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#178507 R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 17 April 2018 - 01:14 AM

Better safe, then sorry. Thanks for the update. 

#178229 Double Nat

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 14 April 2018 - 12:43 AM

IPv6 works on the R1 if our ISP modem is a stand alone modem and your ISP services native IPv6 thru the modem. If your modem has a built in router, then it's possible IPv6 from the ISP may not get to the R1 router. DMZ should be used if modems have a built in router for the R1. DMZ helps in double NAT conditions. 


Stand alone modems are preferred when using the R1 or any gaming router.


#178175 Double Nat

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 13 April 2018 - 02:20 AM


#174149 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 28 February 2018 - 02:20 AM

The are known issues with the TM1602 modem. It's intel based:





Any broadcom based modems do not have these problems like Intel modems have:




I'm using a Motorola MB7420 and Arris 6183 with a 200/10 ISP service with an R1 and a XR500 routers. Zero issues.


Always contact your ISP to see what they officially support first.


The TC 7610 is a 8x4 modem. Is capable of a bit over 300Mb however some ISP like to use more channels for higher speeds. So with mine using 200/10, my modems are 24x8 channel modems. My ISP recommends using the 24x8 modems over 8x4 for faster or higher speed tiers. All depends on what ISP implement and required for there systems to work at speeds on there networks. Review what your ISP requires for there networks.


If you keep the 200 speed tier, get in to a 24x8 channel modem. It's up to you want to down grade. Speed depends on your needs. UP Link is more important than download.





currently have spectrum internet (300+ mbps down /20+mbps up) using a ARRIS TM1602 been using it for a few years now and always notice a bit of lag and ping spikes.. after some research  and comparing to your "good" list with my ISP my only options seem to be the TC7610 or the TC7610E .. 

what is the difference between the two?
and would It be in my best interest to downgrade my service to the 100mbps package if im taking this route?

#157902 Nat type

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 25 August 2017 - 05:02 PM

You only play Destiny? Tested any other games by chance? 

#157828 Nat type

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 24 August 2017 - 11:15 PM

Yes BO3 is one of the games. There are many levels to this problem. We are hoping that MS can resolve this mostly for the XBOX1 consoles. Also there is NAT kind issues along with uPnP handling of ports while two or more consoles are online at the same time. And yes, game developers have a hand in this as well. So far BO3 only seems to work on FULL CONE NAT routers. Any other kind of NAT I haven't been able to get OPEN NAT with tow or more consoles in testing. MS mentioned that they are doing some uPnP under the hood improvements so I'm hoping this will also help in most if not all mutli player games will work with any NAT kind while all playing at the same time. Also uPnP handling also needs to be looked at possibly on all levels as well. 


I bet game devs are open to thinking that there code doesn't work right. LOL So I presume Treyarch may think along these lines. Of course, I presume that the multi game console is a minority when it comes to gaming devs and there testing and mainly probably think along single console player lines as its been probably like this for a while and the multi console gaming is starting to pickup. 


Will see what MS does with all of this. Waiting on the new feature to come out, if Treyarch or Activision doesn't work after that, then I presume we can hit them up more on this. From what I'm told Sony is way behind MS on most things.


my 2 cents. 


Ah ok,

All 4 consoles have an open NAT on Xbox network settings. With regards to the same game do you mean COD? When the Duma first came out we could get all 4 xboxes an open NAT on Advanced Warfare no problem. When BO3 came out only 1 Xbox was showing an open NAT the rest were moderate (this is the same on IW) this has never caused any problems, I always took it that the 3 moderate consoles were showing a false reading due to something that the COD devs changed on their end as the Duma tries to open the correct ports for all consoles but the games still show moderate.

I’m pretty sure Iain tried to contact Activision/Treyarch about it when BO3 launched, I could be wrong on that though, maybe Fraser could clarify that.

#157689 Nat type

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 23 August 2017 - 08:39 PM

The R1 can't handle two or more gaming consoles at the same time and get full OPEN NAT, even with same game running. It's due to the kind of NAT the R1 uses, Port Address Restricted Cone NAT. Only FULL CONE NAT routers can handle multiple game consoles/PCs:



Also there is handling of NAT and uPnP at the console level when two or more game consoles are online at the same time. I'm not sure if Sony is doing anything however MS is intro'g a new feature that may make multiple consoles work with routers that use other kinds of NAT besides FULL CONE NAT. We hope it can be handled at the console level so maybe router FW won't need to be touched. However we'll will see what happens when it comes out. It's been reported due for public release by October from what I've been told.


Currently FULL CONE NAT routers work well with multiple game consoles running same game all at the same time. 


To put it simple how do I get open nat for 2 consoles of course on the main console I used first XB1 its always open but soon as I turn on my ps4 it says type 2 nat instead of type 1 is there a fix for this using the duma to get open nat with no problem on 2 consoles at the same time or does this happen on all routers where one console will always be open and the 2nd moderate

#157188 Arris SB6190 Software version 9.1.93V

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 16 August 2017 - 06:37 PM

We have seen others that are experiencing good operation with the SB6190, even on the new V version. We hope this doesn't improve some of the issues. However just know that there are other issues that still need to be addressed. It may or may not effect you so you might not be seeing any bad behavior. If not, I would guess this is good and works for you. Just be aware that there is a security issue that needs to be closed on Puma 6 modems.  :rolleyes:


Hope your Mother does well. Best wishes for you and your mother.


Let us know how it goes. 

#156681 Arris SB6190 Software version 9.1.93V

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 09 August 2017 - 04:11 PM

I believe that Nemisis is just telling us of his experiences with the 6190 and the V version of the latest "beta" that was pushed out and seems to be now released by the ISPs as this information was posted recently on DSLR, that only some of the major issues have been or seems to have been resolved. I presume he's not saying that the entire issue if fixed nor recommending users go out and buy this modem. There are clearly more issues that Intel and Arris is working on and still continue to work towards hopefully getting this fixed. I'm glad that Nemisis is expressing his experiences as time goes on, and Intel makes changes and gets them pushed, we can count on Nemisis to keep us informed as well as others on the DSLR forum about this issue. It seems to be taking time however and users of any of the Puma 6/7 chip set needs to be patient if they are using them. Of course, if users have a chance to use something else, please get into a Broadcom based modem as they are not effected by this issue. 


For users with the SB 6190, then your best option would be to ask for this version and get a bit better experiences with your Puma 6 based modem if your using one. Fixes are going to be in stages and it takes time for Intel and Arris to test each fix so as to ensure nothing else breaks, once the tested fix is passed from the modem Mfrs, then the ISPs have to test it again so they can make sure it doesn't break anything on there system before they push it to there customer. Thats how it is and why it takes time. 


Review the later information about this on DSLR. You'll see that Arris has been working on it. Been recent post from an Arris Engineer regarding it. Its a work in progress. 

#154135 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 13 July 2017 - 11:16 PM

There is the Motorola MB 7420 which is 16x4. Might see if your ISP supports it.

The 6183 works as well as a 16x4 modem.

#153800 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 11 July 2017 - 06:40 PM

I think you have to add pictures to the Managed Attachments under your profile...

#153773 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 11 July 2017 - 01:23 PM

You should look at the dates of the dslreports results are over a year old and maybe different now. 

First, it's infinite warfare... You have not done a ping test.


Second, you've proven my point right here:




And when I actually look at the links to those specific tests, the results are scary...




What annoys me is that instead of a nice clean organized list of modems that clearly work and do not work well for the best possible gaming experience, new people see this 10 page long pissing contest of people who are making claims without having actually tested any other modems or gone through and tested every combination of settings/setups. Those new people come here and see this nonsense and don't know what to think. "Why is one person saying my modem doesn't work, but someone else is saying it works fine?"


But hey, I'm not here to convince you or anyone else to buy a different modem. If you think you're happy, and you think that everything works fine for you then good for you! But I know I too once thought my setup was fine... Until I wasn't stubborn and bought a $30 modem to make a world of difference to me, and make my gaming experience that much better. The same goes for many others who simply accepted my knowledge and made a small investment for a new modem which resulted in a better quality of life.


I can go on and on, but again, if I say the sky is blue people will say no it's not. This is how the internet works, and quite frankly I do not care. My goal on this forum is not to troll people and tell people they are wrong. But as a general rule, I live life by not opening my mouth to talk about something unless I know what I'm talking about... this is one of those times.

#153611 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 10 July 2017 - 12:04 PM

My 6183 has been working just fine w the R1. Big item to make sure is that your signal line level is good from the isp.

#151877 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 23 June 2017 - 05:56 AM

What does breaking modems with a simple test have to do with anything. Seems like ur grabbing at straws now. You'd have to have access to the WAN IP. You say one thing then do nothing to back up. You just expect everyone to take your word for it at face value when there isn't any proof of that.


That's fine however remember TP-Link and Arris use Broadcom chips sets. Only Arris modem that doesn't is the 6190 and we all ready know that's a big problem and were all avoiding that one. The other Arris modems have already been tested and are not as effected as the 6190.




All the years I've been using Motorola and now the Arris 6183, Been nothing but solid modems. I'm sure TP-Link has good modems too. Again, Not all ISP support TP-LInk as some don't even support Arris. Again, the 6183 works just fine with the R1. Just play BO2 and BO3 tonite. Stellar game play as side a few others that could seem to keep it together.


I'm sure TP-Link modems are just fine. So are Arris modems. Why your overly biased and unwilling to let someone else say that Arris works for them with the R1 is beyond me when it does. Just another modem is all. Just a modem.

#150305 Best Gaming Modems [Opinions]

Posted by e38BimmerFN on 04 June 2017 - 06:27 PM

Kind of mis-leading when the forum post here says "incompatible" when they really are don't you think? Just saying. I never had the 6141, however I know the 6121 and 6183 works just fine with the R1. At least for me. I have had no issues with these modems. Maybe you could re-define your initial forum post that Arris modems could work, however you suggest using a TP-Link for "BETTER for gaming". If TP-Link is supported with the ISP.


I agree with you that if TP-Link works better than Arris, then of course, gamers should get one. However again, not all ISP support the many various brands of modems. Or I'm sure everyone would have a TP-Link modem.