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What would you change in WWII?

27 November 2017 - 02:15 AM

Some ideas for changes to improve CoD WWII from TheXclusiveAce.


Think I agree with all of that, it would definitely be a good start anyway. Not least because he mentions the funkiness between the ADS vs Hipfire ratio, which has pained me to the point that my teeth genuinely hurt from all the clenching yesterday.


CoD WW2 Opinions

10 November 2017 - 02:22 AM

Please try to use this thread for your WW2 opinions, good and bad, what you'd like to see change, etc.

It will make it much easier to read through the support threads that actually need support if they don't go off topic.



CoD WW2 what did you think?

05 September 2017 - 12:58 AM

Now the beta is over, I'm interested to hear how other CoD fanboys feel about it.

Did you love it, hate it, indifferent? Why?


Before you post:

It's CoD so it's got CoD problems, don't list them, I want specifics about THIS game.

CoD will have the same engine when our great-great-great-grand-children are playing it in 200 years, don't tell me that.

We all know there was something funky going on with the hit-markers, don't tell me that either.

I don't care if you felt it lagged, if the hit-detection was 'broken', if the servers were busy, if you got kicked, etc.

If you didn't play it because you hate CoD and [insert other game] is the best game in the world ever, then don't post here, I haven't got time for that bs.


I want your opinions on the game's design, the choices the devs have made, what you hope will be kept / removed / changed / tweaked. What did you genuinely love or hate, like or dislike about it?


Keep it clean, I'll begin.




  • That you can often get away to cover after being hit, I felt this was missing in IW and I'm glad it's returned.
  • Back to boots-on-the-ground and Synaptic can no longer batter me from above ad nauseam.
  • Nobody can fly through the window and kill you.
  • No Specialists / Superpowers.



Indifferent / Unsure:

  • Female soldiers, I don't care at all, it's not a realistic representation of war anyway.
  • Hiding Nazi symbolism and pretending they weren't the 'baddies' annoys me a bit, it feels weak to sanitise this but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the game. If it's illegal to show them in games then it's a stupid law, you can show them in films.




  • Abolition of 'Pick 10' or 'normal' perk system. Not broke, Don't fix.
  • Quiet footsteps for enemies, louder for team, much louder for self. It's stupid, stop doing it. Nobody wants to get shot in the back because you can't hear the enemies (unless there's a lot of noise at the time). If you want to play 'sneaky sneaky' then it should at least require a stealth class and some caution, not sprinting across broken rubble with a LMG and leaping off a 20 ft ledge landing like Bruce Lee with a parachute on a pile of marshmallows. I hope this will change but it didn't in Advanced Warfare.
  • The jumping about. It's just weird that they put this in. The dolphin dive makes sense but jumping is a weird tactic for survival in the theatre of war. It doesn't seem like a major problem but it feels cartoonish.
  • And the big one, the maps, maybe a deal-breaker for me.

They all felt like caged arenas without any freedom or variety - the exact opposite of what I was hoping for.

It was a small selection and I really hope they were the smallest and worst maps in the game but I expect they will be the norm.


I wanted variety between the different maps and variety within each map...

Fallen, Bakaara, Invasion, Crash, Stand Off, Overgrown, Village, that Theme Park map (the layout / flow not the theme park obvs), Strike, Ambush, Rundown, there have been so many quality maps over the years.

I'd liken the WW2 beta maps to a tubular hamster fun-house in a goldfish bowl. I knew the maps within the first play through, no need to explore anywhere because there was nowhere to explore. I was constantly aware of the edge-of-map walls because you're always near one. And they were littered with stuff.

Map design + minimal footsteps = annoying deaths from behind + more people sitting still or hiding in a corner.

Very little opportunity for any engagements at distance so it's very SMG friendly again.






Boots-on-ground = Happy days.

Maps = Small, repetitive, boring.

Enemy footsteps give me ear-strain and a pain in my arse.