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In Topic: DNS Servers

19 hours ago

I might be misunderstanding your question Raddy but i think you have to manually input the dns server you want into each device.

In Topic: SNR

A week ago

Signal Noise Ratio... just been talking about it with our friend RL and he mentioned that the higher the better but I thought no, thats wrong...


But upon Googling it, I'm getting conflicting opinions about it, some say higher is better, others say lower.


Lower makes more sense to me at least.


Which is it?

Got this from wiki...   "S/N ratio is defined as the ratio of signal power to the noise power, often expressed in decibels. A ratio higher than 1:1 (greater than 0 dB) indicates more signal than noise." so sounds like the higher the better to me, but then again im not a networking guru....yet!!

In Topic: Major Announcement: Netduma partner with NETGEAR to launch the Nighthawk XR50...

A week ago

I think that DumaOS has caused more drama, debating, confusion and uncertainty then brexit (but wont take so long for its conclusion).

In Topic: Nighthawk DumaOS view.

A week ago

I think what he was saying in the video was "sverdy blurdy yurdy ferdy sverdy" or something along those lines ;)

In Topic: Time for reflection for DumaOS r1 and NighthawkXR500

A week ago

Sorry to hear that Big Dog, i hope they find some way to help you, they seem to be progressing now days with new treatments for things that were thought impossible in the past, i wish you well.