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#176055 Create your own cod

Posted by ColonicBoom on 20 hours ago

WW2 Division... cause I'm tired of everyone running the same dead silence/ghost/ silencer combo.


& finally... no scorestreaks that cause kills.



#175809 Create your own cod

Posted by ColonicBoom on 2 days ago

What is your preference?



Mmm, nice thread, this pleases me.



MW2 / MW3 / BO2 style.

Modern 'real places' looking maps. Human towns, villages, factories, etc. Not bland dystopian grey square tiled boredom.

All weapon types to be viable on the majority of maps, if you adjust your play style to it.

15 maps shipping with the game. Minimum! KmA Condrey you thieving toe-rag.

More or less the exact opposite of the WW2 maps would be lovely.



Modern / Near future weapons, not plasma / laser / homing / ridiculous. Not boring bland shitty weapons from history.

MW2 / MW3 score streaks (but not the Assault/Support/Specialist setup from MW3, lump them all together instead)


Other Specifics:

MW3 / BO3 pace, none of this lightning strafe bollocks (WW2).

A proper sensitivity curve (MW3) + adjustable dead-zone (BF1).

MW2 / MW3 levels of weapon sway / recoil.

MW3 matchmaking (not the current sweatiness).


Pick 10 (at least).

Proper footsteps (MW3 / BO3).

Claymores + Betties + C4.

Equipment resupplied with Scavenger.

And the ability to resupply and put down a 2nd without destroying the first.


Minimal quick-scoping, preferably none.

Noob tubes. Maybe.

Cars, barrels, etc, that can be 'trapped' and blown up like the good old days with an epic chain reaction. Glorious.


MW3 challenges, with 'title' + 'emblems' that were worth 'achieving'. (all emblems seem to be free gifts now).

WW2 'Contract' system.

IW Variant crafting system but with a way to earn credits (challenges / contracts).

WW2 / BF1 quality 4K graphics with BO3 / IW vibrancy.


MW3 appears a lot because I loved it and because I can't really remember the other games as much.


I enjoyed that, thank you.

#175103 What's the best way to utilize dsl reports

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I don't use it at all anymore.


I'd recommend ping plotter, it's far more reliable.

#174982 Nothing is working how it should

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I’m not getting the speeds I’m paying for.



That's pretty common, the bandwidth you receive is not necessarily what you pay for.

It depends on the distance you are from the cabinet. I'm about a mile from my cabinet so I can only get 25mb down.


Assuming you're not dropping out because you're too far away from router, you should run a wifi scan from your laptop and choose the least congested channel.

Make sure you don't have devices near the router that might cause interference. You should try the wifi workaround option too.

#174715 Grouping devices in congestion control

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

There isn't a great deal of flexibility in the bandwidth allocation at the moment and I think it's one of the only parts of DumaOS that could be improved upon.


As it stands, turning off 'share' to limit a device / user to a max of 5mb will affect the bandwidth of all other devices as it locks that amount of bandwidth to / from devices.


With only 25mb and often 20+ devices in the manager, turning off the 'share' option will limit all devices to 1.25mb.

To allow 'enough' bandwidth, I would then need to reshuffle the allocations for all devices that may or may not be in the house and in use.

As soon as the bandwidth hog leaves the house or as soon as I start/finish gaming/streaming/working, these requirements change dramatically as completely different devices will need the bandwidth that is allocated elsewhere.


The ability to include/exclude individual devices and/or groups from the 'share' would be very useful too, as would profiles for all of this.


I still haven't been able to find the original 'novel' I wrote on this subject, was probably about 18 months ago but seems to have been swallowed up by the auto-archive and I don't remember what the thread was called.

#174621 New Moderators!

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Welcome to the ol' boys club  ;)  :lol:

#173539 just when you think activision and call of duty could not get any worse!...

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 weeks ago

Let's hope these are executive roles where they are kept away from game design.

#171935 Who should get a XR500?

Posted by ColonicBoom on 01 February 2018 - 02:40 AM

I'm not in a rush to buy one, especially as we'll have DumaOS on the R1 relatively soon. I'm about 970mb off of gig speeds too  :mellow:

#171601 WWll......

Posted by ColonicBoom on 28 January 2018 - 01:37 AM

SO glad I have yet to play this. Had it since launch (forgot to cancel my digital preorder) but am enjoying IW too much to bother with WW2.

Also, I played the WW2 beta and hated it.


I am on PS4, but thanks for the offer! :)
Many thanks for your honest reviews guy's suffice to say I think I will pass on this version of the franchise! :)



It's still worth a play if you have it, can borrow it, rent it, get hold of it some way without having to shell out £45. And some people seem to love it.

I don't love it but you can definitely have some fun with it. It's really sweaty though and, like Z said, you have to be on your 'A game' constantly, there's no calm or lull in this game.

#171545 WWll......

Posted by ColonicBoom on 27 January 2018 - 05:44 PM

I can play (and enjoy) it in small doses but it's probably my least favourite (maybe AW) and definitely my least played CoD by far.

The lack of maps is insulting and pretty much every game feels like it plays the same way. Sweaty and hard work. There are some very strange design decisions at it's core, slow gun-up which hurts rushers, slow healing, circular sort of map design, swiss-cheese awkward maps, restrictive class setup, etc. It feels confused.


It looks very good but it's depressing and dull (like WW2 probably should be), I find it a bit depressing because of this.

The maps are too few, too similar and too small. They also feel poorly designed to cause constant danger but not in an exciting way, I find it more frustrating than anything.

I find the weapons uninspiring and the feeling of progression and achievement I normally get with CoD is non-existant. Usually I'm all about doing the challenges but in this I don't care at all for some reason.


I wouldn't buy it again unless everyone I play Xbox with was playing it and I had nothing else to play. But 9 maps angers me every time I play and full price makes me feel a bit sick. It feels a bit like half of it is missing, not just the missing maps but half of the soul of what makes it CoD.


Basically it feels like it's a Condrey/Sledge game.

#170796 hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

Posted by ColonicBoom on 20 January 2018 - 03:25 PM

I hope there bourbons :)


Bourbons are great. I'm also very partial to the M&S cookie collection. They're not just cookies  :wub:

#170709 hauwei hg612 web interface through R1

Posted by ColonicBoom on 20 January 2018 - 02:37 AM

Have you unlocked it ?


Yeah, it's unlocked. I've not checked how to log into though.


Main reason I haven't logged in is because if I were to log in and see good stats it wouldn't make me happier.

But if I were to log in and see bad stats, knowing there's very little I could change to improve it, it would just piss me off.


As long as I can play games where I can shoot stuff, with a cup of tea and a good supply of biscuits, then I'm happy. I'm a simple creature really.

#170301 Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Posted by ColonicBoom on 17 January 2018 - 04:37 PM

perfect, knowing that the best horse is pulling the chariot makes me confident


That's a brilliant figure of speech !

#170044 Nighthawk XR500 with DumaOS coming soon to UK.

Posted by ColonicBoom on 15 January 2018 - 02:55 AM

Wouldn't want to imagine how bad it is through a SH3 lol


I went from SH2 to SH3 and my connection went from not good to literally unplayable.

#169737 How to get a consistent buffer bloat rating? Latency and LAG COMP

Posted by ColonicBoom on 12 January 2018 - 04:35 PM

If your Xbox is in hyperlane and you're trying to test bufferbloat with DSL Reports then I expect it won't work properly. Hyperlane is not supposed to handle a flood of data.


I don't think DSL Reports is worth using to test your connection anyway.