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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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#187504 geo filter

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Your Geo-Filter is working perfectly. I watched your video, there's absolutely nothing in it that suggests the Geo-Filter isn't working correctly.


Battlefield 4 allows you to choose your server in-game. As such, the Geo-Filter is less useful - the Geo-Filter is meant for games which give you no control over matchmaking.


Even so, at the beginning of the video with Strict Mode enabled and Ping Assist at 0ms, the Geo-Filter correctly blocks all servers outside the radius and gets you a fantastic connection.


When you disable Strict Mode further through the video, you then connect to an American server. This is due to how Battlefield 4 works online, and is nothing to do with the functionality of the Geo-Filter.


I'm glad you're getting fantastic connections when you correctly use the Geo-Filter.

#187396 Double Nat

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

Ok...I've always read that online gaming isn't even set for ipv6.. Which is why I assumed it didn't matter if it was on or not


Exactly - PS4 doesn't even support IPv6. You know a feature is pointless when one of the leading consoles completely disregards it.


Then Xbox went and marketed IPv6 like it's a great gaming feature, simply because PS4 didn't have it. Talk about clutching at straws!


You're good to go without IPv6, don't worry about it :D

#187391 Double Nat

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

So if I have a stand alone modem I should keep my ipv6 enable? I have a stand alone but have it disabled on my r1... Well it make a difference keeping it on or off with playing online?


IPv6 makes zero difference to gaming. Router / ISP companies will tell you otherwise, but it's all marketing and false information. IPv6 literally just changes your IP address to a different format. It means if you're not technically on an IPv6 connection, you'll get slower speeds if you enable IPv6. That's why we recommend keeping it disabled.


If you are on IPv6 you could equally leave it disabled - it can be a struggle to get it to work properly with your devices. If you're certain you're on an IPv6 connection and you really want it to work out for whatever reason, try enabling it and test whether your IP addresses have changed.

#187020 Deep Packet Processing Ticked

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

That what im referring to is PC gaming. When gaming i tick DPP. should i change the other settings to go with it as DPP changes my bandwidth from 250 down to 50 MB.


Hi Raven - to be honest I wouldn't tick Deep Packet Processing. I'm not sure how useful it actually is with the R1, but in almost all cases you'll want that disabled. I believe it's mostly used for the Host Analysis feature (which isn't really useful in most games, and won't be featured in DumaOS). Seeing as it makes such a drastic difference to speeds I'd say the benefit of disabling it outweighs any positives.


I hope this helps!

#186847 R-Apps CPU and WI-Fi Temperatures

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Awesome idea - it could be a great plugin for System Information. We'd just have to find room on that page to fit it! ;)

#186846 VPN in Duma OS

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Hi Blur - both of these features are on the way pretty soon. VPN Hybrid is in the late testing stages as is Ping Assist, and once they're approved and finalised by ourselves and Netgear they can then be released for you guys.


We got yo' back! That's not all though - there's tonnes more features on our roadmap for DumaOS, so stay tuned for any more major features.

#186601 duma os

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

It'll be coming out really soon - sorry for the delay! There's no exact launch date as we don't want to miss it and disappoint everyone again, but it's very nearly ready.


We all hope you enjoy it!

#186597 CC Flower

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

You are correct...theres on my PC and my PS4 connected to the flower...and yes I am on the lastest version and default theme and I use Google chrome as the browser.

Also, I have cloud and bleed checked..so I won't bother with that then

Thanks for the help


Good stuff David! I hope to push some changes to the Flower in the future to make it 'prettier' when there's only 2 devices connected. We might one day bring out a Table View mode as well, so if there's too many or too few devices added you'll be able to see them in a basic table instead. Keep an eye out for any graphics changes in the future :)


If you need anything else just let us know, always happy to help.

#186547 Major NETDUMA Upgrade Now Available (v 1.03.6j)

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

Have not checked this forum in about a year... looks like you have to buy a new modem to get the new software.

Is 1 03 6j the most current version for the r1?


6j is the latest version, but you don't have to buy the Nighthawk XR500 to get DumaOS. It was delayed back in April which caused a lot of annoyance, but it should be out very soon for the R1 free of charge :)

#186546 Wifi Issue

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

Thank you but i have figured out what was wrong. I accidentally disabled DHCP so nmo other device was allowed to obtain an IP address. Thank you again. Im still going to look into Lan to Lan so i am able to use 5 ghz.


Great to hear you found the solution to your issue! If you have any other problems or questions just let us know and we'll help you out. Thanks :)

#186457 Hyper Traffic

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago

Yeh I reckon you guys are correct - if your connection is ridiculously good then perhaps the extra process of prioritising traffic is actually hindering you. In almost all cases this shouldn't happen but I guess a 7ms ping isn't all cases!

#186450 Reset R1

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 weeks ago


The problem itself is not from the router button, the promebla arises when it is updated to version 1.03.6 J.

The restart button worked perfectly for me, but once I updated that version I stopped doing it.


If there was a way to go back to one of the previous versions of 1.03.6, it would have a solution, the problem is that today you can only download version J.
Could you put a link with a different version to download jack? I'm sure it would be solved.



Yeh J has caused this issue with select routers, though unfortunately downgrading from J is extremely risky and would likely brick the router completely. That's why we removed those links.


Again, I'm waiting on DumaOS so that this issue can disappear. It'll sure make thing a lot simpler to solve :D

#186239 is the dumos update out for the netduma r1 yet?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 weeks ago

We knew that nobody would or could give us another ETA even a year ago I never demanded one, I just want to know what is going on, because I have people asking me question, because I roam the forums and do not, because I keep there Netduma R1 and XR500 up and running if they ever run into a problem. I would also like to know what is going on, because I can't endlessly keep defending something or someone when I am kept completely into the dark to the point that only possibility that is left is false speculation that never does any good, but I mean what do you want if you keep your lips closed for 10 weeks!


I've explained why we're not giving another ETA - it's too risky, look at the mess it landed us in the last time we gave out an ETA. It's difficult to predict precisely when it'll be ready, so we aren't risking letting anyone down again.


I saw your question on the DumaOS/R1 delay thread - in response to it, it's Netgear who are working with those YouTubers and Netgear who are mostly promoting their XR500. We didn't make those decisions, and it doesn't mean the R1 is dying or falling by the wayside.


The thing we'd like everyone to remember is that the software currently installed on the R1 is still groundbreaking, and still won awards, and is still better than any gaming software available on any other consumer router (at least with regards to solving real gaming problems).


DumaOS will be coming, but you still have the best. We'll be giving you even better soon.

#186236 Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 weeks ago

Well yea im aware that the R1 is not capable of my speeds which it lowers it drastically but im not worried about that like i said i did just found out that with Turbo mode on and WITHOUT throttling my internet its Amazing. I believe my Base Ping for my internet or iSp is 12ms ping. So i just use the R1 for the Geo filter amd ts been working great so if u ever get any questions for fiber speeds thats would be the solution brother NO THROTTLE. I believe when i do get sum little jitters/spikes that it comes from the Cod Server i hope because my internet runs perfect. And also my ping to the game runs about from 12ms to 25 or 30ms maxx so its Insane Great feel me bro lol (2Ez) most of the times wreckin in COD ready for Bo4 Whoooo!!


Haha that's awesome to hear, I'm glad you're melting them. If you're ever interested we've got a 'Gameplay and Videos' section here on the forum, I reckon a video of you destroying people would go down well xD


As always let us know if you have any issues, but it doesn't sound like you'll have any for quite some time!

#186178 Throttle on Fiber Speeds?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 3 weeks ago

So guys curious question to know if its necessary to throttle my speeds from congestion control on the R1 if my speeds are 986 down and 45 up?  Right now i just have it on super turbo mode and just using it with Geo filter and its been workin insane awsome just so u know i did just bought me the Netgear Cm1000 Modem to go wit the R1 and its Incredible good but sumtimes i do get sum little lagg spikes here and there its rare tho just hopin to know if it could be the Cod servers or anything else causin that please let me know thanxs again for you help. Still looking forward for the DumaOs Upgrade for the R1 Soon :)


So what speeds are you getting through the R1? I don't think the hardware will be able to handle max speeds in your case, though hopefully you've got more than enough to game with. In my opinion you should only throttle if you think it'll help you - if you're getting ping spikes / jitter originating upstream (with your modem / equipment) then you might not be able to solve that through throttling. What're the results of an Internet Diagnostics test, and what is your ping to the game?


We're very much looking forward to giving you DumaOS soon! As always we'll let everyone know on the news section here or on our social media channels :)