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#166845 Dont delete this negative post thanks

Posted by ColonicBoom on 16 hours ago

I keep a low low ping of 14ms with the Netduma and geofilter set tightly around the Uk. When i run the game with the Duma controls off i actually get more games that are playable and fun.


Also thanks for moderating the shout box.


P.s Didnt mean to post this in support


It's mitigating your local congestion and then filtering based on how you tell it to filter.


If you're filtering strictly for the UK and finding those servers don't work out well for you, then don't filter for those servers anymore.

If you turn the geo filter off and find you get good games on another server, then make a note of that server and filter specifically to include that location. It's not rocket science, that's what it's there for.


It was me that removed your shouts from the shoutbox. It wasn't a censorship issue or anything like that before anyone gets all Illuminati about it, I can't even remember what they said. They're usually a bit of a downer, so yeah I deleted them for the sake of Christmas spirit.


I've moved this thread to 'off-topic' for you, I think that's where all of your other threads complaining about getting spanked in CoD are.

#166805 Netduma router - What's the point?

Posted by ColonicBoom on A day ago

You would think game developers would improve this when matchmaking. I would be ok with waiting a little longer to get in game if I knew this was happening. This being a tighter limit on different lobby’s pings


That's high up on my list of pet hates. Seeing a constant 2 bar at peak time just smacks of lazy/score-based/desperate matchmaking.

#166620 Connection with activision severs interrupted

Posted by ColonicBoom on 2 days ago

Well it doesn't matter, SHG have admitted fault.


Of course it's SHG/Activision's fault, it was obvious that it was a fault at their end. The 17+ page thread on Activision's forum was evidence enough.

#166559 Netduma router - What's the point?

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 days ago

First, let me say that I think my Netduma router and its accompanying software are quality products. It does a great job of preventing me from joining "high-latency" game servers or peer connections (e.g. COD).


My issue is the Netduma router doesn't prevent high-latency gamers from joining my games.


Yes, I know it's not possible for Netduma to block other gamers from joining my games. But then, I have to ask: What's the point of owning a Netduma router?


That's a strange question, you've already partially answered it.

It's supposed to prevent you from joining high-latency hosts, like you said. It's not supposed to stop other players from joining the lobby, nothing does that.

And like Benormous said, it stops local congestion caused by other people on your network.

#166558 WW2 Settings Help

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 days ago

yep, but I never lag and everything works in bo3, and infinite warfare just not ww2.


Don't worry about your ping being a bit higher than some others. It looks to be stable and that's more important. It's not that high anyway, that's nothing compared to some of the pings I see in BF1 and WW2.


I don't think WW2 will settle for a while though, IW was tough to play at the start too.

Activision are changing things in the patches that they aren't putting in the patch notes (things they don't want to admit to because it would be very embarrassing).

I'm hoping they will manage to make it feel more solid in the next patch but maybe that's too optimistic, it could need a few more patches after that.

#166393 Top 5 Things @SHGames Should've Fixed In COD WW2 - Call of Duty WWII Patc...

Posted by ColonicBoom on 5 days ago

You mean nerf the volume of your own footsteps or all footsteps? I run Mountain a lot so I'm silent but I'm constantly getting killed by enemies that aren't using Mountain / Inconspicuous that sprint across snow, climb over rubble, run up wooden stairs, across a wooden floor and then shoot me in the back without me hearing a thing.

#166206 help ww2

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

hey colonic, after that game I haven't had a 2 bar yet. I turned off the modem's wifi. I shouldn't change the device prioritization right? 


Cool, that's good.

I wouldn't, I just leave mine all equal (reset) and 'share excess'.


The only time I ever change my priority is if someone annoys me and I want to slow their internet down. Yep, that's how I roll.  B)

#166202 Latest WW2 Patch made things worse for me

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I played MW2 a couple of days ago for the first time in years. It was like riding a bike, took me about 30 seconds to get back into the game and get my AC130.

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#166200 netduma messing up or just me??

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I've locked this thread because you've duplicated it.

#166107 R1 Return

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Looking for an update on when I can get my R1 back.

I've been PMing Netduma Fraser and sent an email to the Netduma support, but only got an automated message in return.

Sent my R1 back about a month ago for help doing the new update. All my settings were locked and remote assistance wasn't working.


Fraser's PM is probably full, as it's 5pm you may have just missed him today but he or Jack will see this tomorrow.

#165977 Matchmaking what the hell?

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I see all 3 bars in most lobbies now. A few people with 2 bars, which admittedly shouldn't happen at peak time, but most of the time everyone has a 3 bar.

#165859 Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Signups

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Switch to the PS4 your odds are better!


I've played on PS4 before, the pad makes me play like a have no fingers or thumbs

#165811 Base ping

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Maybe it’s the testing site. Any other site I get 30ms


If only one testing site gave me a high ping and any other returned 'normal' looking results, I would stop using that one site rather than assume that was the accurate result.

#165805 Tournament in honour of A7Legit - Signups

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

So far there are (6) XB players and (2) PS4 on the roster


so at worst I'm getting 6th place, I like those odds!

#165740 Call of duty WW2 lag or broken camera angles??!

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I watch the kill cam and it shows the guy crossing my path. Now the issue is this: how the hell did I not see him crossing right in front of me until the kill cam?? It makes no sense, this happens a lot through door ways too.

1)I shoot people and it feels like bullets just do not connect but it’s very random first few miss then 3 or 4 connects then I’m dead by 3 bullets.
2) I’m shooting someone, they drop shot (while still being shot) and kill me, look at my mag and I’ve used like 15+ bullets before being shot but again I’m dead by 3-5 shots.
3) people move so quick compared to my soldier, even while they ads they are able to or at least it feels like they are able to move side to side a lot faster than me and they aren’t wearing the division skill or are using infantry.
4) Aim assist is non existent!! What’s really odd is when I play private against bots to test aim assist I feel it pulling and it’s really strong but log into multi player and it’s like a different game yet enemy seem to be able to cross map me with an smg and I can see their gun being pulled on target on the kill cam.
5) kill cam is jittery i see enemies getting micro skips yet they are able to melt.

I’m not doing too bad on ww2 I have a 3.07 kd but that does not mean I don’t suffer from lag.

The best way I can describe the feeling is, it feels like my soldier is slow and sluggish it feels like I’m running underwater or have a really heavy backpack (it’s really hard to describe the feeling).


Until SHG sort out some of the funk I don't think there's much enjoyment to be had from playing WW2. I'm certainly not enjoying playing it much, even in a match where you dominate the opposition and drop all your streaks twice, it's pretty boring.


1. CoD is always like this after launch so it should improve. It could be down to a whole lot of things.

The servers seem pretty terrible in general. The matchmaking seems to be all about speed (of putting a lobby together) rather than matching similar connections - why else would we see anyone with a constant 2 bar at peak-time in Western Europe. It could be down to the ping-compensation algorithm. It could even be that they want it to be like this.


2. Kill cams will drive you mad. Most of the time it looks like the enemy has very little control over the sticks and just got lucky. I've got no explanation for it but I expect that whenever you kill them they're saying the same thing.


3. The movement is something I've complained about since the first day. In close-up gunfights the full-speed strafe and random lurching movement, as enemies hop from side-to-side, makes it hard enough to keep your eyes on them, never mind your cross-hairs. It looks like the enemy is lagging or the servers aren't able to keep up with the input. I don't know what it is.


When you see an enemy strafe+lurch across your screen from one side to the other, I've noticed that they travel about 6ft or more in relation to the environment (much too far to sweep your aim) but when you watch the killcam they have only made a tiny one-step adjustment on their screen. It just looks like something isn't being calculated properly.


Today I've recorded a few clips showing that my movement freezes completely sometimes when I get shot, it affects hipfire rotation, sweeping while ADS and even sprinting - everything just stops when the first bullet hits. Driftor did a video about the flinch, it seems broken as to when you flinch. Sometimes you flinch the moment a bullet hits and sometimes several frames after it hits. This is probably all tied together.


The turning speed while ADS just seems wrong in relation to the hipfire rotation.

There's a large and very slow treacle-dead-zone until you reach a certain point on the stick where it hits a pickup and becomes very loose.

It happens regardless of sensitivity, even max sensitivity has the same treacle zone, it's throwing a lot of people off with their aim, you can see it in most killcams (they paint either side of you).


4. I tested the aim-assist with Benormous this evening in a private match. The two aim-assist functions seem extremely powerful and predicable. If you spin round while not-ADS you can see the obvious huge amount of sticky-aim, the slowdown is immense and the rotation is predictable. I don't know what's happening to it when you get into a public match but it often seems to completely disappear.*


5. I wouldn't worry about the killcam being jittery, I think that's literally just the killcam being jittery rather than the enemy. Nearly all of the killcams I've watched have that shuddering.



*Before I played WW2 this evening, I played Infinite Warfare and I dusted off the old Xbox and played MW3 and even MW2.

I haven't played either MW2 or MW3 for several years, to the point that I couldn't even remember how to set up my old mixamp with the Xbox 360, and I struggled for a few games in MW3. Then we tried MW2 and I got an AC130 in the 2nd game.


Even with a different pad, with short stiff thumbsticks and no Kontrol Freeks, it was very easy to jump between these three games and the aiming/controls felt natural and fluid. With WW2 I feel like I'm recovering from a stroke.





It's the game, play something else until they fix some of the problems if you value your sanity. Or camp like you've never camped before and be bored out of your mind.