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In Topic: NETDUMA R1 Setup

2 days ago

I have a  modem called Zyxel VMG3312-B10A and it doesnt recognize my Netduma ,i have tried DMZ ,i have tried firewall settings but i am unable to login into Netduma interface settings with the ip address but when i am changing with ethernet cable connected from PC to directly to Netduma i am able to access into interface control with the ip number . But when i am connected from modem through when Netduma connected with ethernet cable to modem ,i am unable to get into interface.URGENT HELP!!!!!! The modem doesnt recognize NETDUMA !!!!!!!

Please start your own support thread and I am sure people will give you some advice.

In Topic: Wi-Fi dropping out

5 days ago

Also try wpa-psk2 security. My MacBook kept dropping wifi till I changed the channel and the security setting. Everything else worked fine.

In Topic: Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box

5 days ago

I dont use my homehub, I bought the R1 for congestion control and the geo filter mostly.

You should never gameover wifi  if at all possible. Use powerline plugs if you have to but not wifi.

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In Topic: Setup Netduma with BT infinity and openreach phone line box

5 days ago

The R1 is a router not a modem/router. 

I have BT Infinity and a white open reach modem. 

The line comes into the house to a white box which has the phone plugged into it.

Out of that box is a cable that connects to the modem. The R1 plugs into the open reach modem and the phone remains plugged into the main box. 

I need to enter user name and Password as my connection is pppoe 

These can be entered in the Wan section of settings from the User Interface. 



In Topic: Deny and allow

6 days ago

It will do exactly as it says and temp ban it. If you note down the address of the server before you ban you will notice even f it appears you are connecting to the same server it will be different one in the same location.

Or move your home location to avoid that bank of servers.