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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

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In Topic: Time for the Duma to go in the bin.

17 hours ago

My duma has started its annoying constant WiFi drops again, I could handle the drops once a week sure that's fine, but now it's started doing it again basically twice a day. I don't need to be told to check any FAQ topic or any support guide as I've tried every single one of them. I was hoping DumaOS was going to help alleviate my problems, but now seeing that its not actually going to come out anymore I think it's just time to say goodbye.


Sorry to hear that! If you ordered less than a year ago you could be covered by your warranty and get a replacement router. It could be a hardware malfunction judging by what you tried in the last support topic you were posting in. If you email [email protected] with your receipt / order number then we can check that out for you :)

In Topic: Double Nat Xbox One

18 hours ago

UPnP & port forwarding disabled on ISP router. Then use either UPnP or port forwarding on R1. With the Geo-Filter disabled and the R1 in the DMZ of your modem, do you have an open NAT?


Is it possible to bring the Netduma and the Xbox to your modem and connect this way: Modem > Netduma > Xbox (I mean only temporarily) to rule out the splitter / receiver? It's important to make sure they aren't the cause.


Since this is an Xbox One issue you could also try this solution:


- Go to Xbox dashboard.
- Go to system settings
- Go to network
- Go to advanced settings
- Go to alternate MAC address Clear
- Your Xbox will tell you It will restart.
- Once you have restarted the NAT type should be open.
Originally this guide was for unavailable NAT types, though it could work in this case as well. Please let us know if that helps.

In Topic: Host Descriptor

18 hours ago

Sie können feststellen, ob es der beste Server für Sie ist, indem Sie es mit anderen Servern vergleichen. Was ist der Ping zu Ihrem Server? Sie können den Host-Deskriptor verwenden, um Server zuzulassen / zu verweigern, und das Ping-Diagramm, um Ihren Ping zum Spiel anzusehen.




You can tell if it's the best server for you by comparing it to other servers. What is the ping to your server? You can use the Host Descriptor to allow / deny servers and the Ping Graph to look at your ping to the game.

In Topic: Error loading misc page. Please post issue at forum.netduma.com

18 hours ago

Last night I was gaming on my PS4 connected (PC also connected at the time) through ethernet to the R1 version: 1.03.6j which is connected to an XFinity XB3 modem. PS4 randomly shuts off without warning along with the modem rebooting by itself and this is where my issues started occurring. In the past I was able to reboot/factory reset and things would carry on but now I'm getting an error loading the misc page, particularly the cloud portion continually loading to no avail. While internet has returned to the rest of the house I still can't get internet access from the R1 itself, wifi or ethernet. I've tried isolating the R1 as recommended and even resetting through the R1 pen hole, held it down for at least 10 seconds and it failed to make the traditional beep noise or reboot. Help would be greatly appreciated as I've been searching through forum/wiki for 5 hours now trying to find solutions. 


Hi, welcome to the forum! Please check out this guide first of all: http://support.netdu...-my-router-help


Go to the Device Manager - do you see the WAN IP? You should have Internet access if you see this.
If you can't see this go to Settings > WAN and make sure static is disabled.
Then turn off the R1 and turn off your ISP hub. Wait 10 seconds then turn on your ISP hub. Wait 30 seconds then turn on the R1. You should now have Internet access through the R1.

In Topic: QoS Settings

19 hours ago

Welcome to the forum :D I hope some of the spartans out there can make use of your advice. We'll see how it plays with Halo: Infinity!


If you need any assistance at all just let us know.


Just so you're aware the way you have it setup means that QoS is not active. You're likely still benefiting from Traffic Prioritization though which is why you're finding it so good. If you experience any local congestion while playing or otherwise then Anti-Bufferbloat wouldn't help the way you have it setup.