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Netduma Jack

Netduma Jack

Member Since 12 May 2016
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In Topic: Speeds just dropped drastically

2 days ago

How do i post a screenshot?


I'd recommend just uploading your screenshot to an image sharing site like Imgur. You'll then get a link and you can just copy the link here.


Either that or you could get Gyazo. Using that you can take the screenshot and have a link of it in a few seconds :D

In Topic: Help with problems with my Netduma R1

2 days ago

I really didn't want to bump this but I felt I needed to share with everyone that's offered what help they could (Thank you)...  I think I've fixed my Netduma R1 slow interface issue!  :D


If you recall me mentioning that I've factory reset my R1 and that didn't resolve my dilemmas? Well.. When I factory reset my R1 last, apparently there were optimization settings changed that I wasn't aware changed! I re-disabled IPv6 in WAN/LAN settings. Enabled Local-link IPv6.   ...and now,  my geo-filter displays beautifully. Host/servers/peers show immediately and the radius scan is spinning away.  AND my network monitor starts right up and displays activity instantly--every time I visit it. 




That's awesome to hear, thanks for letting us know your solution! Let us know if you have any more issues or questions and we'll be glad to help :D

In Topic: Netduma Router und Call of Duty: WWII

2 days ago

Thanks. I created a gif to show you how it looks. Here is the Link: https://gph.is/2qIpFk0

Thanks for your help. :)


Since they're pulsing like that it's likely that you're on a dedicated servers. The size of each circle is dictated by how much data is being transferred, so this will be those circles (players) transferring data back and forth between the dedicated server.


I hope this makes sense! It might be a bit harder to find the host when this is happening, though you should be able to find the dedicated server by seeing if you can temp ban it. If you can then it's a server :)

In Topic: Speeds just dropped drastically

2 days ago

Everything is back to normal after setting it up as you suggested.  Thank you.


My only other issue is that i seem to get added latency when using the Duma.  For example, when i run the speed test straight from my ISP router, it is about 4-6 ms ping, whereas when i use the Duma i cant get any lower than about 25ms.  Is that fixable?


Other than that no issues so help has been greatly appreciated sir!!!


I'm glad your speeds are back up, great to hear!

It's quite unlikely that the Netduma is adding 19ms ping to your connection, so let's get to the bottom of it by running a more in-depth test. I'd recommend running a PingPlotter test (PingPlotter is free software) on your Modem using a wired PC. Then, conduct the same test under the same conditions using the Netduma R1. If you post those test results here we'll take a look and advise you further :D thanks!

In Topic: R1 host descriptor blank on strict setting

2 days ago

That must be it or a finickity xbox1 as the dedi server just mysteriously appeared now. Thanks all.


Seems like a weird one though I'm glad it's come back. I'd definitely recommend trying out another device if you get the chance, I've got a feeling it's just a phone browser issue. Maybe even try another browser on your phone :)