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5 days ago

V2 = big bomb

In Topic: And thats a clean line :D

A week ago

Nah just practice lol https://youtu.be/vx46X-VULmk I kept getting dislike bombed by salty GB sweat Scump wannabes calling me a keyboarder so I made this handcam video with an improvised laptop cam setup LOL


I would never have believed you if you hadn't posted that  :lol:

That's insane, the only other person that I know plays with that kind of sensitivity on a pad is Zennon.

I swapped to his sensitivity settings for a game of IW once, I kept getting lost because I'd spin round and run into a wall.

In Topic: Duma OS idea (if it's not too late to implement) - thoughts?

A week ago

In short, my idea is that Duma OS allows us to not only request games under a certain latency threshold, as the ping assist feature allows us to do so well, but to set a range with a lower and upper limit.


I think that's a great idea.


The only real problem I see with it relates to the horrible hybrid matchmaking systems such as in IW.

In exactly the same way that they can be a nuisance for the Geo Filter radius / Ping Assist at the moment.

You find a 'lobby host' within your ping range (or radius), say 35-50ms, but then it drops you onto a dedi just outside of your parameters and you're back at the home screen.


But in theory, and in games where you join straight onto the server, I'd love to experiment with this feature.

In Topic: And thats a clean line :D

A week ago

20 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)





Me and boom have been messing around playing on 88ms server in north America on bf1 and it's actually so smooth


That first game on Ballroom Blitz :wub:  they must have been crying while we were snipers

In Topic: And thats a clean line :D

A week ago

I have jump, slide and hold-breath on the under-paddles