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#157244 Netduma No More

Posted by bagsta69 on A day ago

Have to agree with him. I switch to nighthawk as well. I'm going to use the Nighthawk until the Duma OS comes out. I've read these forums for 1 1/2 years and I can't get consistency like I've gotten with the nighthawk. I also believe The netduma works, but just does not work for everyone. (Everyone has different internet situations) For the past 2 months, my games have been lag free because of the dynamic QOS in the nighthawk which does everything for you. I've gone from barely breaking even in KD ratio to dropping 30-40 kills a game. Hoping the Duma OS update will have something like this to take all the guess work out the equation.


I have the exact opposite results to what you have experienced. I tried a Nighthawk for the best part of a week playing at different times of day different game modes etc and the game play, hit detection etc was way better on the R1. On my connection (BT FTTC, 30 dl and 6 ul) the R1 wins hands down over The Nighthawk and TP link modems both of which have  QOS settings. 

I guess the geo filter settings I use probably help a lot as well by only connecting me to servers that I want to play on. 

30-40 kills a game is some good results, well done. Do you have a YT channel I could do with watching some of them games for some tips. :)

#157142 Netduma No More

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 days ago

Can you be a bit more specific as to what your problem is, you say in your area you can get speeds "up to" 200mb. What speeds are you getting through the duma? What speeds are you getting through the NG? 

What are your settings on the duma? 

Any other issues? 

#156897 PSN ban IP because of Netduma

Posted by bagsta69 on 6 days ago

There are bound to be some US users who have Verizon, I am sure one of them will chip in as soon as they see your post.

#156893 PSN ban IP because of Netduma

Posted by bagsta69 on 6 days ago

In over 2 years of having the R1 I have never heard of this happening to anybody else. I would contact PSN tech people on twitter. They are pretty quick to sort out issues usually. 



#156850 How many Duma's sold worldwide.

Posted by bagsta69 on 6 days ago

Im actually not interested in units sold, it's more an exercise in percentages. Ive been in business for over 30 years and was simply trying to find what the percentage was to units sold to regular sustained complaints on the forum from people who actually have a problem.

Im not trying to be an ass as I know some people do have actual issues but Im just trying to find the actual percentage. 

Its a business thing that I can't help but try to chase. Im OCD about this sort of stuff. sorry. 

#156836 Beginner problems

Posted by bagsta69 on A week ago

Put in your actual speeds and have a read here.


#156772 How many Duma's sold worldwide.

Posted by bagsta69 on A week ago

Im just interested in How many Netduma R1 routers have been sold worldwide since launch. Not sure if thats a sensitive subject or anything but a ball park figure. 

Also in How many Countries territories? 

Noticed that a Pc mag or something has recently done a review putting it as the number 1 gaming router out there. 

In the review it said pretty much the same as my review a long time ago which is no longer available but, it may not be the best looking but man when set up right it can turn you on. 


#156314 Limited access to specific devices

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 weeks ago

check your network monitor  on the duma user interface, find out what the name of their device/ or i.p. that the Duma's DHCP server is lending them and then go to your congestion control (the flower) and look for that specific device or devices. Now you have the flexibility to move the slider to what ever percentage of your network you want to enable them to. be it 50% or 1%. depends on how much bandwidth you want to allow that device.


hope that helped answer your question :)

What MP suggested is spot on, turn off share excess and allow then as much bandwidth as you want to give them. Them simply share the rest between your own devices. If share excess is off then the devices will only be allowed what you tell them is allowed. 

#156313 Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 weeks ago

You really are the most sarcastic and rude mod on here.

We are customers who paid for a product. If you are being paid a salary for your position, we paid it to you. If you are not being paid, you remind me of a kid that was bullied in school and now has a little bit of power that went to the head.

Show some respect and drop your attitude.


With full respect, you do sound like a broken record.

None of the mods are paid to moderate on this forum and we have to deal with a lot to be fair.

At risk of repeating myself for a thousand times, you have been informed about time lines etc. If you have a problem with the current R1 software please start a support thread. 

You are the forum member along with a small number of others who continue with this bit between your teeth about timelines etc even though any sane human being realises that it will be released when it is ready and not before. 

Continued posts bitching about the release of Duma OS WILL NOT GET IT RELEASED ANY EARLIER.  So please cease your continued posts regarding this issue or you will find yourself on the naughty step or removed..... 

You are the person who needs to drop the attitude sir. 

#156272 Early Alpha Preview Photo: The new & improved Network Monitor on DumaOS

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 weeks ago

Wow....deleting posts now???

I deleted it for the reasons Fraser stated. We get it. We are all aware of time lines etc and they have been discussed at length.

#156137 Low internet speed Ver2

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 weeks ago

I think maybe try to isolate what the 3 or 4 people who are having the issue have in common. That would probably be the best route to isolate the issue.

#155662 Quick questions

Posted by bagsta69 on 2 weeks ago

question 5 and 6. If all the circles are the same size you are host.

#155206 What Is Going On

Posted by bagsta69 on 3 weeks ago

Also remember the anti cheat feature, when you change a setting such as Ping assist it takes around 2 minutes to take effect.

#155071 DumaOS Update - Recent Progress

Posted by bagsta69 on 3 weeks ago

OK so do you not think that the powers that be wouldn't test this stuff in the USA? Im sure that testing is going on worldwide and that many of the problems that are found are found are getting sorted asap. 

When you look at the forum and some of the posts we have to deal with, can you imagine the grief the staff would get if the Beta was released to a majority?

A large proportion of people who kick up a storm simply have a setting error which is resolved by behaving like a normal human being.

And people ask the devs to let these people test stuff!!!!

Its in beta things go wrong and errors are found. The behaviour of many people on the forum would mean they would go into melt down.

The new software is going to be an entire new OS which is why it is taking time and guess what? Its free, people who are testing it are suffering for you're greater gain. Chill tabs all round. 

#154626 General questions about NetDuma

Posted by bagsta69 on 4 weeks ago

Awesome , thank you guys for the replies.

to further elaborate on a question someone had about my initial question, what I meant was how accurate is the GeoFilter at determining where the teammate or opponent is on the map? Like say if I'm playing someone who is in New York but it said that they're in New Jersey or something qworky like that. Is it pretty accurate in terms of "this person resides in this state" . We play a lot of private matches and it would be v useful to determine who would be the best host (by seeing where they are on the map and having them be the middle grounds for everyone to send packets to and from for lowest latency)

Myself and people I game with do this for deciding who will be host. Im in UK and have friends East and West coast USA, we usually choose player who is East coast USA of Mid USA to host. Works well.