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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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In Topic: R1 causing slower speeds (Hardwired)

An hour ago

Yes i have ran a speedtest with the sliders at 100%. No difference. I even rebooted the R1 to confirm the settings took and same result


Are you on the latest firmware version (1.03.6)? It will be worth upgrading if you aren't. I'd try a hard reset (unplug the Modem and Netduma, wait 5 minutes, plug in the Modem, wait another minute then plug in the Netduma. Wait for it to fully boot up before another speed test).


Also ensure you're using a trustworthy site like Speedtest.net, and you've got Share Excess enabled and Anti-Flood at 100/100. Also try removing your PC from Hyper Traffic if it's in there.

In Topic: Devices not recognized

2 hours ago

Hi,. welcome to the forum! We're sorry you're having a bad time, but I'm confident we can get you up and running.


Ethernet switches should be 'transparent' to the Netduma, meaning all devices connected through them should show up as individual devices on the interface.  I see you've got 3 Netgear switches - why is this? Do you have two switches connected to each other (i.e Netduma > Switch > Switch > Gaming devices)? This could cause the gaming devices to be shown as one device.


Are you having any more trouble setting up the router? The router is easiest to set up if you type your speeds in 'Set Bandwidth', allow the router to automatically configure the router, and then select a profile for the game you're playing.

In Topic: ppoe

2 hours ago

hi i am trying to set up R1 with ppoe  the password and username  on r1 . I dont know which to put in my hub VM2ac  password   in modem mode currently, or my actual sine in details to virgn media        my hub access or account details 



Yeh I'd agree with the above, I've not seen anyone here using Virgin who needs PPPoE. If you already have Internet access through the Netduma, you don't require PPPoE :)

In Topic: Not consistently connecting to dedicated servers on COD WW2

2 hours ago

why are your circles  green,dude  mine all red ,,  i like green .


The colour of circles on the map is dictated by where you add the device at the top. The first slot is red, the second green, the third... Yellow? I think? And the last one blue. (I think). Have fun!

In Topic: Netduma keep matchmake Japanese servers which is outside radius

2 hours ago

I have 0 ping assist


my radius is between India, Arabs and Southeast Asia. Still connecting to Japanese server on and on 


The advice above is great, please let us know if enabling strict mode prevents you from connecting to that server.