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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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In Topic: PS4 NAT type Failed

5 hours ago

I've just connected my ps4 pro to my ISP router and still suffering from nat type failed while Xbox nat type is open. 


In that case, something is wrong with your modem. Have you tried different ports / ethernet wires?

In Topic: Cod ww2 somthing intresting

5 hours ago

Im just updating this thread as i now have all my portfowarding deleted

As for me when i use it my ping  spikes from 8ms to over 900ms on every server i try to connect toop2p and dedis

I think i read somwhere its a gui bug

The list before  has around 25 ports listed i now have around 100  ports in hypertraffic

It seems to me that certain game modes uses diffrent ports 


The ping spikes are a graphics bug, that is correct. Are you using Chrome or Firefox on the default Netduma theme? Do you have this issue on other devices as well?


You would certainly know if this was your actual ping, since you'd not be able to move in-game and you'd get kicked very promptly.

In Topic: PS4 NAT type Failed

6 hours ago

I've done all of these many times without any positive result 


It's worth double checking that every single port is forwarded for your game and for your console before attempting anything else. You should only be port forwarding on your Netduma, not your Modem. Try turning off your Modem and your Netduma. Wait for a minute before switching on your Modem. Then, wait another minute and switch on your Netduma. (Make sure cookies is enabled before doing this step). Make sure Auto Cloud and Bleeding Edge are applied in the Netduma Miscellaneous settings.


When you are first booting up the console, do you see anything being blocked on the map? If so, add that blocked host to your allow list and please post the ID here.

In Topic: Netduma Router Problems

6 hours ago

Alright so i was able to pull up the r1 interface on chrome on another computer only when i hook up an ethernet plug to it wired to the netduma router and the netduma router to the modem.  I was able to hook my phone up to the "netduma r1" but doesnt receive any WIFI from it.  On the interface I ran a test on the internet diagnosis and it said ping was terrible, jitter was terrible, spikes were terrible, and packet loss was no loss.  I dont know if my settings are jacked up on here and what exactly to change. 

Alright I did a factory reset and can connect, but still says no internet access and constantly blinks on the netduma router when it’s hooked up to the modem instead of a solid color


Alright, it's good news that you can access the Interface - that means we can probably solve this issue. If you open Command Prompt and type 'ipconfig', (and hit enter), what do the results say? Could you screenshot those and post them here?


Could you also screenshot your LAN and Wi-Fi settings pages on the Netduma? Also, just because it hasn't yet been mentioned, do you know if you require PPPoE on your connection?


It could also be worth checking out this guide: http://support.netdu...-my-router-help

In Topic: Modem Recommendation

6 hours ago

I've just signed up with Zen for their Fibre broadband and received the free Fritz!Box 3490, but cannot get it to work with my Netduma. I've heard its not a great modem either (too many indifferent views), so am looking for recommendations for a new modem. 


Basically this connection is only for my Xbox1X, PS4 and PC, so i just want something that gives the best connection and integration with the Netduma.


Thanks in advance!


Hey, welcome to the forum! There are plenty of threads on this forum discussing the best modems for gaming. All modems are compatible with the Netduma, though some perform better than others. I would recommend avoiding any modem with an Intel Puma 6 chipset, as they have known latency issues. Good luck!