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In Topic: Dont delete this negative post thanks

18 hours ago

I keep a low low ping of 14ms with the Netduma and geofilter set tightly around the Uk. When i run the game with the Duma controls off i actually get more games that are playable and fun.


Also thanks for moderating the shout box.


P.s Didnt mean to post this in support


It's mitigating your local congestion and then filtering based on how you tell it to filter.


If you're filtering strictly for the UK and finding those servers don't work out well for you, then don't filter for those servers anymore.

If you turn the geo filter off and find you get good games on another server, then make a note of that server and filter specifically to include that location. It's not rocket science, that's what it's there for.


It was me that removed your shouts from the shoutbox. It wasn't a censorship issue or anything like that before anyone gets all Illuminati about it, I can't even remember what they said. They're usually a bit of a downer, so yeah I deleted them for the sake of Christmas spirit.


I've moved this thread to 'off-topic' for you, I think that's where all of your other threads complaining about getting spanked in CoD are.

In Topic: Netduma router - What's the point?

A day ago

You would think game developers would improve this when matchmaking. I would be ok with waiting a little longer to get in game if I knew this was happening. This being a tighter limit on different lobby’s pings


That's high up on my list of pet hates. Seeing a constant 2 bar at peak time just smacks of lazy/score-based/desperate matchmaking.

In Topic: Any body know what these do

A day ago

I thought maybe the udp flood packet threshold might done somthing

as games use udp.

I thought it affectecd how fast it sent the udp packets


I think that's an option relating to the threshold at which the router decides it's being flooded by DDoS and then implements whatever countermeasures it has.

I might be way off though but that's what it sounds like. I wouldn't fiddle with it because I don't really know.

In Topic: Any body know what these do

2 days ago

Your best bet is to Google it. I wouldn't think they'd affect the game much, if at all, unless you mess them up.

In Topic: Connection with activision severs interrupted

2 days ago

Don't go on their forums, so never seen it.


That's my point. Don't publicly announce that it's a Netduma problem and only Netduma users are affected, when you haven't checked, have no evidence, so have basically just made it up.


I don't use Activision's forums either but it took me less time to find out that this was a widespread issue than it did to write this post.