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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

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In Topic: Pingplotter Results

2 days ago

I was wondering if anybody could help me on these pingplotter results I have just got, I ran the test for about 10+ mins and this was the result, I see 1 spike and I think the red line means packetloss could somebody give me a better insight into this please my CC sliders are set to 100/100 and all devices are connected through my Netduma.


The advice above is great. I'd agree - those results seem great to me. Let us know if you are encountering any issues which lead you to believe something can be improved :)

In Topic: Ping issues

2 days ago

I’ve tried many different settings and suggestions but for some reason I always have 2 bars on cod with late/terrible hit detection. When I bypass the router and use just the modem, my ping drops and i almost always have 3 bar connection with noticeably better hit reg. I really need help here.


Not to worry, lets figure it out. First thing to note is that if you've got the Geo-Filter on Spectating Mode, your experience should be almost the same as when you're wired to your Modem (albeit with better QoS). Is that the case? Do you struggle to connect or experience much worse lag than your Modem even when the Geo-Filter is effectively disabled?


It could also be a NAT issue - make sure you have an open NAT on your console and the game itself.

In Topic: I'm in US but all of a sudden Xbox Live is connecting me to a UK server???

3 days ago

Welcome to the forum - Pollutionblues is correct above. If you spot a server like that showing up as soon as you connect to a service, such as Xbox Live or a party chat function, it'll be a server that we've whitelisted ourselves. Without it, you wouldn't be able to use that service, so it's essential that you're able to connect to that at all times.


I hope this helps! :)

In Topic: geo filter

3 days ago

I made a mistake in the video,See how this geo-filter works,new video 




You haven't got your device enabled. This means you have effectively turned off the Geo-Filter. See the top of the page - you haven't ticked 'enabled' on your console.


That means you're connecting to any host in the world. The game has chosen to connect you to the American hosts. (The host colours are green on the map, indicating they belong to the green coloured device at the top of the page. That's the one which is disabled).


Turn on the Geo-Filter, and it will work. If you enable it and can't connect to Europe, double check your game settings and click on those American hosts. If they have a really low ping they could be mis-located.

In Topic: Netduma R1 High packet loss and random disconnects

3 days ago

I ended up unplugging it and didn't use it until 3 days ago for the BO4 beta and it seems to be the netduma is over heating because when the internet stops working i unplug it and plug it back in after a couple of minutes and it wont work but if i wait for it to cool down it works as soon as i plug it back in it is in a open area on top of a wooden box with nothing hot near it. Is there a way to tell if this is the reason? (my super hub 3 tells me if its too hot in the settings or a light comes on) also the high packet loss problem hasn't happened since i have been using it again.


I'm glad the packet loss problem hasn't happened again. I don't reckon this will be a temperature issue - it's more likely a factor of time. You state that you waited for it to 'cool down' and then it worked, but it's more likely to be that it just worked after a short amount of time after reboot.


I'd still recommend running those pingplotter tests (one with the Modem and one without) to get to the root of the issue.