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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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In Topic: Netduma ha dejado de funcionar correctamente

4 hours ago

¿Con qué dispositivo está utilizando para acceder a la interfaz? ¿Puede acceder al administrador de dispositivos utilizando otros dispositivos? A juzgar por esa captura de pantalla que en teoría debería ser capaz de acceder al administrador de dispositivos en otros dispositivos, debe ser un problema aislado.




What device are you using to access the interface with? Can you access the device manager using any other devices? Judging by that screenshot you should in theory be able to access the device manager on other devices, it should be an isolated issue.

In Topic: Getting a replacement Duma

4 hours ago

Look, this has been going on for two years. I'm not here saying it's the duma because I hate it or anything like that. I'm saying that because I've done every possible thing everyone asked me to do. Change cables, ping test multiple times, dropped packets thing, playing games without duma, getting new gear, getting new modem, getting optimum to fix line, fixed the street line, ping plotter multiple times, the modem got changed 3 times with all same results, you name it, it was done. The last thing on this list that it could be is the Duma. That doesn't mean the duma is a bad router or anything like that, it just might need to be replaced with a new one. S*** happens, things can go wrong. That's all I'm asking since we have done everything. you can ask Fraser. He's been putting up with my bs for 3 years LOL... He knows almost everything that has gone on for me. In my honest opinion, once again, maybe getting a newer duma to replace this one might fix it.


You can view our terms here: https://netduma.com/terms/. I can't ask Fraser right now since he's extremely busy, though it would be good to see pingplotter results with the Netduma in your setup and without, as well as in-game ping results. The more detailed the results the better. If you can try to prove that the Netduma is the culprit and post the evidence here we can advise you further.

In Topic: Low speeds

10 hours ago

Hi Jack,


I have the same issues. My internet speed is 100/10. When I do an internet speed test directly wired to my modem/router combo I get the full speed. But when I connect my laptop to the netduma I get only 20 download at max, the upload is still right. Just the download speed is very low. I followed the instructions above but still no changes. Do you have any other suggestions?


What I realized is, that when I tick Ipv6 on the netduma, I cannot choose any settings on the left side on the interface. I have to unplug the netduma from the power and restart it. There must be a bug or something. Has anything like this been notified to you guys before?


Thx in advance.


That's a weird one - are you on the latest version of the firmware (1.03.6g/h) and using Chrome or Firefox on the default Netduma theme? I haven't come across that IPv6 bug before, though whenever you enable / disable IPv6 you should reboot from Misc settings anyway. Have you tried another Ethernet cable from the Modem to the Netduma? Are all devices connected to the Netduma, and is this a wired speed test?

In Topic: change location

10 hours ago

i just did that and it didn't work , after 3 min of waiting the game stop searching by itself ( i did it 8 times )

by the way , the number of available matches make me 100% sure that i am still searching in my real location. ( 100% sure the Geo Filter doesn't work)


i need your help......


I know there are a few Netduma users in the Middle East who use European VPN's to give the game the illusion that you are located there, which they claim allows them to connect to the European servers. This unfortunately raises the ping to the server however, since connections are always worse using a VPN. I believe someone said they managed to get between 80-100ms ping with this method.


It's possible that the CoD servers have become more strict of late, since the advice given above used to work. That being said, the Netduma is still the only router capable of giving you control over which game servers you connect to. What ping do you get to the servers near to your location?

In Topic: LAG

11 hours ago

i dont know how to screen shot but my isp is tcworks

i get 100 down and 20 up.

i get my full speeds.

i dont have geofilter on at all.

my cc settings are reactive 70 on upload and download.

no hypertraffic.

upnp enabled.

no portforwarding.

ipv6 disabled in both lan and wan.


allow auto feedback

allow remote access

enable cookies

and turbo mode.

cloud settings are both ticked.

can you guys tell me what to tick and untick?. 

can you guys also tell me what i should do for gta and fortnite?. (my 2 main games)


Hi, welcome to the forum! Your settings seem great - I would recommend putting your console into Hyper Traffic, which will prioritise any low-latency packets (gaming traffic) coming from that console. It won't do any harm or affect your speeds, but should help reduce lag caused by queueing. I also know that the Geo-filter is functional with GTA 5, though it depends which game modes you play I believe. You don't need the Geo-filter enabled if you're getting decent connections, though you can still use the Geo-filter to monitor the game host and find out what ping you're getting to the game. As for Fortnite I'm afraid I've no idea how you would set it up, though all your settings are great for general gaming. If the game is player-to-player matchmaking, the Geo-filter should be compatible.


Please let me know if you have any more questions :)