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In Topic: V2 Rocket playing with other DUMA users

A day ago


First half of the game felt rubbish second half was a different story


The good stuff always happens when I go for my dinner.

In Topic: Hello Everyone! Kevin Here!

4 days ago

Hi Kevin.

Nice cat you have there.

In Topic: issues with geo

4 days ago

The problem with permanently banning dedis is that a lot of people would just ban every server that they get beaten on, whether there was genuinely an issue on that server or not. They would end up with problems finding games after a while and then they'll start saying "it takes ages to get games with Netduma" or "can't get any games with Netduma".


You might not do this yourself but plenty of people would and it would quickly cause an admin problem here.


Also, a server might suffer issues on one day that are resolved the next day.

If you really want to avoid a bank of dedis you need to drop your geo with them out-of-range.

In Topic: Create your own cod

6 days ago

WW2 Division... cause I'm tired of everyone running the same dead silence/ghost/ silencer combo.


& finally... no scorestreaks that cause kills.



In Topic: Create your own cod

A week ago

What is your preference?



Mmm, nice thread, this pleases me.



MW2 / MW3 / BO2 style.

Modern 'real places' looking maps. Human towns, villages, factories, etc. Not bland dystopian grey square tiled boredom.

All weapon types to be viable on the majority of maps, if you adjust your play style to it.

15 maps shipping with the game. Minimum! KmA Condrey you thieving toe-rag.

More or less the exact opposite of the WW2 maps would be lovely.



Modern / Near future weapons, not plasma / laser / homing / ridiculous. Not boring bland shitty weapons from history.

MW2 / MW3 score streaks (but not the Assault/Support/Specialist setup from MW3, lump them all together instead)


Other Specifics:

MW3 / BO3 pace, none of this lightning strafe bollocks (WW2).

A proper sensitivity curve (MW3) + adjustable dead-zone (BF1).

MW2 / MW3 levels of weapon sway / recoil.

MW3 matchmaking (not the current sweatiness).


Pick 10 (at least).

Proper footsteps (MW3 / BO3).

Claymores + Betties + C4.

Equipment resupplied with Scavenger.

And the ability to resupply and put down a 2nd without destroying the first.


Minimal quick-scoping, preferably none.

Noob tubes. Maybe.

Cars, barrels, etc, that can be 'trapped' and blown up like the good old days with an epic chain reaction. Glorious.


MW3 challenges, with 'title' + 'emblems' that were worth 'achieving'. (all emblems seem to be free gifts now).

WW2 'Contract' system.

IW Variant crafting system but with a way to earn credits (challenges / contracts).

WW2 / BF1 quality 4K graphics with BO3 / IW vibrancy.


MW3 appears a lot because I loved it and because I can't really remember the other games as much.


I enjoyed that, thank you.