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Member Since 26 Apr 2016
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Help setting up the DUMA R1 with a Modem/Router combo unit.

3 weeks ago

ISP: Docsis 3.0, 50 Down 1.5 Up Hybrid Fiber/Cable. 


Currently im using an Arris TG862 modem/router combo unit as primary router to the R1. I just need help with a decent config for this modem.


When i go to Device Manager theres a "nameless device" that i cannot delete even whe i reboot the R1. I asume this is the Moodem/Router. I wish i could delete that device since may be taking some of the bandwith. It even appears on the Device Prioritisation.


Any help would be apreciatted. The R1 config is on the attached screens. 

Destiny 2 PVP on PC is a disgrace!

4 weeks ago

Just decide to give Destiny 2 PVP and the DUMA router another chance since the Warmind DLC came with weapong buffs. Sadly the PVP is still shit, at least for me. I´m always getting kicked by error BEABER, im getting melted in every single 1v1 gunfight, i join American lobbies (Im from Ecuador South america) with 110 to 130 ms.


Any help would be appreciattd. My setting are on the pictures. 

Destiny 2 on PC help.

27 October 2017 - 06:09 PM

So, recently i got Destiny 2 on PC as a gift, honestly i wasnt looking forward this version, and i just tested the PVP and is garbage, just like the console version. Yes, it runs very smooth, the 60 fps looks very well and aiming with the mouse is very much accurate (using aim assist with a controller will get you a lot of recoil) but the PVP multiplayer is still bad, im always getting melted in the most of the gun fights, im always getting into lobbies with people from the U.S. and im from South America and yes, im getting booted with beaver code on PC too.


Im using Chive's config but does anyone have any suggestion to improve the PVP?

Error WS-37397-9 on PS4 account banned

05 October 2017 - 10:42 PM

Today I was testing the new cloud updates on Destiny 2 with geo-filter On unsuccessfully because I was getting error beaver again and again and again. Half hour later I got the infamous error code WS-37397-9 on my PSN account! I assume this is the reason that I found on the PSN support:

"Malicious software unknowingly installed on a device connected to your network. (i.e. modem, router, PC/MAC, security cameras, home automation equipment).
Where possible, we suggest that you perform a virus scan to identify and remove malicious software that may be on your device, which may return your access"

I assume the "malicious" software is the Duma control panel or software. I'm really pissed. Tthis Could be the reason I got banned? I need help!


Destiny 2 Error: Beaver. Again...

22 September 2017 - 08:06 PM

I'm currently using Chive´s configuration for Destiny but then again im getting error beaver on PS4.


Does anyone have a fix for this issue?