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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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#164220 Netduma Router Problems

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

Alright so i was able to pull up the r1 interface on chrome on another computer only when i hook up an ethernet plug to it wired to the netduma router and the netduma router to the modem.  I was able to hook my phone up to the "netduma r1" but doesnt receive any WIFI from it.  On the interface I ran a test on the internet diagnosis and it said ping was terrible, jitter was terrible, spikes were terrible, and packet loss was no loss.  I dont know if my settings are jacked up on here and what exactly to change. 

Alright I did a factory reset and can connect, but still says no internet access and constantly blinks on the netduma router when it’s hooked up to the modem instead of a solid color


Alright, it's good news that you can access the Interface - that means we can probably solve this issue. If you open Command Prompt and type 'ipconfig', (and hit enter), what do the results say? Could you screenshot those and post them here?


Could you also screenshot your LAN and Wi-Fi settings pages on the Netduma? Also, just because it hasn't yet been mentioned, do you know if you require PPPoE on your connection?


It could also be worth checking out this guide: http://support.netdu...-my-router-help

#164217 Modem Recommendation

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

I've just signed up with Zen for their Fibre broadband and received the free Fritz!Box 3490, but cannot get it to work with my Netduma. I've heard its not a great modem either (too many indifferent views), so am looking for recommendations for a new modem. 


Basically this connection is only for my Xbox1X, PS4 and PC, so i just want something that gives the best connection and integration with the Netduma.


Thanks in advance!


Hey, welcome to the forum! There are plenty of threads on this forum discussing the best modems for gaming. All modems are compatible with the Netduma, though some perform better than others. I would recommend avoiding any modem with an Intel Puma 6 chipset, as they have known latency issues. Good luck!

#164206 WW2 Dedicated Servers Suck!

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

It's clear the CoD WW2 servers aren't functioning properly. People are finding it impossible to join any P2P games, even though their nearest dedicated server could be 2000 miles away. The one that sums it up for me is a guy living on the west coast of America, being forced to join an east coast dedicated server even though there's one a few hundred kilometres away.


I'm thinking a server overhaul might be in the works, fingers crossed.

#164205 Thank you for Replacement Router

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

I want to thank Netduma team and specially Fayser for 1 on 1 support. I received my replacement router today which was very fast 1 service and it's working just the way it says. I am now getting 166/10 off my 150/10 virgin media broadband package. Thank you again.  


That's great to hear. Please let us know if you encounter any more issues :)

#164203 WW2 on PS4 need help setting

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

hi guys,


After ww2 roll out dedicated server globally, i always connect to Japan server. I live in Thailand,South East Asia region, according to net duma geofilter Japan is  the nearest dediated server. PING is very high > 400ms. Ping status in game always indicate in RED. all matches are unplayable.


Any setting that i can get the best out of Geofilter mode.



Thank you


Hi - could you please provide us with some screenshots showing how the Geo-filter map looks when you are playing? As Kevo said above, unfortunately CoD WW2 needs a lot of fixing - there are people in America unable to connect to dedicated servers near them. The game seems to be connecting players to dedicated servers more distant than necessary.


Unfortunately, you will struggle to connect to other hosts when the game detects available dedicated servers. Do you know of any other dedicated servers close to you?

#164202 DUMA OS

Posted by Netduma Jack on 2 days ago

will the tracer route feature be fix?.


I'm not sure if this will be included in DumaOS, since it will always be very difficult to make a feature like this accurate. Rather than having a feature show incorrect information, it's best to remove it to avoid confusion. We'll likely continue trying to figure out how to implement it though :)

#164002 seriously what is going on?

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Sorry for multiple posts, but this has become frustrating beyond belief. The purpose the of then netduma is to reduce lag by congestion and Geo. So youre wrong in stating I'm abusing the netduma. If I get a better connection "feel" wise outside my region that's what I'm going to do. My simple question is why cannot I not select other servers through the Geo feature as I could in the past? Are others having the same problem? Can someone test this? Are the servers region locked?


I'll try and find other threads where others have encountered this - if I recall though, a couple of other people attempted to force dedicated servers abroad and found that they couldn't connect. Whenever this is the case, it means that the developers have locked the regions for dedicated servers. It would make sense that Activision would attempt to mitigate their dedicated server issues by implementing a region lock.


Region locks can be bypassed through VPN's, though this will likely result in a much higher ping. The Netduma can only give you control over the servers made available to you by the game developers unfortunately - we cannot break the game net code through use of the Geo-filter.


I'd ask Fraser to run his usual tests though he's very busy at the moment. If we get some time, we'll try and force a server ourselves and let you know what we find out.

#163987 WWII w/ geofilter working good for Texas

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

To elaborate on this, as far as the "miscellaneous" settings go what options should I be using?


Misc settings affect speeds moreso than gaming, though I'd keep everything unchecked apart from cookies, turbo mode (if your speeds are over 120mbps), super turbo mode (if speeds are over 300mbps) and potentially UPnP forwarding if you need it ticked to get an open NAT.

#163976 ww2 settings

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Hello All,

I have already said my setup multiple times but I'll just say it again. I have all my devices connected wifi to the AT&T Modem 1 gb download and 1 gb upload. My ps4 is the ONLY thing connected to my netduma. The reason I ave my devices connected to the modem is because the duma can't handle 1gb download & 1gb upload. So I shouldn't change my congestion control because it won't make a difference? And my miscellaneous settings? And should I use hyper traffic? I am going to grind WWII so I would like the most ideal settings for me. I also have my geofilter set to 830 kilometers with 30 m/s ping assist. I live in NC. Should I change this as well?


I have screeshots of my settings in the post before this "my setup pt.2"


That's fair enough to have your devices running through the modem - you're correct, Congestion Control as a whole will not affect your connection since the whole page is focused on eliminating lag caused by local devices. With one device, these features will not make a difference. You'll still be able to make full use of the Geo-filter however, which will still give you the best ping possible and full control over the hosts you're connecting to. 


Your Geo-filter settings sound good - we usually recommend Strict Mode on and Ping Assist at 0, with a 1500km distance. Really though, these settings are down to your location and preference based on experience. Please let us know if you have any more questions :)

#163975 Peer Ping

Posted by Netduma Jack on 4 days ago

Hey everyone, wanted to first start off by saying truly enjoy the product.

Would like to remove some frustration from gaming against those who are at a ping way outside my comfort zone 100-300ms  (Didn't take the screen shot in time).

When Peer Ping is selected and I'm seeing above average pings (my opinion) I don't have the luxury of trying to click on every circle to try and find which one is the culprit. I know we discussed this sometime ago, and with the recent update I was hoping to see that capability included.


Is there a way we the end user could click on the culprit displayed on peer ping, and have the circle on the map turn the color of the bar being selected. That would make life a whole lot simpler, then to be out of the game trying to ping every single circle.




I agree, this sounds like a great idea and I'd love to see it implemented. We're introducing loads of usability improvements to DumaOS, and the Geo-filter should be more intuitive to use - especially with giving you the ability to differentiate dedicated servers from other hosts.


I'll add this to my list of suggestions, and hopefully we can add improvements like this somewhere down the line!

#163870 WWII w/ geofilter working good for Texas

Posted by Netduma Jack on 5 days ago

Yea, I read some about that the next day.  It's kind of funny.  Now that we are listten servers, pvp, I am playing like before their servers started flaking out.  I am getting some pretty great game play, thank God, and of course Iain,  for the Netduma on the pvp no doubt!!!


Thank you for the kind words! We'll be looking out for you guys on your WWII verdict over the next few months so keep letting us know how the online gameplay feels. I'm certain that Activision will be working around the clock (as usual) to sort out their server problems.

#163809 Whitelisting friend

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

Ignoring the dormant router thing - My friend says he had lots of issues with his Isp and they claimed to have given him a direct line to apologise/stop the problems ( to where i dont know ) 

I am jealous of him because he is really close to the cabinet. So i cant get why we have terrible games together and his geo location appears in Kent when we are from Lancashire  :D


You can live really close to someone you're playing with but have a high ping due to the hops needed for the connection to reach them. You might find your connection is going through a relay in London and coming all the way back, or something similar.


What's your base ping?

#163808 Ping unstable

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

It will be a cold day in hell when i get uninterupted use of the houses internet for a lengthy duration xD

I will live in hope.


Haha - blocking the devices of everyone in the house tends to work, but may cause other problems!


I would recommend working with what you've got in that case - and maybe running a Pingplotter test for around half an hour at night will give you the results you need.

#163794 Sudden WiFi issues

Posted by Netduma Jack on 6 days ago

Yeah I get normal numbers over ethernet still. Over WiFi it's currently fluctuating but download doesn't exceed 30Mb despite 100% sliders and my running tests with the phone on top of the R1


Maybe try using a channel analyser and switch to a less congested channel. Have you got any other wireless devices close to the Netduma that could be causing interference? Have you changed your setup / added anything new near the Netduma?


You could also try ticking WiFi workaround and rebooting.

#163445 I don't know if this even works

Posted by Netduma Jack on A week ago

Guys how can i disabled geofilter
In order to check both ways on and off if there any difference


Just untick 'enabled' underneath the added device.