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Posted by ColonicBoom on 5 days ago

V2 = big bomb

#160763 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Nah just practice lol https://youtu.be/vx46X-VULmk I kept getting dislike bombed by salty GB sweat Scump wannabes calling me a keyboarder so I made this handcam video with an improvised laptop cam setup LOL


I would never have believed you if you hadn't posted that  :lol:

That's insane, the only other person that I know plays with that kind of sensitivity on a pad is Zennon.

I swapped to his sensitivity settings for a game of IW once, I kept getting lost because I'd spin round and run into a wall.

#160762 Duma OS idea (if it's not too late to implement) - thoughts?

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

In short, my idea is that Duma OS allows us to not only request games under a certain latency threshold, as the ping assist feature allows us to do so well, but to set a range with a lower and upper limit.


I think that's a great idea.


The only real problem I see with it relates to the horrible hybrid matchmaking systems such as in IW.

In exactly the same way that they can be a nuisance for the Geo Filter radius / Ping Assist at the moment.

You find a 'lobby host' within your ping range (or radius), say 35-50ms, but then it drops you onto a dedi just outside of your parameters and you're back at the home screen.


But in theory, and in games where you join straight onto the server, I'd love to experiment with this feature.

#160760 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)





Me and boom have been messing around playing on 88ms server in north America on bf1 and it's actually so smooth


That first game on Ballroom Blitz :wub:  they must have been crying while we were snipers

#160719 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

I have jump, slide and hold-breath on the under-paddles

#160682 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Pretty much haha. My aim isn't the best, started using bumper jumper recently and my jumpshot has improved a little.


Mine's not great either mate. You don't have an elite pad?

You're on Xbox right?

#160673 And thats a clean line :D

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

that's mint!


now if you do badly it's just because you suck

#160614 Netduma Complete video guide

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

In device prioritisation set your computer out to where all other devices are 1. In my case, I stretch it to 85 upload and download with "share excess" ticket for both.


go to dslreports and pick a region. I run 3 tests moving 5% down on upload download cap. Each time, looking at the full results of the test for minimal bufferbloat and ping. I stop moving down when the tests get worse. A+ Quality, A+ Bufferbloat and A+ speed is what I achieved in all states where I normally play people.


I also, have had to adjust on the fly and add more bandwidth due to players with slower connections dragging the lobby down so I can pull host. I haven't got into that yet about the lobbies but I know I've remedied those 3 bar situations that others get when another person that's slower enters the lobby.



DSL reports is at best pretty inaccurate. With a line that was unusable (for gaming) I could achieve A+ across the board.

In my opinion it is a worthless test as far as optimising your connection goes. 


I'm not sure what you're saying about adding more bandwidth, I understand if you're talking about games like MW3 where you could manipulate host by changing your bandwidth but where is the benefit when you're all on dedicated servers (BO3 / IW / BF1 / OW)?

You do this for a living so you know that having more bandwidth does not equal less lag, games don't use much bandwidth at all. Most player lag is caused by a poor line or poor QoS.


I'm just asking because I think this might confuse people and cause them to mess around with 'the wrong settings' unnecessarily.

#160554 Netduma Complete video guide

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

The mtu setting will change depending on speed.


mid 20s avg ping just about anywhere.


I don't think this is correct.

If your MTU has needed to be changed it's because you changed ISP/line/equipment maybe(?), not the bandwidth itself.

You MTU is either set correctly or it's not.

Don't mess about with MTU unless you have the wrong number set, anyone that wants to find out should Google how to check it using Command Prompt / Terminal on Mac.


Anywhere? This is not going to be correct either. It's not going to be the same to London as it would be to New York, Sydney, Japan.

#160540 Netduma Complete video guide

Posted by ColonicBoom on A week ago

Sim's got some good breakdowns and is quite funny too. But I'd give the fine-tuning using 'dsl reports' website test a miss, that test is inconsistent and not even close to as useful as people think it is.

#160242 Bufferbloat

Posted by ColonicBoom on 2 weeks ago

If any of the wizards around here could possibly explain why reactive always causes packet loss and preemptive never drops packets, I'd be very grateful I never see anything but exceptional for packet loss on the Netduma diagnostic test though. Does exceptional cover a range such as <1% like DSLReports?


What's showing packet loss? Your Xbox/PS4 or dsl reports?



My understanding of it (not sure if I'm right)...


Hyperlane is there to safeguard your gaming data above ALL other data going through your line. In the event of a flood of data the Netduma can drop non-gaming packets to ensure that the gaming data goes in/out when it's supposed to.


When your line gets flooded by the bufferbloat test, the Netduma notices the rapid increase in throughput and 'reactive' decides that the data is not priority and can drop some packets in an effort to prevent the flood.

Because 'pre-emptive' is more aggressive, and is limiting your bandwidth to a greater extent, it's already prepared for the influx and so doesn't necessarily need to drop those packets during the bufferbloat test (but you'll have less bandwidth).


Either way, if your console is in hyperlane then it shouldn't matter because the packets getting dropped are not your bullets.


Might be wrong though.

#160158 Bufferbloat

Posted by ColonicBoom on 2 weeks ago

I wouldn't bother with dsl reports bb test at all

#159796 lag issues

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 weeks ago

It could be a lot of things, your settings, your setup, the line itself.


If you'd like to screenshot your settings then we can have a look and see if everything is set up right.

We'll also need to know what your setup is, equipment, etc.


But the first thing I'd do would be to connect your laptop direct to your modem and test your line. If it's an all-in-one ISP hub you need to disable the wifi completely and disconnect any other ethernet cables so that nobody can influence the test.

I'd recommend testing your line with Ping Plotter because it's easy to read and it's free, then post the screenshot up in here.

Ping something big and stable, and relatively 'near' to you, for about 30 mins. I ping twitter.com


That will show us the general health of your line. If your line isn't healthy, and has an issue that needs resolving, then it doesn't matter what settings you change.

#159791 Device Manager

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 weeks ago

Put in the bandwidth you actually receive from your ISP, not what you pay for, otherwise Congestion Control won't work.


(But I might also have misunderstood what you're asking).

#159470 Popular clean up tool CCleaner injected with malware

Posted by ColonicBoom on 3 weeks ago

Time to reinstall windows.



what's 'windows' ?