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In Topic: XR500 DUMA OS And R1

A week ago

Hope this isn't too off topic, I was curious for some early adopters of the R1, if there was going to be any sort of trade in or discounted cost for acquiring the new router HW? I believe someone told me a while back that there maybe a possibility of this. Was curious is all. 

Thank you for your time. 

In Topic: Anyone with SB8200 having modem Reboots???

03 September 2017 - 05:49 PM

Seen others with similar problems over on DSLR:


In Topic: Nat type

29 August 2017 - 08:50 PM

Then maybe not related to other games or effected by them. Thats ok though. Try to get a idea of what all maybe effected. At least one game works.  :unsure:



In Topic: Nat type

25 August 2017 - 05:02 PM

You only play Destiny? Tested any other games by chance? 

In Topic: Nat type

24 August 2017 - 11:15 PM

Yes BO3 is one of the games. There are many levels to this problem. We are hoping that MS can resolve this mostly for the XBOX1 consoles. Also there is NAT kind issues along with uPnP handling of ports while two or more consoles are online at the same time. And yes, game developers have a hand in this as well. So far BO3 only seems to work on FULL CONE NAT routers. Any other kind of NAT I haven't been able to get OPEN NAT with tow or more consoles in testing. MS mentioned that they are doing some uPnP under the hood improvements so I'm hoping this will also help in most if not all mutli player games will work with any NAT kind while all playing at the same time. Also uPnP handling also needs to be looked at possibly on all levels as well. 


I bet game devs are open to thinking that there code doesn't work right. LOL So I presume Treyarch may think along these lines. Of course, I presume that the multi game console is a minority when it comes to gaming devs and there testing and mainly probably think along single console player lines as its been probably like this for a while and the multi console gaming is starting to pickup. 


Will see what MS does with all of this. Waiting on the new feature to come out, if Treyarch or Activision doesn't work after that, then I presume we can hit them up more on this. From what I'm told Sony is way behind MS on most things.


my 2 cents. 


Ah ok,

All 4 consoles have an open NAT on Xbox network settings. With regards to the same game do you mean COD? When the Duma first came out we could get all 4 xboxes an open NAT on Advanced Warfare no problem. When BO3 came out only 1 Xbox was showing an open NAT the rest were moderate (this is the same on IW) this has never caused any problems, I always took it that the 3 moderate consoles were showing a false reading due to something that the COD devs changed on their end as the Duma tries to open the correct ports for all consoles but the games still show moderate.

I’m pretty sure Iain tried to contact Activision/Treyarch about it when BO3 launched, I could be wrong on that though, maybe Fraser could clarify that.