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In Topic: Thank You For 5k - Open Lobby Call Of Duty WW2 Beta

A day ago

You're on Xbox One right?

I'll join you for a game (check your subs - 5010)

In Topic: Netduma No More

3 days ago

One thing very interesting that you say in your post is setting the correct bandwidth. That is one of the first things I did after it reset itself every couple of weeks. That and the geofilter. The auto set up always came back with an error and never worked from the first day. To be honest, I could get over the small things if the router would stop forgetting my preferences and make me redo what I did over and over. Maybe I got a bad unit, who knows? But to say that I didn't try by not voicing my issues here is like demanding you take your car back to the original dealer for any repairs. It shouldn't be that way.


If you enter your settings, enable cookies and then reboot from miscellaneous setting it should retain them. As far as I know, every Netduma that's failed to retain it's settings is down to the way the user is doing it.


Nobody is demanding anything of you.

We're just trying to make the point that the sensible (and blatantly obvious) course of action, when you have a problem, is to go through the official support channels provided by the company that made the device. Any reasonable person would do this knowing that everybody here has vast experience in resolving problems and user errors.


To disregard the official support channel and actively avoid asking the very people that are most likely to be able to resolve your problem is strange.

In Topic: Ping Plotter

3 days ago

for gaming purposes. why would you ping twiiter? 



Because you're testing your line to the outside world.

Not your laptop to your PS4.

In Topic: Netduma No More

5 days ago

What gave anyone the idea that I didn't ask for help.


Because you didn't make a support thread in the 'Support' forum. Your first and only post was saying that you have given up and bought a different router.


Unless your friend's set up is exactly the same as yours (including the isp hub + settings) then their Netduma settings will not necessarily be the same as those that you need.

In Topic: Modern warfare best servers europe

5 days ago

The best one I've found on Xbox is the Paris dedi. I've never had a dodgy game on it, it's great.


I haven't seen the UK one for a while but to be honest I haven't actually been checking which one I'm on most of the time anyway.