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In Topic: Competition is heating up in the gaming router space!

A day ago



    How is everyone doing today?  Since this off topic and or competition related I am hoping it is OK to post here.  I was wondering what NETDUMA and really everyone in this forum thinks about the competition that is heating up in the gaming router business.  


First we have the 


Asus Rog Rapture Wireless-AC5300 tri-band gaming router.  Seems to be built from the ground up with brand new UI as well for it.  Not the standard Asus UI for the rest of their routers that they use. <<https://www.asus.com...ture-GT-AC5300/


Recently announced and slated to release next month is the


Linksys WRT 32X Gaming router.  Another router that seems to be built from the ground up with very similar UI as to NETDUMA.  << https://www.multivu....-gaming-router/


These 2 routers to me same like NETDUMA truly seem to be built from the ground up for gaming from the hardware to software.


What are you're thoughts on competition NETDUMA?  What about the community what do you all think? Anyone here ever try out the ASUS ROG router?  I would not mind to test the router but very pricey!


Again this is specifically just for informative and fun discussion basis.  I have NETDUMA R1 router and use it, I don't have anything against the NETDUMA or any other company.  If discussion like this are not allowed especially in regards to competing companies please inform me. 


Thank You

It is all marketing stuff. There is really no competing.

In Topic: Tip for good hit detection

A week ago

Guys I suffered for a while trying to set up the netduma farely well. Now I seem to have found a SOLUTION. It might work for you it might not. I set my ps4 to get most of the internet speed in the house. Now the capping lower it down to 70 or 60 upload and download speeds. What changed from here was that I ticked off share excess and now since ive ticked that off for both upload and download Ive been getting the most AWSOME GAMES! Its either like LAN play or I have more of the advantage in a gun fight. You dont even have to use the geo filter. I use it on or off. Geo filter on seems to even better it but I turn it off so it could be a fair game ;) hope this helps.

Just leave the lobby with struggling with, if the other teams have crappy connections why stay in the lobby some lobbies can't be touch.

In Topic: Ping gets high whenever there are others

3 weeks ago

The only thing I can tell you is I was having spikes up to 1000ms no matter what I did, it was an issue outside my house deep into the ISP network that needed to be fixed. I had no control over it besides complaining so much to whoever I could get in contact with that they finally gave in and fixed whatever needed to be fixed for my neighborhood. This issue was affecting about 300 homes.

I'm going to wait to see if I see any changes.

In Topic: Ping gets high whenever there are others

3 weeks ago

You can't effect the downstream levels without also effecting the upstream. That's definitely NOT the right way to fix the problem lol

He actually did not fix anything by the time he came to my home the signals levels were normal, he did installed a splitter to bring the DL down a bit and I think he said that the UL went up a bit.

In Topic: Ping gets high whenever there are others

3 weeks ago

By the time he got to my home signal levels were okay, lol.