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In Topic: duma not working????

A day ago

Have you tried connecting to games on IW or Blops 3? does it connect to the servers on those games?

In Topic: How Well Does The Geofilter Actually Work? (2 part question)

2 weeks ago

PB is spot on 

I don't play WW2 but I have read that the game tries to force local connections in some way. No idea how true it is.

In Topic: help please

2 weeks ago

Try looking in the wiki or knowledgeable section.



In Topic: Powerline Adapter Issue with auto settings (New Issue)

4 weeks ago

I have a 10 metre ethernet cable going up through the floor into mission control and into a hub off which I run 2 computers my PS4 and Smart TV and MacBook, no problems :)

In Topic: seriously what is going on?

4 weeks ago

As Zennon says, Turn off console and select region then boot up console. I tried this with the US (I am in the UK) and could not connect till I tried it this way and then connected no issue. 

However with what appears to be a somewhat screwed up launch the dedicated servers may well be locked to a certain area as has already been mentioned.