Geo-Filter radius but below the value of the Ping Assist slider. This is great for finding low-ping games, especially in remote locations.


You should be using the Reactive algorithm for speeds over 60mbps. Anything below that and you should be using Pre-emptive for the best results :)

#170302 comment combattre les pertes de paquet du netduma

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago



pourriez vous me dire pourquoi j'ai des pertes de paquets sur le duma alors que je n'en ai pas directement via mon fai.

je les ai appelez et fais mes verifications sur mon ordinateur via ma box directement et zéro perte !


Je connecte tout mes appareils sur le duma, ipv6 desactivé etc etc etc ... 70/70 etc etc etc mais peut être pourriez vous m'aider car à ce jour net duma et un amplificateur de bullshit à cause de ses pertes de paquet.


je suis en fibre chez free pour information et ça fais 1 an et demi que j'ai le duma




Bonne journée


La perte de paquets ne peut être provoquée que si votre câble Ethernet est défectueux, si votre MTU est mal configurée ou si votre matériel est défectueux. Quels sont les résultats d'un test de diagnostic Internet et avez-vous essayé de changer de câble Ethernet?
La perte de paquets est également un problème qui est très rarement causé par un routeur secondaire - en général, le problème provient de votre service de ligne / ISP, ou d'un équipement défectueux. L'ajout de Netduma R1 ne devrait causer aucune perte de paquets.

Packet loss can only be caused by your Ethernet cable being faulty, your MTU being set incorrectly or your hardware being faulty. What are the results of an Internet Diagnostics test, and have you tried switching Ethernet cable?
Packet Loss is also an issue which is very rarely caused by a secondary router - usually, the issue comes from your line / ISP service, or faulty equipment. The addition of the Netduma R1 should not be causing any packet loss.

#170299 newbi general os interface help

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Hi DCM - I've moved your post to General Support (as DumaOS is separate software to the current Netduma R1 software, it's a separate support channel).


I think I understand what you mean by your first suggestion - there's currently no way to view your evenings gameplay mapped out, though that would be a really cool feature and we've already thought of implementing that in the future.


If you just type in your speeds in 'Set Bandwidth' and let the router do the setting up for you, that's the best way to get the best speeds through it. Then, I'd recommend selecting a profile for the game you're playing.


As for encrypting the page, this won't be necessary. The router is protected by its own firewall, the UI is perfectly safe and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

#170297 Something strange (geofilter ping)

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Maybe your connection is just that good IIIRL. Can I come to your house to play?


In all seriousness, I've not tested gaming on WiFi much myself so I couldn't really tell you why it's so stable. Maybe someone who's tested as much as you could give you their thoughts. Your WiFi connection is more stable than most wired connections I've ever seen, which is pretty shocking if the tests are accurate!

#170268 Google Home and Cromecast Issues

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Hi - thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're going through a heavy transition period at the moment having just announced our partnership with Netgear, which may mean we don't get around to releasing a fix for this issue before Google release the fix themselves.


That being said, I'm not sure that this article is referring to us being able to -fix- the issue with an update - I believe this article might be suggesting that updating the router could increase the lifespan of the router if this packet burst issue is occurring. I'll have to check with our programmers, though I'm not sure if there's anything we can do to permanently protect against this from our end.


I'm certain that Google will be the first to release a fix for their devices. If you're within your warranty period (1 year after purchase) then you will be protected if your router is broken by this issue.

#170165 Geo filter and congestion control?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Just for clarity, unticking "Enabled" is effectively turning off the geo filter but congestion control is still on for that console I just unticked "Enabled" correct?  thanks guys!


Yep the advice above is correct. Just to clarify the Anti-Flood sliders a bit, when the sliders are on 100/100 Anti-Flood is essentially 'disabled'. All devices will take the maximum bandwidth allowed to them. When Anti-Flood is set lower (we recommend 70/70 for gaming) device bandwidth is limited in a pretty smart way to prevent bufferbloat / congestion from causing lag while you're gaming :)

#170064 Geo filter and congestion control?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

Hi guys!  Quick questions.  Does the geo filter need to be on to take advantage of congestion control?  Also if I have 2 xboxes in the house and we play together does both of them need to have the xbox service and geo if I host the game?\



The reply above is correct. Please let us know if you have any other questions :)

#169580 Nighthawk DumaOS view.

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

This video is in nordic but it is not long, but what is really worth the watch is to see the new OS. It looks stunningly sexy and I really have to praise and tip my hat to Netduma for such a fantastic job.









I'm really glad you think so BD, we can't wait until everyone has access to it!